Display Exel and Word in java

How can I display display ms office documents in java with out using ms word or ms exel


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  • Displaying PDF and Word Document

    I have used the methods to display HTML :
    1. Link to Action and the IFrame -> The Result was the html file I was able to display in the same window.
    2. Link to URL -> The Result was html file opened in different window.
    3.IFrame and attaching the file in project -> it was resulted in html file getting dispalyed in IFrame.
    Now if I want to extend the functionality for PDF or word document, is the procedure same or different
    Can anyone enlighten me on this
    Any thoughts on this.
    Thanks in Advance

    Hi srikant,
    You can also display word documents and pdf by uploading it in the server.
    For this you'll have to create  aliases in the server for the corressponding documents that you want to uploaad.
    Go to visual admin ->services->httpprovider.
    Then click the tab 'aliases'. Here you can give the name of your alias and also the document to which the alias should point(first upload the document to the server machine and then give the path here ) .
    Now when you type http://server:port/aliasname your document will open in the browser. You can display it either through your iFrame or linktourl as you prefer.
    Hope my effort will help you.

  • Hot to display PDF and Word documents as an attachment in OBIEE Reports

    From few of Oracle threads I learnt that we can store the files in a server locaiton and read it thro a URL. What I am trying to do is, PDF or Word document will be stored in database as BLOB fields. This BLOB field needs to be come as an attachment in OBIEE Reports and by clicking that icon, it uses the local applicaiton PDF reader or a word applicaiton and open the attachment, just like how we open an attachment from a E-mail. Can you please help me with the possible methods of that. I can provide you more information incase if you need.

    As long as you used the paper-clip Attach icon, that should be fine.
    The entire document appears to you because your Mac recognizes the document type, and displays it for you, saving you from having to mouse around and find a Reader for it. You can still use the Save icon to save a copy of only the attachment.
    To avoid problems with other email readers, be sure the checkbox [√] send windows-friendly attachments is checked.
    I addition, some email readers cannot cope with any attachments positioned at any place in the document other than at the very end. So make sure you move the cursor to the absolute end of the document before clicking "Attach".
    If all else fails, send an email that says, "attachment to follow", then send the attachment right away in a separate email, with nothing else in the body of the message. Some use the Subject abbreviation (nt) to indicate "no text", that is, no words typed in the message portion.

  • Microsoft EXEL and Word users, is there any way to make the program fill

    the whole screen? Like in Windows? i really dont like all these menus flying everywhere...
    any thoughts?

    You can try using this.
    It doesn't keep the menus from "flying everywhere" (that's just the way things work on the Mac; actually, some Linux environments too), but at least it makes it possible to maximize the apps to full screen.

  • I am having problems interacting with Microsoft Office programs since the last update:cannot create a pdf through the 'print' menu in exel and both Word and Exel docs sent in Mac Mail end up being received as .dat files.

    I am having problems interacting with Microsoft Office programs since the last update:cannot create a pdf through the 'print' menu in exel and both Word and Exel docs sent in Mac Mail end up being received as .dat files.
    Both these situations have cropped up on my MacBook Pro since the last update.
    Thanks for your help.

    The 'Winmail.dat' problem has been extensively covered in these forums, I would search for that (a Google search works well) and unfortunately I have not seen the pdf print problem before, but assuming the software is current and functions normally (other than the pdf print problem) I have no suggestion other than the obvious (but time consuming) re-installation of Office.
    I wish I had more

  • Java option icon not displaying AND Java not working, even after deleting and re-installing Java

    Hi, I have uninstalled and re-installed Java. When I look at Add-ons, it shows Java Platform SE7 U17 and Java deployment Toolkit 7.0.17… enabled. But it is not working – and I do not see the Firefox plugin to allow occasional use of Java.
    One useful thread which discusses several difficulties in detail is
    I tried to follow scrumpyjoe’s advice in this thread:
    “This fixed it for me (32 bit windows) after installing Version 7 Update 10, but not seeing the plugin:
    1) start regedit
    2) navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MozillaPlugins
    3) right click, add New Key, name: @java.com/JavaPlugin,version=10.xx.xx
    4) click on it, then right click and add new string value, name: path
    5) right click, Modify, change value data to: C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\plugin2\npjp2.dll [check if this is the right dll for your setup]
    6) exit regedit
    7) start FF”
    - but (unless I have made a mistake) it has not resolved my problem.
    What can I try next, please ?
    Asus NX90jq
    Intel core I7
    700GB free disk space
    16384Mbytes memory
    O/S: Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit
    UPDATE 2apr13
    I have now unistalled and re-installed Firefox 20.0. restored preferences etc. using MozBackup, and Java Platform and Java Toolkit10.17.2.2. both show as working Add-ons - BUT STILL NO JAVA AND STILL NO RED ICON IN TOOLBAR. What is going on, please ?

    I don't understand any of these replies. How do I get Java to run for Pogo.com? I had no problems a week ago. I do not have the red icon. I am not a programer so keep it simple. I am a 59 year old speech therapist.
    [email protected] HELLLLLLP

  • How to display the MS word, powerpoint  document in portal?

    How to display the MS word, powerpoint  document in portal?

    Hi Chowdary,
      I think, you can't do this using iview templates.  But you can do this using portal component iview.  For that, you have to write one java program which should read the contents of the input file and displays in the internet browser itself.
    Venkatesh. K
    /* Points are Welcome */

  • Is there a small and lite portable, around 5 lbs or less, printer for my iPad to take on vacation for photos, more than 1 at a time, and words? I have both HP dj460 and ps 616A but they don't support iPad. Is there a device, work around or ePrinter air pr

    Is there a small and lite (5 lbs or under) portable air printer / ePrinter I can use to print contact sheets of photos and words with my iPads? I already have the HP dj460 and HP ps 616A but they don't support the iPads.

    Helper app -- /print n share
    Print directly to the widest range of network or WiFi printers available in any app. Alternatively print via your computer to ALL printers including USB & Bluetooth printers. View read and display large PDF, Office & iWork files. Easily transfer & store files from the Cloud or your computer.
    HP  ePrint Home & Biz
    http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/searchResults?tmp_product=HP+Photosmart+5515+ e-All-in-One+Printer+-+B111a&product=5063608&tmp_qt=eprint&cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en&su bmit
    Mobile printing.
    This blogger found one solution.
    Make Portable Printing Easier with Print n Share and the Brother RJ-4040
    Use an airprinter with a power inverter
    see makethisstuffwork post in:
    Brother PocketJet® 673
    -- Prints on a variety of 8.5" wide thermal media.
    -- Print PDF files from your iPhone and iPad with the PJ-673 Print app
    http://www.brother-usa.com/Mobile/ModelDetail.aspx?ProductID=pj673-k&PG=26#.UeX0 Z18pDDJ
    List of supported AirPrinters.

  • Read Only TextAreas with Carriage Return, Line Breaks and Word Wrapping

    Hi all,
    I know there are a few posts around this subject but I cannot find the answer to the exact problem I have.
    I have a page that has a 'TextArea with Character Counter' (4000 Chars) that is conditionally read only based on the users credentials (using the 'Read Only' attributes of the TextArea item).
    When the field is editable (not Read Only) everything works fine but when I make the field Read Only I start to have problems:
    The first problem is that the Carriage Return and Line Breaks are ignored and the text becomes one continuos block. I have managed to fix this by adding pre and post element text of pre and /pre tags. This has made the Carriage Return and Line Breaks word nicely and dispaly correctly.
    However, it has introduced a second problem. Long lines, with no Carriage Returns or Line Breaks, now extend to the far right of the page with no word wrapping, making my page potentially 4000+ characters wide.
    How can I get the field to be display only, with recognised Carriage Returns and Line Breaks, and Word Wrapping inside a fixed width of, say, 150 characters?
    Many thanks,

    Just a cut and paste of yours with the field name changed:
    htp.p('</script>');I also have the following in the page HTML Header, could they be conflicting?
    <script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">
    function setReleaseToProd(wpTypeCode){
      var get = new htmldb_Get(null,$v('pFlowId'),'APPLICATION_PROCESS=set_release_to_prod',0);
      gReturn = get.get();
      if(gReturn) {
      get = null;
    </script>I am a long way from knowing much about Javascript (this page code was written by someone else) so all help is much appreciated.

  • In a z-transaction, provision for attachment of JPEG, PDF and Word files.

    Hi All,
    I am creating a Z-transaction with create, change and display options. The user needs 2 to 3 fields where he/she can attach a google map or a pdf or a word file. Could anyone please suggest how I can go about this such that during creation it can be attached and then displayed in the display screen and a click on that could lead to opening of the map or the pdf file stored on the system. I would be obliged if a sample of the same could be demonstrated too.

    check this.

  • What do I need to do to display a MS Word, Excel or PDF document in browser

    Hi, Right now I have photos loaded and displayed in my HTML document in the browser next to a report...
    What do I need to do to display a MS Word, Excel or PDF document in a browser?
    I use the following procedure to load the content to the region of my HTML .
    This gives an EDIT link to the photo...
    '[img src="#OWNER#.display_thumb?p_file_id=' || nvl(file_catalog_id,0) || '" /]' "File"
    from "FILE_CATALOG"
    This is the procedure to load the content to the region of my HTML .
    create or replace PROCEDURE "DISPLAY_THUMB" (p_photo_id in number)
    l_mime varchar2(255);
    l_length number;
    l_file_name varchar2(2000);
    lob_loc BLOB;
    select mime_type, thumbnail, photo_name, dbms_lob.getlength(thumbnail)
    into l_mime, lob_loc, l_file_name, l_length
    from photo_catalog where photo_catalog_id = p_photo_id;
    -- Set up HTTP header
    -- Use an NVL around the mime type and if it is a null, set it to
    -- application/octect - which may launch a download window from windows
    owa_util.mime_header(nvl(l_mime,'application/octet'), FALSE );
    -- Set the size so the browser knows how much to download
    htp.p('Content-length: ' || l_length);
    -- The filename will be used by the browser if the users does a "Save as"
    htp.p('Content-Disposition: filename="' || l_file_name || '"');
    -- Close the headers
    -- Download the BLOB
    wpg_docload.download_file( Lob_loc );                               

    These were supplied from Justin in Experts Exchange..
    For PDF, see here:
    For Word docs, see here:
    Any other input... any AJAX?

  • Integration between InfoPath web forms (browser side), SharePoint 2010, and Word or Excel

    To begin with the end in mind, here's what I need to do:
    User A (employee) fills out infopath form in browser.
    User A saves infopath form, workflow runs, and sends a link to the manager
    User B (Manager) opens infopath form, clicks a button, and all the information from the saved infopath form magically appears in a excel document
    Here's how I did it, because I couldn't find an easier way to do it. This is an InfoPath no-code solution (uses web service and workflow I had to build) and this is working somewhat:
    In InfoPath Designer 2010, created the form from Blank 2007 form template.
    Published the form and promoted fields to Sharepoint 2007 as a new forms library.
    Created a view on forms library to show all fields (SQLExportView1).
    Created SSIS package to import data from SharePoint forms list using the view "SQLExportView1" into a new database and table in SQL Server (tblSQLExport1).
    Created SQL Agent job to run this package every 2 minutes.
    Created workflow to notify manager.
    Created excel document with an external data connection to SQL server.
    In SQL, created a stored proceedure ("spGetCurrentID") to truncate, then add a row to a table ("tblCurrentFormID").
    On InfoPath form, added a button that takes the current infopath form "ID" into a table in SQL server by calling the stored procedure via a web service.
    On Infopath form, added a hyperlink to the excel file which opens in the client.
    In excel, added a button on the workbook that queries the SQL database for the current form ID, and drops it into a cell.
    In excel, added a button on the workbook that queries the SQL database for the sharepoint list details that were exported via SSIS, returning only the row for the current form ID.
    In excel, created a button on the workbook that displays the fields I want in the location I want
    With over 25 users concurrently hitting the form library, there is a chance that when they open excel they will generate an excel document with bad data in it (data from someone else's current ID).
    I've since migrated to SharePoint 2010, and it works the exact same way in 2010.
    What I want to do is find a way to get the data that is already saved in the infopath form DIRECTLY to Excel by clicking a button without the web service, the stored procedure, the SSIS package, the SQL agent job, etc.  My problem has always been
    in getting the data from infopath into RAM/Clipboard/temp file(?) and imported into Excel by bypassing the SQL.
    Of course, I would like to do this without requiring an administrator approved template in InfoPath, and have it be much more simpler to maintain. There are a lot of moving parts.
    Please point me to any examples or make recommendations. The requirement is that users open the form, the data is filled out already, and with a click of a button, the data shows up in excel automatically in the right place for the item they're currently
    looking at in infopath.
    Now that I've got this working (kind of) for one excel document, management wants to add 25 other documents that this one infopath form can generate. 
    Therefore, once I get this to work better for one excel document, I can add other excel documents.
    I've considered passing a parameter to the excel document in Excel Web Services, as I believe that excel web services 2010 can support this. However, I believe that the macros that run in the excel client okay won't work in excel web services 2010.
    Users would prefer to open Excel in the client, though, so not sure I'm going to go down this path.

    You rock - thank you for all your responses!
    The infopath form was built doing what it does long before the need to get the data into Excel.
    You are correct in that I could have modified the infopath code to save to SQL, but the fields in the form and on the forms library columns do change before and after the manager approves it.  As such, adding some code to submit the infopath data to
    SQL could have been used to write data into SQL server instead of leveraging SSIS/SQL Agent to do so. However the aformentioned workflow (see way up in the thread) does more than just send an email to the manager with a link. It also edits some fields in the
    forms library column on that particular list item. By using SSIS, every two minutes they get the latest stuff from sharepoint into SQL without having to add code in the workflow or - if possible - on the infopath code that does a table update where item=abc.
    It is common to get data from sharepoint into sql, regardless of whether or not it is a list or library (including infopath forms libraries). There is sample code on Codeplex that has been downloaded close to 40,000 times for this purpose which I'm sure
    you are familiar with:
    http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd365137(v=sql.100).aspx and
    I agree with you in so many ways on why they should not be using excel (or word) to present the information. Having InfoPath or a custom workflow magically convert the data presented on a specific view in a filled out InfoPath form to PDF and emailing it
    would be wonderful, but it simply is not a possible solution.
    Surely you're familiar with companies that have a word document that, say, a manager will email to someone as an attachment, then the employee prints out the word document, fills it out on paper and signs it with a pen (or fills out a fillable form, then
    prints it), they then either fax it back or scan it and email it back to the manager, who then prints it out and hands it to a VP for a signature, etc.  Yes, the process is very old-fashioned, but in health care, finance, and for legal compliance reasons,
    some places simply have to do their manual processes the way they are. I've suggested and shown examples of how it can all be done electronically with digital signatures, etc., but their legal compliance officers and board members do not agree to this methodology.
    As such, I work within the confines I am presented with, as I'm sure you've had to do as well.
    I myself have worked for several Fortune 100 firms for many years (Microsoft, T-Mobile, etc), know what is possible. However the place I am at now, many of those options simply are not possible.
    They use excel (and word) because that is the templates the legal department and third party companies they work with gives them to work with. 
    If you've used enterprise OCR systems (LaserFiche, OnBase, Hyperion, etc.) you would be familiar with the fact that in order to scan and index keywords from OCR cover pages, the document has to have fields in a certain location. While I have tried to
    get the InfoPath form to line up properly, I cannot print out headers or footers and page breaks where the OCR system requires and expects them to be. What's more: when you print a filled out infopath form that loads browser side, as you know you get the browser-related
    stuff with it. Although they're all on the same web browser (finally - IE8) and all on windows 7 and office 2010, I cannot control the fact that some users use large fonts and other accessability features to make their 21" screens run at 640x480 (exaggeration).
    When you do this, it changes the margins in the print area, and more.
    If I could take the data that is in infopath, merge it with an excel template, and export that to PDF, that could be an option. Not looking to buy some enterprise PDF generating product, though, and looking to do this as close to a no-code solution as possible.
    Why we're suggesting PDF, perhaps we should be considering XPS, since we are staying with the Microsoft technology stack here.
    Perhaps I should rephrase my original question like this:  "I have 25 different documents that all need to be filled out automatically. Each document has different text on it, but the fields that need to be filled out on the documents are almost all
    the same. I want to present one form for users to fill out, and once saved, to generate all 25 different documents. How would you do this?". While not entirely accurate, as not all 25 documents need to be created at once, only on demand with a click of a button
    for each document, perhaps that is a better way of stating the need.
    Thank you Clayton (and all you lurkers out there hoping to find out how we solve this).

  • How to disable and enable a java bean area's visability?

    I have a large javabean area on my initial canvas when first dispalying my form.
    When I use the SHOW_CANVAS('canvas name') to display another canvas, everything looks fine except that the javabean from my previous canvas is still visible and covering up portions of this new canvas.
    So I tried using the set_property visible for the javabean area in the form and it only got rid of the surrounding edge of the javabean area.
    Last I made some set_custom_property values to send to the bean that would then use java calls to enable and disable the beans visability.
    But once the beans visibility was disabled in Java then it wouldn't come back after the calls to enable the visibility and refresh the bean were made through Java calls.
    Is there any other ways of disabling and enabling a java bean area's visability?

    Maybe the bean is always display because of its particular paint() method ?
    Anyway, without any reflexion, I could suggest you to set the bean item width and height to 1 pixel when you don't want to display it. (Set_Item_Property)

  • Non-Display of attached word document in Project builder

    I am not able display / view the word document attached to the WBSE in the Project builder. We are not using DMS for keeping documents. Please suggest to fix the issue.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Thanks for your reply. I am assigning the document to the WBSE and that time it is asking for path of document to be attached. I am assigning the document from my local machines.
    While opening the document or displaying, system is showing 46.080 bytes tranfered & no document. However if i will attach excel file there is no issue on that.
    Could you please sugegst on this.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Urgent-- Display a MS Word document in a JEditorPane

    Hi All, When i try to display the contents of MS word document using a JEditorPane, certain junk value gets displayed before and after the actual text... can i get any help...
    Thanx in advance...

    And as an aside, you are lucky I am so bored. Usually I would close a post offering just one Duke, without any reply.

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  • Help - Site Definition Files

    Hi My PC recently crashed and I have had to restore DW 8, however when I open DW the list of sites has disappeared. I had previously exported all the site information using the Backup/Export process and I can import the STE files but it has been a wh