Connecting Unknownds Projectors & TVs to MacBookPro

I am going on a business trip to Europe and will be connecting my MBP to unknown projectors and/or TVs.
Which cables should I take for the "just in case" scenario?

Bring ALL of the cables that came with it. Seriously. You'll always need the one that you didn't bring. I think the MBPs will come with DVI>VGA converters and S-Video converters too?

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  • Cannot play the video in powerpoint when connected to projector

    i have linked a video into a powerpoint slide... it played perfectly on the screen. but when connected to projector it cannot be played.
    i am using a macbook pro with Lion OS.

    I had the same problem today in front of an audience with 300 people (MacbookPro OSX 10.10, Thunderbolt-VGA adapter, PPT 14.4.6).
    Here what I figured out so far:
    1. It happens when you have PPT open and connect to beamer afterwards
    2. You can resolve it (in my case) by quitting PPT and launching it WHEN connected to beamer
    3. Yet, make sure Mac does not go into sleep mode or you get a lock-screen in the waiting time. if you do so, you get back to square 1. quit PPT again 2. restart it.
    4. Also.... in one case I had to hit the volume control once to get the sound back even though movie was playing
    So in short: Connect to beamer first, then launch PPT
    I know it is only a symptom fix but it worked for me

  • MacBook Air connected to projector won't display dvd in superdrive, but plays on macBook Air screen.

    MacBook Air connected to projector won't display the dvd in the superdrive, but it is playing on the MacBook Air screen.
    When dvd is ejected, MB A screen appears on the big screen through the projector. What do I need to do to get the training dvd showing on the screen?

    Power off the router. Unplug it from the wall. Wait a while.
    Plug it back to the wall. Power the router on. Wait until all the lights are lit properly. It will take a while.
    Restart the computer.
    Start up in Safe Mode.
    Deselect proxies if selected.
    System Preference > Network > Advanced  > Proxies Tab
    Uncheck “Auto Proxy Discovery”.
    Click OK, Apply.

  • I can not connect to projector using Thunderbolt to VGA adapter

    When booting on Windows 7 using Boot Camp I am not able to connect to projector. I have a Thunderbolt to VGA adapter. It works fine when booting on Mac OS. Do i need to update any drivers or am i using wrong adapter? I have Boot Camp version 4.0.

    If this is you home wifi try resetting the router.  Turn if off at the wall wait a minute and turn it back on.  Are you sure you have the right password?

  • Problem connecting to projectors

    With all versions of Mac OS X that I can remember, it has been a breeze to connect to projectors. Everytime I connected to one, I got a decent image right away. Sometimes I was able to get a higher resolution after that first successful connection, but even the first setting was acceptable.
    Since upgrading to Snow Leopard, results are much more erratic. I connected without problem at a recent conference, but most projectors at my workplace give me difficulties even though I connected to the same projectors without a hiccup before Snow Leopard. Usually the projector says "no signal" and it does not matter if I connect before or after turning the projector on (something I never even worried about before).
    Today I had to use one of our projectors and the only way I could get it to work was to select mirroring (goodbye the nice Keynote's presenter's screen) with a resolution of 1024x768 at 60 or 70 Hz. Disabling mirroring or changing resolutions or chosing higher frequencies resulted in a "Signal not compatible" message. This is really annoying. I don't remember having done anything with my settings that could cause this.
    Anyone else encountered this or has a solution to offer?
    Thanks in advance,

    Using Keynote run, Snow Leopard puts slideshow and presenter screen on wrong monitors, so i get the presenter on the projector/external monitor. Works like a dream on Leopard with same file, never had a problem with Keynote before. Cannot find a way to set the screens right, application crashes if I move the edit window to presentation and try to run from there. This must be a bug that needs to be fixed - urgent- I have a presentation to do on April 12, bought a Macbook pro to avoid having to carry along my old Imac24 which never ever caused me a problem.

  • HT2494 how to connect a projector

    how to connect a projector?

    What Mac do you have?
    For most, you are going to need some sort of adaptor. This could be a Mini DisplayPort to DVI or MiniDisplay Port to VGA, depending on what input the projector supports.

  • Connecting with projector

    Hello! I hope someone can help me with the problem..
    I am trying to connect my IMAC G5 with a video projector.
    I have been doing this for years with i book G4, using video adaptor,
    and it has always worked.
    This time, however, when I connect the projector with my IMAC,
    (the 17 inch) the resolution changes to 1024-640, thus the image on the screen
    get "swollen"..
    Even if I try to change the resolution in the system preference panel,
    (Display window), it just doesn't work out; if I change it to 1670 resolution
    as it should be, the image becomes "smaller" with a black frame around it.
    (In this case, the swollen image gets slim as before.)
    I had doubt that the video adaptor is not the right one.
    (According to the guy in the computer shop in Turin, it is Mini-VGA
    and it should work out OK likewise with Imac G5)
    I tried with a computer adaptor, too, that came with Ibook, but it is the same.
    The Mac technical assistance says that there is something wrong with my IMAC and I should take it to the repair.
    Is it really only the solution? or is there something else that I can try?
    Thank you grazie..

    Hi, did you get this solved. We also you ProPresenter. I am not sure why you mirrored the screen to get a DVD to play? PP supports DVD playback (unless your using an older version that doesnt have this feature??). Or you can drag the DVD window to the projector display.
    Did you deselect mirror image? because you wont have any arrangement options available, you wouldn’t need them.

  • ThinkPad W530 with Windows 7 x64 Pro BSOD when connecting to projector

    I have 2 identical ThinkPad W530 laptops model 244723G
    Both are set to discrete graphics from BIOS because with optimus driver my projector will not work at all.
    But how i have other issue that causes BlueScreen when connection laptop to projector.
    I have installed latest driver from Lenovo download site -> still BSOB when connecting to projector.
    When i install driver from Nvidia site it fixes BSOD issue with discrete graphics and external projector.
    Can same one else confirm that there is a error on Lenovo optiomus driver when using discrete graphics?
    Go to Solution.

    Would you mind posting the links to those drivers, or copying their exact name for us to search on the appropriate site(s)?
    I use a w520 (quad core/nVidia 1000 discrete graphics board) with a projector and anything that makes that smoother I have to consider. There have been posts about how to re-create the usual ThinkPad use of the F7 key for choosing projector view mode but I admit I have never been able to take the time (and risk of failure) to try the swap of internal files to make it happen. (Starting a project like that always makes me feel I have to have time to do the project and if it goes wrong re-install the OS and all updates -- all before the next time the laptop is needed for anything important. That condition is almost never possible.)
    Yeah, I know, I'm chicken! <grin>
    4276-37U -- W520. Still have an X61t. First laptop in my house was an Osborne! Now that was a cool computer. (...for its time!)

  • ThinkPad W530 with Windows 8 x64 Pro BSOD when connecting to projector

    Nine, that only covers Widows 7. Many people in this thread have reported the problem using Windows 8. Has that been addressed by Lenovo yet? Stability problems like this should NEVER be allowed to go so long without a resolution.
    Edit Note : This thread was created base from the previous thread "ThinkPad W530 with Windows 7 x64 Pro BSOD when connecting to projector. As we currently Cx reporting facing the same issue on Win8 I have seperated this thread in order not toconfuse other customer. For cutomers facing this issue please continue posting in this thread.

    Hi shan_mcarthur,
    Thanks for posting. I read through this thread again and noticed that most of customers here do indeed have Windows 7 installed as what the title represented unless I'm mistaken or may have missed out are you or anyone else here facing the same issue on Windows 8. If that is the case I'll be more than happy to bring this up with the teams but it will have to be a new thread though as I'd like to keep the resolution separate based on the OS use just to not confuse other customer .
    For those facing the same issue above on Win8, please do let me know so we can start a discussion around this.
    Do let me know.

  • Can't connect external projector to MacBook Pro running Windows7. Any suggestions?

    Can't connect external projector to MacBook Pro running Windows7. Any suggestions?

    Did you try a cable? The point is you did not provide any information about: what projector, how you are trying to connect, what happens when you try, error messages if any, does an external monitor work, what computer you have, what OS, etc.

  • X220 Trackpad curser movement with Ethernet plugged in and with VGA connected to projector

    Thre are many issues discussed about trackpad problem. My problem comes in the trackpad when X220 is connected to Ethernet port. The curser is not stable and it jumps aout 1/2 cm right and left withlout any figer movement, It vibrates on its own when only finger  is placed on the touchpad. This does not happen when Ethernet port is diconnected even with 90w adapter or 65w adapter plugged in. It comes with Ethernet only. 
    The same preoblem comes again when VGA port is connected to Projector. In my case problm has no affect with any power adapter.(90 or 65 w) plugged in.
    This is so problametc that simple tasks of selection is delayed or wrong selection is made.
    Need Help/Solution anyone.
    Installed all latest drivers availabe end March 1012 along with trackpad driver ( 
    Model ThinkPad X220 (4286-CTO)
    Core i7 2.8 Ghz
    8 GB RAM 
    160 GB Intel SSD
    Finger Print Reader
    HD Camera, 720p
    Intel Centreno Advance N 6205 (2x2 Antenna) WiFi
    IPS Display 

    Hello Haider1223 and welcome to Lenovo community,
    You have already updated all the system drivers, usually updated driver version of UltraNav resolve the issue.
    Kindly update the BIOS and check if the issue gets resolved.
    If the issue continues then you need to reinstall the Operating System.
    Best Regards,
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  • W530 blue sreen when connecting to projector on battery

    Experiencing BSOD when I connect to Projector using VGA port and laptop is on battery. I am running latest BIOS, video drivers as per Lenovo System update. Laptop has Nvidia K1000M and integrated HD4000 and under optimus configuration (in BIOS). In NVIDIA Control panel --> 3D Settings --> Preferred graphics processor is set to Auto-select.
    070813-19047-01.dmp    7/8/2013 11:01:53 AM    SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION    0x0000003b    00000000`c0000005    fffff880`07183762    fffff880`0b71d160    00000000`00000000    nvlddmkm.sys    nvlddmkm.sys+91b762    NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 311.00    NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 311.00    NVIDIA Corporation    x64    ntoskrnl.exe+75c00                    C:\Windows\Minidump\070813-19047-01.dmp    8    15    7601    302,968    7/8/2013 11:03:06 AM    
    This is very frustrating, has happened both times when I tried to connect to projector and reboots after which connects to projector without BSOD.

    Yes I am having this problem as well.
    When connecting my W530 to a projector using the VGA-out port, I get a bluescreen regardless of whether or not I am plugged in or not.
    HDMI-out works fine. I have yet to try to find an adapter for HDMI to VGA.
    Using Windows 8 and NVidia 320.00 WHQL Quadro drivers.
    The relevant difference between his and my W530 is that I use a K2000M.

  • Ipad 3rd gen shows blank screen when connecting to projector via HDMI AV adapter.  I have an ipad 2 that works perfectly.  Projector is a Dukane ImagePro 8106HA.  Only difference I see is that the ipad 3 owner has not updated to IOS 6. Any thoughts?

    Ipad 3rd gen shows blank screen when connecting to projector via HDMI AV adapter.  I have an ipad 2 that works perfectly.  Projector is a Dukane ImagePro 8106HA.  Only difference I see is that the ipad 3 owner has not updated to IOS 6. Any thoughts?

    Ipad 3rd gen shows blank screen when connecting to projector via HDMI AV adapter.  I have an ipad 2 that works perfectly.  Projector is a Dukane ImagePro 8106HA.  Only difference I see is that the ipad 3 owner has not updated to IOS 6. Any thoughts?

  • Can I show a higher resolution on my laptop screen than on a connected (VGA) projector?

    Can I show a higher resolution on my laptop screen than on a connected (VGA) projector?
    The projector is only 800 by 600 which screws up my desktop each time I project.
    Additionally - if I use a remote desktop client for windows, the change in resolution makes the projection in windows unreadble.
    Anything I can do?
    Many thanks - Mike

    Will not  work, most likely for BootCamp.  Windows drivers for hunderbolt will only create digital (DVI), not analog (VGA).
    Run Windows in Parallels/other-VM-software where OSX runs the Thunderbolt port, or by a USB-VGA adapter.

  • WePresent will not connect Casio projector to MacBookPro

    I downloaded WePresent from Casio, but still cannot connect to my MacBookPro running 10.9.
    The Casio projector is a XJ-A245V. Following the WePresent directions, I am supposed to connect to one of the wireless "mobishow" options, but they are not available. Only the"default" wireless options are available, and the manual states that these will not connect to WePresent.
    If anyone has suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them!

    The Keyboard is connected to my computer though a midi to USB cable.
    And that is in a midi-out plug?
    You have selected a Software instrument track, when you are playing the piano? What instrument have you selected? Which octave are using on the keyboard?
    Sometimes GarageBand will not play the sound at first, unless you record to the track at least once. Do you see notes in the Track editor for the track appearing, when you press the record button, before you start playing?
    To check, if GarageBand is reading your keyboard at all, I'd first try to record to test track, that you can delete later. Show the Track editor while playing.
    Also show the Musical Typing Window (⇧⌘K). That should mimic the keys, that you are pressing on your keybord. This way you will see what GarageBAnd is reading from the midi.
    If GarageBand reads the notes, but jyou just can't hear anything, set all volume sliders to maximum, try a different instrument, try a different octave.

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