Error 201; CC desktop app constantly logged out, won't redownload

Running CC on Windows 7, 64bit. Have run into the "Please log in/You are now logged out" loop before, so uninstalled the CC desktop app, renamed the OOBE file to OOBE_OLD, and attempted to re-download and re-install the CC app. This worked last time, but today every time I attempt to download, it gives me error code 201 and tells me to seek help.
There does not appear to be anything pertinent to this issue on the forums already. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi LawnSnark ,
Welcome to Adobe Forums.
Error 201 indicates that the download of the installation files was unable to be resumed successfully or it can be lack of sufficient permissions as well.
Please create a new Administrator user account , Download Creative Cloud desktop app in new account and sign in.
Please reply for any assistance.

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    The home screen's "Social" app keeps logging out constantly from Facebook asking password. There is no "remember me" option in the app. This is really annoying and it prevents me of using the app.
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    I'm having the same problem. I get logged out, then it rejects my password. Sometimes, if I keep clicking "Sign In" after I get the "Incorrect userid or password", it lets me in. But then it kicks me right back out and shows me the Login to Twitter screen.

  • HT2433 what does the error message that says " You are logged out because another computer is using this IP address." mean?

    what does the error message that says " You are logged out because another computer is using this IP address." mean?

    Some other piece of network ghardware on your home LAN (Local Area Network) is using the IP address your Mac is trying to use.
    Reboot both your modem and router, or the Modem/Router combo box you have, and all pieces of networking equipment, computers and printers, you have connected to your LAN.
    If you continue to get that error then it is a bug in OS X or you have your Mac set to a Static IP address that is being handed out by the routers DHCP server to some other device.

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    This is sooooo frustrating - Is there any way this app can be set to stay logged in? Spotify's own recommendation to resolve an issue where the app keeps logging out is....... To reinstall!!!!! What use is that to people who have lots of music synched with their device? Do they expect us to reinstall every couple of weeks and spend 2 hours rescyncing large libraries? They need to try and resolve this or I for one may look at other services:(

    On my Nexus 4 running Android 4.2.2, Spotify was also asking me to log in everytime it restarted.
    I fixed it doing the following (Spotify refers to the Android application):
    Log in to Spotify application using my email (I don't have a Facebook-connected account)
    Put Spotify in Offline Mode
    Force Quit Spotify
    Restart Spotify and witness how it automatically logs in
    Disable Offline Mode
    After doing this I was able to preserve the login after both Force Quitting the app and Restarting the whole device.
    I guess enabling the Offline Mode sets some persistent login token that gets neglected otherwise.

  • constantly timing out (devicemgr, wiki, more) is constantly stating "Reading Profile Manager settings…" or any other service, though Profile Manager and Wiki are the most common. I get errors in the Console such as:
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                      Command = getState;
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                      Module = "servermgr_web";
                      Timestamp = "2013-01-07 22:48:27 +0000";
                      Command = getWebDAVSharingState;
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    Jan  8 08:48:43 office[1] ([2885]): Exited with code: 1
    This is a brand new, OS X Server 2.2, OS 10.8.2 installation. I migrated users, mail, calendar and wiki data over manually, but Profile Manager has not even been used (waiting for more RAM first). I even tried the reset procedure given by Apple here (, but I'm still getting these errors in the Console.
    Double-clicking any Group yields the message "Reading File Sharing settings" for nearly over 30 seconds before completes rendering the group and showing the group's members. The system.log error shown for that is:
    Jan  8 08:56:25 servermgrd[3940]: nsc_smb XPC: handle_event error : < Connection invalid >
    Since the error looks SMB related, and we have no need for that, I've ensured that "Share with Windows Clients" is unchecked for all of my three share points.
    What gives?

    The single biggest mistake in your analysis is assuming that if Windows (or a Wii or an iPhone or whatever other device) can connect, your router is not to blame.
    Though devices are designed to standards, there can be errors in implementing those standards or even simple software bugs that come into play.
    The example I've used over and over again is say there is a bug where when the router is asked to add "2 + 3" it answers "5" but when asked to add "3 + 2" it answers "6."
    If Windows only ever adds "2 + 3" but Mac OS X adds "3 + 2," it's not Apple's fault the router is incorrectly responding "6" in the later case.
    But let's start with easier questions:
    1) Are you sure that no proxy is being used if one shouldn't be, and vice-versa?
    2) Are the DNS addresses shown in your TCP/IP settings the same regardless of whether you are connected via AirPort or Ethernet?
    3) Could there be some interference in the area you are using your Mac? Recall also that Mac and Windows PCs use different antenna designs, so what interferes with one may not affect the other.

  • "Download Error" message in desktop app

    Had an issue with updated payment info not taking a little while back. Found out when the desktop app gave me the "download error" message and to contact customer service. Got the billing info squared away but the download error message I'm getting is still all I can get on the desktop app.
    I've tried signing out and signing back in, uninstalling the desktop app and reinstalling and still no joy. Anyone else having this issue? Or any insight as to what else I can try?

    What browser, and have you tried with your firewall temporarily disabled?
    Link for Download & Install & Setup & Activation problems may help
    -Comodo Security kills download
    -Server won't connect

  • Creative Cloud Desktop App refuses log-in for Windows 8

    I've been getting this "unknown server error" for 4 days on my windows 8 creative cloud desktop app. I cannot install other CC aps until you resolve this.
    -- This has been a problem ever since creative cloud FORCED me to "upgrade" the creative cloud desktop app last weekend. 
    The Desktop CC app worked fine before the forced upgrade.
    The error looks like this on my screen...
    To solve the problem, you must explain how do I get the upgrade creative cloud app to read my correct log in info?
    I'm using windows 8, AND I've already tried the following...
    1. re-installing creative cloud from the creative cloud website (did it 4 times now)
    2. changing the folder "OOBE" to "OOBE_old" (did not work)
    3. I also tried installing this exe: PC: , which did not work

    Hi Terranovascreen,
    Which OOBE folder have you renamed ? There are 2 which exist.
    Please follow the suggestion in the link below which might help :-

  • CC desktop app automatically signs out

    Recently extended my CC subscription, but now cannot open programs and the CC desktop app automatically signs me out as soon as I log in.  Help!

    Sign Out When Sign In may help
    -and 'looping'

  • Getting download Error in CC desktop app on iMac

    In the creative cloud desktop APP in the APPS window I get a message "Download Error" press retry to try again". When I click reload applications I keep getting the same error.
    I'm using a iMac Core 2 duo with Mac OSX Yosemite. Any thoughts?

    Please read, and reply back here with information
    -and try some steps such as changing browsers and turning off your firewall for downloads ip/
    A chat session where an agent may remotely look inside your computer may help
    Creative Cloud chat support (all Creative Cloud customer service issues)

  • Creative Cloud desktop app STILL signing out automatically

    I realize there are other threads on this, but wanted to chime in and say this is STILL an ongoing issue.  And it seems especially worse after the last CC app update.  I've lost count of the number of times I've had to sign in today.
    After watching the behavior for two days I've narrowed this down to an issue with Acrobat, at least on my machine.  It seems that opening a PDF file is what triggers the issue.  This does not happen every time, but every time I get the request to "sign in" and I notice my systray icon is grayed out it's after I've tried to open a PDF file.  Sometimes I can open the PDF with no issues, then after a few seconds the file will close and I'll get the "Adobe Software License Agreement" dialog box which I have to accept then have to sign into the cloud again.  And of course whenever that happens the next time I try to open any Adobe products I have to accept the licensing agreement each time.  Highly annoying!!  Is this issue any closer to being resolved??

    FWIW, with the help of Adobe support, my own problem seems to have been fixed (and stayed fixed) for about a week.
    For clarity, the major problem I had was the one described by the original poster, where I'd pingpong between being able to be logged into either the (Windows 7 32 bit) Creative Cloud app, or into Acrobat, but never both. If I used Acrobat, it would shortly thereafter log me out of CC; then when I logged back into CC, the next time I used Acrobat it would demand me to log in; and the cycle repeated forever.
    Anyway. The solution was to:
    log out of Creative Cloud
    uninstall Acrobat using "Add or remove programs" (aka Programs and Features) from the Windows Control Panel (there were TWO Acrobat entries; I removed both).
    check using the Adobe cleaner tool that there were no remaining traces of Acrobat (while leaving intact Creative Cloud and any other apps). In my case there were no remaining traces; presumably if you found any traces of Acrobat you'd use the cleaner tool to eradicate them before proceeding
    log back into the Creative Cloud app
    re-install Acrobat from within the Creative Cloud app
    As I said, all has been well for a week or so. I'll report back if it quits working again.

  • Iphone 5 Screen is Frozen Connection Timeout Error Connection to this app has timed out

    I upgraded to IOS 7 just a few hours before my Iphone 5 screen froze and I cannot make changes -  I have a Connection Timeout Error with Connection to this app has timed out.  With Ok in blue.  The screen doesn't respond,  I can turn off the phone, tap OK or do anthing.  Any advice on how I can reset or fix?

    Check for any anti-virus or anti-spyware software you might have. Temporarily disable that to continue. Normally this is what will cause a timeout. I assume you have a good Internet connection?

  • CC desktop keeps me logged out, wont let me log in

    CC desktop is keeping me logged out...will not let me log in.  I went online and was able to sign in fine, changed my password....still won't let me log in??????

  • IChat constantly logging out

    I have trashed my preferences, changed my port (5190>443) as I have found suggested here in the forums, to no results. The app continually logs itself out. help!

    I was trying to find out how you had set up your LAN.
    You have a computer and a box that connects to the internet.
    This may be a cable service, DSL over a phone line, Satellite, or even wireless of a cell phone service.
    The Mac is set as default to expect to find a IP address form a DHCP server.
    A DHCP server is a device that issues out IP automatically to any computer or router that connects to it.
    Many modems do this by default, as do routers.
    However it is not good practice to have both devices doing it as the computer then technically sits in two subnets (one form each device) as routers do not block this information from another source.
    What sort of service do you get from Roadrunner ?
    I take it that this is a cable service and that you are ethernetted to this box ?
    Now cable modems can be slightly different in that they can pass the IP address that is given to you by the ISP(Roadrunner)
    You can check on your Mac.
    Go to System Preferences > Network
    Use the second drop down and pick out how you connect to the device (Ethernet)
    Then make sure the TCP/IP tab is blue.
    This should say "Using DHCP" in a drop down just under the tabs.
    If this starts with either
    or 172.16 through to then it is the device that gives you that number
    Anything else will be coming from the ISP
    Can you confirm it says Using DHCP and the first three numbers ( or whatever it says) of the IP that appears underneath that ?
    10:29 PM Monday; February 12, 2007

  • CC Desktop App constantly requires clean reinstalls to work on Mac!

    Hi Adobe community,
    I have had constant problems with the Creative Cloud Desktop App not loading on start up or unable to launch it manually thus crashing every single CC application on my Mac running 10.7.5. Worst still, this is at least the 3rd time on this machine I have had to run the AdobeCreativeCloudCleanerTool to be able to reinstall the Creative Cloud Desktop App to be able to start working with any CC app. It has barely been a week since the last time and it has done it again, this is rediciolous.
    A few things to note.
    This never has happened on two Window PCs I've seen running CC
    A friend install it on their Mac (which is completely different model and probably was running OSX 10.8, though at the time I wasn't looking for that info) and I had to clean install the CC Desktop App to get it working.
    I use the same subscription and jump between two machines, ie a PC at the studio and the Mac on location/at home.
    If there is any extra information that would be useful to help diagnose let me know.

    Hi Romsinha,
    I have tried your suggestion and while it worked briefly after following your steps it is still having the same problems.
    Some how I think this is a software bug for Macs that still needs resolving as I don't think everytime requiring a clean install everytime just to use Photoshop or other CC programs is optimal performance!
    I would be happy to test any new fixes that are meant to fix the problem but at present I can't even tell you what version of the CC Desktop app is running as it's frozen though it supposably updated sucessfully yesterday...

  • My desktop apps are signed out and I can't sync my preferences

    I tried to log out and in from adobe manager and fron adobe cloud website but indesign and illustrator are still in a "not signed in" status and won't sync my preferences.
    Any ideas? Thanks a lot

    Help for Download & Install & Setup & Activation

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