Converting PR into Schedule lines in mass

All SAP Gurus,
We have scheduling agreements for several materials.
Now in day to day working, various user departments rais the PR for these items.
Then we enter the schedule for these items into the scheduling agreement (with reference to PR).
But the problem we face is that we need to go to each scheduling agreement indivisually and enter the schedule against the each line item.
Is there any short cut procedure for this?

It is possible in two ways
1. Schedule lines will be creted directly at the time of planing run (so no manual intervention)
2. If PR is creted then we need to transform it manually into schedule lines

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  • Converting PR to Schedule Line

    Dear all:
            How can I converting PRs which assigned source with Outline Agreement to Schedule Lines?
    I can convert just one PR to Schedule Line in MD04, but I hav no ideal about a lot PRs converting in
    the same time like converting PRs to POs with T-code ME59N.

    Also Below Factors must be checked
    Generated through MRP.
    Scheduling agreement must be clearly designated as a source of supply for MRP in source list (MRP indicator 2).
    Procurement indicator F (external procurement) must have been set in MRP data of material master record (exception: you are working with quota arrangement).
    Automatic scheduling agreement delivery schedules must be permitted in planning run. Automatic schedule lines (scheduling agreements) indicator determines whether or not system generates SA delivery schedule lines in opening horizon only or in planning horizon during planning run.

  • MRP - Problem in scheduling of MRP created schedule lines

    I am working with single level BOM of FG and trying to generate Schedule lines for RM as per requirement coming from FG - BOM explosion during MRP run - 
    Material master setting of RM is  as below -
    MRP type - PD,
    Lot Size - Ex,
    Procurement type - F,
    Planned dlv time - 14 days
    i am getting dependent requirement as below -
    06.07.2009 - 2000 EA
    13.07.2009 - 1500 EA
    01.08.2008 - 1000 EA
    And schedule lines are generated as below -
    06.07.2009 - 2000 EA
    13.07.2009 - 1500 EA
    01.08.2008 - 1000 EA
    The date of schedule line should be after taking calculation of planned del time of the RM, which is not happening. I can't understand why?
    The planned dlv time is same in all 1) Material Master 2) Scheduling agreement and 3) Pur info record
    Please help.

    Dear Amol,
    the date shown is the ultimate reciet date and not start date.
    Since you have already converted PR into schedule lines you will not be able to see the actual start date.
    If it was still a PR you can see the release date as planed delivery time days early.
    If the requirements date was say 31/05/2009 and you were taking planning run today then the recieved date would come as 05/06/2009.that is 14 days from today.
    if requirement well beyond planned delivery time then the planned delivery time will not reflect in recipt date.

  • Deletion of schedule lines

    Is it possible to delete the schedule lines in mass in 4.6 versions. I know that it is possible in ECC 6.0.

    Hello Pravin,
    You correctly know that it is possible to delete the schedule lines in ECC 6.0.
    But unfortunately there is no transaction by which mass deletion of schedule line is possible in 4.6.
    User has to delete it individaully.

  • Fixing (or firming) of Schedule lines

    Good afternoon,
    Is there any way that I can fix(or firm) schedule lines on mass via a vendor?
    Thanks in advance.

    I do not think such facility is avaialable in Std SAP.

  • Difference between sales order schedule line and item level data

    Hi All,
    Could you please let me know what is the difference between sales order schedule line and item level data?

    Hi Ramya,
    Sales order schedule line contains del date, order qty, rounded qty, confirmed qty, delivery qty, schedule line category, purchase requisition etc.,  ie It contains the full details of sales order data with respect to the scheduled line of delivery.  The total quantity of a sales order item can be subdivided into schedule lines that contain the various subsets with the corresponding delivering dates.
    Sales order Item level data contains details of the item in the sales order like material code, net price, net value, UoM, PO details, reason for rejection if any, material group,billing date, plant etc., ie this
    contains the full details of item irrespective of scheduled line.
    R. Senthil Mareeswaran.

  • Converting Multipule Reqs to a Purchase Order with Delivery Schedule Lines

    Is it possible to convert a multiple Purchase Reqs for the same items to a PO that has one line but multipule deliver dates in the Schedule lines - Where the Purchase Reqs have been generated by MRP
    I have an SAP Contract 46***** that runs via MRP and creates 3 Reqs for item number 12345. All from the same vendor
                 Req 1 delivery date 2/4/10  QTY 50
                 Req 2 delivery date 6/4/10  QTY 20
                 Req 3 delivery date 10/4/10 QTY 30
    Aim is to have 1 PO with line 1 having a QTY 100 but the Delivery Schedule Tab to show the three seperate delivery needs
                date 2/4/10  QTY 50
                date 6/4/10  QTY 20
                date 10/4/10 QTY 30
    Any Help?

    When i try that the QTY in line one does not alwasy update to the total qty of the reqs and infact the qty on the req doesnt always appear in the schedule line....
    This works for me perfect, I never encountred that the item quantity was not updated if I added a new requisition to the schedule.
    ME59N should work, do not select per requistion and per delviery date in the New PO section in the selection screen. But set a flag into box create schedules.


    Hi All,
    Will u advise whether it is possible to change schedule line date in MASS
    Example. We are having make to order scenario. Sales order is prepared with 25 different line items with shipment date 10 th Feb. Out of these 25 items 10 items are ready by 20 th Jan. If we want to ship these goods on 20 th Jan. we have to change schedule line date item wise.
    Is there any way that we can make this change in a mass without changing delivery date of the sales order.

    V_V2 calls a program that can be 'customized' since it consist of 2 phases:
    1) selection phase
    2) rescheduling phase
    You can copy program SDV03V02 into a custom one and add your own selection criteria without altering the second part of it.
    I alreay made it and it works fine even when upgrading.
    Roberto Mazzali
    pls. reward if helpful

  • Mass Deletion of Schedule Lines

    Dear Friends,
    Our client's requirement is to mass delete the schedule lines generated through MRP by wrong production schedule. They want to delete it once in a month.

    I'm not sure just try this,
    Go to SM30 table MASSFLDLST
    add field LOEKZ
    You defined in customizing table T161 field STAKO- LOEKZ
    Then you can delete it through MEMASSSA T.Code
    Else better you use tools like LSMW to close those unwanted schedule lines.

  • Mass Delete of Schedule Lines generated through changes in prod Schedule

    Hi friends,
    Kindly provide me the process of mass deleting schedule lines which are created through changes in Production Schedule in the month end.

    Try T.code Me17

  • Need to fetch Schedule Line information into CRM from R/3

    Hi Experts,
    I need to get the Schedule Line Info into CRM system before an order is created.
    Is there any standard function module in R/3 to fetch this information for a specified Material and Quantity.
    If not, the database table where this schedule line information is being stored would help.

    Hello all,
    does this Function Module work also for Configurable Material? We currently face the issue that we replicate a quote from CRM to ECC and the confirmed date for the Scheduled Lines do not get populated due to a limitation. It seems, that currently it is not supported to get back the confirmed date for sub-line items that come from a configurable product.
    The FM Module you mentioned seem like a good workaround?!?
    Please advise!

  • Mass change schedule line

    I want to know how to mass maintain the schedle line rejection code for a specific grid value.
    I tried using the T Code MASS, but i cant carry out mass changes at the schedule line level.

    Rejection code is at item level and once rejected system automatuically deletes the SC lines.

  • Mass Close Schedule Lines

    I Need to mass close the schedule lines on a
    cuttoff date for the list of items and plant.
    Open schedule lines are affecting the mrp releases.
    Could any one suggest the solution.

    Try T.code Me17

  • Converting contract to sales order does not auto create schedule lines

    When I convert quotation to sales order, then schedule lines get auto created.
    But when I convert contract to sales order, then schedule lines don't be auto created. Instead, a confirmation screen for proposal delivery date pops up for every line item in the sales order.
    Is there any suggestion how can I solve my problem ?

    In standard SD module, system checks availability for each line item, gives you popup screen of confirmation.
    If you don't want availability or popuscreen of confirmation,then
    Go to VOV6 >>> Select schedule line which you are using in sales order for line item >>> Remove tick mark of availability check.
    Remove availability check rule from material master >>> Under tab Sales : ganral/plant

  • Combining AFS schedule lines into one Item

    Due to certain reasons the item in an order splits into two schedule lines. When the order is delivered, each schedule line gets copied as separate batch item though they are of the same grid value. Is there a way where we can make the order schedule lines get copied into delivery as a single batch item if they are of the same Grid Value.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Vidya Sagar

    Dear VidyaSagar,
    In sale order - at the item overview screen - you ll be having an indicator named 'No duplicate'.
    If you check this indicator - it won't allow the system to enter double line for a same grid..
    Material:  Qty:   Date:
    XX-38       10      2/2/2009
    XX-38       10      3/2/2009
    If you check that indicator, system will throw a warning message - so that you can change the item to have only one line entry in the sale order which may prevent dual schedule line for same material..
    Another one option is to make use of the order scheduling in sale order..
    If you use the order scheduling S04 - it will change the delivery date of the material according to the division of the products..
    Material:  Division:  Qty:  Req.Dlv Date:
    XX-38       Apparel    10    2-2-2009
    XX-39       Apparel    10    3-2-2009
    If you run the order scheduling(Strategy S04) - it will change the delivery date of both items to 3-3-2009.
    (I assume in your case, you are having more than one schedule lines for a particular item..)
    And one more thing to consider:
    An item in sale order can have more than one schedule line.
    This can happen - if the customer allows partial delivery and on the requested delivery we don't have enough stock to deliver to the customer..
    At the time of ATP run, as per the option you have chosen(one time delivery, Full Qty, System proposal),
    the system will determine the delivery date..
    I am updating the things which I aware about AFS.. Make use of this - if it helps you..
    Edited by: venkatesh paulraj on Mar 16, 2009 3:51 AM

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