DVD burner no longer burns...

Did a little research and followed some solutions but to no avail...
I have Roxio installed and has co-existed w/ Encore without problems up until just recently... I don't know what has changed as I don't shange the system much...
For some reason or another, Encore doesn't burn to the DVDs. When I place a blank DVD-R in the burner, I used to get an XP OS dialog box asking what I want to do with the media... This no longer occurs and as long as this happens, Encore will not burn a disk...
I have uninstalled Roxio's Drag-To-Disk feature, edited a couple of registry entries but still have no DVD burning capabilites. I can still burn CDs though...
Any direction is greatly appreciated...
Thank you for your time,

Go into "My Computer", and right click the burner.
Under "Recording" turn OFF all XP recording to that drive.
What you are disabling is the XP version of Poxio (oops, freudian slip there) that installs a packet writing utility.
This is most likely conflicting with your installed version of Poxio.
In all honesty, you will be much better off getting rid of poxio completely - but the uninstaller doesn't work!
If you mail me off-forum, I will send you the Poxio Zapper that will remove all it's little tendrils & finickity bits that interfere.
When it starts doing this, you really will be far better off without it altogether. It doesn't like co-existing with other burn apps at all, it gets resentful and this causes major grief.
Sorry to bear bad tidings, but it is better to draw a line underneath it & get a better suite.
GEAR Video is superb
Nero is supposed to be good now as well.
Both have trial versions, and GEAR gets my vote as it carries it's own drivers that do not use generic Windows ones, or Adaptec, or Poxio, - it has it's own ASPI layer.

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  • Just installed 10.4.9 - My LITE-ON DVD burner no longer will burn DVD-DL

    I just installed 10.4.9 (I knew I shouldn't have..) and went to burn a Dual Layer DBD with Toast 8.0.1 and it won't burn -- it recognizes the DVD as D/L - but won't write to it (It thinks it does and immediately says "Writing Lead Out"...but nothing was written.
    I have tried other burning applications, but no go. However, I can burn DVD Single Layers no problem...
    What did 10.4.9 do and how??? I burned some D/L DVDs last night...is this just a coincidence??? Hard to believe it would be...that just after installing 10.4.9 my DVD burner no longer burns DVD D/L!!
    Anyone else have this problem?

    i have a G4 500mhz AGP mac (upgraded to a 1.6ghz processor via a NewerTech card) with an internal CD/DVD player (not burner) and i have an external LaCie CD/DVD burner (the LaCie CD/DVD burner is only about 4 weeks old and i've burned maybe 8 to 10 DVDs on it)
    i have had NO problem reading any DVD disks until just about a week ago.. i had bought a new Graphics DVD and it worked the first time i put it in the DVD player... the second time it would not work... (((this was the start of the problem of the purple-ish DVDs not mounting))) so, i thought i had just bought a faulty DVD, they replaced it and the new one still will not work at all.. the DVD will NOT work in my internal DVD player AND it will not work in my LaCie external DVD burner/player...
    the internal drive just spins for a few minutes and the kicks the DVD out... the external LaCie drive spins for several minutes, then i finally get a message saying the disc is not readable.
    what i have noticed is that any DVDs i put in will mount as long as they have a silver surface.... if the surface is purple-ish color, those are the DVDs that will not mount and keep ejecting
    even DVDs that i have burned on the external LaCie DVD burner will not mount in the internal drive OR the external drive...
    as i said, all of the DVDs that will NOT mount are the one's with a purple-ish surface... maybe that has something to do with the problem....
    something must have happened somewhere because these purple-ish DVDs did used to work... i even did a brand new install of OS X.4 on a totally seperate hard drive and these purple-ish DVDs STILL would not work...
    even booted into MacOS 9.2.2 and the STILL would NOT mount....
    ANY info would be helpful...

  • Can No Longer Burn DVDs

    I have a Lenovo G700 series laptop and have recently found that I can no longer burn DVDs.  I can burn CDs and the drive can read DVDs & CDs.
    I trawled the forums for any clue of what has gone askew including the registry fix, tried different media, different burning programs, files vs disc images and still no result.
    I, and also a friend who works in IT suspect a hardware fault and, since still under warranty, contacted the support helpline who were quick to answer.  went through all the options for diagnostics and came down the "hit the system with the One-Key-Recovery" option to reset it back to factory preset condition to see if that fixed it.
    I have spent a very long time getting this machine set up with my home studio software etc and have large amounts of data which beggers the question, do I want to go through all that and how do I back up all my data prior to that as the machine will be wiped with no DVD writer.  I assured the guy on the phone that we we almost certain that it was the ODD hardware that had failed and could he send out a replacement?
    Being still under warranty, I would have to return it to the service center where they would......... guess what, reset to factory preset prior to fitting the new hardware to ensure that the hardware was indeed faulty.
    Catch 22 
    Why can they not just send out a replacement drive for me to fit myself?
    Warranty runs out in September which is probably how long it will take me to zip and backup my data using CDs or for out a pile of cash on a USB HDD all for the price of a replacement drive.
    Can someone please help?

    Anyone know how I can get someone from Lenovo Customer Support to read & reply to this post?  I'm not that sussed with forum methods.  

  • Can no longer burn DVD's on my MacBook Pro

    As the title says, I can no longer burn DVD's. I can burn CD's but not DVD's. I get Sense= code errors and stuff no matter what burner I try out. It doesn't always want to read the DVD's either but ejects them one- two times before it surrenders and starts reading the disc. I've had this Mac for about 1.4 years and I haven't been sitting around every day since, slotting 30 discs in and out of it all day long, i.e the drive hasn't seen that much action to justify this problem.
    It can't have anything to do with the media as I've been reading a lot about since the DVD's I try to use have worked perfectly fine before this problem popped up. And I find it hard to believe that my $3200 Mac aint equipped to burn these things and especially not since it was able to earlier. It stopped burning about 2-3 months ago so my guesstimate is that one update or the other from Apple screwed things up but I have no idea how to find out what that might be or more to the point how to solve it.
    So, since I strongly disbelieve the media factor ( I have tried different brands and that if it would only be able to burn Verbatim discs then that would be ridiculous ) I wonder if there's any real solution to this. Any firmware to be found for it or some such? I've tried to browse around the Downloads section but can't seem to find anything that addresses this issue. I've also googled quite a bit about it and I've found many others who experience the same problem(s) but never any real solution for it.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    A lot of folks have found that running a DVD Lens Cleaner disc through can often fix this sort of calibration and sensor problem, it only takes a small spec of dirt or dust to cause errors ...

  • Can no longer burn dvds or upload

    Recently my premier elements 11 stopped being able to burn a dvd or upload to youtube...
    dvd just goes to indexing but never continues. Upload to youtube stops at 81 % and freezes.
    No real error messages. Tried re-installing software but does the same thing.
    Worked for last 4 years on same PC running windows 8...now wont?

    (I'm replying to your comments from below and:  I'm including 2 other individuals (CC) in this reply; asking for their help as well, if they have any potential answers for me.)  Please advice ...
    I'm using Adobe Premier Elements 11 on an HP Windows Pro 8.1 desk top PC.  It's been working perfect since I loaded it in 2011.  I produce and create a 30 minute TV show for a couple of my local community TV Stations in the area as well as make videos on real estate and publish them to You Tube (Finding New Neighbors <<< see my You Tube Network for sample of my videos).  I also create DVD's for real estate properties to use during open houses and as marketing tools for real estate.  I also make training videos for the local Board of Realtor's.  Uploading these videos to You Tube and burning DVD's is very critical to my business. 
    I currently have episodes of the TV show ready to burn but I can't get them to burn so I can turn them into the TV Stations for airing.
    It was working perfect until recently; however, I can no longer burn a DVD or upload to You Tube.  The edit program seems to be working fine.  I can still create videos, edit and view videos on the program but I can't send them anywhere to be used in any way.  When I attempt to burn a disk; it gets ready to burn then nothing happens.  When I attempt to upload to You Tube; it will "Render" and start to Upload but then it get's to about 61% to 99% (uploaded) then freezes up and never finishes.
    I've had our office computer support person in working on my PC for the past 4 days and we're getting no where.  He did find a virus and cleaned it out.  Everything "seems" to be working now except my DVD burner and uploading videos to You Tube.  I even reloaded the Adobe Premier Elements 11 software to see if that could be an issue.  It made no difference. 
    Somehow, the program is no longer speaking properly to whatever pathway it needs to, in order for the DVD's or You Tube to receive the video/s and finish.
    I really need to get this fixed; otherwise, months worth of work is lost and I will not be able to create or publish any future videos.  I really need this working.  Any help would be appreciated immensely.
    [email remnants removed by moderator]

  • DVD burner no longer working on Touchsmart 600

    I hope this is the correct forum. I have a Touchsmart 600 series and my DVD burner no longer reads DVDs or CDs, either digital, music or video. When I attempt to burn a DVD through Windows Media Player, WMP goes through all the motions of burning it but the CD is still blank. It had been working intermittently up through September and stopped working in November. The DVD burner didn't always work since I got the machine 2 years ago. Sometimes it would stop reading the disk but would work after a reboot. Now it won't even do that.
    I have updated the drivers for it and it didn't seem to have an effect.
    OS: Windows 7

    we have lots of docs on HP.COM and there are a lot of steps in them - I'd try them here are a couple links:
    can't read:
    Can't write:
    good luck
    I'm a HP employee

  • Burning a DVD is no longer possible...HELP!

    I have an eMac 800 mhz G4 with 1gb RAM running OS X 10.4.6 and for some reason I can no longer burn a DVD. I am still able to burn CDs with no problem and DVD-R or DVD-ROMs mount with no problem. Whenever I start to burn the DVD it starts the process and then 20-30 seconds later it abruptly closes the session and reports 'Drive failed to respond properly' and ejects the disk. I have tried burning in Finder, Toast 7, LiquidCD, etc. all with the same result. Does anyone have any idea whats up and is there any way to fix this problem?

    apple-option-o-f during startup until you get the
    welcome to open firmware screen. type in following
    commands (without quotation marks) "reset-nvram" (hit
    return) and "reset-all" (hit return). i would also
    try a pmu reset
    this link is for ati graphics. make sure if you
    perform pmu reset you don't press button more than
    once, and you ground yourself before touching
    anything on logic board. always unplug peripherals
    and the power cord from the power supply at back of
    machine. if this info is not for your model, is
    probably available in your user guide. [ : ) ]
    huh? isn't there some sort of utility software help w/ doing this either on OSX or 3rd party like Cocktail or Techtool? good god - this sounds like something one would need to do on a PC! I'm having the same problem with my burner - it no longer burns and I get:
    The drive reported a error:
    Sense key = MEDUIM ERROR
    Sense Code = 0x73,0x03

  • Since loading Lion I can no longer burn photos form iPhoto on a dvd for archive purposes

    Since loading Lion on my MacBook Pro, I can no longer burn photos form iphoto for archarving purposes.  I used to load the dvd and it would showup on the screen then drag highlighted photos onto the dvd.  Now, dvd only shows up sometimes and when it does, it tells me the new disk is full.  How can such an easy task become obsolete with this update.   I have also tried using idvd for archiving purposes but this process will only allow viewing.  I want to be able to reload photos back onto the computer at a later date.

    I habe the same problem and cant find a helpful post on the web!
    How can i get it back to work???

  • Can no longer burn DVD-R

    I've read many posts other places now regarding this issue and no one seems to have an answer.
    I've been burning media fine for some time now, and after the 10.4.6 upgrade, DVD's fail to burn on my G5's internal drive. I'd think it was maybe the drive if it hadn't started after an upgrade and I see many other people with the same problem, regardless of the drive brand, and even external lacie drives producing the same error.
    error code 0x80020022
    I've used and tried many different brands of media to test, and apple, memorex, tdk... The finder's burner, Toast...they all fail.
    It would be great to be able to back up files again, any help appreciated.

    I have no idea about your error code...
    but try logging in as a different user and see if the problem persists.. if it does, at least you can determine that it's not hardware related..
    I have a G5, and upgraded to 10.4.8 just a few weeks ago, and haven't had any burning issues.. not that I don't believe that you and others are experiencing problems....
    Quad 2.5   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

  • G5 + Superdrive no longer burning DVD's

    I have an early G5 1.8 GHz single processor after I updated to 10.4.9 I can't burn DVD's - I can burn CD's - with the factory installed super drive(DVD RW DW-U21A) and get error message:
    Burning the disc failed because of communication to the disc drive failed. (error code 0x80020022).
    Here's what I've done to date;
    reset SMU, PRAM, NVRAM, I checked for a firmware update through various sources - firmware from Apple support is "not needed"
    I've checked my media on other machines and it works fine.
    I see that there are similar posts since the latest 10.4.9 update without much resolution. Am I missing something, anyone have ideas I haven't thought of? Do I need to replace my drive?
    Thanks in advance
    G5 Mac OS X (10.4.9) DVD RW DW-U21A

    My first question is, which single 1.8 GHz system is it? There were 2.
    The first was the mid-range entry in the original G5 lineup in late 2003. Fan cooled, PCI-X, 8 GB max RAM.
    The second was the low-end system in mid to late 2004. Liquid cooled, Standard PCI, 4 GB max RAM.
    The reason I ask, is I have the original system at home and the later system at work. The home system has worked flawlessly since the day I bought it.
    The work system had burning issues almost immediately. Ended up having the drive replaced under warranty.
    On the upside, Internal DVD burners are getting less and less expensive and you could actually get a much better drive for relatively cheap.

  • IDVD no longer burns DVDs

    I use iDVD a LOT, and it has always worked fine up until a few months ago. The first problem to occur was that iDVD would create and burn the first DVD, then refuse to burn additional copies. I just worked around this by taking the first copy and making further copies with Toast.
    But now iDVD is not even burning the first copy. It does all the rendering and encoding, then just spits out the disc without writing it. On screen iDVD tells me "done", but no option to burn another; there's a "cancel" button, which does nothing because iDVD has frozen at this point anyway.
    It's the same problem as posted by another user:
    But the thread doesn't have a solution that works for me.
    Oddly, the following problem has also just appeared for me as well:
    Which also has no solution so far.
    I'm using Taiyo Yuden discs, which have never had any problems for me before.
    I've tried going from iMovie to iDVD. And I've tried closing iMovie, opening iDVD, and pulling in the iMovie project from the menu. Both methods make no difference - the disc still doesn't burn.
    I've tried re-installing iDVD from the original Apple discs. Didn't help.
    I've deleted iDVD preferences and repaired disc permissions. Didn't help.
    I've deleted the iDVD project and recreated from scratch. Didn't help.
    MacBook Pro
    iDVD 6
    I'm the only user on the computer
    Plenty of hard drive space - more space, in fact, than I had when iDVD used to work.
    I just can't understand why iDVD would work for years, then just stop working. I need to burn these DVDs for my job, and customers are starting to ask where their discs are... please help!

    My trouble shooting list
    *Not knowing the origin to Your problem - General approach when in trouble is as follows.*
    • Free space on internal (start-up) hard disk if it is less than 10Gb should rather have 25Gb
    • Hard disk is untidy. Repair Permissions, Repair Hard disk (Apple Disc Util tool) (To Repair Hard disk You need to start/boot from DVD or external hard disk)
    • Delete iDVD pref file - *or rather start a new user/account* - log into this and re-try
    iDVD pref file resides. Mac Hard Disk (start-up HD)/Users/"Your account"/Library/Preferences and is named.
    While iDVD is NOT RUNNING - move this file out to desk-top.
    Now restart iDVD.
    • Program miss-match. iDVD 5.0.2, Mac OS X.4.11 AND QuickTime 7.5.5 - is OK - DON’T work under Leopard
    • Program miss-match. iDVD 6.0.4, Mac OS X.4.11 AND QuickTime 7.5.5 - is OK (might work under Leopard)
    • Program miss-match. iDVD’08 v. 7.0.1, Mac OS X.4.11 AND QuickTime 7.5.5 - is OK (might work under Leopard)
    • iDVD (08) v7 Locate theme folder. Move out iDVD1, iDVD 2 and eventually iDVD4 folders to desktop - re-try
    • Try a Cleaning CD/DVD that cleans the laser lens on the DVD burner/player
    iDVD 6.0.4 and iDVD 7.0.1 are compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
    Last resort. from Craig. Solved the problem!! Finally!!
    I deleted every iDVD application and folder from my boot drive,
    emptied the trash and then installed iDVD 08 using the customize option
    and I am up and running.
    If You do a re-install be sure to get rid of all iDVD old parts AND then EMPTY the Trash-basket !
    Yours Bengt W

  • CD burner will no longer burn cds

    I have just updated to leopard (10.5), and now my cd burner no longer works when I go to burn a cd. The drive can read a disc fine and even sees the blank discs when they are put in, but fails to write on them.
    I have tried using toast and iTunes and still got the same result. In iTunes, It builds the disc correctly, then initializes, and says its writing the first track, but fails to do anything as the status bar never fills up, the disc just spins, sounding like it is writing. I leave it there for a period of time, and the status bar still never moves. In order for it to cancel burning, I have to force quit iTunes. The disc then appears on the desktop with the correct # of tracks and time, but its is just a bunch of buzzing on each track. When I try using toast, it just gets to initializing and freezes.
    It sounds as if its some driver issue as the drive itself functions well. It is a Pioneer DVD-RW and was added after I got the mini, so its not the stock Super Drive.
    Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance!
    Message was edited by: hockeyboy

    Try creating a new account and see if you can burn. If so, the problem you are having is local to your normal account. If not...well, if not the problem is probably a bad OS install though it might be hardware. The only way to find out would be to do the new OS install.

  • Upgraded to v. 6.0.1, can no longer burn CDs.  Details below.  Please help!

    Like many other users, I can no longer burn CDs since my recent upgrade to version 6.0.1. I was able to burn CDs with no problems before this upgrade, but now when I click "Burn Disc", iTunes freezes with no error message. I have to exit out using Ctrl-Alt-Del, as iTunes is not responding.
    I have a Gateway Profile 4 with Windows XP Pro. CD diagnostic info is below for both blank and recorded CDs.
    Please help this frustrated user!!!!
    Here is my CD diagnostics with a blank, recordable CD:
    Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Gateway Profile4
    CD Driver
    CD Driver DLL
    LowerFilters: AFS2K (, CDR4_XP (,
    UpperFilters: pwd_2k (, Cdralw2k (, GEARAspiWDM (,
    Video Driver: NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 \GeForce2 MX/MX 400
    IDE\DiskWDCWD1200JB-00GVA0____________________08.02D08, Bus Type ATA, Bus Address [0,0]
    USBSTOR\DiskHP_____psc_2205_______1.00, Bus Type USB
    IDE\CdRomTOSHIBADVD-ROM_SD-R2212________________1713___, Bus Type ATA, Bus Address [0,0]
    If you have multiple drives on the same IDE or SCSI bus, these drives may interfere with each other.
    Some computers need an update to the ATA or IDE bus driver, or Intel chipset. If iTunes has problems recognizing CDs or hanging or crashing while importing or burning CDs, check the support site for the manufacturer of your computer or motherboard.
    Current user is administrator.
    D: TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-R2212, Rev 1713
    Media in drive is blank.
    Get drive speed succeeded.
    The drive CDR speeds are: 4 8 10 12 16.
    The drive CDRW speeds are: 4 8.
    And here is my CD Diagnostics with a purchased music CD:
    Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Gateway Profile4
    CD Driver
    CD Driver DLL
    LowerFilters: AFS2K (, CDR4_XP (,
    UpperFilters: pwd_2k (, Cdralw2k (, GEARAspiWDM (,
    Video Driver: NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 \GeForce2 MX/MX 400
    IDE\DiskWDCWD1200JB-00GVA0____________________08.02D08, Bus Type ATA, Bus Address [0,0]
    USBSTOR\DiskHP_____psc_2205_______1.00, Bus Type USB
    IDE\CdRomTOSHIBADVD-ROM_SD-R2212________________1713___, Bus Type ATA, Bus Address [0,0]
    If you have multiple drives on the same IDE or SCSI bus, these drives may interfere with each other.
    Some computers need an update to the ATA or IDE bus driver, or Intel chipset. If iTunes has problems recognizing CDs or hanging or crashing while importing or burning CDs, check the support site for the manufacturer of your computer or motherboard.
    Current user is administrator.
    D: TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-R2212, Rev 1713
    Audio CD in drive.
    Found 11 songs on CD, playing time 36:13 on Audio CD.
    Track 1, start time 00:02:00
    Track 2, start time 03:20:15
    Track 3, start time 07:12:17
    Track 4, start time 11:10:15
    Track 5, start time 14:47:52
    Track 6, start time 17:57:30
    Track 7, start time 21:50:42
    Track 8, start time 25:46:67
    Track 9, start time 28:28:45
    Track 10, start time 30:18:32
    Track 11, start time 33:15:50
    Audio CD reading succeeded.
    Get drive speed succeeded.
    The drive CDR speeds are: 4 8 10 12 16.
    The drive CDRW speeds are: 4 8.
    Gateway Profile 4   Windows XP Pro  

    The answer is in the diagnostic! Go to the Toshiba site (I've been so nice and found the link for you!)
    http://www.toshiba-europe.com/storage/Index.asp?page=PFT&nav=ISH_ARC&model=SDR22 12
    Try updating your drives firmware. Click 'Firware Updates' on the right hand side of this page, then follow the instructions and download the update, then install. See if that helps. Its worth updating the firmware anyway :P

  • Can no longer burn cds or re-install itunes

    For some reason I can no longer burn a cd from Itunes. When I try to re-install itunes i get this message: 1628 failed to complete installation. I also get this message everytime Itunes starts : Warning!
    The registry settings used by itunes drivers for importing and burning cds and dvds are missing . This can be a result of installing other cd burning software. Please re-install itunes.
    I am able however to import with no problems.

    The registry settings used by itunes drivers for importing and burning cds and dvds are missing . This can be a result of installing other cd burning software. Please re-install itunes.
    for some advanced techniques for dealling with that one, see:
    iTunes for Windows: Troubleshooting CD issues caused by device filters
    but if you'd prefer to try some quicker and dirtier techniques (that don't involve a registry edit), post back and we can run through those as well.

  • HT1923 i can no longer burn cd

    i can no longer burn a cd useing itunes

    What type of CD are you trying to burn? A audio CD MP3 or are you trying to burn a DATA CD/DVD?

Maybe you are looking for

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