Domain Name settings in Solaris - Newbie question

Sorry for a newbie question!
I am already pointing a domain name to web hosting for email account. Now, I need an application server to run ERP software and Oracle, and installing Solaris and Oracle need a domain name.
If I point my domain name to the server, how do I receive emails from web hosting???
Install an email server to the application server instead? What can I do if I want the same domain name?

Your questions are completely off-topic for the forum.
These SunOS forums are for questions on <i>"how do I install my OS"</i>
You particular question is in the <i>"how can I install Solaris while using the CD drive"</i> forum.
So, if you had a question on how to edit the /etc/inet/hosts file to establish a FQDN on the computer, then it might be appropriate for the forum.
Unfortunately, I don't have a clue on where to redirect you, except perhaps to the Sun Java Enterprise System suite of applications?

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  • Domain name settings - Newbie question

    Sorry for a newbie question!
    I am already pointing a domain name to web hosting for email account. Now, I need an application server to run ERP software and Oracle, and installing Solaris and Oracle need a domain name.
    If I point my domain name to the server, how do I receive emails from web hosting???
    Install an email server to the application server instead? What can I do if I want the same domain name? Any option?

    Setting up a mailserver and making sure it doesn't suddenly turn into a spambox is not something you do with the use of a few commands. I suggest to dive into the Solaris admin guide on and read up on e-mail and network services.
    If that is asking too much of your time you'll be better off getting your ISP to handle all this for you.

  • Domain name and Mobile me host question regarding user name and password

    I am waiting for my domain name from godaddy to forward to my mobile me website. When I typed in my website to see if it launched, I get a screen that says "the server at requires a username and password. And then there is a prompt to enter my username and password.
    Have I done something to prompt or lock my website? It is hard for me to tell, because I am still waiting for the domain name to connect to my mobile me website, but I have done this before and never got this screen. Additionally, I do enter my mobile me password and then I it connects me to the mobile me home page. Not sure if that is good or bad. Thanks for any help!

    The URL - - is working for me. Empty your browser cache and try again.

  • Incorrect domain name, switching to 'untrusted' :newbies here..

    Starting emulator in execution mode
    Running with storage root DefaultColorPhone
    Incorrect domain name, switching to 'untrusted'
    java.lang.SecurityException: untrusted domain is not configured
    at com.sun.midp.main.Main.runLocalClass(+20)
    at com.sun.midp.main.Main.main(+116)
    Execution completed.
    "guys i re install my netbeans, then i run a program in mobile application, suddenly my emulator doesnt work and in the debug area, the following statement were shown and the emulator suddenly stop in running.?"
    i didnt encounter this one when i first install my netbeans my i format my p.c then reinstall all software suddenly on my netbean mobile application my emulator doesnt work..
    thanks in advance...
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    Ok I`m flying from happiness!!!
    Go to NetBeans Menu:
    FILE / <PROJECT NAME> / Properties / the "Deploying" tab
    2.Clear the "Override JAR URL to JAD " check box
    3.choose "File Copy" for "Select Deployement Method:"
    4.Run and thank the GOD!
    Don`t Forget Your Project Address must have NO Special Carackter
    if it`s directory has any special character :
    1.Right Click on your project name on Project tab.It`s on left
    2.Click Move Project
    3.Give another address and make sure new address hasn`t any SPECIAL_CHARACTER.
    4.Run and Enjoy
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  • Urgent: Solaris newbie question: group permissions etc

    I have a question on what is the best practice of working with solaris users and permissions. I'm using Solaris 10 and have created several users each with their home directory in /export/home. Then i have installed the sun webserver under /export/home/sun/webserver and i want all users to be able to use this, execute or copy over to the webserver.. would this be a valid solution or good practice solution tht i crete a group give it the permissions to read/write/execute and all the users i want to give this privilege to will be under this group. but then whats the use of having root like how would root user be different from the rest now...

    If you just want them to be able to publish to the web, apache has a little built in script in the httpd.conf that will hook in a user directory. Read the /etc/apache/httpd.conf file for more info.
    Whether this is best practice I am not sure. What you suggest will work but I would avoid it.

  • Newbie Question Alert!  Personal Domains...

    I have a domain which is only really used as a placeholder for my email account - set up as an IMAP account and hosted online to protect me from virus attack.
    Although the domain is not hosted by the email company (it's actually hosted by 1and1) is it conceivable for this domain to be hosted by my MobileMe account and still keep the hosted email function?
    I appreciate I would need to change the tags, etc., but I don't think this will be too much of an issue.
    Thank you,

    Yes, you can use your domain name with iWeb in your MobileMe account, but it does not host your domain name in that sense - what you actually do is enter your domain name into your personal domain name settings at MobileMe and link your domain name to MMe. You need to set up CNAME forwarding also at your domain name registrar and that is how you link the two together.

  • Using your own Domain Name

    This is what I have as my url now...
    I'm trying to put in my own domain name that I purchased from Please help!
    Much appreciated.

    You need to enter your domain name into your MobileMe account first - log in under System Preferences and then go to the Personal Domain name settings and enter your domain name in here.
    Then go to the DNS settings at GoDaddy and set up a new CNAME with your alias as your domain name - 'www' that is then forwarded to which is your host.

  • Domain name setup with iWeb 09, MobileMe & Google Apps.

    I purchased a domain ( via google, I am hosting the site on my MobileMe ( space & am using iWeb09 to edit the website but for the life of me I cannot mask forward using Google Apps from my domain to my MobileMe site.  I have read several articles related to this and seems very confusing.
    Can someone please guide me step-by-step to achieve this?

    To set up web forwarding with masking, all you need do is log into your account at your domain name registrar's and then go to the web forwarding section.  Once in web forwarding enable masking and then forward your domain name to and that is all you need do. 
    Do remember though that if you have already entered your domain name into your MobileMe account under the personal domain name settings and have set up CNAME forwarding, then you cannot have masked web forwarding as well.
    You need to do one or the other, but NOT both.  Decide what you want and what is more important to you and set this up - if you want masking then just follow the steps above and mask and forward your domain name to - you need to be more specific with this.

  • Looking for the most econmical way of tying domain name to mobileme iweb

    Hi all, I currently have a few sites that are hosted on mobileme, and I used the DynDNS services to 1) register a domain name (15$) and 2) create a webhop (CNAME) from the domain to the mobileme site (30$). So that's 45$ per year per site. Is there a more economical way of doing the same thing (without running my own server)? I have a handful of brochure sites to post, and I am looking to cut costs. Thx!!!

    No. Look at GoDaddy and see and I think that you will find that what OT has said is correct.
    If you purchase a domain name from them, depending on what ending it is - .com,, .net etc, then you just pay for the cost of the registration for one year or two years, which does work out at $7.95 per YEAR depending on the domain name you get and this will be excluding any hosting or e-mail packages. E-mail does cost extra though.
    If you just register your domain name, then you can use CNAME forwarding or web forwarding at no extra cost. So none of this adding $29 for the privilege of using CNAME forwarding - GoDaddy does not do this and you get it when you register your domain name.
    Once you have the domain name registered, all you do is set up a new CNAME and point the 'www' part of your domain to which is your MobileMe host and it will be forwarded to your site.
    I use GoDaddy myself and have no problems whatsoever.
    If you have one MobileMe account, then you have the option of entering a domain name into the Personal Domain Name settings - you can do this once for every MobileMe account and can then use CNAME forwarding at your domain registrar to forward your domain name to your MobileMe account.
    However, you can still publish as many sites as you like to MobileMe, but your url will be, unless you then use masked or unmasked web forwarding to link your domain name to it if you wish.

  • Personal Domain name, CName & netbenefit - losing hope

    True I'm new to this, and before you ask I have followed the routine in the mobileme instructions.
    I've built a couple of Pages which I've 'published' through Iweb to my mobileme account, I had already brought my self a domain name from Netbenefit, and since registered this with mobileme.
    so mobile me lists me as
    Cname on Netbenefit is:
    Host =
    Goes to =
    the settings send me to a generic Netbenefit page.
    My partner has a website where she uses web forwarding instead of the Cname. It works, but when I use webforwarding I get a page from my service provider that says that can not be found.
    Any clues ? a solution would be nice (Apple have told me to start again - and again, Whilst Netbenifit have been very quiet). I'm sure it's simple but a week of this is not letting me see this with any clarity.

    Okay, firstly, if you registered your domain name through Netbenefit, then Netbenefit is your domain name registrar. MobileMe has nothing to do with this and has not registered your domain name - you just have it set up in the personal domain name settings in your MobileMe account and that is all. MobileMe is just the host for your website.
    So to set up the CNAME forwarding, your domain name itself which is your alias needs to be forwarded to which is your host.
    Under the DNS settings it should be something like www, CNAME, and @, CNAME, The www is your sub domain which you are forwarding with @ representing your domain name itself, so you would have to set up a new CNAME for both.
    Don't use web forwarding and CNAME at the same time, you need to use either one or the other.
    If you want to use web forwarding, then you need to go to the web forwarding section of your domain name provider and forward your domain name either masked or unmasked to You need to use more here than just the which is only used for CNAME forwarding.

  • Newbie question - Changing domain name from .local

    Hi, I'm trying to change my domain name from dns.local to Can someone help me with this. The server was already set up and some places it has:
    dns.local and other places is has when i type in into a browser it works. when i type in dns.local i get an error.

    Leave the .local alone. That is your Bonjour access name.
    Bonjour is also known as ZeroConf in the Unix world, and is how your Mac discovers other Macs, Mac file servers, and Mac print servers on your local network (also know as a subnet).
    You can add search domains via
    System Preferences -> Network -> Advanced -> DNS -> Search Domains -> [+]
    A search domain is where you can enter 'fred' and the name lookup will look for fred.local, assuming both .local and are provied as search domains.
    As to other people finding your via, that is up to the name servers, and their administrators. Your Mac does not establish that, unless they have a dynamic DNS updating service.
    To have a DNS name in a domain, your DNS name must be registered with the domain server that owns that domain name. That is not automatic.
    In this case if you have not already been assigned by the domain name and fixed IP address by the owners of, then you cannot just take the name If you have been assigned the name and a fixed IP address, then you would set that up in System Preferences -> Network -> Advanced -> TCP/IP
    At best, if allows the DHCP servers on campus to both assign an IP address and also create a dynamic DNS name in, then you might get a name like
    A very creative and memorable name
    If you cannot get the administrators to give you as an addressable name, you can go ahead and get a dynamic DNS name from a service such as or (free ones are available), and just run one of their dynamic DNS updating utilities on your Mac so that when your DHCP IP address changes, your dynamic DNS name is updated with the new IP address as well.
    A dynamic DNS name service such as the 2 I just mentioned, will give you a fixed name such as that will not change, and when you run an updating utility on your Mac, the dynamic DNS service will keep the updated with the every changing DHCP assigned IP address.

  • The publishing settings page does not open when I click on the domain name and the iWeb application will not stay on the dock.

    I have been trying to help a friend who is having problems publishing her website. (She has done so previously using Mobile me)
    There seem to be a couple of things wrong with the application,
    1     if I drag the application icon onto the dock, it won't stay there
    2     I wanted to change where her site is published to (she has bought a domain name and has a hosting service now) but when I click on the domain name I do not get the "site publishing settings page" so we can't enter the new details.  All that comes up is the main page of her website.
    I would suggest uninstalling and re-installing Iweb, to see if that clears the problem, but as Iweb came pre-installed with her Imac, I am not sure that we can do this.
    Any ideas please?
    she's using and imac 24 in (approx 4 years old) and running osx 10.5.8

    NO - not correct.  Even if you are still using iWeb 08, you can still publish to another host and not MobileMe.  You do this by selecting the option 'Publish to a local folder" and this will publish the site to your desktop and you can then use an ftp programme such as Cyberduck to upload your site to your host.
    MobileMe will not be here after the end of June, so you will have to find alternative hosting.  They are not taking any new subscriptions.
    On new Macs, iLife 11 is pre-installed, but only iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand are included, not iWeb and iDVD. The Apple Online store is not selling the boxed version of iLife 11 any longer, so if you want to upgrade to iLife, then you'll have to look online at or for a boxed set of either iLife 09 or iLife 11.  Both contains iWeb 09, which is what you would want.

  • Iweb/Domain name question

    I am making my first Iweb site. I want to host the site through IWeb, but want to be sure I can use the simple domain name I own as the address, rather than a long address. I see instructions involing setting up an alias on with the domain name provider, but wanted to ask around first.
    Also, do you know if I can host more than one website through Iweb.
    thanks for any and all help!
    I have sent these questions to Apple support, but no response yet. I gather the new Iphone is taking up a lot of their tech support time.

    the url instantly changes and is long.
    This is the way CNAME pointing works with .Mac. If you like you can make things shorter by shortening the names you give your site and pages.
    Your "url", namely what people need to type to get to your site, is of course just the short version. What appears in the browser address bar is really irrelevant, but if it matters a lot to you, then you can undo everything you did for CNAME and switch to ordinary url forwarding/masking. With that, for every page on your site only will appear in the browser address bar for every page.

  • Question about RAC 10g on server running AIX and domain name changes

    We have several 10g clusters running on IBM p-Series AIX servers, and our company is changing the domain name for our network. I am concerned that if we do not change the domain names in the TNSNAMES.ora file and also the /etc/hosts file on each server, the cluster will no longer function. We are using CRS (version and ASM within each cluster.
    Does anyone know where I can find information about changing the domain name that was set up as part of the CRS and database installs for RAC? Does anyone have experience doing this, and would be willing to share a few insights? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!

    You may be able to use the VIPCA utility for RAC to change or modify the public and private settings for your domain names on AIX. Also, the Oracle 10g DBCA "Database Configuration Assistant" should be of use to change your settings for your RAC environment.
    Also, see here for a good IBM Redbook that covers Oracle 10g RAC on AIX platforms:
    Ben Prusinski
    Ben Prusinski

  • Question about Mail app and domain name please help

    I wasn't sure where to post this question so figured this would be the best area. I have a website which uses bluehost as it's web hoster. My email is set up through them, such as [email protected]
    In my Mail app, I have the POP thing set up so when ever someone emails me it goes right to the Mail app. It works great for my personal computer, but when I go to work and go on other computers is where the problem is.
    When I am on a random computer at work, I have to sign onto my webhosting site and then use squirrel mail. It is quite a hastle and is not the best. I would love to use gmail, but still keep my domain name I have.
    One co-worker mentioned just forwarding all my [email protected] emails to my new gmail email. There are issue's with doing this because if I'm at work and email someone with gmail it will use that email address. Also, I want to be able to read all my sent messages from any computer including the sent messages that were within my Mail app. Is this possible?
    Besides forwarding is there a better solution? It is sort of hard to explain. Basically I want my [email protected] address to be run through gmail, be able to access on any computer, have it be the only address in my mail app, and most importantly have the sent messages from mail app to be able to be read on all computers.
    I think gmail lets you make a domain name email, without gmail being included at the end. But I already have the email address I able to just swap it? And keep all my mail inbox info?
    What's the best sollution for my problem?

    You would need to login to your web mail account to reply so that the email came from "[email protected]"
    I try to get a gmail address that is close to the domain name like - [email protected] - so that I don't have to bother opening web mail as it is a pain.
    I forward to Gmail and then Mac Mail because their spam blocker is the best.
    A lot of web mail addresses bounce mail because the capacity is limited and the owners don't go into their control panel to launch their web mail and clear out the old stuff. Lawyers, in particular, are famous for this. For this reason I don't set web mail to keep a copy of the forwarded mail. If my web mail gets full of spam and they start bouncing then its not my problem!

Maybe you are looking for

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    i own a power book (ppc) and was using os x 10.5.8 when i get to login, no applications or anything is loaded onto the screen in other words the purple screen remains blank. what can i do? should i purchase another OS and i tried looking for leopard

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    Is there a transaction to do a mass change on production orders? Please let me know. Thanks you all! Vishal.

  • How will I know it's time to replace the battery?

    Fully charged, the battery has never had more than a 2 hour life in my 17" Powerbook G4. Surgical history might be relevant. Last summer Applecare replaced a dead hard drive. Last week Applecare replaced the power input, the case and the keyboard aft