Currency units not displayed

Hi all,
I have query, in rows i have g/l account  and in columns i have actuals total in group currency and actuals total in local currency of spain, local currency of france local currency australia etc. The thing is when i execute the query it showing the values of local currencies correctly but it not showing the currency uints. I have scaling factor to 1000 and I don't have much complexities,
Is there any particular option to show the units.
Any help is appreciated.

Hi Bhanu,
Thanks for the reply , the user are insisting that they require the scaling factor and the units to be displayed. But anyways, I have been given another problems to look around as there was a new bex consultant has been hired. Thanks for the tip of dividing by 1000.

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  • Org unit not displaying in Payslip

    Hai all
    In production, we have maintained Org Structure and assigned persons. Payroll live run is completed. But in the customized payslip, the org unit is not displaying. That org unit is there in the Org structure, in WPBP table also its displaying, but in the table T527x the same Org Unit is not there.
    What could be the reason for not included in the table t527x, probably thatu2019s the reason why its not displaying in the payslip. ( the program picks the Org unit from T527x table)
    But other Org units which are there in T527x table, are displaying fine in the payslip
    Please suggest what to do
    Thank you

    If you are using OM module, then you dont have to maintain values in T527X table.
    Instead, i guess some customisation is missing in the payslip to fetch the data. are you using HR forms or is it through PE51 you are creating customised form?
    If through PE51, then from then, click on the Window and choose change. In the top of the window screen, where you can maintain the screen header information, you store
    *Department : BTRTL_______________ *
    This will help you fetch the department details i.e. org unit

  • Euro currency symbol not displaying

    I am using oracle 11gR2 and GNU/Linux.I am using Putty to connect linux box and connect table contains all countries currency symbol.
    Problem is I couldn't able to select the 'euro' currency symbol in console but in sqldeveloper it's working good.
    select symbol from gv_curr_info where curr_-cd='EURO';
    I am getting '?' instead of euro symbol. in OS LANG=en_US.UTF-8 and in DB NLS_CHARECTERSET=AL32UTF8 and NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET=UTF8.
    putty also CHARACTERSET=UTF8.
    any idea to solve this issue please?

    First you need to establish the OS can display the euro sign correctly, at all.
    Then you need to make sure your NLS_LANG environment variable has been set up correctly. This means the part behind the dot is the Oracle equivalent of your characterset.
    Then you need to make sure the database can store the euro. If I recall correctly you indicated the database characterset is AL32UTF8. This means you shouldn't have any problem.
    If you go for an ISO characterset you need 8859P15, as the ISO couldn't agree on changing 8859P1.
    As Microsoft never adheres to any standard it is WE8MSWIN1252 for Windows databases.
    Please note Oracle is looking to standardize on multi-byte charactersets, so you will be better of with AL32UTF8.
    As a sidenote in a console session on Windows, NLS_LANG needs to end in .WE8PC850, or diacritical characters will not display correctly.
    Sybrand Bakker
    Senior Oracle DBA

  • Currency Symbol (�) not displaying

    I'm using PostgreSQL as my DB and the pg73jdbc3.jar driver to connect to my DB. I'm trying to display the pound sterling currency symbol (�) in my JTable but it will not display, it puts in a square instead. However, it will display the U.S. dollar symbol ($). The locale settings on the PostgreSQL server are set to en_GB.
    What do I need to do to get the � symbol to display in my JTable.
    Kind Regards,

    This has to do with JDBC and databases because I am querying a postgresql database (version 7.3.2) and the .getString() value from the resultset is giving me a square symbol rather than the pound sterling symbol.
    I've tried modifying the font, the locale settings, and the character set used by the JDBC driver but neither of these have worked.
    Anyone got any suggestions?
    Kind Regards,

  • Currency members not displayed on Essbase

    Environment:* EPMA version
    As part of multicurrency, we have added the two members EUR and USD in *‘Currency’* dimension to perform currency conversion and then re-deploy application. Deployment has done successful without any error. But members not displayed in Essbase as expected.
    We have setup default application currency and reporting currency as GBP.
    Currency Dimension hierarchy in EPMA (Before Deployment)_
    Currency and HSP_RATES hierarchy in Essbase (After Deployment)
    Currency Dimension*
    Actual Problem:_ Missing EUR and USD member in Essbase
    Now you can see EUR and USD member not dislayed as expected in Essbase. Can anyone help in guiding or resolving the issue?
    Thanks in Advance

    1.     Yes. Outline created, we have used the option Refresh and Full Deploy
    2.     Not having access to server. But if you particular log file then let me know the name. I will try to arrange the log file.
    3.     I have added two new member RUB and CAD. But problem remain same, these member not displayed under currency dimension. But it will displayed successfully under HSP_Rates with names ‘HSP_Rate_RUB’ and HSP_Rate_CAD’. It means functionality working fine, but not displaying member. If it won’t display then I can’t create currency conversion script.
    4.     Successfully deployed, no error messages

  • Currency symbol not displayed

    Hi All,
    I am using crystalreports-javasdk-11.8.8 for generating Crystal Reports in java. We don't have any issue in generating reports but the generated reports contain doesn't contain the Currency symbol.
    I have set the locale using below code.
    reportClientDocument = new ReportClientDocument();
      , 0);
    In the Report, the Numberic Format is System Default.
    Currency Symbol is $
    1. Why Currency symbol is not dispalyed?
    2. I have missed any configuration?
    3. How the currency symbol is set based on the Locale?
    Sql Server 2005 used. Database feild is Money.
    Thanks for your reply in advance.
    Edited by: arun4.d on Dec 19, 2011 6:27 AM

    try with newer set of Jars from [here|]

  • Preventing display of currency unit infoobject values in a report

    For a currency type key figure, there is a currency unit infoobject specified. This has INR (Indian Rupees) as its value in the infocube for all the records. When I display the KF in a report, the value of the associated currency unit also gets displayed with it. Is there any way to not get this display of the associated currency unit other than not having any currency unit values in the infocube?

    Hi Jr,
    Thanks, that works.

  • Subject: Displaying key figures without currency unit in BEX reports

    Is it possible to display key figures without currency unit in BEx reports? For example; Material Costs 1000 EUR
    should be shown as 1000. Currency unit EUR and also scaling factor (*1000 EUR) does not interest us.
    When we use display options in query properties, we just see an option of displaying key figures with/without scaling factors, which does not solve our problem.
    Thanks for your reply.
    Nuran Adal

    Hi Eugene,
    thank you very much for your quick reply. We have very detailed reports with min. 10 columns, I should have defined 10 more formula columns to realize this (NODIM), but anyway there is no other way to do this, am I right?
    Best Regards,

  • Display currency unit in ALV

    can anyone tell me how to mention the currency unit in the field which is displayed in ALV???
    ex: 250 USD in a single column.
    i have used ALV grid display.

    i tried doing that but im not getting it.
    please help.
    i used what u said.
    it_fcat-col_pos = 9.
      it_fcat-fieldname = 'DISCAVAIL'.
      it_fcat-cfieldname = 'WAERS'.
      it_fcat-tabname = 'IT_FINAL'.
      it_fcat-do_sum = 'X'.
      it_fcat-seltext_m = 'DISC AVAILED'.
      APPEND it_fcat.
    this is the thing
    Edited by: Poonam Naik on Jul 22, 2008 9:09 AM

  • Display currency  unit  field in FM reuse_alv_grid_display

    Hi friends,
    I am using ALV list, I want to display the currency field as a column in the list , also the '$' sign should get displayed in the amount field .
    I have used the logic given in the SAP help, but i am unable to display the currency unit.
    can anybody help me out .
    Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

    Hi Poonam,
       I think you cannot have the $ sign in the same amount field if you have declared it as a TYPE CURR field.
    YOu can have an extra field, immediately after the Amount Field which has a value '$' in it.
    If you want to have the dollar sign in the field itself, then concatenate the amount field and '$' sign into a common field and build a field catalog for that field.
    But there is an inherent disadvantage with this approach that you will not be able to have utilities like totals, subtotals etc.
    Welcome to SDN..:)
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  • Improper display with Currency/Unit in drilldown

    Hi ,
    There are 2 KFs in the query , 2nd KF is one level down (i.e inside the triangle of first KF) .
    KF's are :
    Net value
    Net val in doc currency
    when i drill down on Currency/unit it just drills down by statistics currency (i.e for first KF) it doesn't display other currencies for KF Net val in doc currency .
    But when i bring the 2nd KF to same level as first KF (i.e outside triangle) it works properly .
    Can any one tell me the reason if you had a similar case .
    I think it's some front end problem ?

    I think that it is normal behaviour.
    When you drill down by currency, the 1st KF is drilled down. For example, after drill down you have several rows (columns) with particular statistics currencies.
    The currency shown in each particular row (column) acts like a filter for subordinate nodes.
    If your doc currency doesn't equal to statistics currency, nothing will be shown.
    Best regards,

  • How to display Currency Unit beside value in BEx Report?

    I have 2 separate Amounts in the columns area. Their respective currencies exist as Characteristics in Unit dimension. How do I display the amount along with currency unit beside it?
    As of now my Report looks like....
    Amount 1              Amount 2
    2000                     3000
    I would like to display it as......
    Amount1           CUR                Amount2          CUR
    2000                 EUR                 3000               USD
    Edited by: Sebastian D'Souza on Jan 16, 2009 11:40 AM

    Hi Sebastian,
    Yes it can be possible to get the currency unit along with currency in ur report.
    To do this, first of all u need to have the currency unit in ur flat file or else in ur data.
    If u have so, here are the steps to do that.
    1.Double click ur amount info object under 'currency/unit of measure tab' , in the unit/currency field just give as 0currency.
    2.And then activate ur info object.
    3.In Transformations u will find another field '0currency', just map it to the amount field.
    and then do the process as usally loading data to target, and the execute the report.
    u will be able to see currency unit filed also.
    hope this helps u.
    Sai Chand.

  • Currency/Unit may not be initial

    I have a real-time infocube. All keyfigures in this cube are zero. If I start to plan this cube, I get an error message “Currency/Unit may not be initial”. What is wrong?

    Are you using IP?  I think you need to specify in the filter what currency / unit you are planning with.
    If using BPS, i would set the unit and currency in the planning level...

  • No display of currency - unit in bex

    I have a problem regarding currency translation - coversion. I have made a currency translation type from USD to EUR  with fixed target currency EUR. When I use the conversion in BEx query it works, but it does not show the currency unit EURO into the scaling factor.
    Does any body know how to solve the problem?

    Go to the BEx query designer and check query properties in the header of the query....find whether dispaly scaling factor is tick marked .....
    Assign points if useful
    N Ganesh

  • 0.00 is currency not displaying in ALV REPORT......

    Hi All,
    There is a currency field in the internal table which is not displaying only value 0.00 if the value is 0.03 then it is displaying in ALV.
    I have checked the Internal Table passed in the FM: REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY but it is carrying the value 0.00. But while displaying it is not displaying in the report.
    I have also checked the Field catalogue there is no such conditions mentioned.
    Kindly help me.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi MP,
    while handling witht eh currency fields make sure that the following are taken care of
    in the field catalog use:
    gs_field-datatype = 'CURR'.
    gs_field-inttype = 'C'.
    also the following
    fieldcatalog-no_zero = 'X'. should be taken care of otherwise it will not display the zeros appearing in the final internal table for ALV display.
    Hope its helpful

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