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Why doesn't my Creative Media Source updated to last version create and record Cds? What can I do about?

[size="2" face="Helv">- Download and install the latest Creative MediaSource Player/Organizer 3.30.2 from your product download site. Make sure that you install this first before installing the rest of the MediaSource plugins listed below.
[size="2" face="Helv">- If it is listed for your product: Download and install the latest Creative MediaSource Plugin for CD Burner 3.0.8 from your product download site.

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  • How create a record type and a pl/sql table of that record type in database

    I want to create a record type and then I want to create a PL/SQL table in the oracle 9i database.
    I have done it in PL/SQL block.
    But when I am trying to do it in database it is throwing me some error.
    Could you please tell me how can I do that?

    user576726 wrote:
    I want to create a record type and then I want to create a PL/SQL table in the oracle 9i database.
    I have done it in PL/SQL block.
    But when I am trying to do it in database it is throwing me some error.
    Could you please tell me how can I do that?
    RegardsRECORD type is supported only in PL/SQL for SQL you need to use OBJECT type.

  • Create a record based on From date and To Date in CRM 2015 Plugins

    Hi all
    in my account screen i have two date field from date and Todate and i have one child entity member when i am creating a
    new account then based on from date and to date number of child record should be created
    for example in account screen
    if from date=2/1/2015 and 
       To date=31/03/2015
    then number of child record should be created
    in this manner 
    from date      to date 
    2/1/2015       31/01/2015
    01/02/2015     28/02/2015
    1/03/2015      31/03/2015

    OK. It seems you want to create 3 records (custom child entity) where the first has the same From Date as the Account and goes up to the end of the month, and the other records go from there.
    This logic can be implemented via a Plugin that could run on the create and update of these fields on Accounts. From the Plugin, you can set up the logic and fill the records with the necessary information.

  • Imported Form and sub-form from another database. Sub-form not creating new records tied to parent form's data.

    I have imported all objects from an old access db (.adp file) into a new db (.accdb).  All of my data lives in sql server so I have added all the tables and views to the .accdb as linked tables.  My forms all connect to data, but I am having issues
    with a sub form.  The sub form does not allow for creation of children records tied to the parent record the way the old db did/does.
    Correct - old format .adp file (notice the empty second record in sub-form with the defaulted date of today's date):
    Incorrect - new .accdb file (notice the lack of empty second record in sub-form like above):
    If I click the create new record icon in the bottom of the subform, it creates a completely blank record not tied to the parent record (fields blacked out in screen shots above).  When using this button all parent record fields are blank.  
    I have also verified the child table used in the sub-form has a valid Fky relationship to parent table used in the parent form.

    Have you checked each forms 'Filter' property (in Design view) to make sure they are blank and that each forms 'Filter On Load' property to make sure it is set to 'No'? Also, you might try inserting the following commands in each forms On
    Open event:
    DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdRemoveAllFilters
    If you can open each forms Record Source and they are showing that new records are able to be entered (the new record * is showing at the bottom of the recordset), then check each forms On Load and On Open events to make sure there is no filtering.
    In addition, check any macro or VBA commands behind the button that opens the main form to make sure there is no SQL filtering in the DoCmd.OpenForm command.
    If one of the forms Record Source does NOT allow new records, then you will need to change that Record Source so the new record * indicator shows.
    Out of ideas at this point.

  • Distinguish b/w Automatically created Info Record and created thru ME11

    How can we distinguish between Automatically created Info Record and manually created Info Record (By User through ME11 transaction).
    Where we can see the difference???
    Plz guide...

    In case of Automatically created Info record, Net price and Effective price fields will be blank where as in case of manual info record, you maintain the price under "conditions" manually and which gets updated in net price and effective price fields.
    Also Run Reports ME1M and ME1L, Info records with "Condition       No Price Found" are automaically created. And manual info records will have have "Condition XXX Amount"

  • Sharing transaction between regions and creating new records

    Hi all,
    To simplify my scenario, I will use HR scema.
    I have a fragment department.jsff. This one is showing records from a Departments table in a panelFormLayout. In here I have a button NEW that is bound to the CreateInsert operation from Deparment collection from HRDataControl. (so the ActionListener for the button is "#{bindings.CreateInsert.execute}".
    This department.jsff has a task flow as a region (customer-tf) with input parameter. So in departmentPageDef, customer-tf is an executable with Refresh:ifNeeded and a parameter value: #{bindings.DepartmentId.inputValue}. The customer-tf, has as a default activity method call - which based on the input parameter value executes a query (viewcritwria) for Customer table, and than shows in a table Customer collection from HRDataControl.
    So far so good. When I run the page, first record from Departnent collection is displayed in the form, the right value #{bindings.DepartmentId.inputValue} is passed as a input value to customer-tf, proper query is done for Customer collection and proper customer records are displayed in the customer region.
    The problem I have is when the New button is pressed.
    If on customer-tf for Transaction behavior I set: <No Controller Transaction> and "Share data controls with calling task flow" unchecked (so isolated), than when New button is pressed, new department record is created, and customer table shows no records. The customer-tf was restarted with a input parameter value of -10 (since DepartmentId is of type oracle.jbo.domain.DBSequence in Department table.) That is excellant.
    But I want to share transaction. So if on customer-tf for Transaction behavior I set: <Use existing Transaction if possible> and "Share data controls with calling task flow" checked (so shared), I am tracing that new record is created in Department entity, but customer-tf is restarted with the old value of DeparmentId #{bindings.DepartmentId.inputValue}. New record is never shown on the page.
    I want to be able to share transaction and data control. Somehow is second scenario, like a sharing prevents bindings value (#{bindings.DepartmentId.inputValue}) to get new value of -10.
    Am I doing anything wrong??

    I have figured it out.
    The transaction management and sharing data controls.
    It is different when the task-flow:
    a) is a region inside a page or fragment (in here you are controlling only sharing data controls declaratively)
    b) is called with a task low call activity from another flow and has a task flow return point (in here you are controlling transaction declaratively + sharing data controls)
    I figured out this by carefully rereading from Fusion Developers Guide: chapter 18.3 (Managing transactions) , and chapter 16.4 (Sharing data control instances)

  • Creating a Record structure and passing this to a Procedure

    Hi there
    I have a query please.
    Can I create a Record Structure composed of fields
    from different tables and then pass this record structure
    to a procedure.?
    ie Create Procedure ProcedureTest(empRec empStructCreated%ROWTYPE)
    where empStructCreated is the RECORD STRUCTURE created
    and composed of fields from different tables.
    Please can some one help me on this.
    Assume that I have 3 tables and I am creating a record structure
    composed of 6 fields (2 fields from each of the 3 tables),and then
    once this record structure is created,I will be passing this to
    a procedure.

    SQL> create or replace package my_package as
      2  type my_rec is record (empno number,deptno number,dname varchar2(10),hiredate date);
      3  end;
      4  /
    Package created.
    SQL> create or replace procedure my_proc(rec1 my_package.my_rec) is
      2  begin
      3  dbms_output.put_line(rec1.empno||' '||rec1.dname||' '||rec1.hiredate);
      4  end;
      5  /
    Procedure created.
    SQL> declare
      2  rec1 my_package.my_rec;
      3  begin
      4  select empno,emp.deptno,dname,hiredate into rec1
      5  from emp,dept where  emp.deptno = dept.deptno and rownum =1;
      6   my_proc(rec1);
      7  end;
      8  /
    7369 RESEARCH 17-DEC-80
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

  • HCM Processes and Forms - Create multiple records of one infotype (eg 0008)

    Dear all,
    I'm trying to create two new records in infotype 0008 (basic pay). Regarding it's time constraint 1 it should like the following:
    01.01.2010 - 31.12.9999 - 2000u20AC
    01.01.2010 - 08.11.2010 - 2000u20AC
    09.11.2010 - 31.12.2010 - 2500u20AC
    01.01.2010 - 31.12.9999 - 3000u20AC
    So I want to add two splits two the record. One is easy, as it's done by the SAP_PA operation. I experimented with the record indices and duplicating my fields, but it didn't work. Another idea would be to retriggerd the SAP_PA several times using scenario steps.
    Can you give me a hint, by which lever multiplee splits can be achieved? Or is this not possible at all?
    Thanks in advance,

    Thanks for your fast reply.
    Knowing this as a fallback is comforting. I just want to ensure, that I don't apply any coding, if a task is also possible by customizing.
    Another idea I had in the meantime was to execute the SAP_PA several times. Do you have any experience, if this works to create multiple records in one infotype?
    Edited by: Peter Gilberg on Nov 9, 2010 2:34 PM

  • HCM Process and Forms - Create and End record using the same form scenario

    Hi All,
    I have the following requirement while using HCM Processes and Forms: Using one form/scenario I need to both create a record or be able to end a record for infotype 841. When looking at the back-end service SAP_PA I have operations Create, Change, Change without delimiting and Delete. My requirement would be to do both a create and a delete I guess, but these two can't be selected at the same time while configuring the form scenario.
    I was thinking about doing somethign with the startdate and enddate instead of using the effective date. But I have no clue how to do that.
    How would this be possible?

    You are correct in assuming that you cannot have a create and delete on the same infotype. The config will not allow it.  Instead, configure the create and then do the delete via a call to you own method in the workflow or via the advanced generic service

  • How can I make the popup with empty fileds and create new record?

    I would like to use a popup to create new record.
    I created a af:popup by drag and drop a VO from data control to jsff. then, I created a button and place a af:showPopupBehavior. I was able to popup window by click the button.
    however, the window filled with the information from the 1st record. and when I select a record in table and click popup, the popup is filled with that record.
    How can I make the popup with empty fileds and create new record by saving the popup?

    You can have edit and new buttons, in the PopupFetchEvent identify button source (using popupFetchEvent.getLaunchSourceClientId()) if new button clicked clear the binding using below code.
    If you want to see empty fields, in the popup PopupFetchEvent clear the input component bindings.
    resetBindingValue("#{bindings.<componentid>.inputValue}", null);
        public static void resetBindingValue(String expression, Object newValue) {
            FacesContext ctx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
            Application app = ctx.getApplication();
            ExpressionFactory elFactory = app.getExpressionFactory();
            ELContext elContext = ctx.getELContext();
            ValueExpression valueExp = elFactory.createValueExpression(elContext,expression,Object.class);
            Class bindClass = valueExp.getType(elContext);

  • I would like to create a simple vote form that members can hit the reply button and record their preference in a check box. Is this possible on iPad?

    I would like to create a simple vote form that members can hit the reply button and record their preference in a check box. Is this possible on iPad?

    Go to the App Store and search on "Forms Management".
    There are a lot of candidates.

  • Create and approve batch record first. message: EBR015

    HI All,
                         when i am doing UD for Early inspection lot (04 inspection type) i getting the error message "create and approve batch record first. message: EBR015"

    PLease refer:
    Short Text
    Create and approve batch record first
    You can only carry out the following functions for the batch you have selected when an approved batch record exists (see material master record, Work scheduling view):
    Making a usage decision for an inspection lot of origin Goods receipt from production
    Changing the batch status from Restricted to Unrestricted
    However, no batch record has been created for the batch you have selected. Therefore, the system does not carry out the function.
    Create and approve the batch record.
    For more information, see the SAP Library, section Basis Services / Communication Interfaces -> SAP ArchiveLink -> SAP ArchiveLink - Scenarios in Applications -> Storage Scenarios PP -> Optical Archiving of Batch Records (PP-PI).

  • Create a record using SAPUI5 and ODATA Service

    Hi there,
    since SPS6, SAP HANA should allow CRUD operations using an ODATA Service.
    That sounds nice and so I wanted to give it a try.
    I've started by creating a simple table and set up a tiny application that displays the data in a grid (using a JSON Model) and allows to insert new records by entering data into two textfields and save them as a new record to the databse. That works well, the grid shows the records which I have created using the SAP HANA Studio.
    So I wanted to create new records, and the documentation says very clearly how to create a new record.
    I've tried it this way, but when the request is send I get an 501 Not Implemented error.
    Thats the code I'm using in my SAVE-Button:
    btnSave.attachPress(function() {
       var entry = {}; = tfUserId.getValue();
       entry.username = tfUserName.getValue();
       oData.create('/tbl_user', entry, null,
       function() {
          alert("Create successful");
       function() {
          alert("Create failed");
    After that I've tried to create a record using the POSTMAN extension for Chrome browser as mentioned in this cool video by Thomas Jung.
    Unfortunately, this also doesn't work for me. After sending the request I get as respone a sap hana xs login window with Status Code 200 instead of a status code "201 created".
    Here's a screenshot:
    I'm using SAP HANA Cloud Trial.
    Anybody got an idea what I'm doing wrong? Or does ODATA CRUD not work an SAP HANA Cloud Trial?
    Many thanks,

    Hi Jason,
    exactly, it's the logon page returned that is opened when I open the service URL in the browser. After logging on I can see the results of the ODATA service call.
    The URL must be correctly defined, the grid shows up the data from the ODATA Service.
    And yes, the URL looks OK when expecting in Chrome developer tools...

  • Dynamic Action-Delimiting a record and creating new record

    Hi ,
    My requirement is in dynamic Action I need to delimit all records in a Subtype of an Infotype and create New record for these records with BEGDA as ENDDA + 1 of the delimited records.
    Iam able to delimit all records in the Subtype but , Iam not able to create new records.
    My code for delimiting is as given below, in T588Z,
    9901     2          06     801     P     P9901-SUBTY='2'
    9901     2          06     802     P     PSYST-IOPER='MOD'
    9901     2          06     803     P     P9901-STATS='X'
    9901     2          06     804     P     P9901-PREAS='91'
    9901     2          06     805     F     DELIMIT_DTE(ZHSRAS_T588Z_9901)
    9901     2          06     806     W     P9901-ENDDA=RP50D-ZZDATE3
    9901     2          06     807     I     MOD,9901,3
    9901     3          06     808     P     SY-UCOMM='UPD'
    9901     3          06     809     F     DELIMIT_DTE(ZHSRAS_T588Z_9901)
    9901     3          06     810     W     P9901-ENDDA=RP50D-ZZDATE3
    The above code is working fine.
    My code for creating new record is as given below, even though the control is oing to the subroutine, INS statement is not working, and hence new record is not getting created.
    9901     3          06     811     P     SY-UCOMM='UPD'
    9901     3          06     812     P     PSAVE-ENDDA<>P9901-ENDDA
    9901     3          06     813     P     P9901-STATS<>'X'
    9901     3          06     814     I     INS,9901,3
    9901     3          06     815     F     BEGIN_DATE(ZHSRAS_T588Z_9901)
    9901     3          06     816     W     P9901-BEGDA=RP50D-ZZDATE3
    9901     3          06     817     W     P9901-ENDDA='99991231'
    Kindly help me on this.

    Hi shahana,
    1. I have not worked on this dynamic action.
    2. But instead of doing in 2 steps,
       it is usually done in 1 step only, manually.
    3. If we CREATE record from some date,
       then the OLD will AUTOMATICALLY get Delimited.
    (We don't have to do anything specially for delimiting
      the old record)
    amit m.

  • How to create a VI that detects and records responses from user

    Does anyone has experience in creating a VI that allows the user to e.g., watch a video or series of images, pause or rewind video etc. and the VI records the duration of all pauses or user responses.

    avenue wrote:
    How to create a VI that detects and records responses from user
    You definitely need to check what 'EVENT STRUCTURE' is and how to use it... because thats needed to write such code.
    I am not allergic to Kudos, in fact I love Kudos.
     Make your LabVIEW experience more CONVENIENT.

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