Error 4960 during Adobe Premier el 10 trial download/installation

So I got this error in the end of the downloading process of the adobe premier elements 10 trial. Opens a dialog screen, attached a picture below:
I tried canceling download, force quiting bloody download assitant, uninstaling download assistant, but still get this error when opening this program. For some resons buttons pause and stop download do not respond. Can I somehow download the premier elements trial through the direct link on the internet without any download assistants? I am russian and it is like the frst time i tried to purchase an official application and pay for it in future, but after so much irritation I am about to go with pirate version without any concern of ethics and whats so ever.. By the way I am on mac os x ver 10.7.3

Where were you trying to download the install files too?  This often occurs when choosing the Application folder to download the install files too.  I would recommend completing solution 1 in Troubleshoot Adobe Download Assistant - n_1.  Please choose the default location of the User folder to download the install files too.
Alternately you can follow the steps listed at to initiate a direct download.

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    The message would suggest that the trial had been installed before. It will just be a marker indicating a prior installation. You may just have to reinstall AA8.

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    Cloud License allows 2 activations
    -Install on a 2nd computer
    -Windows or Mac does not matter... 2 on the same operating system, or 1 on each

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    Can you help me?

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    Version of Mac OS: OS X (10.8.5)

    No I'm running 10.8.5. (and can't update due to a critical application incompatibility).
    Thank you for clearing this up.

  • Cloud Subscription - Adobe Premier Elements says trial has expired - needs license key.

    Subjectec says it all.  I've seen similar threads but no solutions.

    Keeganteh8yrold please post your inquiry regarding a feature comparison in the Premiere Pro forum at

  • I have installed Adobe Premier Elements 11 Trial version, can't find program

    I have downloaded this multiple times through the Download Assistant, the program does not then automatically install, but I went to the folder where I had directed the download and double clicked on the Setup file.  Then the installation process happened and I got the message at the end saying my installation is complete.  No icon shows up on my desktop and I cannot locate the program anywhere.  I even tried uninstalling the Download Assistant, re-installing it and re-downloading and re-installing.  Still nothing.  Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

    You will have to provide system information and other details...

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    Error Package Support Uploaded: 00-30402-091818122011
    xit Code: 24
    -------------------------------------- Summary --------------------------------------
    - 0 fatal error(s), 18 error(s), 0 warning(s)
    ERROR: DW001: Set payload cancelled status
    ERROR: DW049: Payload {007A2A28-D6A8-4D91-9A2B-568FF8052215} has an action "install" but no resultState
    ERROR: DW049: Payload {0AA9D11A-227D-45AB-A5D5-6F5F6E81D5E3} has an action "install" but no resultState
    ERROR: DW049: Payload {0AF29C46-6E82-4402-9019-8A6BB0F981D4} has an action "install" but no resultState
    ERROR: DW049: Payload {28B74F2E-2E70-4B44-A581-0C19F62A5D6E} has an action "install" but no resultState
    ERROR: DW049: Payload {52411D2C-81DD-442F-81C7-D867F6D73491} has an action "install" but no resultState
    ERROR: DW049: Payload {60CB5C6D-5B99-45D3-BAB5-E7728182101E} has an action "install" but no resultState
    ERROR: DW049: Payload {6A2E619B-E4AC-433B-A648-D458CE543A96} has an action "install" but no resultState
    ERROR: DW049: Payload {6F3A624B-1B72-4081-96E8-23261F389C5C} has an action "install" but no resultState
    ERROR: DW049: Payload {A44863BF-8DB8-4D22-88DB-5A02BE319840} has an action "install" but no resultState
    ERROR: DW049: Payload {BC5880C9-E055-4E57-826A-749E79C498C2} has an action "install" but no resultState
    ERROR: DW049: Payload {BD0D6363-E961-410F-8BF4-ECD8795F3923} has an action "install" but no resultState
    ERROR: DW049: Payload {E6FE3234-EA6D-4F21-AF83-E7279A985CD1} has an action "install" but no resultState
    ERROR: DW049: Payload {EB3A47AA-B4E2-4857-A69C-92A6E097F24C} has an action "install" but no resultState
    ERROR: DW049: Payload {FEA75AFB-4905-43BB-B1D5-5B44D681BFE7} has an action "install" but no resultState
    ERROR: DW050: The following payload errors were found during install:
    ERROR: DW050:  - Camera Profiles Installer: User cancelled installation
    ERROR: DW001: User cancelled the operation

    No I did not cancel the install and I ran it dozens of times.  The solution that was finally successful was to copy the files/folders from the .dmg on the disk to a temporary directory.  I then had to enable the root user which the instructions from Apple for Lion do not work for Lion Server which I have.  I used the
    this command from a terminal window: dsenableroot
    I then ran the sudo from the temporary directory I copied the .dmg files/folders to: sudo
    This was one of the most frustrating 5 days trying to get this software to load that I've ever had.  The reason I bought a Mac was that I was told Adobe PSE and Photoshop CS runs much better on a Mac and it wasn't running well at all on my nearly 4 year old Lenovo notebook.  I should have learned UNIX commands when I made my employees learn Linux.  I didn't think I'd ever need this knowledge on a Mac but I was wrong.
    You obviously didn't look at the error package I loaded which is posted at the beginning of my post "Error Package Support Uploaded: 00-30402-091818122011".
    It is not very encouraging that I see other users with the same problem and Adobe has not issue a bulletin in the forums about loading PSE on Lion Server.  The existing stock can't obviously be fixed but putting a prominent message on the forums as was done for the install issues with Premiere Elements 10.  I'm pretty disappointed with Adobe at this point.  I hope I will have a better experience once I get my backlog of .raw photos converted to .jpg which is why I bought Photoshop Elements 10.

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    Dear Sir/Madam:-
    Using Windows 7, I7 Processor, 64 bit OS, 16GB memory. Had Adobe Acrobat X, OK.
    Uninstalled Adobe X, using the normal Windows uninstall procedure. Rebooted.
    Downloaded and installed the trial Adobe Acrobat XI.
    Double click Adobe Acrobat desktop icon, nothing happens.
    Go to Distiller runs OK.
    Time is running out on the trial?
    Before I spend any money is it possible to get it to work?
    Regards Oggy

    Dear Sir/Madam:-
    Acrobat XI:- Windows 64 bit, Intel i7 @ 2.6GHz, 24 GB memory (not overclocked).
    Tried the Acrobat Cleaner Tool and reinstalled XI, not OK, same as before, Acrobat XI does not run.
    Tried a normal Windows un-install of Acrobat XI, then reboot, then Acrobat Cleaner Tool, then reboot, then re-install XI, same as before, does not run.
    XI Distiller OK.
    Reinstalled previous version Acrobat Pro X, all OK. Why does Acrobat XI not run if Acrobat X works?
    Wondering if there is a generic problem with 64 bit OS and Acrobat XI?
    Is the Acrobat Cleaner Tool suitable for Acrobat XI?
    Regards Oggy.
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