DVD Importing Error

I'm using Adobe Premier Elements 4 and am trying to import a DVD that I have filmed myself and am getting Error Unsupported format or damaged file/One of the necessary components may not have been installl...
There are no updates to install, and I've reinstalled the software, what could the problem be?

You don't say how you made the DVD.
Was it shot was a DVD camcorder? Was it burned by one of those DVD/VHS or DVD converter devices? If the latter, that could explain the problem. Most of these devices produce inferior DVD files and files that don't load well into video editing programs.
What is your original video shot on? We can probably recommend a more direct route into Premiere Elements.

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  • Generic import error - Lion - CS5.5 - Will not import

    Hi. I just upgraded to cs5.5 with Lion and now a number of my previous cs4 projects will not load various flavors of video. One major problem I discovered was that after installing Lion, both of my Quicktime folders in the user and system library were missing (the system library is hidden in Lion by default, so I revealed it). These folders hold various quictime components, which I recreated from a backup. Now Quictime will play all of the video, but PPro responds with a generic import error. I have included a number of screen shots below showing the video file and library info. (I wish bridge would interogate the files and provide this information, but I use video spec). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have a number of clients waiting for resolution. Thank you. -Jeff

    Well, I solved the problem but I had to de-install Lion to do it, so I will not close out the thread until I update the post after the next Lion attempt.
    Here are the steps I took.
    Clean Install of Snow Leopard from the DVD. This erased everything on the HD.
    Update all system software.
    Download and install Quicktime 7.6.6
    Register Quicktime Pro (Fortunately I had the old receipt) This drops in the AppleMPEG2Codec.component
    Copy over the AppleHDVCodec.component to the user library.
    Install CS5.5
    Big smile.
    One important change is that I did NOT install Final Cut this time.
    I just copied in the missing AppleHDVCodec.component to the library.
    I had this file in the correct folder post install of Lion, but for some reason PPro would not recognize it.
    My best guess is some other file (maybe a framework file) in the library was corrupted or altered during the Lion Installation.
    I also have not copied over all of the other codec.compents yet. I plan to drop these in as needed if new import errors occur.
    Below are the screen shots of the new librarys.

  • FDMEE Import error "No periods were identified for loading data into table 'AIF_EBS_GL_BALANCES_STG'

    We are having trouble while importing one ledger 'GERMANY EUR GGAAP'. It works for Dec 2014 but while trying to import data for 2015 it gives an error.
    Import error shows " RuntimeError: No periods were identified for loading data into table 'AIF_EBS_GL_BALANCES_STG'."
    I tried all Knowledge docs from Oracle support but no luck. Please help us resolving this issue as its occurring in our Production system.
    I also checked all period settings under Data Management> Setup> Integration Setup > Global Mapping and Source Mapping and they all look correct.
    Also its only happening to one ledger rest all ledgers are working fine without any issues.

    there are some Support documents related to this issue.
    I would suggest you have a look to them.

  • How do I convert an excel (2008) document to Numbers?  When I drag the Excel document onto the Numbers icon I get, "Import error.  The file format is invalid"

    How can I convert an Excel (2008) document to Numbers.  When I drag the Excel document onto the Numbers icon I get, "Import error.  The file format is invalid.

    That extension identifies the most current Excel file format, a format that can be opened by Numbers '09 (and by Numbers '08).
    A check with Numbers '09 shows it capable of opening .xlsx files when right-clicked (and Numbers chose as the application to open, when double-clicked (if Numbers has been set as the default application to open this type of file, or when dragged to the Numbers icon in the dock.
    I see two possibilities for Numbers inability to open it and the message you receive:
    1. The file is not actually an Excel file, and the sender has added the .xlsx extension to the filename manually.
    2. The file is an Excel file, but has somehow been corrupted.
    Have you tried opening the file with a different application? The open source Office suites, OpenOffice.org, LibreOffice and NeoOffice can also open .xlsx files. If they're unable to open this one, that would point toward the file itself being faulty. You can download these applications from their rspective websites, linked in the names above. All request a donation to support future development, but only Neo requires one to have been made recently, and that only for the current release (which won't be necessary to open .xlsx files).

  • "Template import error: No VM configure file found" on brand new setup

    Previously, I posted Console does not launch OVM 3.1.1, Win7x32 Firefox15/IE8 - Empty .jnlp file which was about VM Console not launching. Since this is a new installation, and it seemed to be a unique problem, I scratched the whole installation and started again from scratch. Everything, including the NFS file server, was re-installed from scratch CD OS installation.
    The process is pretty straightforward once you're used to it, and in less than three hours I was ready again to import my first template (a template I had imported before). But now, I submit the the request, and almost immediately the process aborts. (You can see in the information below, that 1 second passes between the Import request (06:32:36) and the failure.)
    Thing is, it takes about three minutes, even locally on the web server, to get an index of that large file (tar tzf), and at completion, the vm config file is listed.
    Am I misreading the error? My web searches for enlightenment found only one good hit on this error, and in that case it appeared to be an "out of space" issue. In this case, though, I'm importing a 5GB tarfile into a 390GB, otherwise-empty file system, so I don't think that is the issue. The failure in ovs-agent.log is below. What other information may I provide to get to the bottom of this? (Thanks for any guidance/help, of course!)
    [2012-10-31 06:31:40 3341] DEBUG (monitor:36) Cluster state changed from [Heartbeating] to [DLM_Ready]
    [2012-10-31 06:31:40 3341] INFO (notification:67) Notification sent: {CLUSTER} {MONITOR} Cluster state changed from [Heartbeating] to [DLM_Ready]
    [2012-10-31 06:31:40 3338] INFO (notification:193) Sending notification: {CLUSTER} {MONITOR} Cluster state changed from [Heartbeating] to [DLM_Ready]
    [2012-10-31 06:31:48 4914] DEBUG (service:77) discover_cluster: ()
    [2012-10-31 06:31:48 4914] DEBUG (service:85) discover_cluster: call completed.
    [2012-10-31 06:32:03 4926] DEBUG (service:77) storage_plugin_mount: ('oracle.generic.NFSPlugin.GenericNFSPlugin', {'status': '', 'admin_user': None, 'admin_host': None, 'uuid': '0004fb00000900003cf41964f3476788', 'total_sz': 0, 'admin_passwd': '******', 'storage_desc': '', 'free_sz': 0, 'access_host': 'filesrv.ps.***.com', 'storage_type': 'FileSys', 'alloc_sz': 0, 'access_grps': [], 'used_sz': 0, 'name': '0004fb00000900003cf41964f3476788'}, {'status': '', 'uuid': 'fc3564eb-ce8b-489c-96bc-df6de2cc8a11', 'ss_uuid': '0004fb00000900003cf41964f3476788', 'size': '330279518208', 'free_sz': '330075340800', 'state': 2, 'access_grp_names': [], 'access_path': 'filesrv.ps.***.com:/mnt/ps_big/repo/repo', 'name': 'nfs:/mnt/ps_big/repo/repo'}, '/OVS/Repositories/0004fb0000030000659e0ce6f2ecfb55', None, True, [])
    [2012-10-31 06:32:03 4926] INFO (storageplugin:108) storage_plugin_mount(oracle.generic.NFSPlugin.GenericNFSPlugin)
    [2012-10-31 06:32:03 4926] DEBUG (NFSPlugin:353) cmd = ['mount', '-t', 'nfs', 'filesrv.ps.***.com:/mnt/ps_big/repo/repo', '/OVS/Repositories/0004fb0000030000659e0ce6f2ecfb55']
    [2012-10-31 06:32:03 4926] DEBUG (service:85) storage_plugin_mount: call completed.
    [2012-10-31 06:32:03 4931] DEBUG (service:77) add_repository: ('filesrv.ps.***.com:/mnt/ps_big/repo/repo', '0004fb0000030000659e0ce6f2ecfb55')
    [2012-10-31 06:32:03 4931] DEBUG (service:85) add_repository: call completed.
    [2012-10-31 06:32:36 4972] DEBUG (linux:847) async call function: import_template
    [2012-10-31 06:32:36 4975] DEBUG (service:77) import_template: ('0004fb0000030000659e0ce6f2ecfb55', '0004fb0000140000fdc18a572a244015', ['http://aspire/pstop/OVM_EL5U7_X86_64_TOOLS8_52_06_PVM.tgz'])
    [2012-10-31 06:32:37 4975] INFO (notification:74) async_proc_prog: notification {ASYNC_PROC} progress PID 4975 status {'OBJECT': 'template', 'TOTAL_OBJECT_COUNT': 1, 'CURRENT_OBJECT_COUNT': 1, 'TOTAL_BYTES': 0L, 'CURRENT_BYTES': 613L, 'OPERATION': 'download'}
    [2012-10-31 06:32:37 4975] INFO (notification:67) Notification sent: {ASYNC_PROC} progress PID 4975
    [2012-10-31 06:32:37 3338] INFO (notification:193) Sending notification: {ASYNC_PROC} progress PID 4975
    [2012-10-31 06:32:37 4975] ERROR (service:96) catch_error: Template import error: No VM configure file found.
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/usr/lib64/python2.4/site-packages/agent/service.py", line 94, in wrapper
    return func(*args)
    File "/usr/lib64/python2.4/site-packages/agent/hypervisor/xenxm.py", line 1041, in import_template
    raise RuntimeError('Template import error: %s' % err)
    RuntimeError: Template import error: No VM configure file found.
    [2012-10-31 06:32:37 4975] DEBUG (linux:879) ovs_async_proc: pid 4975 status 1 output Template import error: No VM configure file found.
    [2012-10-31 06:32:37 4975] INFO (notification:67) Notification sent: {ASYNC_PROC} exit PID 4975
    [2012-10-31 06:32:37 3338] INFO (notification:193) Sending notification: {ASYNC_PROC} exit PID 4975
    [2012-10-31 06:32:39 4987] DEBUG (service:77) storage_plugin_listFileSystems: ('oracle.generic.NFSPlugin.GenericNFSPlugin', {'status': '', 'admin_user': None, 'admin_host': None, 'uuid': '0004fb00000900003cf41964f3476788', 'total_sz': 0, 'admin_passwd': '******', 'storage_desc': '', 'free_sz': 0, 'access_host': 'filesrv.ps.***.com', 'storage_type': 'FileSys', 'alloc_sz': 0, 'access_grps': [], 'used_sz': 0, 'name': '0004fb00000900003cf41964f3476788'}, True)
    [2012-10-31 06:32:39 4987] INFO (storageplugin:108) storage_plugin_listFileSystems(oracle.generic.NFSPlugin.GenericNFSPlugin)
    [2012-10-31 06:32:39 4987] DEBUG (NFSPlugin:142) ENTER: listFileSysytems()
    [2012-10-31 06:32:39 4987] DEBUG (NFSPlugin:257) EXIT : listFileSysytems()
    [2012-10-31 06:32:39 4987] DEBUG (service:85) storage_plugin_listFileSystems: call completed.
    [2012-10-31 06:32:39 5005] DEBUG (service:77) discover_pool_filesystem: ()
    [2012-10-31 06:32:39 5005] DEBUG (service:85) discover_pool_filesystem: call completed.

    How did you get the template to where you staged it?
    I'd say the template is corrupt or you only have a partial template.
    I did notice the call to the template is based on the short name of the host. Can you confirm the VM manager can access the http path via short name?

  • File Import Error - Adobe Media Encoder, help!

    I'm at a complete loss. AME worked very well for me for a long time and booting it up yesterday gave me a paralyzing error.
    Upon trying to import an MOV, MP4, and later a WMV, I received the following error:
    File Import Error
    The file C:\Users\tj\Desktop\New folder\SH_GS_PeekPlay_DEMO_720.mp4 could not be imported. Could not open source file. Please check that file exists with correct permissions.
    I've tried everything I can think of:
    1. Moved the file off the server and onto my desktop.
    2. Double checked file permissions (all of which I have)
    3. Uninstalled AE and Premiere to try to get rid of Media Encoder.
    4. Searched for a way to uninstall AME so I could put a fresh install (can't find how to do this)
    5. Manually updated AME
    6. Reboot (multiple times between these steps)
    7. Contact customer support - no help thus far.
    I'm running Windows 7 64bit with Adobe CC and AME

    Tried that as well.
    To rule everything out, I had the files placed:
    1. On company internal server
    2. External Harddrive connected through Firewire
    3. Internal Hard Drive (with OS)
    4. Internal secondary Hard Drive (data only)
    5. On Desktop (technically 1st internal drive)
    I have since fixed this by uninstalling every single Adobe application (including Flash and Air) and redownloading and installing each.

  • Getting import error in jsp in creating war project of masthead for portal 7.31

    I am getting error in customize masthead war project in jsp for import statement.
    <%@ page import="com.sapportals.htmlb.*"%>
    <%@ page import="com.sapportals.htmlb.hovermenu.*"%>
    <%@ page import="com.sap.security.api.UMFactory"%>
    <%@ page import="com.sapportals.portal.prt.service.license.ILicenseService"%>
    <%@ taglib uri="prt:taglib:tlhtmlb" prefix="hbj"%>
    I have asked basis team for jar relative to these but they have not found in system.
    We are using portal 7.31 version.
    Kindly help me to remove this error from jsp.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Hemendra,
    At first i have done this and after that even i was facing error that's why i created this thread.
    Kindly check my first post for error.
    Getting import error in jsp in creating war project of masthead for portal 7.31
    This question is Not Answered.(Mark as assumed answered)
    Swati Joshi  Apr 29, 2015 12:34 PM  
    I am getting error in customize masthead war project in jsp for import statement.
    <%@ page import="com.sapportals.htmlb.*"%>
    <%@ page import="com.sapportals.htmlb.hovermenu.*"%>
    <%@ page import="com.sap.security.api.UMFactory"%>
    <%@ page import="com.sapportals.portal.prt.service.license.ILicenseService"%>
    <%@ taglib uri="prt:taglib:tlhtmlb" prefix="hbj"%>
    I have asked basis team for jar relative to these but they have not found in system.
    We are using portal 7.31 version.
    Kindly help me to remove this error from jsp.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Error faced during installation of EHP3 on ECC 6.0 (Test Import Error) ?

    i am facing an error while installing EHP3 on ECC 6.0
    my current level :
    SAP_ABA 700 0017
    SAP_BASIS 700 0017
    SAP_BW 700 0019
    SAP_AP 700 0013
    all other SAP_APPL , ERECRUIT are on 600 level more then 11
    I downloaded the ENH3 FOR ERP6.0 content from market place
    I loaded them with SAINT and continued , i removed all other warnings of support package in SAINT by taking appropriate support packages .
    Problem: I am getting Test Import errors
    1)For EAAPL(60301) ---> error code 08
    Function API_RE_CD_GET_CASHFLOW_CN (RECD_API_CONDITION 01) does not fit into the existing function group ((RECD_BAPI_CONDITION 21
    2)FOR FI-CA(60301) --->error code 08
    Function FKK_DB_LOCK_SINGLE (FKKLOCK_DB 04) does not fit into the existing function group ((FKLOCK 11
    3)For ISM (60301) -
    > error code 08
    Function ISM_SD_RETURN_RELEASE (JKSDRETURN03 01) does not fit into the existing function group ((JKSDRETURN100 01

    Yes i have checked the previous SPS levels of these components its 13 and i used  603 SP level 02 of these components for installation as per told by you while defining a installation queue as well as support package selection in SAINT but still am getting the error. In SAINT i even got in remarks filed a message that "extended queue is consistent and matchesthe selected target packages". I am getting  "TEST IMPORT ERROR ...."
    I am getting return code 08 for components listed below in TEST IMPORT phase :-
    1) EA-APL (603 SP level 01)
    2) FI-CA     (603 SP level 01)
    3) ISM        (603 SP level 01)
    4) EA-DFPS (603 SP level 01 & 02)
    Please help me out and suggest something.

  • Word to Pages "Import Error"

    I have a load of files created by drag and drop editing of pdf files into Word tables. I want to use pages to edit these ... it should be easier with services. Most of the files open fine, but a few give me an Import Error. Any ideas? There are no obbvious differences between the accepted files and the rejected files. I mightjust gie up with Pages, leaving it for the Mrs to play with ... Keynote seems nice though!
    (Sorry is this has been asked and sorted, but search is off-line and I couldn't find it in the messages when I browsed)

    Pages simply won't support a table with that many rows. If you need that many, you must use another application.
    Perhaps the originator could use a tabbed list rather than a table. That's the only way you will be able to contain a list that long in Pages. You can do the conversion yourself if you open the Word document in LibreOffice, Copy the Table, Paste the Table into Numbers, Export the Numbers doc to CSV, and import to Pages. In Pages Find and Replace the Commas with Tabs.
    There are probably other ways, but that's what comes to mind here.

  • Excel Import Error

    I am getting this message:
    Import error
    This document was created with an unsupported version of Excel. Only documents created with Excel '97 or later can be opened.
    I have searched and haven't found a solution.
    This file was created in Open Office and has been edited in Excel 08(mac). Clearly not an old version of Excel. I have opened it in Open Office and re-saved, but Numbers still won't open it.

    Found the answer. Both Excel and Open Office were saving the file back to version 5.0.
    After forcing a resave and specifying a newer file type, it opened in Numbers.

  • Why do I get "Import Errors"?

    I just shot 16 clips with my Canon HD camcorder (AVCHD). I put the memory card in my desktop computer (Windows7) after I had PrE11 running. Then I clicked Video Editor/New Project/Videos from Flip cameras, AVCHD cameras.
    I saw all my clips and I clicked on some in the Preview window. They played OK. But when I clicked on Get Media I got this message: Import Errors/ Error Message/File already exits at C:\Users\Tommy\Videos\
    What's happening? I didn't change the Presets: File Name, and Name:Untitled.
    Can someone tell me what to do to get my new clips into the Timeline.
    By the way, the clips I just took were the only ones on the memory card.

    This is my take on your situation based on what I understood from your description:
    However you did it (maybe hitting some buttons more than once or other) your videos got imported and saved to C:\Users\Tommy\Videos\. Did you look to see if they were there? If not, please take a look in that area to confirm or refute.
    If they are in my video already as I suspect, then you have at least two choices
    a. Import them into Premiere Elements  11 with the program's Add Media to get them into Project Assets (correct project preset)
    b. delete them from C:\Users\Tommy\Videos\ and then repeat the import using Add Media/ and the Video Importer route that you wanted to use.
    Please review and let us know the outcome.

  • Import error with MPEG-2 files: Brorsoft Video Converter to Apple Prores.

    The Brorsoft Video Converter software gives me an 'import error' message when I attempt to import files from a folder on my desktop. That folder contains many mpg files (MPEG-2 Video, AC3). Those files in the folder on my desktop came from a Sony video camera.
    I need to convert those mpg files to Apple Prores 422 HQ so I can then edit them in Apple Final Cut Pro X.
    But when I go to import those mpg files into the Brorsoft Video Converter software, it comes up with a message saying: 'import error', indicating that the Brorsoft Video Converter software does not understand the type of file.
    I am on Mac OS X Version 10.6.8.
    I've emailed Brorsoft support but I don't think English is their first language – they've emailed back to me asking for clarification of the problem. And I need the problem fixed as I have to edit this video for someone that has many waiting customers.
    Could something have changed in the files when I copied them from the video camera to the desktop?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for your prompt reply. I was using a friend's video camera – I've just texted him for the exact model of Sony video camera. I didn't yet have the Brorsoft Video Converter software when I had to give the video camera back to my friend. So, I copied the files off the video camera to my desktop.
    It records onto an internal hard drive. And yes you're right, I don't need to go HQ. I also tried plain Apple Pro Res. That didn't work either. It comes up with 'Import error' message, so it seems like it just doesn't understand the file type.
    When I go 'Get Info' on one of the files off the camera, it tells me it is an 'MPEG-2 video, AC3' file.
    I'll try and get MPEG Streamclip like you suggested and see if that works.
    Thanks again.

  • Import error moving from iPad to iPhoto

    Somewhat puzzled by the inability to import photos from my iPad to iPhoto.
    Here's what happened:
    1. Used camera connector to transfer high-def JPG format files from a Nikon D50 onto the iPad (no problem, and the *iPad displays the pictures* perfectly).
    2. Attach iPad to Mac and start iPhoto.
    3. iPad is shown as attached and import window is displayed, correctly showing 176 photos to be imported but *no images are displayed*, only the dotted outline boxes.
    4. Attempt 'Import All...' and an *import error is shown listing all 176 JPG files* as not imported.
    5. Start Image Capture utility and attempt 'Import All', same error is reported.
    6. Attempt selecting just one photo and importing just selected item (fails in both iPhoto and Image Capture with the same import error).
    It looks like the iPad can read the JPG files but for some reason the Mac cannot.
    Setup details:
    iPhoto '08 v7.1.5
    Macbook Pro running OS X 10.6.2
    iPad running iOS v3.2
    Image Capture v6.0.1
    Any ideas?

    Updated to OS X 10.6.4 and everything seems to work correctly.
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  • Can I import movies originating from video's that were put on a DVD import in IMovie?, Can I import movies originating from video's that were put on a DVD import in IMovie?

    Can I import movies originating from video's that were put on a DVD import into IMovie?

    You need to convert the VOB files in the TS-Folder of the DVD back to DV which iMovie is designed to handle. For that you need mpegStreamclip:
    which is free, but you must also have the  Apple mpeg2 plugin :
    http://store.apple.com/us/product/D2187Z/A/quicktime-mpeg-2-playback-component-f or-mac-os-x
    (unless you are running Lion in which case see below))
    which is a mere $20.
    Another possibility is to use DVDxDV:
    which costs $25.
    For the benefit of others who may read this thread:
    Obviously the foregoing only applies to DVDs you have made yourself, or other home-made DVDs that have been given to you. It will NOT work on copy-protected commercial DVDs, which in any case would be illegal.
    And from the TOU of these forums:
    Keep within the Law
    No material may be submitted that is intended to promote or commit an illegal act.
    Do not submit software or descriptions of processes that break or otherwise ‘work around’ digital rights management software or hardware. This includes conversations about ‘ripping’ DVDs or working around FairPlay software used on the iTunes Store.
    If you are running Lion:
    From the MPEG Streamclip homepage
    The installer of the MPEG-2 Playback Component may refuse to install the component in Lion. Apple states the component is unnecessary in Lion, however MPEG Streamclip still needs it. See this:
    To install the component in Lion, please download MPEG Streamclip 1.9.3b7 beta above; inside the disk image you will find the Utility MPEG2 Component Lion: use it to install the MPEG-2 Playback Component in Lion. The original installer's disk image (QuickTimeMPEG2.dmg) is required.
    The current versions of MPEG Streamclip cannot take advantage of the built-in MPEG-2 functionality of Lion. For MPEG-2 files you still need to install the QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component, which is not preinstalled in Lion. You don't have to install QuickTime 7.

  • DVD Player error -69902?

    I've successfully played DVDs on my iMac (24" 2.4 GHz Aluminum) -- Front Row works like a charm! However, I've recently encountered a DVD that has issues with my computer:
    A couple of weeks ago I received the Beatles' "Help!" two-DVD set in timely fashion after ordering it through Amazon.ca. Unfortunately, although the second disc works perfectly on my computer (a 2007 Apple iMac 24" 2.4 GHz Intel Core Duo with 2 GB of RAM), the first disc will not play past the FBI warning and the opening page (where Play, Subtitles, Settings, Chapters is located). Whether I use either Front Row or DVD player, the result is the same: when I insert the disc into my computer, I am presented with the error message "Skipping Over Damaged Area". If, in DVD Player, I click on "Title" in order to change chapters, an error message pops up informing me "DVD Player encountered a system error. Error -69902". And in DVD Player, I am informed that this disc contains only one chapter. In any case, when I'm on the Help! opening page & I click on "Play" (in either DVD player or Front Row), nothing happens. No movie. The music keeps looping on the opening page, but not much more than that.
    Out of curiosity, I tried playing this same disc on a standalone Toshiba DVD player hooked up to my home TV, and amazingly, the disc plays fine!
    After emailing Amazon, I was instructed to return the DVD for a replacement, which arrived in the mail today. Imagine my surprise when the replacement displayed the same error messages! Before I return this disc for a refund, maybe someone can fill me in: what is DVD Player error -69902?
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    Faulty disc

Maybe you are looking for

  • The OS is extremely slow/frozen

    So, out of nowhere my laptop just froze. I tried doing a hard restart, and it took about 30 minutes to get to the login window and another 20 to actually load the desktop and the dock. Then it completely hung up when I was trying to look in Library/C

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