Consignment and Pipeline Settlement - MRKO

Hi All,
Is there any way to remove Zero and Negative values from 'Consignment and Pipeline Settlement' (MRKO). I am having material documents with Zero and Negative values and when I tried to Settle them, so that would not appear next time in the list, getting error "Zero value in amount is not allowed". Is there any way I can delete them so that these record will not appear in MRKO.

Hi Anil,
How you are getting ZERO and Negative Vale for consignment?
Consignment settlement will happens after withdrawal of goods or after Sales based on your Consignment Purchase Info record.

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  • Error while doing Consignment and pipeline settlement

    Hi All,
    While doing the Consignment and pipeline settlement (MRKO), getting the massage as "It was possible to determine any tax information" and hence no FI documents has been generated.
    What could be the reason for this error message?
    Thank you,

    Kindly maintain the tax code in the  purchase info record through (ME11 / ME12 for change) under "Purch. Org. Data 1" tab.
    Even thou,  0% tax applicable also, you have to maintain the 0% input tax code

  • Consignment and pipeline settlement error

    Hi Expert!
    I have error when processing consignment and pipeline settlement for company code 4424. The error is "No message was found for partner 146073/company code 4424". Can anyone tell me what has going wrong and how to solve it?

    The MRKO Transaction only for settling the Pipe line and Consigmnet pscenarions.
    No effect if u maintain as like that.
    If u have doubt do one in Devlopmet.

  • ArchiveLink - MRKO - Consignment and Pipeline Settlement

    Hi All,
    how can I configure ArchiveLink to be able to insert bar code when I settle an invoice? I'm refering to transaction OAC5. Is it possible or is it a background process when MRKO creates the FI document?
    Many thanks.

    Go to SPRO - Materials Management -- Logistics Invoice Verification -- Message Determination -- Maintain Conditions. Then choose Create condition: Invoice verification.
    Enter output type: KONS (Consignment)then click on key combination or just click enter.
    select company code...then create condition record by entering your company code, function - VN, medium, date/time and language. Then select the record and click on communication method and maintain the required entries like output device and save the condition record.
    Then go to Tcode: MRKO and execute.
    Hope this is clear and helps.

  • Consignment and pipeline settlement

    Hi Gurus,
               When we executed MRKO the below screen shot we are getting , here we have material document number its fine, and we have Doc. no column, the document number if we double click its not displaying and if we see in FB03 also its not displaying. Each time its generating new number . Could you please explain about the functionality of this? and where can we see this document number?

    Hi Dev,
            Thanks for your reply...
    We are executing with Settle radio buttion , each time we execute new document number is generating(2xxxxxxxxx) . if we go to FB03 then system is saying no document found.  We opending material document number in MB03 and then click on Accounting documents then we found accoutning document number with 3xxxxxxxx and can be displayed. But in MRKO its generating with 2xxxxxxx , each time number is increasing.
    Please find the screen shot

  • Consignment and pipeline

    what are the steps to create a consignment and pipeline purc order. what are the pre-requisite in MM?

    The process are:
    #Consignment Process:
    Vendor provides materials & stores them on your company premises. The vendor remains the legal owner of the material until you withdraw material from consignment stores. The steps:
    a. ME11,
    b. Create Contract, ME31 ( item category K)
    c. ME01 (enter Contract Number)
    d. Create PR( item category K)
    e. Create PO ( item category K)
    h. Consignment Settlement
    The Accounting Generated After GR/GI/Settlement are:
    1.Goods Receipt
         No Accounting Movement
    2.Goods Issue
         Consumption A/C: DR
         Consignment (Liability Account ) Payable: CR
    3.Consignment Settlement
         Consignment (Liability Account ) Payable: DR
         Vendor Account A/C: CR
    #Pipeline material
    Pipeline material is a material that flows directly into the production process from a pipeline (for example, oil), from a pipe (for example, tap water), or from another similar source (for example, electricity). A material from the pipeline is always available; i.e. it can be withdrawn from the pipeline at any time and in any quantity.The steps are:
    The Accounting Generated After GI/Settlement are:
    1.Goods Issue
         Consumption A/C: DR
         A/c Payable For Pipeline : CR
    2.Pipeline Settlement
         A/c Payable For Pipeline : DR
         Vendor Account A/C: CR
    Biju K

  • Consignement and Pipeline Special Stocks

    Pipeline material purchase along with the accounts and movement types envolved in the process?
    Consignment Cycle including the Account and movement types  envolved in it?
    Best Regards,

    Pipeline & Consignment Process is little bit different from the Standard one
    First of all you will have to create info record for Pipeline and Consignment and after that the PO with Account assignment Category K
    do the good receipt with mvt type 101 P and 101 K for both Pipeline and Consignment PO respectivey
    and do the settlement through MRKO (Pipeline and Consignment settlement)
    This is the complete Process for Pipeline & Consignment Cycle
    as far as account hitting is Concerns
    at the time of Good receipt (Unrestricted use stock)in Case of Consignment, Stock account will get Debited and GR/IR account will get Credittes
    at the time of MRKO
    GR/IR account will get Dedited and Vendor Account will get Creditted

  • MRKO  - Consignment and Pipleline Settlement

    Hi friends,
    User got this error when he is running MRKO.
    Received error message F5727 (see below) regarding limited number of transactions per settlement. Please alter process to allow for up to 9999 records per settlement -I do not want to increase the current inefficiency of SAP royalty payment process by having to break the files down into 3 or 4 settlement runs per vendor.
    Thank you.
    experts, how can i solve this issue.

    Check SAP Note 117708.
    May be it can help you.

  • Linking Consignment Settlement (MRKO) with Value Contract

    Hi Guys,
    We are trying to set up Consignment stock functionality in our company. We have successfully configured and tested it but there is only one problem, we want to link this consignment functionality with and Outline agreement (Value Contract to be exact), so that every time we do a settlement using MRKO, the invoice value is deducted from the total value of the contract. My first question is
    1 - Can we link consignment settlement (MRKO) and Value Contract in such a way that each time we run consignment settlement using MRKO , the open/ remaining value of the Value Contract is decreased by the invoice amount. If YES, then how can we do it (Please mention the steps if possible)
    2- If NO, then what is the way to achieve above task, is their workaround for it ??

    Normally we do not get into consignment arrangements with supplier with value limites or qty limites. It defeats the purpose of consignment, where idea is to reduce inventory carrying cost and yet have full availability of stock.
    Also, you will provide a dedicated space in your premises to your Supplier and hence to limit him with total value of your consumption is difficult to achieve. Even if you make some enhancement in system to achieve it, on shop floor how can you control it, if you have inventory open for use? If you have negotiated with consignment vendor based on value, I am sure Vendor will not replenish any inventory once he thinks that overall value limit is breached and hence suddenly one day, without any indicators to you, you will run out of those components which you do not have in your inventory, nor in your consignment inventory.
    You can implement any exit, which may stop you post the transaction in system, but I believe if you are entering into such contracts with your supplier, you may need to have some sort of notification once you are close approaching the overall limit, to either re-negotiate the contract or to have those components ordered for your inventory directly to ensure availability of stock.

  • Consignment Settlement - MRKO issue

    Hi All..
    When i do a consignment settlement (MRKO) , SAP come up with an information msg
    "Consignmnt settlement: No message was found for partner XXXXXXXXXXX/compny c"
    and hence i am not able to settle the document.
    Does anyone of you have an idea about it ?

    Double check whether you create the vendor master data at the company code level?
    Good luck

  • Partial Consignment Pipeline Settlement

    Is it possible to perform a partial consignment pipeline settlement(T-code:MRKO)? This is due to the fact that the vendor don't bill according to the good receipt qty.

    First receive the Stocks to the Consignment stores with respect to Vendor  fully as per the Consignment PO.
    Whenever the Vendor bills for the partial stock do the postings of consignment stocks to your own stocks, so the system will process for that partial stocks only in MRKO

  • Consignment, contract, pipeline, third-party.

    Hi all,
    I am new to SAP. can any one explain the below topics with examples.
    1. consignment,
    2. contract,
    3. pipeline,
    4 .third-party.
    thanks in advance,

    RTP - Returnable transport packaging (RTP) is a multi-trip packaging medium (for example, pallets or containers) in which goods can be transported more than once between vendors and customers.
    Returnable transport packaging from a vendor that is stored at a location on your premises is managed as special stock and clearly assigned as belonging to the vendor. It is the property of the vendor and is therefore not included in the customeru2019s valuated stock.
    What Type of Stock is This?
    RTP stocks from vendors are externally owned and are not valuated.
    RTP stock is always unrestricted-use stock. The stock can neither be in quality inspection nor blocked
    1.We can use any material for RTP or we can use LEIH material type for a material of RTP type.
    2.During GR we do it with respect to PO so the material ordered within the PO displays as default. In order to get the RTP material we add a separate material with 501 M mvt type. The order material will have 101 mvt type.
    3Initial Entry for RTP is also possible with MB1C 561 M.
    4.Transfer posting of RTP material from one storage location to another can also me done with the mvt type 311 M.
    5.You post a return with reversal movement types 502 M and 562 M.
    Consignments - In consignment processing, the vendor provides materials and stores them on your premises. The vendor remains the legal owner of the material until you withdraw materials from the consignment stores. Only then does the vendor require payment. The invoice is due at set periods of time, for example, monthly. In addition, you can also arrange with the vendor that you take over ownership of the remaining consignment material after a certain period of time.
    1.Created a material as GENERAL1 u2013 MM01
    2.Created a Vendor  as GENERAL u2013 XK01
    3.Created a consignment info record for the above material and vendor combination u2013 ME11.
    4.Created a PR with ITEM CATEGORY as K u2013 Consignments. u2013 ME51N
    5.Created a PO wrt this PR  u2013 ME21N
    6.GR can be done with respect to PO or without PO
    7.Transferring Consignment stock to Own Stock = MB1B 411 K
    8.Consignment Settlements can be done by MRKO
    Pipeline - A pipeline material is a material that flows directly into the production process from a pipeline (for example, oil), from a pipe (for example, tap water), or from another similar source (for example, electricity).
    A material from the pipeline is always available; i.e. it can be withdrawn from the pipeline at any time and in any quantity.
    1. Creating a Pipeline Material  - MM01 - PIPE
    2. Creating a Pipeline Info Record - ME11
    3. Maintaining the Source List - ME01
    4. Posting Goods Issue from the Pipeline - MIGO
    5. Settling Pipeline Liabilities - MRKO
    Third Party - In third-party processing, you place a purchase order with a vendor to deliver goods or perform a service for a third party (for example, for a customer).
    This means that your company does not deliver the material. You forward the order to an external vendor instead, who then sends the material directly to the customer and invoices you.
    Refer this link
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Consignment and Tax Base Amount

    We are getting the error "the tax amount must not be greater than the tax base".   When doing a trace the Tax Base Amount is ZERO.   Can someone tell me where/how the tax base amount is determined?  
    Thank you,

    What I have found so far is the system calculates the base amount by adding the line items that have a tax code associated with it.  In the scenario I have it appears the tax code is not associated with any of the items on the settlement and therefore the tax base = 0.   
    This is SAP standard transaction MRKO in a 4.5B system.   The info record has a tax code on it and it does not appear to matter which tax code in on the info record.  
    Anyone have any ideas on where I can look or what to look for?    Is this a tax set up issue?  Is it a program error?   I've tried to find all the tax configuration and compare with a working example in the same system but have not been successful.  I've also looked in OSS and there are several OSS notes that are remotely related to consignment and taxes but we are on a fairly high hotpack # so .... just not sure where to go.
    Thanks for any suggestions.

  • Self-Billing  Invoice( consignment and ERS )

    Hi  to all...
    i am working on sap standard form MR_PRINT and i have to genarate a Self-Billing invoice which are associated with Consignment and ERS ( Evaluated Reciept Settlement ) using this standard form.
    can any one tell me the answers regarding this issues.
    1) Tell me the Path to Modify the standard form?.
    2) How to see the Print Preview of The standard form MR_PRINT ?.
    3) is there any T-code ( or Path ) viewing the Print PREVIEW ?.
    Please Give the answers as soon as possible.
    Thanks and Regards in advance.

    enter SE71 transaction code
    enter the form name
    display and click on print preview.

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