Error executing Custom Infotype..

An Invalid table name PA9001 is mentioned in the open SQL Statement.
Exception:CX_SY_DYNAMIC_OSQL_SEMANTICS occoured in procedure READ_DATABASE but neither
handled locally nor declared in the RAISING clause of its signature.
Termination occoured in ABAP Program SAPFP50P- in "READ_DATABASE".
The main Program was "MP900100".
I did not do any modifications in the programming part.Even then I am getting the errors..

I had faced these issues before while creation of custom infotype. But I found later that its the incorrect authorizations which is not allowing the system to create the structures.
When you create an infotype, sap follows few steps to create various strcutures and table enties.
But due to insufficient authorizations, many of them are skipped. e.g. A functional person does not have authorization to create tables/ structures through SE11. I think this is the reason why the table PA9xxx is not created in your case.
Fix your authorizations, and recreate the custom infortype.
Reward points if it helps.

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  • Error for custom infotype in PPOME

    Hello Experts,
    I have created one custom OM infotype for object position.Now when i am trying to acccess that Infotype in PO13 it is working fine but when i am trying to acccess the custom infotype in PPOME it is giving a dump.
    Error in the ABAP program "SAPLRHOMDETAIL_PP01" had to be terminated because it has come accross a statement which cannot be exceuted.
    An exception occurred.
    The exception, which is assigned to class 'CX_SY_ASSIGn_CAST_UNKNOWN_TYPE', was not caught in procedure "INIT_SUBSCREEN" "(FORM)" nor was it propagagted by raising clause exception.
    The reason for the exception is :
    The type "" dynamically specified with ASSIGN....CASTING TYPE is unknown.
    Please guide me where i am doing mistake.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Sudha,
    PM01 is the tcode.
    Similar questions were already answered in the following threads
    ABAP HR : Infotype Enhancement
    So please search and then post specific queries.

  • Subtype ERROR in Custom infotype

    i have created a custome infotype.
    i have assigned a subtype for the same.
    but it is not working.
    when i press F4 in subtype field  error is displayed.
    ERROR MESSAGE is " infoytpe xxxx not supported".

    I am also facing the same problem  .
    Can anybody tell how to remove this error.

  • Error in custom infotype creation

    I have created a custom infotype IT9100 .
    When I am seeing the screen layout in se51 information message
    Element PSPAR-ITTXT touches or overlaps other element
    ITTXT stores the infotype text
    Now when I am activating my screen its showing error
    Collision at target location.*
    Could you please let me know how to deal with such prob.

    please check whether in the layout set may be those fields are overlaping.
    generally i didnt get those type of messages.

  • Error executing custom function module

    Hi all,
    am trying to read a function module form my java code as below.
    There is no problem with the function module.
    I think there is some problem with the java code that is written. I am sure the problem lies with the  TABLES IT_PRODUCT_DATA STRUCTURE  ZOG_ITEM_SCREENSTR.
    Function module parameters and signature.
    ""Local Interface:
    *"  TABLES
    Java Code that is Implemented is attached above.
    public ArrayList fetchOrderGuide(String customerNumber) {
              ArrayList itemList = new ArrayList();
                                       ItemSalesDoc itemSalesDoc = new ItemSalesDoc();
              if (log.isDebugEnabled()) {
                   log.debug("inside ZAdminLogin");
              JCoConnection aJCoCon = (JCoConnection) getConnectionFactory().getConnection(,
                             JCO.Function zFetchSalesOrderFunctionModule = aJCoCon.getJCoFunction("ZGET_CUST_ORDERGUIDE_ITEMDATA");
                             // set the import values
                             Table zItemsTable = new Table("ITEMS");
                             JCO.ParameterList importParams = zFetchSalesOrderFunctionModule.getImportParameterList();
                             importParams.setValue("BP-104", "IV_CUSTOMER");
                             JCO.Table zRtItems = zFetchSalesOrderFunctionModule.getTableParameterList().getTable("IT_PRODUCT_DATA");
                                            int numberOfPackages = zRtItems.getNumRows();
                                            if (log.isDebugEnabled()) {
                                                 log.debug("number of packages " + numberOfPackages);
                                            if (numberOfPackages > 0)
                                                 for (int j=0; j<numberOfPackages; j++)
                                                      TableRow itemRow = zItemsTable.insertRow();
                                                      //itemRow.setRowKey(new TechKey(zRtItems.getString("EXIDV")));
                        catch(JCO.AbapException abapException)
                             //Exception thrown, user is not valid
                                  log.debug(  abapException.getKey());
                   catch (Exception ex)
                        if (log.isDebugEnabled()) {
              catch(BackendException beeEx)
              return itemList;     
    ZGET_CUST_ORDERGUIDE_ITEMDATA:: - IN: INPUT * IV_CUSTOMER='BP-104' IV_ORDER_GUID='00000000000000000000000000000000'
    Oct 9, 2008 6:48:41 AM,507 SAPEngine_Application_Thread[impl:3]_7 Error Error occcurred in EAI layer "$Exception: (106) JCO_ERROR_RESOURCE: Trying to access row values in a table which does not have any rows yet".
    [EXCEPTION]$Exception: (106) JCO_ERROR_RESOURCE: Trying to access row values in a table which does not have any rows yet
    All helpful answers will be rewarded heavily

    first of all you do not set the import values for your table correct. You should do something similar like this:
    Function myFunction = connection.getJCoFunction(Z_FM");
    Table myTable = myFunction.getTableParameterList().getTable("Z_TABLE");
    for(int i=0; i<2; i++) {
    Did you debug your java class? You should check at which point your java class throws the error.

  • Error while creating a query for my custom infotype

    I have created a custom infotype with fields currency amount and currency field .
    While I am creating a query for it its giving an error
    Message no. AQ_AD_HOC221 Error when generating the report(see long text )
    I tried to execute the standard program RPUMS40CCI but still I am facing same error .
    I have also maintained table T777i for my infotype but still problem exists.
    Please help.

    Check in PM01

  • Query HR: error execution with infotype custom

    Can you help me?
    In upgrade to ECC 6.0, when I create a query with an Infotype custom, I see this error:  "Error when generating the report" (long text is about "AQ_AD_HOC221").

    Hi Manu,
    I executed the above mentioned program RPUMS40CCI by putting flag on above mentioned fields but I am still getting the error *Error when generating the report ( see long text ) *
    My custom infotype has currency field. Due to think its something related with currency field.
    Please let me know if u have any clue.

  • Error while editing an automaticlly populated record of  a custom infotype

    a query in HR ABAP.
    i have created a custom Infotype to store the CTC details of an employee. this custom IT needs to get the records auto populated, when they are created in Infotype 0008.
    i have used the exit. EXIT_SAPFP50M_002  inside which  an include program is written  :ZXPADU02
    using this, the records made to get create automatically in the custom IT.
    but when we try to modify or delete those records thru the tcode PA30,
    it does not allow to do so and throws a standard error message. as  below.
    Specified subtype is invalid
    Message no. PG088
    please help me out to fix this issue.

    the exact point of the std error is,
    i do the folowing steps.
    1)_ for auto creating a record in custom IT Pa**** , i goto transaction, PA30, create record in IT 0008 with a basic Pay., click on save.
    on saving , the EXIT_SAPFP50M_002 is called where i ve written a Z inlcude Program, which inserts the record in custom IT PA****.  this is successful.
    2) when i try to change or delete the same record which i ve created as above, through the Tcode PA30 for custom IT, PA
    ****, i get the error.
    hope the problem is clearly mentioned

  • Execute custom SQL in DB Adpater errors out in Production - urgent please.

    I get this error when running the process in PROD at invoking delete operation that I'm doing by selecting the execute custom SQL option while defining the DB adapter. It worked fine in TEST environment but errors out in PROD env.
    Any suggestions on why? Its urgent.
    The state of this instance is Faulted
    <messages><input><InvokeDelete_InputVariable><part xmlns:xsi="" name="DeleteDataInput_msg"><DeleteDataInput xmlns=""/>
    </part></InvokeDelete_InputVariable></input><fault><remoteFault xmlns=""><part name="code"><code>17410</code>
    </part><part name="summary"><summary>file:/prod/app/bpel/as/bpel/domains/verint/tmp/.bpel_SynchOTLLoad_1.0_0259c5f142631959ec0fb067d23fe98e.tmp/DeleteData.wsdl [ DeleteData_ptt::DeleteData(DeleteDataInput_msg) ] - WSIF JCA Execute of operation 'DeleteData' failed due to: Pure SQL Exception.
    Pure SQL Execute of delete from xxhxc_timeattend_to_otl where report_date >= TRUNC(ADD_MONTHS(sysdate, -1),'MM') failed. Caused by java.sql.SQLException: No more data to read from socket.
    ; nested exception is:
    Pure SQL Exception.
    Pure SQL Execute of delete from xxhxc_timeattend_to_otl where report_date >= TRUNC(ADD_MONTHS(sysdate, -1),'MM') failed. Caused by java.sql.SQLException: No more data to read from socket.
    The Pure SQL option is for border use cases only and provides simple yet minimal functionality. Possibly try the "Perform an operation on a table" option instead.
    </part><part name="detail"><detail>No more data to read from socket</detail>

    Looks like in production you have much more data than you do in your test environments.
    It could be something wrong with your rollback segments. Is there any other activity happening when this is running?
    What happens when you run this command inside SQLPlus?

  • Add new loop field in custom infotype - error field .. not assigned to loop

    I have a task of adding a new loop field in a custom infotype screen 3000. Here, in the past there have only been the fields begin date and end date. I need to add a new field, so this is how I proceeeded:
    1) I modified the screen 3000 in SE38, adding the field where I wanted and defining a loop.
    Now, I get the syntax error : Field P9500-field is not assigned to a LOOP. LOOP...ENDLOOP must appear in PBO and PAI.
    There must be something wrong in what I'm doing, can you please let me know a quick fix on this or how I can accomplish this in PM01? Please keep in mind that this is a custom infotype for SAP TEM, I can't see it in PA.
    Best regards,

    Not a nice solution but I had to do this quick and I'll correct it in the next days:
    The old flow logic PBO code was:
    If I wanted to insert here something like:
      FIELD whatever
        MODULE dummy.
    , I'd get stupid error messages like this other field is not in loop, endloop, then if I put that other field I'd get the error that the fields are in the same loop...
    Wanting just to get this over with, I added the following code (after the initial loop):
        FIELD whatever
          MODULE FILL_DYNPRO."same module as above
    This was repeated in PAI.
    This pretty much works out fine for the moment, I'll look for finer solutions in the week to come.
    Thanks for the help, guys.
    Best regards,

  • Custom infotype getting error in overview

    I have a custom infotype that short dumps when I click on the overview button.  The message that I get is 'Syntx error or generation error in a screen.'  The error analysis says 'Screen "MP900500" 3000 could not be generated.'.  Screen 3000 is the screen that is created by SAP when you create the custom infotype.  Does anyone know how to correct this?

    I have all of the fields in the structure in both of the chain sections of the PAI.  do they have to be in the order that they are in the structure?  I also tried removing the display only fields from the section that said 'check and mark if there was any input: all fields that accept input HAVE TO BE listed here'.  The screen works normally, it just dumps when I click the overview button.
    Edited by: Paul Sullivan on Jan 11, 2011 8:39 PM
    Edited by: Paul Sullivan on Jan 11, 2011 8:39 PM

  • Custom Infotype error in upgrade.

    We did a upgrade from 4.6C to 5.0.
    When we are doing syntax check for one of the program which has used custom infotype 9002
    it is giving following error "Include report "%_HR9002" not found."
    What could be the reason for this ?

    >>>Could please explain me the use of this include....
    YES.. SAP looks for this include if you have used it with the INFOTYPES:9xxxx declaration in any Program. Otherwise, you will not hit the error. this was a known bug in 46c-47 upgrade and SAP ought to have fixed it by now.. I am surprised.. anyway good that PM01 fixed it for you.. you can also use the report I suggested to generate the include enmasse ie for all the Custom Infotypes in one go..
    Suresh Datti

  • Custom infotyp creation error

    I am creating a customized infotype, when i activate the layout shows me the error message "Input/output field not defiend"
    But am unable to input the check in screen painter already the field is disabled.  Pls Assist. URGENT.

    For this you need to go to the change mode on the screen painter and then click on input/output field..
    Or you can go directly yo the element list of your screen and check the I/O option there for that field.
    Sonu Gupta

  • Custom infotype syntax error

    in the modulepool program for my custom infotype 9050, I have defined a field symbol like below in the top include.
                           DEFAULT P9050.
    still it is showing <PNNNN> is unkown.
    Seconldy, can anyone give an simple modulepool code for custom infotypes ( 9xxx).
    Uday Madhav

    check out these..
    Re: how to transport  infotypes?

  • Error imparting while creating Customized infotypes

    Dear Expert,
    I am working on customized infotype for the PA module.
    i am creating through PM01, i have update the fields and save, check and activate the structure then i go back to PM01 main screen the following warning massage imparting. for reference following screen shot
    But still i go back and click on technical attribute button for the maintain the details. the new warning massage
    Please help me out how to resolved this issue, i am unable to do the customized infotypes.

    Hi Urvashi,
    The field names of your infotypes better have to start with ZZ* like ZZWRITE or ZZREAD. This would avoid 2 warnings.
    The other 2 warnings are caused because you didn't set an enhancement category for your structure PS9002.
    If you're creating a new infotype, please use the button "generate objects" in place of edit.
    Afterwards, you could go to each step with the edit button.
    Best regards,

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