Embeded videos in keynote don't play when exported as a quicktime movie

I have a keynote presentation with videos in it. I want to export it as a QuickTime movie but when I do the videos do not play. What do I need to do to resolve this?

Exactly the same issue for me. Went to Snow Leopard and now the videos won't play in Iphoto. Software update is up to date, tried to manually install Quicktime again but it won't let me as it's already on the HD. Tried to delete it and try again but it doesn't seem to be working. Some help would be appreciated.

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  • When exporting as a quicktime movie, final cut pro crashes!

    When exporting as a quicktime movie, final cut pro crashes about 3/4ths the way through the 12 hour process. I'm saving it to a La Cie 500 GB disc by fire wire. It's worked before but after I converted one SD sequence (that was shot in HD)to a HD sequence, I haven't been able to export it and it won't play straight at anything bigger than 25% size. Please if you have any advice I won't forget it. I'm trying to export as ProHD 1060i.

    I converted one SD sequence (that was shot in HD)to a HD sequence
    How, exactly? And what were the settings of your new HD sequence? DVCPRO HD 1080 60i?

  • Videos in iPhoto don't play when double-clicked?

    Today, I upgraded to Snow Leopard. Prior to the update, when I was in iPhoto, I would double-click on a video and Quicktime would auto open and play the video. Since the update today, when I double-click on a video in iPhoto, nothing happens! I am forced to manually open quicktime and search for the video to open through my 3,000+ photos. Anyone have a solution for this problem?!

    Exactly the same issue for me. Went to Snow Leopard and now the videos won't play in Iphoto. Software update is up to date, tried to manually install Quicktime again but it won't let me as it's already on the HD. Tried to delete it and try again but it doesn't seem to be working. Some help would be appreciated.

  • Video added to document wont play when exported to PDF.

    I created a document in Pages and used a video in the document. The video was imported from the media tab. I was able to adjust the videos settings using the inspector but when i export the document as a PDF i dont et any vieo controls on the video and as a result have no way to play it.

    Video files are very large and embedding them would really blow out the size of a pdf.
    Use Acrobat Pro to relink the video to the pdf, but you will need to supply the video as an external file associated with the pdf.

  • Audio file missing from MOV when exported as a quicktime movie.

    Using Keynote 9, I imported video into presentation that was edited in iMovie 9.  When I export the presentation to quicktime movie the audio is missing from the video file.  The audio file plays fine in the standard keynote presentation mode. 

    This is STRICTLY a work around!  Official fix will come from Apple as an update more than likely.
    Duplicate item first (File > Duplicate). On newly duplicated project change file association type (File > get info). Under name and extension section take out .key). Close Get Info and save with removing .key.  Double click to open the file (now a compression).  Open uncompressed folder (same name as original file, now shows as a folder).  Now in the Data folder find a .mov file named "Recording" with randomly generated letters and numbers behind it.  Drag .mov file to desktop or any other directory. Open extracted .mov file with QuickTime to verify integrity. Save as audio file only.  Get Info on file again and place .key value at end of file/extension for project. Open project. Under Play menu option delete the recording.   Under Audio inspector drag the .mov of audio only to recording back in. Test play project to see if its accurate.  Export to QuickTime and see if issue is resolved.
    If issue persists:
    Export with corrupted audio as QuickTime.  Separate the audio from video track.  Delete audio.  Import the extracted .mov audio file.  Share > File. Enjoy.

  • What settings to use when exporting HD into QuickTime Movie

    This help call goes out to any Mac user with Final Cut. I need help!!!
    I have a Mac G5 and use Final Cut Pro V. 5.1.4. I Just bought a Canon XH A1 and filmed a few test shoots. Then downloaded to FC Pro. I have been trying to export using QuickTime Conversion. Every setting I have tried comes out more or less square. HELP!!!!
    My Settings:
    In Easy Setup - HDV - 1080i60 FireWire Basic
    Under Sequence the setting is:
    Frame Size - HD (1440X1080) (16:9)
    Pixel Aspect Ratio - HD 1440X1080
    No check mark in Anamorphic 16:9
    Field Dominance- Lower
    Editing Timebase - 29.97
    QuickTime Video Settings:
    Compression - Motion JPEG B
    Under Export - using QuickTime Conversion - QuickTime Movie - Options - Video Settings:
    I tied:
    HDV 1080i60 and 50
    Motion JPEG A and B
    DVCPRO HD 1080i60
    All settings come out squarish!!!

    Hi Patrick,
    Thanks for the info. But I can not get any setting to come out looking widescreen. All settings come out square looking. I have tried every setting I can think of but all the QuickTime exported movies come looking like (i.e.: 800X854) more box than widescreen. I think it must be some setting I do not know about or some combination or possibly the capture setting (easy setup).
    Thanks for your help.

  • Is it possible to embedding a video in Keynote and then play as a PDF?

    Is it possible to embedding a video in Keynote and then play as a PDF?  I want to do a PowerPoint/Keynote presentation that includes videos from YouTube.  My preference is use Keynote although I do have Office 2004.
    My issue is that the places where we present have their own equipment so we are encouraged to bring the presentation on a USB/portable HD, and they tend to be Windows environments.
    In my perfect (ignorant) world, I'd
    Create it in Keynote
    Add/embed videos from YouTube
    Save it as a multi platform file like a PDF
    I guess the key issue is:
    Is there a way to create a multi platform presentation with videos (I think Keynote and PPT require different video formats???) that can be carried on USB/portable HD?

    No, it's not possible without using hacks. And Adobe can't support or endorse hacks
    Bear in mind that not only there are new features in a new version which can't possibly be recreated by an older version - also, there are enhancements to existing features, which would make them render differently in the two versions.
    That said, there are people posting such hacks, as Sébastien pointed out.

  • Video/Movie won't play when exported as a PDF.

    I am creating an interactive PDF using CS5 to display video work. Unfortunately, the video won't play when exported as an interactive PDF, I am just left with blank space. I find this very odd as it plays in preview and also when exported as a SWF but that file type is unsuitable for the project.
    Initially when I exported it I got this message: "One or more of the interactive elements are clipped in ways the pdf files can't reproduce...." Obviously, I have ensured the file is resized correctly and also tried .mov, .mp4 and also .flv file types with no success. I have also checked the simple things like ensuring all the right boxes are ticked when I export.
    This is not the first time I have embedded video but it is the first time without success despite following the same pattern. Any ideas as to why this would be and how to fix it?
    Thank you,

    Use Flv or f4v format, after you have placed video into your layout, make sure that you don´t scale or crop video frame at all.
    (Whren you File > Place a video, you will have a loaded cursor with video icon. Click the empty spot on page with loaded cursor, don´t draw a rectangle or click on the top of some exisiting frame)
    It´s important that you have your video in 100% encoded size in your layout. If you need to scale or crop it, load that video into Adobe Media Encoder and do it there, and re-encode the video to the correct size and shape aftrwards.
    Adobe Media Encoder ships with InDesign.

  • Is it possible to insert a video and have it automatically play when the topic is opened?

    I am using Robohelp 10. Is it possible to insert a video and have it automatically play when the topic is opened?

    Hi Alchemex,
    What tool are you using to create the video.
    You can set preferences using the tool that you created the video with/
    For example, if you are using Adobe Captivate you can set videos to start automatically?
    Let me know if you need more detail.
    Kind Regards

  • How do I get closed captions to play when exported, nothing is working (embedding, side files etc)

    I can't seem to get my closed caption track to play when exported, since my film is in german it is completely essential, none of the side files work with quicktime or vlc and neither does embedding it

    First off, media players like QuickTime and VLC do not play sidecars. I believe sidecars are used for broadcasting and possibly for writing to DVD.
    As for the embedded captions, a few questions:
    What is the type of the caption stream? Only CEA 608 can be embedded into QuickTime clips.
    In QuickTime, have you enabled caption display?
    If you import the QuickTime clip with embedded captions back into Premiere Pro, are the captions present?

  • Sides of Keynote presentation cut off when exported to iDVD

    I have a keynote presentation with the slides set to 800X600 that I am trying to burn to a DVD. I am able to burn fine but when it plays on my DVD player and CRT Samsung TV, the sides of the slides are cut off so that the first and last letters of many lines are not viewable. I also tried on a friend's TV with the same results The DVD looks fine when playing on my iMac but it's widescreen.
    I first tried exporting the keynote presentation as a quicktime movie set to full quality 800X600. The next time I exported to iDVD which first exported to a quicktime movie with a size of 720X540. I thought that would fix it but that presentation also has the sides cut off. The iDVD project is using a standard 4:3 aspect ration. Should I try a widescreen project or won't that make more of the slide disappear. Any help would be much apprecitated.

    Your problem is that while on a monitor, you can see the entire picture. Any DVD player connected to a standard television is going to show, at most, 90% of the image...some may only show 80%. This is due to something called Overscan on televisions. To account for this overscan, you have to make sure that as you're creating your presentation, you have nothing near the edges.
    A good rule of thumb is to create an area that's 80% of the size of your presentation (in 4:3 resolutions, widescreen, you only have to worry about the right and left) and, as you're creating, keep dropping this shape onto your presentation slides to make sure you're inside it. Then, you'll be pretty sure that even on the worst televisions, all you information will show.

  • InDesign audio doesn't play when exporting to swf.

    I created an InDesign CC document with an audio file, MP3 format. I have the audio file and poster which shows and plays when exporting to an Interactive PDF. When I export the same file to SWF the audio and poster are not there although the audio files are the Resources File. How do I get the audio and audio poster in the swf file?

    Most probably by correctly setting up the SWF export option or, if you have Acrobat, by converting the PDF into SWF.

  • Pixelated video when export projects using QUICKTIME COMPRSESION.

    I'm having problems to export projects using QUICKTIME COMPRSESION. When I select either "quicktime movie" or "AVI", the result is a totally pixelated picture. I tried to do some settings in order to fix this problem but still doing the same. Make a note that only happens when I use QUICK TIME COMPRESION. It works fine when I select "quicktime movie" directly from export menu. i can use this to work onmy MAC but. it will not work with Vegas or whatsoever. SOME HELP WILL BE APRECIATED.

    I used the following settings:
    compression: H.264
    Quality: Best
    Key frame Rate: 24
    Dimensions: 720x480
    Yes, vegas support Qt, The problem is exporting from FCP a pixelated video.

  • Lose sound when exporting MPEG with QuickTime to iPod format

    I paid the $30 to be upgrade to QuickTime Pro in the hopes that I would be able to export MPEGs from my digital camera for viewing in iPods. The video comes out fine but there is no sound. Any suggestions regarding how to get the sound to export too?

    Thanks; the discussion is helpful.
    When I downloaded the MPEG Streamclip software from http://www.squared5.com/; the conversion process was agonizingly slow. As an example, a single 6 minute Quicktime movie took hours to convert. After it was converted, then it not was recognizable by iTunes. So, MPEG Streamclip has not worked for me.
    This seems like such a straightforward process that Apple would support. Basically, you can create iPhoto albums that synchronize with iPods; however you CAN NOT create Slideshows that synchronize with iPods. This is so frustrating since the slideshows have much more functionality and presumably would be what most people would find most useful. The process to get a slideshow to the iPod requires you to go through Quicktime and then Quicktime to ipod; this process only occassionally seems to work.
    Anyway, Quicktime Pro, the $30 application, seems to sometimes work and sometimes not work for conversion of Quicktime files to iPods. I tried using non AAC protected audio files for the iPhoto slideshow sound and the conversion from Quicktime to iPod worked. In other cases, the conversion from Quicktime Pro to iPod did not work. I am at a loss to explain consistently what is happening when you use Quicktime to export to the iPod. When I open the Quicktime movie file the option to Export to iPod is grayed out. However, when I open the Quicktime application the option is black and available.

  • How do I get an embedded video in Keynote on my ipad to play when i transfer it to a pc powerpoint

    Hi Everyone,
    I need help I have made a keynote presentation on my ipad with an embedded video in it.  I transfered it to a pc as a powerpoint and all the slides worked except the video it just was a black slide.  Can you transfer it so that it will work?  Do you have to embed the video in a special way.
    Thanks for the help

    iTunes on the iPad is a link to the store only.
    It is used to buy media.
    To listen to music or audio(podcasts, audiobooks) go to the music app.
    For movies, tv shows or music videos you use the videos app.

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