Display logged in user name in omniportlet

I am getting error when I use portal.wwctx_api.get_user() in sql query in omniportlet. I saw a solution in the forum that I needed to create page parameter and get the user name in th epage parameter and use that parameter in omniportlet
My question is that how do I set up the value for page parameter. I know only place I can set it up is default value for the page parameter. It doesn't work for me. Could anyone help me please?

It is not possible use api in omniportlet, like wwctx_api....
You will get to show username using parameters in VIEW tab from configuration of OmniPortlet.
In Header Text fielder, put ##Param1##.....
After you will need to setup parameter in properties of page.... In parameters tab, use SYSTEM VARIABLE for omniportlet.

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  • How to get current logged-in user name in data access driver or in universe

    In universe, to get the current log in user is via @Variable('BOUSER').
    Right now, I need to be able to get the user name in the data access driver. I am writing a customized data access driver because we need to patch some where clause on the the query generated by the universe based on the logged-in user info. I only think of using end_sql parameter or adding an universe level filter to patch the @Variable('BOUSER') to the query, which would not work if user want to use customized query.
    Can anyone tell me how to get currentBO user name from connection server ? or how @Variable('BOUSER') is translated into the logged-in user name in the universe?

    I do not know your EJB Service. But you should pass the credentials of the current logged on portal user to your service. That's not by default I think.
    I had a similar problem with CAF developed webservices. I had to turn on permission checks in my web service and passed the credentials via logon ticket.
    Regards, Bernd

  • How to get logged in user name from windows service c#

    i use the below code to get logged in user name.
    private string GetLoggedInUser()
    string userName = "";
    if (System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent() != null)
    userName = System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent().Name;
    return userName;
    just do not understand why it is not giving a logged in user name rather it is return data in this format
    NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM but i want to get user name.
    i try to run my service as Local Service and local system account but in every case i am getting this string
    NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM instead of logged in user name.
    so please guide me what to change in code. thanks

    System is the account the service is running under.
    There can be none or many interactive users be logged in. What if none or multiple are logged in? Which one are you referring to then?

  • Get logged in users name for email notification

    Hi all,
    I am using LC Update 1 with email notifications. In the notification email I would like to write:
    Hi "logged in users name"
    You have got a task in your to do-list...
    The thing is that I can not get the id of the user because the email is sent before he/she completes any step in the process. So I guess I need to look up the user in the same way as the notification-function makes the lookup... How is this done?
    Can you help me here?

    You can use a parameter for the user ID:

  • How to get/capture log-on user name on PC (work station)

    Colud anyone give me how to get/capture log-on user name on my PC (work station)?
    I need to get the infomation by using a function module.
    Kind regards,

    TH_USER_INFO shows me terminal ID, IP address and other information. howerver it does't show me log-on user name of OS.
    Kind regards,

  • How Do I Display the Current User Name on SharePoint

    I have a customer using a hosted SharePoint 2013 multi-tenant solution and they have asked to have the end user's name to be displayed when logged in. It seems like I have seen this done on other SharePoint deployments but I can't seem to figure out how
    or where to enable this now.
    Can anyone tell me how to display the current user's name in SharePoint 2013?

    check this solution
    Romeo Donca, Orange Romania (MCSE, MCITP, CCNA) Please Mark As Answer if my post solves your problem or Vote As Helpful if the post has been helpful for you.

  • When i go on a site we use daily it now wont let us log in user names ok not the password

    when we try and log in on our site it will accept user name not the password normally does ok

    Hi Wayne!
    I assume you get an error message about wrong password on the site every time you try to log in?
    There can be several possible reasons for this problem, here are some links to KB articles that may prove helpful in solving your issue:
    [[Cannot log in to websites]] I think is the most likely guide to help you solve this problem.
    [[Username and password not remembered]] is another possible problem cruncher.
    Please try following these guides to identify the problem and get it solved.
    Service information: You might also want to test your plugins via the [http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/plugincheck/ Mozilla Plugin Check page] to stay on the safe side - things like Adobe Reader, Apple QuickTime, Sun Java and Adobe Flash plugins are essential to keep updated for both security and stability reasons. If the website uses a 3rd party technology like Javascript or Flash for login, updated plugins may be required and thus may also solve the problem.
    Please let us know how above works out, and if we can be of further assistance. Detailed feedback is appreciated and helps us to help you better, plus enables us to better help more users with similar problems.

  • Displaying logged in user when printing a query generated report.

    Hi all
    I need to know how can i show the user code of the person who printed a certain report.
    When a despatch clerk reconciles driver cash they print a query genereted report , so i need his user code to show on the report... please check the query below... and make suggestions ...
    SELECT T0.DocNum, T0.CardName, T1.PymntGroup, T0.DocTotal, T0.U_ROUTEMARKTN, T0.U_RTNAME
    FROM OINV T0 INNER JOIN OCTG T1 ON T0.GroupNum = T1.GroupNum
    WHERE T0.docDate =[%0] and  T0.U_ROUTEMARKTN = [%1] GROUP BY T0.DocNum, T0.CardName, T1.PymntGroup, T0.DocTotal, T0.U_ROUTEMARKTN, T0.U_RTNAME
    ORDER BY t0.u_rtname
    i need the user be copied from the logged in user and be displayed in the header level of the report.

    To display the username you need not modify your query.
    Rather, Add a Database Field in the PLD and click in Properties and select Content Tab and set following values:
    Table: Users
    Column: Username
    Preview the report and you'll get the logged in UserName

  • Can't log off user name

    I never had any trouble. I'm on a G5, OSX, I have two user names, each with separate passwords. I try to log out of user name under apple pull-down and NOTHING...also I tried shift apple Q and NOTHING. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

    Save your open documents in other applications, and then use the Activity Monitor in the /Applications/Utilities/ folder to force quit the loginwindow process.

  • Display logged in user record from MySql DB

    I am currently building my business website. I have already set up my MySQL database, added a table for clients with ID, Username, Password, SessionID, and File. I have connected the db in dreamweaver. I have built the log in page for users to log in. After they log in, I want them to be able to see their record data on the next page. Logging in works just fine, but when the next page comes up, it is blank, as if there is no record data. I do no know much about PHP so I am sure it has something to do with the way I have it set up. The only server behaviors I have added is to log in user. I chose not to add any other validation behaviors until I get this problem fixed. Anyone who could steer me in the right direction?

    > but if I do not use them, then someones going to have
    >to show me a basic code to get me started
    My suggestion would not be to just learn basic code just to get started. You'll end up creating a site that was build-as-you-learn, which are always a mess. A better approach, if you really want to be a developer, is to take time to learn the concepts first. If you really don't want to learn this stuff and just want your site built, then hire an expert. If this is your business then focus on your business and let an experienced developer build the site.
    And if you just need to fix this one problem, then do as osgood suggested - post the code and someone here can help sort it out. But I suspect this is the first of many roadblocks you will hit and you may end up spending more in your own lost time than it would take to bid this out. Hard to say without knowing more about the features you plan to implement.

  • Filter report on Logged in user name

    Very sorry for very basic question but unable to find answer for this anywhere.
    If I am designing any report in Power BI then how can I provide parameter of current logged in user to the Power Query?
    I want to design personalized reports as per the roles of current user in database structure.
    Please suggest the way on this.

    Thanks for the suggestion. Currently the Apps version is only.
    Can you please help me finding out how the same could be achieved?

  • Logging correct user name when creating users

    I wrote a function that creates users through a portlet in version It works fine except for logging who created the user. The schema where the functions and procedures are used gets updated in the wwsec_person$.created_by_dbuser field. The created_by field comes up as 'PUBLIC'. How can this field be updated through an API. The add_portal_user procedure has a p_db_user parameter, but that doesn't appear to work; whatever I put in that field doesn't show up anywhere.
    How can I pass the user_name who's creating the user in my function so it updates the wwsec_person$.created_by field? Or please tell me if it can't be done; then what does the add_portal_user.p_db_user param do anyway?

    Every portal user is mapped to a DB schema. Many portal users can be mapped to one DB schema. The p_db_user is the name of the DB schema. The portal user has the DB privileges of the p_db_user or DB schema. The created_by is automatically taken to be the DB schema of the portal user logging in.

  • My ipad displays the old user name. the control panel shows my name but I can not login.

    Why can I not log in this support area using my itune username?
    I am the second user of my iPad. The settings area for the App Store has my correct information. But the App Store application shows the previous user. How can I fix this?

    Great, glad you got it sorted out. Let us know if you have follow up questions.
    [email protected]

  • Log on user name

    how can I connect to the database via another name as oracle? (by server manager) tried with connect internal/system/[email protected]
    how is the right syntax?
    the syntax by help was anyway not right :-(

    you could do ...
    example my service name is orcl
    svrmgrl> connect oracle/[email protected]
    good luck

  • Display only default user name and password

    Hi all,
    I just want to display the default usernames and passwords. Can i do that?
    Thank you!

    try this,
    SQL> SELECT USERNAME,PASSWORD,CREATED FROM DBA_USERS WHERE CREATED <=( SELECT CREATED from v$database);note:- Some of us who have done more than one CREATE CONTROLFILE and observed what happens know that V$DATABASE.CREATED is not "Creation date of the database".
    It is actually "Creation date of the *controlfile*".

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