Enquiry in f-48

In IDS these code is not included in tcode f-48.Actually this FM is not exits in Development server. thats why when executing tcode dump comes.
Can any on tell me how will I solve this problem?
  INCLUDE ifre_begin_of_re_ea_fin.
special logic for FX: function is ONLY called from FI
      id_bukrs             = i_bukrs
      id_umskz             = i_umskz
      id_koart             = i_koart
      ef_zfbdt_is_required = e_shb_immo.
  INCLUDE ifre_end_of_re_ea_fin.

Hi Pooja,
What is the SAP version. just look for the OSS notes for the same.
Also just trry to regenerate the whole program.

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  • Enquiry about audigy 4 [NON-PRO] & audigy 2

    Hi, I would like to make an enquiry about a few creative products.
    I am currently intrested in getting a T7900 speaker system.
    However i have doubts on the soundcard that i should get.
    Could anyone identify the difference with a Audigy 4 [NON-Pro] and a Audigy 2 ZS.
    I couldn't find any through comparison on these 2 products in the whole creative website.
    And also, is the T7900 7. speaker system compatible with either of the 2 audigy sound cards.
    Which card would you recommand me to go for too.
    Thanks in advance. =)Message Edited by kutysam on 02-8-200603:48 AM

    Well im feeling lazy ATM so I have no technical data to pass on. I would say thought the differents are :
    : Price,, hmm get which is cheaper
    2: The Audigy 4 would have ( at a guess anyway?)?more settings/tools and banks for media creation and the like.
    Other than that, not a great deal between them. As far as games go, they both do the very same thing and with DVD movies they would produce the same rates as with music.
    Id say, get the ZS if your into games and DVDs+music, or get the A 4 for the same reasons + Media creation/mixing and stuff like that.
    Like I said, to lazy to research it further but close enough

  • Request for quotation from enquiry or quotation level

    Can RFQ(request for quotation) be sent from enquiry or quotaion to suppliers for material procurement?

    I have created new posting period and series for financial year 2011-12.
    In previous year I have created 600 voucher. My issue is that when I am creating new
    voucher, voucher number is showing 601. I want that for new series voucher number should be
    start from 1. but it seems like numbering series doesn't affect the voucher number.
    Because there are no series creation for journal voucher. In this case how can I solve my problem.
    Please help me on this.

  • I need a link to automatically populate an enquiry form.

    Right, I want a customer to be able to choose an item from a bunch of them, then click on a link next to the item, which will automatically fill in a specific field in an enquiry form. As in, clicking Dress #4 would straight off take you to the contact form page with the item# field already filled in with "Dress #4".
    Thing is, the contact form I am using was conceived out of laziness and was built using Coffee Cup Form builder thingy, which is flash based. Must I dispense with that and write a php version?
    Help would be great.

    How good are you with server-side code?
    Are these products in a MySql database yet?
    Are you planning to do a shopping cart on this site?  If so, why not just go straight to e-commerce solutions?
    Web Assist
    Building an e-comm site with DW & PHP (video training) 
    http://www.lynda.com/Web-Interactive-Web-Design-Projects-tutorials/Building-eCommerce-Web- Site-Using-Dreamweaver-PHP/83091-2.html?utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=ldc_affiliate&utm_ content=524&utm_campaign=CD4386&bid=524&aid=CD4386&opt=
    Nancy O.
    Alt-Web Design & Publishing
    Web | Graphics | Print | Media  Specialists 

  • Purchase Requistion,Purchase Enquiry, Sales Enquiry,Capacity Planning & Sch

    Hi All,
    I am working in SAP business One for quiet long time as Functional Consultant and i am very much aware with its design. And Now SAP is bringing SAP HANA also for Mid Size Company or you can say in SAP Business One.
    BUT ...............
    In any industry vertical there is always requirement of Purchase Requistion (Department Wise) , Purchase Enquiry and sales enquiry is Must to buy or sell the Item.
    Why dont SAP is providing three different FORMS like sales Quotation , (Sales Enquiry) , Purchase Quotation (Purchase Enquiry) and Material Indent or Purchase Requisition (Dept. Wise) This i am spcifically asking just because the requestor doesn't knnow the Suppliers Name.
    And This functionality is in SAP ECC .
    This will reduce ADD ON
    MRP is enhanced so beautifully in Latest Version but only Capacity Planning & Sceduling is Missing.
    Capacity Planing and Sceduling if possible then I think Maximum Industry accross the World will consider SAP Business One
    I hope by this forum i am Just Pointing this. So that we can get in near future
    If anyone  gets any clue on this please let me know.
    Please Join hands if this feature what i discussed is really required .
    Thanks & Regards
    Ashish Gupte

    Hello Friend,
    I am very much agree with your suggestion
    But every one know that ECC is not for SMB sector so it is full flesh ERP compare SAP Business one and may be these form will part of SAP business one road map.
    Because SAP has added some rich process for MRP but after get suggestion from form and these link form http://forums.sdn.sap.com/forum.jspa?forumID=265&start=0
    and these given above link also is a good place for your question
    Manvendra Singh Niranjan

  • Enquiry about Mac Pro Software

    My wife and I are trying to decide whether to purchase an IMac or a Mac Pro.
    We like the sleekness of the IMac and the fact that everything is in one unit. Having said that, acquiring a machine that can grow with our needs is high on our list of priorities.
    If we choose a Mac Pro, do we have to purchase the iLife software separately? Also, can a Mac Pro be upgraded from OS X to OS X Server?
    Thanks to everyone for considering this enquiry.

    From: http://www.apple.com/macpro/specs.html
    iWork and Office are trials. iLife is included.
    Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger (includes Spotlight, Dashboard, Mail, iChat AV, Safari, QuickTime, iCal, and other software) iLife ’06 (includes iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, iWeb, GarageBand) Comic Life Omni Outliner
    TRIAL: Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Test Drive,
    TRIAL: iWork ’06 (30-day trial), FileMaker Pro 8.5 trial
    There are a lot of iMac/Pro discussions. For example:

  • Enquiry tracking of customer

    My client wants to keep track on all enquiries he has made for a customer wise.Which will include follow up, no of enquiries converted to business, failed attempts and its reasons like price,quality, behaviour of sales employee etc.
    So that in next enquiry all this could be avoided.Is there any provision in SAP B1?

    have you tried using 'Sales Oportunity' you can define stage as enquiry,you can define employee,activity for the enquiry and also there are more filter options available in reports

  • Enquiry and quotation for MTO material

    can we create IN & QT for MTO material? If yes, what is item category in this case for Enquiry and Quotation? How it is determined?
    As we know item category for MTO is TAK in the order. What abouyt Enquiry and Quotation?

    please find below list of Item categories already there in std SAP
    Item category detail configuration
    IMG -> Sales --> Sales documents --> sales document item --> define item categories
    AFN Inquiry Item
    AFNN Free of Charge Item
    AFTX Text Item
    AGN Quotation Standard Item
    AGNN Free of Charge Item
    BVN Cash Sales
    L2N Request
    L2W Request
    NLC Inter Co Stock Transfer Item
    NLN Stand Stock Transfer Item
    REN Standard Item
    RENN Free Goods Item
    TAD Service
    TADC Configurable Service
    TAE Explanation
    TAF Configurable Service
    TAL Ret. Packag. Shipment
    TALS Standard Item: SLS
    TAN Standard Item (Rush Order Item Category)
    TANN Free of Charge Item
    TAO Milestone-Bill. Plan
    TAP Pric. at Item Level
    TAQ Pric. at Header Level
    TAS Third Party Item
    TATX Text Item
    TAW Value Item
    WKC Val Contr Item-Config.
    WKN Value Contract Item
    IMG -> Sales --> Sales documents --> sales document item --> define item category Group
    0001 Make-to-order
    0003 Make to order / Assembly
    BANS Third-party item
    DIEN Service w/ Delivery
    ERLA Structure/Mat. Above
    LEAS Leasing
    LEER Empties
    LEIC Service w/o del. conf
    LEIH Returnable packaging
    LEIS Service w/o Delivery
    LUMF Structure/mat. Below
    NLAG Non-stock material
    NORM Standard item
    VCIT Value contract item
    VERP Packaging
    Sales Document Type + Item Category Group + Item Category Usage + Higher Level Item Category =
    Default Item Category

  • Enquiry(SAP SCRIPTS)

    hi experts !
    can any one tell me the wat is form name, driver program & t.code for ENQUIRY ? (sap scripts )
    list of form names and their respective driver programs , Tcodes ?
    Edited by: rajesh  k on Mar 4, 2008 10:59 AM

    thanks for Reply !
    of course i know that but am not getting the appropriate one..!
    am facing the problems like
    when i get the form name,, the driver program is not there .
    when i know the both but am unable to find the respective tcode for that form ?
    can any one pls provide me ?
    list of form names with respective driver programs  , tcodes ?

  • Enquiry and quaotation

    Dear all,
    I am MM Guy, i want to know
    any SD bussiness Process Enquiry and quations are compulsury  before creating sales order or with out those can we create SO directly.
    venu gopal

    It is not necessary to have an enquiry or quotation for creating a sales order
    you can create a sales order without enquiry and quotation
    process flow is Enquiry then quotation and sales order
    A customer enquires about the product and based on the enquiry you create a quotation mentioning terms and condition and validity time and the customer approves the quotation and based on that we create sales order.
    Important things to be noted here is an enquiry is closed as soon as it is referred to a quotation
    e.g A customer asks about product A and you prepare a quotation for that productA referring to that enquiry and again you cant create a quotation for that customer for productA referring that enquiry
    A quotation gets closed only when the whole qty is referred or *the validity period is reached
    e.g for a customer you are preparing a quotation for 10 units of productA and when he orders only 5 units then the quotation is still open and you can prepare another order for 5 units based on the quotaton provided the validity period is not over.
    Hope it clarifes your doubt

  • Enquiry of SAP Campus Management System

    Dear all
    Would like to have first enquiry about SAP Campus Management System, is it suitable for use by Learning Centres (for example some tutorial learning centre or child learning centre), what's the scale of the product and most importantly, initial investment? Thanks
    (For the first look I think only suitable to University type Campus?)

    The SAP Student Lifecycle Management (former name is Campus Management) solution enables institution-wide collaboration across business processes and users, supporting more effective service,increasing efficiencies, and lowering
    total cost of ownership. Its global approach brings together experience and best business practices from different educational systems, educational levels, and cultures. By accommodating the diverse aspects of international academic programs an non-academic programs, the software helps institutions to be successful in a globally collaborating world. Its flexibility and scalability supports ongoing transformation,growth,and optimization of business processes.
    In other words SAP SLcM can serve different type of 'study' models and cope with their processes/demands. The SAP solution serves the entire Education & Research ecosystem. Below some examples:
    - K-12;
    - Public Universities;
    - Private Universities;
    - Medical Schools;
    - Business Schools;
    - Techning-intensive Universities;
    - Etc, etc.
    Your question regarding the Initial investments I cannot answer directly. If you send me an e-mail (rob(atsign)sap.com) I can get you in contact with my collegeaus who can help you out.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any other queries.

  • Enquiry Spool Request Error

                        During T code of VA11 (change Enquiry ) while issueing OUtput , i m getting the error as '
    Value of spool attribute  cannot be changed.
    Message no. SSFCOMPOSER033
    The spool attribute  has the value . This cannot be changed within the spool job. You tried to change the value in .
    System Response
    Error message.
    Do not change the value of this attribute.
    Please suggest How to resolve it ..............

    Dear PP,
    Please consult with your BASIS-ADMIN; as this is not an SD-Error.
    Alternatively, You may post your query in to:
    [Forum: SAP NetWeaver Administrator|SAP NetWeaver Administrator;
    Best Regards,

  • Enquiry Quatation Scenario

    Hi all,
    Scenario starts with a formal enquiry from customer in a predefined
    format which will be punched in the system.
    1>Enquiry acceptance to be done.
    2>Checks to be built where quotation cannot be sent without the formal
    process of feasibility,
    3>Acceptance being followed. Enquiry feasibility minutes to be
    documented in the system, Template to be designed.
    4>Automatic cost calculation based on input of Process flow Diagram (
    Routing ) and work center master cost description;
    5>user can assign the margins based on margins desired.
    6>Also the user will be able to feed approx quantities to be Long term
    planning and the SAP will check if the additional work on the work
    center is possible based on capacity availability.
    7>If not, system will suggest capex based on cost of the work center
    available in the asset master.
    8>All this data will help the company while quoting to the customer.
    This is requirement before we send quatation to customer.
    Pls advice the feasibility in Standard SAP and the development

    Have a look at the MCSD certification tracks:
    https://www.microsoft.com/learning/en-us/mcsd-certification.aspx (open in Chrome or Firefox, will not work with IE)  MCSD is the most recent development certification from Microsoft.
    For SQL have a look at the MCSA for SQL 2012 certification
    https://www.microsoft.com/learning/en-us/mcsa-sql-certification.aspx (open in Chrome or Firefox, will not work with IE)
    After MCSA you can get MCSE:Data Platform with two addition exams:     
    When you see answers and helpful posts, please click Vote As Helpful, Propose As Answer, and/or Mark As Answer
    Danny van Dam
    MVP, MCC

  • Enquiry System in Workspace

    Hi all,
    Can I implement a Enquiry System that query database and return some results in Workspace? I tried to do it in search form and assign the results using "AssignTask" back to the creator, but the user will need to check his "To Do" list to retrieve the results. Can the result and search form in the same Form/Task without the user going to the "To Do" list?
    Thank you.

    There is another way. Similar to Jasmin's suggestion, but instead of prepopulating the data into the form, get the form to invoke a web service. You can pass parameters to the web service to determine what search you want to do, and can parse the results, and populate a table (or whatever) in the form.
    You can write the web service itself using whatever tools you like, including (my personal preference:-) a livecycle orchestration - so all the connection and query logic are in the backend, not the form - the form just does the user interface.
    We do this all the time in many of our forms to retrieve "lookup" data to dynmamically populate dropdowns, etc. If you'd like some assistance getting this set up, email info-at-avoka.com.
    Another option would be to build a flex application, and embed this into the Workspace as an initial form.

  • Enquiry Form Spam

    Two things.
    I have an Enquiry Form on my site and every now and then I
    receive a reply which is totally blank and although some fields are
    mandatory (name, email address), which I have set a behaviour for.
    I am puzzled how this gets through the system.
    The next is gobbledygook entries.
    Every now and then I receive something like the reply below,
    is the way around this to ask the user to fill in some random
    numbers like we have probably all seen somewhere on a form, and if
    so, how are these generated?

    Or a much simpler way than captcha is this (requires php
    or the extended
    AlanShaw wrote:
    > Two things.
    > I have an Enquiry Form on my site and every now and then
    I receive a reply
    > which is totally blank and although some fields are
    mandatory (name, email
    > address), which I have set a behaviour for. I am puzzled
    how this gets through
    > the system.
    > The next is gobbledygook entries.
    > Every now and then I receive something like the reply
    below, is the way around
    > this to ask the user to fill in some random numbers like
    we have probably all
    > seen somewhere on a form, and if so, how are these
    > name: ????????
    > company name: ????????
    > Address: ????<a
    > :
    > ???????????????? ?? ???????? ??
    > ?????????????????????????????? ??
    > ?? ?????? ????/?????????? ?? ?????????? ?? ?????????? ??
    > ???????????????? ...
    > Info Required: ????<a
    > :
    > ???????????????? ?? ???????? ??
    > ?????????????????????????????? ??
    > ?? ?????? ????/?????????? ?? ?????????? ?? ?????????? ??
    > ???????????????? ...
    > telephone number: 020-78907890
    > email address: [email protected]
    > submit: Submit Form

  • Enquiry about administration of SAP B1 8.8 PL10

    I have some enquiry about SAP B1 PL10 which are
    1  Can it be integrated with IBM Tivoli software for Application monitoring.
    2  Can it be integrated with Active Directory for authorization.
    3. Profiles of SAP users can be stored in Accrss Contril List of windows.
    4 Audit trail of information access (success and failure) by users can be audit trailed.

          To get better answers you can post this thread under SAP Business One System Administration category.
         I Hope you will get good response.

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