Copy Control from Billing doc to Debit memo request

we are trying to sort the follwing problem out. We create a debit memo request with reference to the invoice, we then change the sold to party, however the pricing is carried out again. we want to retain the invoice values but only change the sold to party and quantities. i have change the copy control to "copy pricing elements unchanged" however it still reprices the debit memo.

As per your question, You have invoiced customer X wants to issue debit memo request to  customer Y.
How come is it possible?Could you elaborate the scenario?
SAP system retrieve master data from sold -to-party record for Sales order and also  access ship-to-party record for delivery and access Payer's record for Billing.
You change sold to party in Debit memo request.SAP system access record of new sold-to-party  for debit memo req.(It is sales order type).
In T-code VTAF - You  changed Pricing type to D-copy pricing elements unchanged.It is not sufficient to fulfill your requirement.In this transaction other Data transfer routine also affects copying.These are Data transfer routine 104(business data item billing) and 004(Billing item partner).
Data transfer routine allow you to fine tune the transferred fields during the copying process.It specifies the item business data to be transferred from a billing document item to a sales document item.Special checks are also performed to be sure that SOLD -TO-PARTY IS THE SAME PRIOR TO initiating data transfer of the item related business data.Iten related business data are incoterms,taxes discount applicable to Sold-to-party.
In your case sold-to- party is changed.It also changes business data and pricing.
Hope it would help you.

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  • Copy control from Credit Note to Credit Memo Request

    Dear gurus,
    After I set the copy control parameters in my billing doc, source - credit memo request & Target - Credit memo,
    I could not find my condition types to be copied from my credit memo request.
    I have infact set the pricing type to D - Copy pricing elements unchanged.
    Can you let me know if I had missed anything?
    Also, to clarify on this credit concept. Say that we sent 2 pieces of a product worth $100 each & if it happened that the customer returned 1 piece , we can create a credit memo request via VA01 for the part that customer returns & if the pricing condition is $100, we create a condition value $100 back to the customer.
    So further create a credit note where this $100 is copied from Credit Memo request order type.
    This is the concept of credit correct me if i am wrong

    Hi Pri,
    Give me your mail ID I can send you some screen shot of the Copy control set from Credit memo request to credit memo.
    To clarify on Credit.
    In the first instaance we have supplied 2 items to customer and Billed them. Now he has returned one material to account for this returned material you can create a returns order and complete the cycle and then create a credit memo for the returned material.
    You only want to adjust for billing. Then when we have already billed customer for 2 items and out of which 1 item is returned and hence we have to give him credit memo for 1 item i.e $100 in your case.
    The condition value in Credit Memo Request (G2) would be taken from standard conition type PR00 only.
    FIRST Create a credit Memo Request (G2) in VA01
    CMR is set with a billing block
    Go to VA02 and remove the block
    Create a Credit memo Using VF01 using Billing Type G2. The system will copy the data from CMR to Credit memo once you set the Copy control in VTFA

  • Some doubts in copy control from billing doc to invoice list

    Dear all,
    The value of allocation number in FI doc can be customized as:  A (PO number), B (Sales order num.), etc.
    But how can I make it to be assigned an alternative value (for example, we have do an add-on "invoice" then we hope our invoice no. be assigned here)? Is there an exit to do so? or how this happen (especially when SO's billed, then the FI doc has been generated already.) or  how a creation of invoice list will changed the value of allocation number in former FI doc created by billing before?
    Thanks to all,

    Hi, thanks for you reply.
    The business scenario as following:
    The users create SO. Then post it (VF01) (billing doc and accounting doc. SO and billing is one-one relationship). But at this time, users doesn't generated the customized invoice to customer (also the customer may like to be invoiced with different SO). In order to do this, the user should do invoice list (VF21) to include former billing doc. At this moment, we hope we can update the allocation value in FI doc generated by billing before.
    SO->Billing (FI doc generated) ->invoice list (Hope can update some fields in the FI doc).

  • Hi all , problem in copy control from billing type f2 to debit and credit

    hi all,
    i have a problem in copy control from billing type f2 to debit and credit memos,
    could any body advise me the procedure for this issue ,
    thanks ,

    Hi sre,
    It is better to copy f2 to DR or Credit memo request
    for that you have to maintain copy requirement 21
                                               Billing doc.header 52                         
                                               Bill.bus.header data 103
                                               Bill.header partner  3
    and for item you maintain copy requirement 303
    from dr. or credit memo request you can able to do Document type  G2 and L2
    i think this may give some idea

  • Copy control from Sales order to Credit memo-VTAA

    We have a below requirement..
    While copying from sales order to Credit memo order type,defualt payment terms in credit memo order type should be always change to NT00(payable immdtly due date)
    So we had written a routine under sales order copying .VOFM-901
    In VTAA we have set 901 instead of 101 under Copying requirements for transferring business data-under change header view..
    But while creating sales order type CR with reference to normal sales order,it is not copying the NT00 payment term..
    Can u tell us whether any other settings required in VTAA.
    Note:We had copied existing 101  to 901 with addition logic -
       VBKD-ZTERM = 'NT00'.

    Hi Sudha,
    The coding added in 101 is not enough to achieve your requirement, because of the fact that the VBKD-ZTERM will be filled again with the original value from CVBKD in the copy routine on the item level. (For example 102 for OR to OR in standard system)
    Could you please create another routine 902(adding the addition coding to 102) and replace it on copy control for item level?
    It should work then.

  • Creating a debit memo request with reference to an invoice

    An invoice shows wrong MWST value because of incorrect customer tax classification as Tax exempt. I corrected the cust tax classification to "Liable for Tax". Then I tried to create a debit memo request with reference to the incorrect invoice. Thats a requirement by the customer. Invoices with incorrect VAT are not to be cancelled. A specially created VAT only sales order (Debit memo request) is used to create a sales order with 0 net value and correct MWST . But while trying to create the debit memo request, the system picks up the same old condition record for the MWST. How to overcome this situation ?
    The copy control for the item category from billing doc to debit memo request is set to "B" that is  new pricing. I even tried to update pricing. But it does not work. Changing the Service rendered date or the pricing date to current date also does not help.
    Please help.

    This is working fine. What I did was
    1: create a new pricing procedure
    2: made the PR00 condition statistical
    3: using a routine calculate the MWST based on the PR00. But PR00 itself does not contribute to the net value. This part is working fine. I could create debit memos successfully.
    The problem is if we change either the customer or the material tax classification after creating the invoice, and then create a debit request with reference to the incorrect invoice, the system still considers the old tax classfication and therefore the old MWST rate. If I create a debit request without reference, the new rate is applicable.
    I hope I have made clear.

  • Copy control from Invoice to Credit Memo request

    Hii All
    We have a requirement where when we create an credit memo request with reference to the invoice we want that PO number in the invoice should be copied to the credit memo request.
    Can this be done through copy control or some user exit needs to be implemented for the same.
    Pls do let me know.
    Thanks & Regards
    Gaurav Manocha

    What are the Routines & Copying Requirements being maintained in the Copy Control from Billing Document to Credit memo Sales Document Type.
    It should be Billing Document Header "052", Billing Business Header Data "103'. Copying Requirements should be "021".
    Kindly check and revert back.
    Best regards,

  • Coping control from Billing to Sales order

    Hi Experts,
    i maintained copy control from billing to credit memo sales order, which is coping all data from invoice to credit memo sales order.
    My requirement is that
    when we create billing, automatically one more line item will be appeared. for instance line item 10 ( Line item 10 is 1 quantity)  and line item 11 ( Line item 11 will be 0) also will be appeared in Billing document but the in the standard sales order we will enter only line item 10 and quantity will be 1.
    i need only one line item in my credit memo sales order instead of appearing one more line item with 0 quantity.
    Shibu Chandran

    Hi Sir,
    please help me out with more insights?
    Shibu Chandran
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  • Defining copy control from LF to WV

    Could you please tell me the steps to create a new copy control routine that copies all the data from a delivery document into the sales order type WV(contracts). I want to do this as I want to capture the serial number data in the contracts for the service items in the delivery.

    )Copy controls for sales documents: -
    Sales and Distribution
    Maintain Copy controls for sales document
    a)Copy control sales document to sales document
    Source  Target
    QT  OR
    Header  Header
    QT  OR
    Item Category  Item Category
    AGN  TAN
    Schedule  Schedule
    BN  CP/CK/PN
    b)Copy Control – Billing document to sales document:
    <b>Same as above</b>
    2)Copy controls for delivery documents: -
    Logistics Execution
    Copying control
    Specify copy control for deliveries
    The coping control defined from sales document to delivery document
    Coping must be done header-to-header and item-to-item
    Here number schedule are available.
    3)Copy controls for Billing documents: -
    Sales and Distribution
    Billing documents
    Maintain coping control for billing document
    a)Sales document to billing document
    b)Billing document to billing document
    c)Delivery document to billing document
    Copy control is used by the system to dertermine what document types,item categories ,and schdule line categories can be copied into other or referenced.
    Menu Path: IMG>Sales &Distribution>Sales>Maintain copy control for sales doc
    Menu Path: IMG>Shipping>Maintain copy control for deliveries
    Menu Path: IMG>Billing>Maintain copy control for billing doc
    The tcodes for the copy control</b>
    For Sales Documents,options are:
    1.Sales document to sales document VTAA
    2.Billing document to sales document VTAF
    For Shipping Documents,options are:
    1.Sales document to delivery document VTLA
    For Billing Documents,options are:
    1.sales document to billing document VTFA
    2.Delivery note to billing dov VTFL
    3.Billing doc to billing doc VTFF

  • Add debit memo request to Sap credit exposure formula

    can any body plz suggest me how to add debit memo request(DR) to sap credit exposure formula.

    We have a requirement from business to create debit memo request with refernce to a credit memo
    Both are created wit refrance to order or billing document or without.
    Still you want it then set copy controll for this in VTFA , VTAA

  • Debit Memo Request with Reference to Service Order

    Hi Team,
    I need to create the following business process
    Service Notification -> Service Order -> Debit Memo Request -> Debit Memo.
    I'm able to create the notification and the service order. However while creating the debit memo request with reference to the service order I'm stuck. Not sure where and how do I give the reference document number for the data to flow from the Service Order to Debit Memo Request.
    Nadarajah Pratheb

    Hi Nadarajah,
    The following may help you.
    1.Check the sales document category of the service order you are using.
    2. Check which kind of document given in the with reference screen has the same sales document category.
    3. For that document type, enter the service order as the reference.
    4. Now you can see the details getting copied to the debit memo request.
    5. Make sure copy controls are properly maintained from service order to debit memo request.
    Please assign reward points if it helps.

  • Combine selected Debit memo request Items into one invoice

    The requirment is to select line items from multi debit memo request documents and combine those line items into one invoice.
    So far, our ABAP developer is designing an selection screen to list all the line items met certain criteria (e.g. certain material number, or certain service rendered dates etc.) from multi debit memo request.
    My challenge is how actually combine all these line items and push into one invoice ?
    I see that in VF01 SAP provides the capability to combine multi sales documents into one invoice processing . ( forget about the invoice split rule for now.) , but the item selection is greyed out.
    If I use VF06 do the collective billing, where to enter the line items ?
    Is there some user exit / BAPI can push line items from different sales document into one invoice creation ?
    Please let me know if my requirement is not clear.
    Edited by: Eric Y on Aug 25, 2008 6:04 AM

    Reply to R.Janakiraman:
    1.) As my understanding that debit memo is a billing invoice. Debit Memo Request is a sales doc. At least what I meant here debit memo and billing invoice is the same document.
    2.) We would like create the debit memo (invoice) through "SD" not FI.
    The challenge still exists, let me explain.
    Let's say we have 50 Debit Memo Request (DMR) Documents ready to bill the customer and each DMR has multi line items.
    e.g. DMR 001 has 20 line items and DMR 002 has 30 line items.
    The customer would like to take the 10 line items from DMR 001 and 20 line items from DMR 002 ( by certain selection criteria) to combine into one invoice.
    I was thinking use VF01 to combine the DMR 001 and 002 and let the program put billing block on those non-billed items, but in reality it doens't work; because some of the line items in the original DMR may have already been blocked the user. If the program put billing block, I can't tell whether the line item billing block is set originally by end user or the program.
    What I am trying to search for is the solution to take some of the line items from different DMRs and combine into one invoice, not combine several DMRs into one single invoice.
    Please help if there is any BAPI can do the job .
    Thank you, Ashish Mohapatra , I will ask our ABAP developer to investigate the bapi
    You said that "The line items being greyed out is due to the property of the Item category of the DMR". Does that mean I can config the item category to allow to be entered ? Which field in the Item category that I can do that ?
    Great thanks for all
    Edited by: Eric Y on Aug 30, 2008 7:13 PM

  • Credit memo request from Billing Doc.

    Hi All,
    I am creating Credit memo request from Billing Doc.(both having Same Pricing procedure)
    Now i dont want JVAT condiion in Credit emo Request.I have created one user exit.
    But now, JVAT is mandatory condition in Pricing Procedure, which is giving error of incompletion.
    How to Proceed.

    Hi Ajit,
    I have assigned new pricing procedure for Credit memo request,which is not getting determined when you create credit memo request with reference to Billing doc.

  • Problem with copy control from sales document to billing document

    I have a copy control from a sales document to a billing document,
    which is copying everything from the sales document, except the
    conditoin values. Any ideas on why will a copy routine won't copy the
    condition values from a source document? I don't even have a document
    pricing procedure assigned to my billing document. Any setting, that
    we can do to for the conditions to get copied from the sales document
    to the billing document...just as they are in the sales document?
    Thanks for the help in advance.

    In IMG,
    Implementation Guide for R/3 Customizing (IMG)
    -->Sales and Distribution
          -->Billing Documents
             -->Maintain Copying Control For Billing Documents
                -->Copying control: Sales document to billing document
    What setting do you have for your source sales document type to target billing document type? Select the row that shows the document type you are interested in and double click on item(on the left pane). Select the item category and do display. What value do you see under the 'Pricing Type' and 'Price Source'?
    May be that is where some config setting is missing.

  • Copy control from Credit Memo request to Credit memo.

    Dear SD Experts,
    I have to create Credit Memo, for this I have to use copy control from Credit memo request (VA01) to Credit Memo (VFO1. Kindly suggest me how it can possible what config is requires to do this.
    Manzoor Ahmad

    Hi Manzoor,
    Go to VTAF
    Set target document type is credit memo and source document type is credit memo request and define the same in the copy control refer the standard one copy the same and configured (CR TO F1),
    still if you need clarification please let me know,
    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Muralidharan S

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