Creative Cloud Update Not working

My Creative Cloud desktop app keeps telling me an update is available. I have the option to quit or update. When I select update, the window closes and nothing happens.
If I check the Windows Task Manager, I can see that "Adobe CEP Service Manager" (CEPServiceManager.exe*32) is running.
I've tried the following with no change or improvement:
Waited it out for over an hour in case it was doing updates in the background without a dialog box showing.
Restarted computer and tried again
Disabled anti-virus software and tried again
Tried over both wireless and wired connections
Tried internet connection at another location
Is there something I'm missing or an error log somewhere I can check to determine the cause? I get no on screen error or indication of what's occurring.

I have no option to sign out. The popup to update keeps me from accessing the settings to sign out. If I select 'quit' the app closes, if I select 'update' the popup and the creative cloud app close/disappear.
Following the instructions for solution 2 in your link above (deleting the OPM.db file) did successfully sign me out. When I opened the Creative Cloud desktop app again, I was prompted to sign in. As soon as I successfully did so, I was prompted to update again and again the app closes with no indication of progress, no error and to my best guess, no update. So I'm back at square one.
I've checked my anti-virus logs and found nothing.
Any other suggestions?
Is there a log file somewhere I can check?

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  • My Creative Cloud does not work anymore. When I try to reinstall it I receive the message "AAM cannot initialise". I have tried all the instructions but it still does not work. Robert

    My Creative Cloud does not work anymore. When I try to reinstall it I receive the message "AAM cannot initialise". I have tried all the instructions but it still does not work. Robert

    Try perform below steps.
    Open task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc  keys. Click on more details if the option available.
    Then end all Adobe related processes, including Creative Cloud and Coresync ( if running )
    Then hold windows key on your keyboard and Press R key.
    It will open Run window
    In Run window, type Appdata and click on Ok
    Open Local > Adobe folders
    Delete AAMUpdater and OOBE folders
    Then navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe
    Delete Adobe Application Manager and OOBE folders
    Go back to Program Files (x86) and Open Adobe folder
    Try deleting Adobe Creative Cloud folder, if it is not allowing rename it to Adobe Creative Cloudold
    Download and install Creative Cloud App from below link
    Then check

  • Creative Cloud Does Not Work - Need to Cancel

    Several months ago I decided to try Creative Cloud rather than purchase software update when I switched from my MAC to a new Windows 8 PC.
    Initially I was able to sign up and download but the products locked up and I could not use.
    I uninstalled and reinstalled but same issues.
    I updated OS to Windows 8.1 and tried to download again.  Still won't work.
    So I refreshed my PC which removes all software and puts it back to state it came from factory then updated all Microsoft software and drivers etc.
    Reinstalled everything with few issues except for Adobe Creative Cloud.
    I can log in, but when I go to the page for Documents or Download all I get is a  blank white page whether using IE or Chrome (latest versions of each).
    I can't see any download links so I can't install products so I can't use.
    After months of paying for something I can't use I am giving up.  I want a refund.  I have spent untold hours trying to get this to work.  It simply isn't worth the hassle.
    I have good bandwidth, a relatively new and powerful computer, all of the latest updates for OS etc.  No issues with Microsoft products or other products - just Adobe Creative Cloud problems.
    Please have someone contact me about how I can cancel and get a refund.  I am certain you can tell from your servers that I have not used the products in months after initial download and issues resulting from that.
    I don't have time to spend hours trying to get something to work and I can't tell you how many hours I spent on the refresh which was simply to try and get Adobe Creative Cloud working since everyting else on my computer worked but Adobe would cause lockup and even blue screen in one instance when I tried to utilize.

    Hi [email protected] ,
    Welcome to Adobe Support .
    We would hate to see you go , you can contact us using the below mentioned link and our Suport Team will help you in resolving your concern.

  • Lightroom via Creative Cloud is not working.

    I have a problem. I have One Year, Paid Monthly plan. I'm paying every month automatically, the next payment is in a week but when I'm trying to open Lightroom now it shows me that "0 days remaining" and is not allowing me to use it. I upadated it and it's still not working even on my profile it shows me that it's actual/updated.
    I really need it badly now and don't know what to do?
    Please help.

    Hi miphotos,
    Please refer the article: Use the CC Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems | CC, CS3-CS6 and try installing Lightroom from Creative Cloud Desktop.
    Romit Sinha

  • Creative Cloud App not working / nothing shows up

    I think the image shows much of my problem. I start the creative cloud app, but nothing shows up. Therefor I cannot install/update anything anymore.
    Re-install did not fix this issue.
    Using Win8.
    Anybody has a clue?

    Welcome to Adobe Community.
    kindly try the following steps and let us know if this resolved the problem for you
    Close the Creative Cloud application.
    Navigate to the OOBE folder.
    Windows: [System drive]:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\Adobe\OOBE
    Mac OS: /Users/[user name]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE folder
    Delete the opm.db file.
    Launch Creative Cloud.
    Kartikay Sharma

  • Creative CLOUD does not work

    I just got a new computer with windows 8 operating system...joined this adobe creative cloud mess.   Photoshop, which i joined for, is not even downloaded... Lightroom has downloaded and works, nothing else works.  I spent thelast two days reading all of the information about everything, and nothing works... all of these discussion forums, offer no answers, i want  the program to work, and i would not like to pay for days of troubleshooting, and your quick fixes that you have used in the past, i want it to work on my computer without having to take another college class and reading all of the previouis problems, because i had faith enough to join without looking into reviews on google, about how bad this service is.
    This has been an awful experience, it is not even simple enough to just report issues and get a response, as i am spending my money on your product and it isnt working, i call for help, and you are closed for the holidays, but your system to take my money is not closed...That is very special.   Thanks for your blacker, than black friday.
    I dont want a refund, i love photoshop, i need for someone to help me to make this work.  Can someone help me to make this work, and can i get the beginning date of my membership to be the day that the program actually works, at the same price that i have paid initially?

    sometimes some of them behave like bulls in a china shop. Despite this negative news, you might be consoled a little bit, because I also had to do this experience.
    Sometimes - for whatever reasons - CC doesn't "want" to work. In this case you should CC completely delete and reinstall by help of Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool. (A try to uninstall by own resources is not enough!)
    I quote: ... helps resolve installation problems for Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Creative Suite (CS3-CS6) applications. The tool removes installation records for prerelease installations of Creative Cloud or Creative Suite applications. It does not affect existing installations of previous versions of Creative Cloud or Creative Suite applications.
    Please use: and follow the prescribed sequence of operations
    If necessary and for further questions and if "open" please use chat, I had the best experiences.

  • Creative Cloud app not working on windows 8.1

    I have looked around on the forums and seen similar problems but the app itself won't load up, it just has a small window. I can't interactive with this in anyway apart from move it about and have to kill it via task manager.
    If I need to update it how do I do this when I can't acces it?

    Hi Dan,
    Could you try uninstalling and reinstalling the Creative Cloud app?
    We have this document that is related, normally you should be prompted to update after quitting and relaunching the app.

  • Re: New Creative Cloud Desktop not working

    I have an older Mac (Late 2008 MacBook Pro, 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3, Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63)) and this spinning wheel problem persisted even with the recommended solution (those posted here: "Unknown Server Error" when you attempt to log in to Adobe Creative Cloud)). I already have several CS6 products installed.
    I tried deleting all Adobe CC files on my computer (including uninstalling CC, deleting all CC files and folders), deleting the OOBE opm.db file, restarting, and re-downloading. Did NOT solve the problem.
    Additionally, I had to delete Adobe Application Manager because upon restart it was maxing out my CPU and requiring me to force quit it, even after I uninstalled CC.

    Branching this to a separate discussion.
    Mclcm please see App doesn’t open | Progress wheel spins continually which discusses how to resolve your current error.

  • Creative cloud will not work, no access to apps

    This is my second time buying creative cloud and I'm really regretting it. When I did the free trial everything downloaded and worked perfectly for me. Once the 30 day trial period was over I deleted everything off of my computer unsure if I would purchase anything. Months later I did buy the creative cloud only for none of the downloaded app's to work for me. There was no files on my computer of the programs and when i went to re-download whatever I may have missed the same thing would happen. Frustrated I canceled my order. Now I'm back and experiencing all the same headaches. I've talked extensively with customer support only for them to tell me they don't know what the problem is. Even as i type this I'm on hold with customer support, I've been on hold for 45 minutes now. Can someone PLEASE help me I need this to finish a final!!!!!!!!

    uninstall whatever is currently installed and run the cleaner,
    restart your computer
    log in ( with your adobe id and start you download of whatever you purchased.  that should start your cc app download and installation.
    after that completes, download other cc software via that app.

  • Why is my Creative Cloud desktop not working?

    I have just bought CC and I went in to download Photoshop and then it says about the desktop application in which everytime I try download it, this message pops up:
    Which gives me no indication on the error, and I honestly have no idea what to do about it!

    Hi Daniellewalka24,
    Please rename OOBE Folder from the following location
    location in Window C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe
    After renaming the OOBE folder please uninstall Adobe creative cloud from the cleaner tool and re-installed the product from from
    PS: Please uninstall Creative cloud connection if you see in Cleaner tool.
    As the above discusson also mentions renamimg, Please disable the firewall of the system & network & then retry.
    You can also refer this link for more input: download.html
    Incase the error still persists, then the next best step would be to review your installation logs to determine the exact point of failure.
    Please see Troubleshoot with install logs | CS5, CS5.5, CS6 - -cs5.html for information on how to locate and interpret the
    installation log files.
    Please feel free to inbox log file privately.

  • 5 Free Sites With Creative Cloud Membership not working

    I have a student account through SCAD and I want to have a custom domain, and it says I have can have up to 5 sites but when I go to launch site it won't let me.  A dialogue box appears asking me to pay for creative cloud (which I already have) or pay now.  Please help!  My email is [email protected] to contact me.

    Hi Steve,
    Unfortunately you dont get free sites with Teachers edition. A Creative Cloud Individual subscription lets you redeem and launch five free sites, which are web basic in nature,
    Also check this blog post
    Creative Cloud and Business Catalyst « Adobe Creative Cloud
    Do let me know if you have any question.

  • Creative Cloud application not working

    All it does when I download and go to install/open is take me to the Adobe Application manager--I do not have the option to sync files or fonts. Please help.

    Sign up at the Early Access page here

  • Creative Cloud Updater doesn't work

    last year I downloaded a trial version for the creative cloud. Then I decided to buy a normal CS6 license and didn't use CC anymore.
    Now I would like to try Adobe Muse. But somehow I just can't use the CC updater anymore. When I try to install it again, the installation just stops, without a warning or anything and nothing happens.
    I hope somebody can help me, thank you!

    Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for your help. It works now, i uninstalled CC and installed it again.
    Am 19.12.2014 um 01:54 schrieb Jeff A Wright <[email protected]>:
    Creative Cloud Updater doesn't work
    created by Jeff A Wright in Creative Cloud Download & Install - View the full discussion
    Antonia do you receive any specific error messages?  What operating system are you using?
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  • Adobe Creative Cloud does not support Bootcamp by Apple IOS operating system, but does work with boot camp Win 8.1 why"

    Adobe Creative Cloud does not support APPLE latest IOS operating system, but does allow Windows 8.1 to be accepted. This seems a shame to me, as
    Apple IOS is the leader in graphics, photography. The advertising states it is usable under both APPLE IOS and Microsoft 8.1 windows operating systems. Adobe Support Chat Sooraj tells me on 02/19/2015 that i must buy two computers to have it operate on both operating systems. Adobe will not support apple's Boot CAMP allowing both operating systems.
    i love the apple product and love the ADOBE Photoshop CC, but it simply does now work with an apple keyboard and a WiN operating system. .[email protected]  Adobe Creative Cloud

    In Thehatters defence, this was initially posted in the MacbookPro forum and then moved to Boot Camp,
    If you have any joy solving your trackpad device driver issue, feel free to post here (there might be a similar fix for my  wireless adapter device)

  • Adobe creative cloud has stopped working, all my individual programmes from adobe open and work fine, but when I try to open adobe cloud it starts to open then says adobe cloud has stopped working, looking for a solution then shuts down, I can not open it

    Adobe creative cloud has stopped working, all my individual programmes from adobe open and work fine, but when I try to open adobe cloud it starts to open then says adobe cloud has stopped working, looking for a solution then shuts down, I can not open it at all.

    Without proper system information and the application logs nobody can tell you much.
    Troubleshoot Creative Cloud download and install issues

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