Do I need to buy Missing Sync for Palm to get memos to work

Do I need to buy Missing Sync for Palm to get memos to work for my palm? Every thing else worked just fine, but my Memo Conduit which is Disabled Conduits now.

Memos using those conduits are stored in and access using the Palm Desktop.
I too think that the Missing Sync for Palm OS is a vastly superior way to synchronize contacts, events, memos, tasks and other data that iSync is, but you can simply restore Palm Desktop memo synchronization if that is all you want to do.

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  • Palm Tree 755p + iSync/Missing Sync for Palm/iSync Conduit 1.2

    I'm lost! Being stuck with a new Palm Treo 755p instead of the iPhone until my contract runs out. How do I get my Treo to sync with my Mac? There's iSync, iSync Conduit 1.2 and even Missing Sync for Palm. I'm willing to pay anything just to get things to sync with the Treo & iBook. But, after reading anything and everything I can find even on Discussions ... I'm more confused than ever.
    Can anyone tell me what the real difference is between Missing Sync for Palm vs. iSync & iSync Conduit 1.2?
    If I had that rebate check from uncle Sam maybe I'd go out and pay off Sprint to get out of my 2 year contract and then buy an iPhone, LOL. Oh, that's right we don't get the check until summer
    Any help is appreciated.

    OK, I finally broke down and purchased "Missing Sync," after waiting for Apple to fix this problem. I'm sorry to say that "Missing Sync" does NOT solve this issue completely. It will sync the Address book, but will NOT work with iCal.
    Apparently, "Mark/Space" (the makers of "Missing Sync") are aware of the problems, have identified the problem as Apple's, and reported it to Apple. Here are some of the issues noted on the "Mark/Space" web-page...
    "This article describes situations under which The Missing Sync may report errors or perfomance issues. One error message is specific to iCal (part of Apple's Mac OS X operating system) and describes errors from iCal that are affecting the ability of The Missing Sync from performing sync functions properly."
    "In certain situations, The Missing Sync reports an error message titled 'iCal Sync Errors'. This error is often caused when iCal is attempting to share data with Sync Services. Although this error has little to do with handheld devices, it affects the ability to sync data to or from those devices as Sync Services functions are compromised."
    "Errors that are not reported in The Missing Sync log may be found in the Console.log file."
    "Here are some of the error messages you may see in the Console:
    SQLite locking issue
    These error are generated by Sync Services and reported to The Missing Sync."
    So, for those of you hoping that "Missing Sync" will solve the problems we are having with various hand-helds, and/or cell phones, it doesn't completely. I am a huge fan of Mark/Space's "The Missing Sync" and have used it many times throughout the years. It's a great piece of software that does a whole lot more than iSync ever has, but it does NOT solve all of the problems that are being reported all over this forum in regards to iSync issues and hand-helds/cell phones.

  • The Missing Sync for Palm OS v6.0.4 won't run with my Palm Tungsten E2

    Having problems with Palm iSync on My iBook with 10.4.11 I bought The Missing Sync.
    I removed Palm Desktop and installed Missing Sync. However sync won't start when I press the HotSync button.
    Is my Palm Tungsten E2, running Palm OS Garnet v. 3.1.1 too old? 
    If so, can I upgrade it? 
    Post relates to: Tungsten E2
    Post relates to: Tungsten E2

    No, there is nothing published - that I am aware of - other than the Missing Sync User Guide that you received [as portable document format file] when you purchased the Missing Sync for Palm OS.
    There is some developer documentation available from Apple, but it has little direct bearing on anything like the issue you are seeing. Your crash logs should have provided an indication of what was going on, and - using them - Mark/Space should have been able to identify your issue pretty easily.
    It's very difficult to troubleshoot unusual issues remotely. Common problems - which can be easily identified - are readily corrected just by following the instructions posted by some knowledgable person here in the Apple Discussions forums. Given the unique circumstances you report of total failure following the installation of the Missing Sync, it's very likely that the actual culprit in your configuration is NOT the Palm desktop, iSync, .Mac Sync, the Missing Sync for Palm OS or your Treo 600. Something unique about your configuration is likely responsible. Trying to eliminate the variables, though, is not an easy task.
    One relatively easy way to troubleshoot such issues is to create a new user, reinstall the Missing Sync and attempt to synchronize using that new user account. If that process is successful, you'll immediately know that something involving your existing user account is responsible for the issue.

  • Gave up and bought Missing Sync for Palm OS

    I finally gave up on Leopard ever being able to sync directly with my Palm Treo 650 and bought Mark/Space's Missing Sync for Palm OS ($39.95).
    After an hour or so of experimenting with Missing Sync, I'm happy that my Treo and Leopard-loaded Mac are in accurate sync.
    It's been very frustrating that Apple and Palm have not fixed this.

    today the support person at palm suggested that i purchase missing sync if i wanted to use my leopard mac with the palm (she said they are working on a fix, but don't know when it will be out) -- so i am probably going to do that. how difficult was it to get missing sync to work?

  • Do I need to buy multiple copies of FCP to get QMaster to work?

    Hi all,
    To do a quick-batch from Compressor, do I need to buy two copies of FCP Studio?
    I tried a Quickbatch for the first time across my two machines. (Yes I DO have the same installation of FCP Studio on both machines... what was I gonna do, buy a new copy of Studio when I upgraded to a G5?) But I digress...
    I set up QMaster on both machines, launched a batch from within compressor on my G5, then I saw FCP automatically start to launch on the G4 and (of course) the process interrupted because FCP saw the same serial number on the network.
    I have no idea why FCP launched on the G4.... but it was fun to see something happening.
    So, am I screwed? Am I supposed to buy two copies of the software to use the node rendering?

    We talked to a tech at apple before we made a purchase of 4 quads, and he told us that we do not need fcp on each. Also called pro video suppport and they said the same thing. But I have just finished setting up the cluster, and when I export to the cluster directly from fcp, the batch fails almost instantly. If I enable only one of the nodes (this one has FCP on it) in the cluster, when I export from FCP on a workstation, FCP opens up on the node and starts doing it's thing, but adding any nodes without fcp it fails. So I'm starting to think you do need fcp on every node. Or I may just be doing something wrong, who knows. Will be on the phone with apple monday.

  • ISync Failure working with Missing Sync and Palm Lifedrive

    Since the begining of March I have failed to peform a sync between my Palm and G4 Powerbook via Missing Sync v5.2.1
    What happens is that a Sync is launched from my Palm cradle which is picked up by my G4, the dialogie suggests that things are being synchronised, but at the end on viewing my Sync History, I get errors reporting that databases on my palm can't be opened. Missing Syncs own conduits for iCal and AB report that they have been 'unregistered'.
    Last night I attempted a sync with just 1 conduit active at a time and all failed.
    I bought BackUpBuddy, but this two has failed to sync.
    Markspace have suggested that I 'reset sync histories' which I have attempted to do. For this I need to open iSync first, however iSync quits during launch.
    Anybody got any ideas on how to resolve this? TIA

    Now that the response is reposted above, this thread makes more sense…
    The (0x400a) errors generally, coupled with an inability to open files on your handheld, suggests that you have insufficient memory on board to perform these tasks. There are several other issues involved, however, so you should address each one by simplifying your configuration to avoid the most obvious ones.
    For the time being, turn off the following conduits which do not report errors:
    • Install
    • Life Balance
    • Mark/Space Conduit for iTunes
    • Mark/Space Conduit for iTunes
    • ChronosNotes
    • BackupBuddy
    Do that simply by un-checking them in the main window of the Missing Sync for Palm OS. You might want to attempt once again to synchronize, just to determine if anything has changed as a result of turning off these working conduits.
    Also, turn off the following failing conduits:
    • Mark/Space Folder Sync
    • Voice Memo
    • Documents To Go*
    • Media
    • Trip
    Some may be incompatible with your your LifeDrive, or not properly configured for use with it. See the article below, for example, with regard to the Mark/Space Folder Sync conduit with it:
    To avoid some obvious problems with your LifeDrive and the conduits presently installed, you should install the LifeDrive Update 2.0 is you have not already done so. *Among other things, it contains a Documents to Go update:
    You must follow the instructions provided by Palm carefully, as the procedure removes all of the data from your device. Insure that your data is backed up elsewhere before performing this update.
    Before attempting to update your LifeDrive, follow these instructions to determine if you need to:
    Find out if your LifeDrive device includes the latest LifeDrive Update software
    • on your LifeDrive, press <Home> twice, until the Applications Launcher—not Favorites—appears
    • tap <Menu>
    • from the <App> menu, select <Info>
    • at the bottom of the screen, select <Version>
    Look for the application named WiFiLib [HINT: scroll down below the <Wi-Fi> items to <WiFi> with no hyphen.]
    If the version number is…
    • 1.0.6, 1.0.5 or below: you don't have the latest LifeDrive update. Install it
    • 1.0.7: you already have the latest LifeDrive Update. Do not install it again.
    Had you not needed to install this update and perform the resulting reset, I would have recommended that you perform a soft reset to see if that procedure resolves any of your issues.

  • Tungsten T5 iSync, HotSync, Missing Sync for iCal, Mail and Address Book

    I have just been given an old Palm Tungsten T5 and have been looking at the various options available to make it do what I need with regard to syncing it with my G5 PPC iMac with 10.4.11.
    I use the T5 only when I am away (from the iMac) and travelling and would like a set- up that allows me to sync, in this order of priority:
    iCal, including annual events such as birthdays, and differently colour-coded calendars and, if possible, to dos although these are less important
    Address Book, in which I really only have e-mail addresses
    According to some old threads on the subject, Missing Sync appears to be the program of choice for syncing iCal and Address Book, but not Mail. Instead there appears to be something called Mail.App Conduit 2.0.1 requiring at least Palm Desktop 4, and presumably HotSync.
    Is there a single program that will sync all three of these Mac applications effectively? If not, am I going to have to (buy and install and then) uninstall Missing Sync and Palm Desktop (or HotsSync) alternately?
    Is iSync a real option?
    Or is there some clever way of using one or more programs to start with and then switch over to just one?
    I would be grateful for any advice as to how to deal with this. Thank you.

    I don't know if you can do this with the Centro. I should have mention that I was talking about webOS (Pre and Pixi). To sync with webOS you need Mac OS 10.5 or later for iCal, and 10.6 for Address Book.

  • I bought iWork family. Do I need to buy a app for iCloud too?

    I bought iWork family. Do I need to buy a app for iCloud too?

    No. You will not be able to work on documents that are stored in your account. You will able to download them from the cloud and revise them on your Mac. You don't need another app for that. You will need to buy the appropriate apps for the iDevices if you want to sync across all devices - Pages, Keynote and Numbers.
    The documents will sync across all devices that are Set up to use iCloud. You need to set up iCloud on the Mac and your iDevices in order for the documents to sync across all devices. You must be running Lion 10.7.2 on the Mac to use all of the features of iCloud.

  • Mark/Space releases version 4 of the Missing Sync for Windows Mobile OS

    Mark/Space has released the Missing Sync for Windows Mobile version 4, which offers many feature improvements. Among them, likely the most important is support for the Windows Mobile 6 operating system.
    A full list of what's new in this release is available here.

    I installed the beta version of Missing Sync last night. It seems to be working well (contacts and calendar). Note that only Bluetooth connections are supported and you must read the detailed instructions for getting this to work.
    I have yet to try a software installation.
    I tried running Activesync 4.2 within Virtual PC 7 but it was hopeless so needed a Mac solution.

  • Anyone using "Missing Sync for iPhone"? Any alternatives?

    I have had enough trouble with Mark/Space software's Missing Sync for iPhone 2.0 that I'm pulling my hair out. It is consistently finding conflicts and just keeps popping them up on the screen, and the conflicts are jibberish that make no sense.
    I had this trouble with earlier versions of this software, and it digs so deep into your system that even when you're installing software, it will pop up, which scares me as I don't want other apps running while doing something like this.
    Now I updated to 2.0, because I thought maybe it would be resolved. No such luck. Now, programs randomly crash saying it's "Missing Sync" app that is crashing, etc, etc. I need to get rid of this program but I want something that is similar: A way to keep/download my call logs and text messages.
    Just curious if there are other programs out there that don't run deep in your system, etc.
    I've tried and tried to get this resolved from Mark/Space, but their support is abysmal, no answers about what's going on.
    Any insight would be great, thanks

    This will do what you want:

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    What do I need to buy in order for my IPod Classic 160 GB to connect with my blue tooth Ultimate Ears Boom speaker?

    Upgrading RAM and your HD will give you some performance gains, but depending on what you are doing, it may not be enough. Your best friend will always be processor speed. This has a direct relation to how many cores and the speed of the RAM.
    However, if you are unable to spring for a new computer, then the options of running more RAM and a biggger, faster HD should ruduce some bottle necks.
    Here is a site where you can check out what your computer can handle They have some charts comparing speed gains with various components.
    Are you using the track freeze option to manage the track count and subsequent demands on your machine?

  • I need to buy a license for Flex Builder 2.0 as I do?

    I need to buy a license for Flex Builder 2.0 as I do?

    The Airport built-in to the iMac is exactly the same standard as that used in PC's 802.11b/g compatible and possibly 802.11n as well depending on the model. It means that anywhere you use can use a PC for wireless you should be able to use the iMac. It sounds as though your wireless network is protected with a WEP Key or similar encryption method and you have not entered the correct key into the iMac when attempting to join the wireless network or have not selected the appropriate key type from the drop down list. Quite a common situation is that if your password for your wireless network is a hex key, i.e only contains the numbers 0-9 and letters A-F then you need to select WEP Hex Key as the password type when joining the wireless network not WEP Password.

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    I bought app for iphone , Do i need to buy same app for MACBookPro  or its free ?
    Why cant Apple put  App Store in iTunes .

    The iPhone and the Mac do not run on the same operating system. IPhone apps do not run on a Mac. Mac apps do not run iPhone. If the developer has created an app for both the iPhone and the Mac they almost always sell them separately in the respective app stores.

  • I use MB pro with Lion OSX 10.7.5 and Now I have bought MB Air with Mountain Lion,Can I transfer my MB Pro stuff running Lion to MB air running Mountain Lion or do I need to buy Mountain Lion for my Pro to create a backup and then transfer ,thnx

    I use MB pro running Lion OSX 10.7.5 and Now I have bought MB Air with Mountain Lion,Can I transfer my MB Pro stuff running Lion to MB air running Mountain Lion or do I need to buy Mountain Lion for my Pro and create a backup and then transfer ,Although I want Mountain Lion for my MB Pro but can I use the one from MB Air,thnx?

    If you just do a normal time machine backup on your macbook pro and then plug that harddrive into your new air; you should be able to just use migration assistant to transfer all your files. You wouldnt need to upgrade to mountain lion on your macbook pro.
    Hope it helps,

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    <Re-Titled By Host>

    Buy an AirPrint printer, read here:
    About AirPrint - Apple Support

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