Debit Memo Request Issue

Dear friends,
The copy controls are set for  a) Sales Order to Debit memo request (VTAA) & b) Billing to Debit Memo Request (VTAF)
Scenario #1. Sales Order Qty  is 10 No (Delivery and Billing done for 10 Nos) and I have created a DMR for qty 5 Nos with reference to the sales order  and created the Debit Memo.
Now when I create one more DMR with reference to the same sales order, the qty referenced in the DMR is 15 No
Scenario #2. Sales Order Qty  is 10 No (Delivery and Billing done for 10 Nos) and I have created a DMR for qty 5 Nos with reference to the Billing doc and created the Debit Memo.
Now when I create one more DMR with reference to the same Billing doc, the qty referenced in the DMR is 10 No
1. While creating a Credit Memo Request or Debit Memo request whats the standard reference document to be used? Is it Sales order or a Billing doc?
2. I have tested this using standard doc types and I think this is not the correct behaviour.
In both the scenarios, the referenced qty should be 5No when you are creating the DMR for the second time.
Somebody let me know what should be the Ideal way to do it......

Hi Isaac,
In transaction code VTAA goto OR to DR  and look for your Item Category and in that there is a field by name Pos./neg. quantity
and in that you will find the help details as shown below:
The below details will help you for all the documents like Quotatio, Sales Order , billing etc.
Quantity is calculated positively, negatively or not at all                                                                               
Indicates whether, during copying, the quantity or value in the target  
     document has a negative effect, positive effect, or no effect at all on 
     the quantity still to be completed in the source document.                                                                               
The system uses this indicator to determine how the quantity in the     
     source document is affected. For example, if you                                                                               
o   Create a quotation item for 100 pieces,                                                                               
o   Copy the quotation into a sales order, and                                                                               
o   Create a sales order item for 80 pieces,                                                                               
the copying has a positive effect on the quotation. In effect, you have 
     added 80 pieces to the quotation quantity that is now considered        
     complete. 20 pieces in the quotation remain to be completed.            
  If you do not make an entry in this field, or set indicator 0, the     
  source document is not blocked, which allows you to create several     
  target documents at once (for example, when using EDI and frequent     
  contract releases).                                                                               
While the source document (such as quotation or quantity contract) is  
  being processed, it is blocked. For instance, if you are working on a  
  quantity contract, no one can create a release order for that contract).
                                                                                In sales documents, for example, you can expect the following results: 
o   Quotation   -> Sales order: positive                                                                               
o   Contract    -> Return: negative                                                                               
o   Sales order -> Sales order: no effect                                                                               
In billing documents, for example, you can expect the following results:
o   Delivery    -> Invoice: positive                                                                               
o   Delivery    -> Cancellation: negative                                                                               
o   Delivery    -> Pro-forma invoice: no effect         

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    I am facing one issue related to debit memo request,as when i generating Debit memo request through DP90 t code,in debit memo request whatever the line items it will generate through this t code it all are getting in to NON-EDITABLE MODE,so i need to make this in to EDITABLE MODE, i have change in the condition types  as "MANUAL" even though its getting in to non editable mode ,so please help me to make this line items in to editable mode.

    Hi Abdul,
    We have a provision in DP90 itself to change the price of the conditions, if manual changes are allowed to the conditions. Please check the configuration setup of the condition type whether manual changes are permitted or not.

  • Internal order number in debit memo request in external billing

    Hi Experts,
    I am trying to create a Debit Memo Request in ECC from a confirmation in CRM. This confirmation is created as a follow-up to the service order.
    The debit memo request is getting created but it does not have a reference of the internal order and hence on billing, the revenue is not getting posted to the internal order.
    Could you suggest if there is some setting required in CRM to link the internal order to the Debit Memo Request?
    Thanks in advance

    I have the same issue, can you let me know how you resolved?

  • Not able to edit the Debit memo request after cancelling Billing document

    This is a process in SD/Customer service.The issue is even after cancelling the billing document we are not able to edit the item details in debit memo request..Pls suggest how we can edit the item details after cancelling the billing document
    Best Regards

    Hi Jay,
    Yes, the whole sales document could not be deleted as well.
    Sorry for the misleading answer.
    As per the long text of error V1006, the document cannot be completely
    deleted because further processing has already taken place. Even though
    you have cancelled the subsequent documents, if you refer to the
    document flow, the subsequent documents might have already been created
    The cancellation of these does not delete the request.
    Please have a look at table VBFA in transaction SE16 and you can see
    that the subsequence documents are still displayed.
    What you can do is to enter a reason of rejection for all items to
    prevent further processing of the request.
    Please refer to Note 147028, you don't need to apply
    this note, please refer to part of "NOTE:...".This is a restriction
    of the system.
    For order-related billing, it is not possible to delete the sales
    document, even if the subsequent invoice has been cancelled.
    You have to reject the items.

  • Internal order number not present in debit memo request in External billing

    Hi Experts,
    We are working on external billing in CRM and have single object controlling configured. I am trying to create a Debit Memo Request in ECC from a confirmation in CRM. This confirmation is created as a follow-up to the service order. The debit memo request is getting created once the confirmation is completed but it does not have a reference of the internal order and hence on billing, the revenue is not getting posted to the internal order. Could you suggest if there is some setting required in CRM to link the internal order to the Debit Memo Request?
    Thanks in advance

    I have the same issue, can you let me know how you resolved?

  • Copy Control from Billing doc to Debit memo request

    we are trying to sort the follwing problem out. We create a debit memo request with reference to the invoice, we then change the sold to party, however the pricing is carried out again. we want to retain the invoice values but only change the sold to party and quantities. i have change the copy control to "copy pricing elements unchanged" however it still reprices the debit memo.

    As per your question, You have invoiced customer X wants to issue debit memo request to  customer Y.
    How come is it possible?Could you elaborate the scenario?
    SAP system retrieve master data from sold -to-party record for Sales order and also  access ship-to-party record for delivery and access Payer's record for Billing.
    You change sold to party in Debit memo request.SAP system access record of new sold-to-party  for debit memo req.(It is sales order type).
    In T-code VTAF - You  changed Pricing type to D-copy pricing elements unchanged.It is not sufficient to fulfill your requirement.In this transaction other Data transfer routine also affects copying.These are Data transfer routine 104(business data item billing) and 004(Billing item partner).
    Data transfer routine allow you to fine tune the transferred fields during the copying process.It specifies the item business data to be transferred from a billing document item to a sales document item.Special checks are also performed to be sure that SOLD -TO-PARTY IS THE SAME PRIOR TO initiating data transfer of the item related business data.Iten related business data are incoterms,taxes discount applicable to Sold-to-party.
    In your case sold-to- party is changed.It also changes business data and pricing.
    Hope it would help you.

  • BAPIs to create sales orders for Returns and Debit Memo Request

    I have to create a sales order for document type Returns as well as a debit memo request.The BAPI 'BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2' is giving the following error message for Debit Memo Request document creation as well as for Returns.
    761 Unpermitted combination of business object BUS2032 and sales doc. category L
    I found BAPIs:
    ‘BAPI_CUSTOMERRETURN_CREATE’ for creating sales document of type ZDRE and SD document category ‘H’.
    ‘BAPI_DEBITREQUEST_PROXY_CREATE’ for creating sales document of type ZDDR and SD document category ‘L’.
    please let me know if anybody have used them. If so what values need to be passed to I_UPLOAD_ID,I_DESTIN,I_SFA_REL parameters of BAPI_DEBITREQUEST_PROXY_CREATE. Are there any alternative solutions using the Salesorder bapi.
    I have to create documents based on the flat file data no reference sales document numbers are available.
    Appreciate your help..
    Good Day

    Look at the code done by me
    Program Name:                                                        *
    SAP Name    : ZAXXXXXX               Version    :                    *
    Programmer  : Chris Dong of ITDC                    *
    Description :                                                        *
    Includes        :                                                    *
    Function Modules: XX_XXXXXX                                          *
    Transactions    :                                                    *
    Programs        :                                                    *
                     LINE-COUNT 65
                     MESSAGE-ID ZA
                     NO STANDARD PAGE HEADING.
    CLEAR l_order_partners.
    l_order_partners-partn_role = 'AG'.
    l_order_partners-partn_numb = '0001202491'.
    APPEND l_order_partners TO li_order_partners.
    CLEAR l_order_partners.
    l_order_partners-partn_role = 'WE'.
    l_order_partners-partn_numb = '0001202491'.
    APPEND l_order_partners TO li_order_partners.  
    Sales document type
    l_order_header_in-doc_type = 'ZDR'.  
    Sales organization
    l_order_header_in-sales_org = '1000'. 
    Distribution channel
    l_order_header_in-distr_chan = '01'.  
    l_order_header_in-division = '04'. 
    l_order_header_in-REF_DOC = '9100000144'.
    order reason
    l_order_header_in-ord_reason = '925'.
    item number
    l_order_items_in-itm_number = '000001'. 
    material no
    l_order_items_in-material = '000000000007000012'. 
    l_order_items_in-target_qty = '0000000000100.000'. 
    APPEND l_order_items_in TO li_order_items_in. 
    *BUS2094 Credit memo request " OSS NOTE 93091
    *BUS2096 Debit memo request " OSS NOTE 93091
    ORDER_HEADER_IN = l_order_header_in
    SALESDOCUMENT = l_vbeln
    RETURN = li_return
    ORDER_ITEMS_IN = li_order_items_in
    ORDER_PARTNERS = li_order_partners
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            Chris Dong

  • Creating a debit memo request with reference to an invoice

    An invoice shows wrong MWST value because of incorrect customer tax classification as Tax exempt. I corrected the cust tax classification to "Liable for Tax". Then I tried to create a debit memo request with reference to the incorrect invoice. Thats a requirement by the customer. Invoices with incorrect VAT are not to be cancelled. A specially created VAT only sales order (Debit memo request) is used to create a sales order with 0 net value and correct MWST . But while trying to create the debit memo request, the system picks up the same old condition record for the MWST. How to overcome this situation ?
    The copy control for the item category from billing doc to debit memo request is set to "B" that is  new pricing. I even tried to update pricing. But it does not work. Changing the Service rendered date or the pricing date to current date also does not help.
    Please help.

    This is working fine. What I did was
    1: create a new pricing procedure
    2: made the PR00 condition statistical
    3: using a routine calculate the MWST based on the PR00. But PR00 itself does not contribute to the net value. This part is working fine. I could create debit memos successfully.
    The problem is if we change either the customer or the material tax classification after creating the invoice, and then create a debit request with reference to the incorrect invoice, the system still considers the old tax classfication and therefore the old MWST rate. If I create a debit request without reference, the new rate is applicable.
    I hope I have made clear.

  • Enter sold-to party debit memo request - credit memo request

    Hi Gurus,
    I have a scenario here while creating a Debit memo request.
    1. I create a Debit memo request with sold-to party 1000
    2. I create a Credit memo request with the same sold-to party 1000.
    That will be saved,
    but when you enter VA02 or VA03 for CMR, a message displays "Enter a Sold-to Party".
    So in VA02, I will refill it with Sold-to party 1000, then I can save it.  But when I view it again, I will encounter the same message again.
    However, if I use a different sold-to party 2000, the CMR will be saved normally, and if you view it via VA02, you will see it is correct (you can see sold-to party 2000).
    Why?  Cant I use the same sold-to party for DMR to CMR?
    Please help....

    Check whether the partner functions are mantained properly for customer 1000. Go to VD01 and maintain.

  • Credit/debit memo request

    1) credit memo request - After create invoice in vf01, then if credit memo needed, must create credit memo request in va01 then only can create credit memo in fb75?
    2) debit memo request - After create invoice in vf01, then if debit memo
    needed, must create debit memo request in va01 then only can create debit memo in fb70?
    3) credit/debit memo can only be created after credit/debit memo request is created?
    4) if credit/debit memo not created in fb75/fb70, where in sd can create?
    5) credit/debit memo request done via which tcode if not va01.

    Hi Eliana,
    1. A transaction that reduces Amounts Receivable from a customer is a credit memo. For eg. The customer could return damaged goods.  A debit memo is a transaction that reduces Amounts Payable  to a vendor because, you send damaged goods back to your vendor.
    2. Credit memo request is a sales document used in complaints processing to request a credit memo for a customer. If the price calculated for the customer is too high, for example, because the wrong scale prices were used or a discount was forgotten, you can create a credit memo request. The credit memo request is blocked for further processing so that it can be checked. If the request is approved, you can remove the block. The system uses the credit memo request to create a credit memo.
    You can use credit memos in Sales and Distribution (SD) for assigning credit memo requests to the open invoices and in Financial Accounting (FI) for assigning  credit memos and payments to the open invoices and carry out clearing with them.  If you use both Financial Accounting (FI) and Sales and Distribution (SD),  there is a 1:1 relationship between the credit memo request and the credit memo item posted in Financial Accounting (FI). As soon as you bill the credit memo request together with other sales orders, or distribute the items of one credit memo request to several billing documents, the assignment is no longer valid and the system will not process it.
    For  credit memos, credit memo requests, and payments, you have the following assignment options:
    - Assignment to a single invoice
    - Assignment of a partial amount to an invoice
    - Assignment to several invoices
    When you post  credit memos, the payment programme processes them automatically. If the credit memo is specifically related to a particular open invoice item, the payment program automatically attempts to offset the credit memo against the open item. If it is not possible to completely offset the credit memo against an invoice, you can post a debit memo to the vendor, who is to reimburse the amount.  Then you can apply a multilevel dunning program. 
    3.  Debit memo request is a sales document used in complaints processing to request a debit memo for a customer. If the prices calculated for the customer were too low, for example, calculated with the wrong scaled prices, you can create a debit memo request. The debit memo request can be blocked so that it can be checked. When it has been approved, you can remove the block. It is  like a standard order. The system uses the debit memo request to create a debit memo.
    4.  As mentioned above, creating a credit or debit memo request enables you to create credit or debit memos based on a complaint. For this first create a sales document with the order type for a credit or debit memo  request. You can create the debit  or credit memo requests in the following ways: 
    – Without reference to an order
    – With reference to an existing order
    Here you enter which order the complaint refers to.
    – With reference to an invoice
    Here you enter which invoice the complaint refers to.
    In all cases, you specify the value or quantity that should be in the credit or debit memo
    5. You can block the credit or debit memo  request from being billed in Customizing. Go to Sales -> Sales Documents -> Sales document header -> Define sales document type and select the billing block field in the billing section.  This request can later be reviewed along with similar ones, - if necessary, by another department. The request for a credit or debit memo  can then be approved or rejected.
    Credit memo and debit memo is created used the T.Code VF01, in which we have to choose the billing type as Credit Memo or Debit Memo.
    Credit Memo Request or Debit Memo request are created using T.Code VA01, in which we have to select document type as G2 or L2.
    Hope this gives you some idea.

  • Cancel of debit Memo, Don't want debit memo request in VF04

    1.Cerated debit memo request.
    2. Created debit memo and passed to accounting.
    3.Cancelled debit memo and passed to accounting.
    4. Debit memo request is in open status and appears in VF04.
    Now what I done is I applied reason of rejection to item in debit memo request to make the status complete--> Not happened.
    Tried to delete the debit memo request but received Information: Not able to delete the document as subsequent document is present.
    Kindly help.

    Hi Friends,
    I did manage to remove the debit memo request from VF04 and for that I did following things the debit memo request:-
    1. Added Item Usage in DMR (debit memo request)
    2. Added Reason for rejection
    3. Added order reason
    Hope this will help you all if you face simillar kind of problem.

  • Credit/Debit Memo Request with reference to Billing document via IDoc

    Hello Experts,
    It seems SAP doesn't support Credit/Debit Memo Request with reference to Billing document via IDoc. Via IDoc, we can create sales document only with reference to contract or quotation but not with reference to billing/invoice document.
    Wanted to check if anybody came across such requirement and what would be the best way to acheive (Other than custom program using BAPI).
    Additional Information: Its ECC 6.0 Environment with AFS 6.03
    Appreciate your help.

    Please Help... it is Urgent...  Thank you

  • Debit memo request generated second time as opposite ?

    Once a month we create debit memo requests from the serviceorders that are completed. normally that is not a problem but now we noticed that because someone forgot to TECO an serviceorder that was billed individually that a new memo request was batch generated with DP95 which was the opposite in amount than the original debit memo request.
    so I got a serviceorder with a debit memo request from 21-12-2006 of 100,- and an invoinde is created
    and in 2007 a new debit memo request is generated with -100,-  ??
    does anybody got a clue what is going wrong here ? and how to prevent this ?

    so back in business again and the problem remains.
    in this topic Example
    I read about the relation between the coep and the AD01DLISF table
    in the dip profile we declared that we do under material determination 'transfer quantity only'
    when I look in my coep after billing I have 4 lines
    6300     200025900     OR000000103020     45322     1     7     0,00     0,00     0,00     10,000     10,000
    6300     200025900     OR000000103020     45322     2     7     0,00     0,00     0,00     10,000     10,000
    6300     200025901     OR000000103020     87330     1     7     30,00-     30,00-     30,00-     0,000     10,000-
    6300     200025901     OR000000103020     87305     2     7     20,00-     20,00-     20,00-     0,000     10,000-
    I have the feeling that's looking at the first 2 lines and not at the second 2 lines which contain the billed value ?
    anybody got an idea ?
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            A. de Smidt

  • Add debit memo request to Sap credit exposure formula

    can any body plz suggest me how to add debit memo request(DR) to sap credit exposure formula.

    We have a requirement from business to create debit memo request with refernce to a credit memo
    Both are created wit refrance to order or billing document or without.
    Still you want it then set copy controll for this in VTFA , VTAA

  • Debit Memo Request with Reference to Service Order

    Hi Team,
    I need to create the following business process
    Service Notification -> Service Order -> Debit Memo Request -> Debit Memo.
    I'm able to create the notification and the service order. However while creating the debit memo request with reference to the service order I'm stuck. Not sure where and how do I give the reference document number for the data to flow from the Service Order to Debit Memo Request.
    Nadarajah Pratheb

    Hi Nadarajah,
    The following may help you.
    1.Check the sales document category of the service order you are using.
    2. Check which kind of document given in the with reference screen has the same sales document category.
    3. For that document type, enter the service order as the reference.
    4. Now you can see the details getting copied to the debit memo request.
    5. Make sure copy controls are properly maintained from service order to debit memo request.
    Please assign reward points if it helps.

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