Error Loading Transactional Data into Cube(0PCA_C01)

Hi Guys,
    I am trying to Install the following cubes from Business Content. 0PCA_C01 / 0PCA_C02 (Profit Center Analysis). Everything got replicated. I am trying to load transaction data now. I created Infopackage and loaded the data. Its running for a long time. It still says " not yet completed/warning ". If i try to see the content of the cube, I am getting the following errors.
"Your user master record is not sufficiently maintained for object Authorization Object3.
Also if i try to change something in the infopackage, it says "Init. select. for field name  currently running in". I guess its because the job is still running.
Please let me know if i missed something.

Hi Raj
This seems to be an authorization case.
i guess you are in BW Dev system.
Go to SU01. Enter your user id and display.Go to Tabs ROle and PRofile.
Ideally in development, a developers id shud have access to all devevlopment activities. So check with basis folks and get access to the relevant profiles. If you can get SAP_ALL, then perfect!!
Assignin points is a way of saying thanks on SDN!!

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  • While loading transaction data into cube what are the tables generats

    while loading transaction data into cube what are the tables normally generats.

    Normally datas will be loading to 'F'- Fact tables (/BIC/F****) *** - cube name..
    When you do compress the request the data will be moved into E tables.

  • Error loading the data into cube

    Hi All,
    wen i am loading the data in the ASO Cube its giving warning but i did every thing correct yester day it was loaded correctly buttoday its not loading its giving warning ASO application ignore update to derived cells even i clear the data wats this error
    so plz can any one help
    Reading Rule SQL Information For Database accdb
    Reading Rules From Rule Object For Database accdb
    Parallel dataload enabled: [1] block prepare threads, [1] block write threads.
    Aggregate storage applications ignore update to derived cells. 29 cells skipped
    Data Load Elapsed Time with http://dataldcu.rul : http://0.094 seconds
    Database import completed
    Output columns prepared: [0]

    In ASO cubes you can only load data at level 0 (=leaf level). Every upload to aggregated dimension members are ignored. The warning message "ignore update to derived cells" is meaning that you are trying to load data at node level. As this is not possible with ASO cubes, essbase ignores that data.

  • How to load image data into cube?? Is it possible??

    How to load image data into cube?? Is it possible??
    Any sugession??

    Hi Andre,
    Document will be of ASCII characters right?? but image data will be in binary format. as per database concept it is stored as binary large object. But in datawarehousing the back end is also going to be some database such as Oracle or other DBs.
    which can take blob's. so it would be possible to store the binary data.
    If any one has faced this situation can this ques.
    can post the step to load image(jpg/bmp or any image format) data in to info cube??
    hi andre if u have done loading image data as you say.pls reply me if you have the steps with you.
    thanks Andre

  • Error 3, when loading transaction data into an info cube from flat file

    HI friends,
    I have taken 2 dimension info cube. (customer and product dimensions).I loaded master data through direct update by preparing 2 excel sheets seperately for customer and product. For loading transaction data(through flexible update), I prepared single excel sheet covering all values that is master data info objects of customer and product, key figure values and taken 0unit, 0currency,0calday in transfer rules.(in excel sheet)
    Once I load the data, the "data was requested" option is appearing and error 3 coming, when I go for monitor to check the data.

    Hi Ram,
          In Monitor see the error message by clicking on Error message button or
         go to details tab and expand the nodes to see which record is having problem.

  • Dead lock error while updating data into cube

    We have a scenario of daily truncate and upload of data into cube and volumes arrive @ 2 million per day.We have Parallel process setting (psa and data targets in parallel) in infopackage setting to speed up the data load process.This entire process runs thru process chain.
    We are facing dead lock issue everyday.How to avoid this ?
    In general dead lock occurs because of degenerated indexes if the volumes are very high. so my question is does deletion of Indexes of the cube everyday along with 'deletion of data target content' process help to avoiding dead lock ?
    Also observed is updation of values into one infoobject is taking longer time approx 3 mins for each data packet.That infoobject is placed in dimension and defined it as line item as the volumes are very high for that specific object.
    so this is over all scenario !!
    two things :
    1) will deletion of indexes and recreation help to avoid dead lock ?
    2) any idea why the insertion into the infoobject is taking longer time (there is a direct read on sid table of that object while observed in sql statement).

    1) will deletion of indexes and recreation help to avoid dead lock ?
    To avoid this problem, we need to drop the indexes of the cube before uploading the data.and rebuild the indexes...
    just find out in SM12 which is the process which is causing lock.... Delete that.
    find out the process in SM66 which is running for a very long time.Stop  this process.
    Check the transaction SM50 for the number of processes available in the system. If they are not adequate, you have to increase them with the help of basis team
    2) any idea why the insertion into the infoobject is taking longer time (there is a direct read on sid table of that object while observed in sql statement).
    Lie item dimension is one of the ways to improve data load as well as query performance by eliminationg the need for dimensin table. So while loading/reading, one less table to deal with..
    Check in the transformation mapping of that chs, it any rouitne/formula  is written.If so, this can lead to more time for processing that IO.
    Storing mass data in InfoCubes at document level is generally not recommended because when data is loaded, a huge SID table is created for the document number line-item dimension.
    check if your IO is similar to doc no...

  • Unable to load the data into Cube Using DTP in the quality system

    I am unable to load the data from PSA to Cube using DTP in the quality system for the first time
    I am getting the error like" Data package processing terminated" and "Source TRCS 2LIS_17_NOTIF is not allowed".
    Please suggest .

    Some Infoobjects are missing while collecting the transport.
    I collected those objects and transported ,now its working fine.
    Many Thanks to all

  • Error while uploading data into cube

    I am trying to upload data into my content cube but I got an error it says"
    "Time conversion from 0CALDAY to 0FISCPER (fiscal year S1 ) failed with value 20040303"     
    I checked the data in the PSA it's there but the first record is not green light it has red light. Could you please give me some idea how to solve this problems.
    Thank you in advance

    If you don't know if you want to take over all settings (especially exchange rates may be critical) the problem is probably found in the fiscal year variant. So if you just take over the fiscal year variants.
    If the problem remains you could check the following things:
    In SPRO -> Global Settings -> Fiscal Year Variants (or similar) check:
    Does a fiscal year variant S1 exist?
    Is it time dependent? If yes, is it valid for Mar 3rd 2004?
    If it is a self defined variant check if there is a period defined for March 3rd 2004.
    Best regards

  • Error loading the data into ODS - Message no. BRAIN060?

    I am getting following error while load the data from flat file, data loaded successfully from flat file to PSA but I got following error while updating the data from PSA to data target:
    Value '010384 javablue' (hex. '30003100300033003800340020006A0061007600610062006C') of characteristic 0PO_NUMBER contains invalid characters
    Message no. BRAIN060
    The following standard characters are valid in characteristic values as default:
    Characteristic values are not allowed if they only consist of the character "#" or begin with "!". If the characteristic is compounded, this also applies to each partial key.
    You are trying to load the invalid characteristic value 1. (hexidecimal representation 30003100300033003800340020006A0061007600610062006C).
    I am trying to load Value '010384 javablue' to "0PO_NUMBER" info object for ODS with in one row with some other data.
    Any idea or any input to resolve this issue?
    Thanks in advance for any input.

    Thanks Soumya, I have maintained the upper case letters, but I am loading upper and lower case mixed to PO number? and it is not working. What is the solution to this? If I set lower case property to the PO number infoobject, it won't accept upper case. If I uncheck the lower case then it won't accept lower case letters. I cannot add upper and lower case letters in RSKC, because it accepts up to 72 characters, I have already have more than 60 characters (special char, numbers and 26 upper case letters).
    I have already tried transfer routine but you can either convert to lower or upper but it doesn't work. we need both uper and lower case for po number, and R/3 is accepting it. why BW doesn't accept both?
    Any idea what can be done?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Error 'Loading Textfile data into external table'

    I am using Apex 2.0, Oralce Database 10G and Internet Explorer (version 6.5)
    I tried to run following code using SQLCommands of SQLWORKSHOP of Apex
    Code Here:
    ddl1 varchar2(200);
    ddl2 varchar2(4000);
    ddl1 := 'create or replace directory data_dir as
    execute immediate ddl1;
    ddl2:= 'create table tbl_temp_autoload
         RECTYPE VARCHAR2(2),
         BIMAGEID VARCHAR2(11),
         APPLICNBR NUMBER(10),
         MEALIMAGE VARCHAR2(17),
         MEDIIMAGE VARCHAR2(17),
         LANGUAGE VARCHAR2(1),
         PESTATUS VARCHAR2(1),
         COMMENTS VARCHAR2(50),
         SID1 VARCHAR2(10),
         WID1 NUMBER(10),
         MEDIROW1 VARCHAR2(1),
         LASTNAME1 VARCHAR2(20),
         FIRSTNAME1 VARCHAR2(20),
         SCHOOL1 VARCHAR2(15),
         LOCCD1 VARCHAR2(4),
         CASENBR1 VARCHAR2(15),
         FOSTER1 VARCHAR2(1),
         CHILDINC1 VARCHAR2(4),
         RACEAIAN VARCHAR2(1),
         RACEBAA VARCHAR2(1),
         RACENHPI VARCHAR2(1),
         HISPANIC VARCHAR2(1),
         ADULTSIG3 VARCHAR2(1),
         ADULTNAME3 VARCHAR2(30),
         SSN3 VARCHAR2(1),
         SSN3NOT VARCHAR2(1),
         ADDRESS VARCHAR2(30),
         APTNBR VARCHAR2(6),
         CTY VARCHAR2(20),
         ZIP NUMBER(5),
         PHONEHOME VARCHAR2(12),
         PHONEWORK VARCHAR2(12),
         MEALROWA VARCHAR2(1),
         LNAMEA VARCHAR2(20),
         FNAMEA VARCHAR2(20),
         MINITA VARCHAR2(6),
         GENDERA VARCHAR2(1),
         AGEA NUMBER(2),
         MOTYPEA VARCHAR2(1),
         MONAMEA VARCHAR2(1),
         FATYPEA VARCHAR2(1),
         FANAMEA VARCHAR2(1),
         FAMNBR NUMBER(1),
         PGSIG1 VARCHAR2(1),
         PGNAME1 VARCHAR2(30),
         PGSIGDATE1 VARCHAR2(10),
         FAMSIZE1 VARCHAR2(2),
         FAMINC1 VARCHAR2(6),
         PGSIG2 VARCHAR2(1),
         PGNAME2 VARCHAR2(30),
         FAMSIZE2 VARCHAR2(2),
         FAMINC2 VARCHAR2(4),
         GRADE NUMBER(2),
         SCHOOL VARCHAR2(40),
         RACE VARCHAR2(4),
         MEDI_CALID VARCHAR2(15),
         ADULT1NAME VARCHAR2(40),
         ADULT1TYPE VARCHAR2(1),
         ADULT1INC1 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT1INC2 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT1INC3 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT1INC4 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT2NAME VARCHAR2(40),
         ADULT2TYPE VARCHAR2(1),
         ADULT2INC1 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT2INC2 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT2INC3 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT2INC4 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT3NAME VARCHAR2(40),
         ADULT3TYPE VARCHAR2(1),
         ADULT3INC1 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT3INC2 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT3INC3 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT3INC4 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT4NAME VARCHAR2(40),
         ADULT4TYPE VARCHAR2(1),
         ADULT4INC1 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT4INC2 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT4INC3 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT4INC4 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT5NAME VARCHAR2(40),
         ADULT5TYPE VARCHAR2(1),
         ADULT5INC1 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT5INC2 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT5INC3 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT5INC4 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT6NAME VARCHAR2(40),
         ADULT6TYPE VARCHAR2(1),
         ADULT6INC1 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT6INC2 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT6INC3 VARCHAR2(5),
         ADULT6INC4 VARCHAR2(5),
         AGE1LT19 VARCHAR2(1),
         AGE2LT19 VARCHAR2(1),
         AGE3LT19 VARCHAR2(1),
         AGE4LT19 VARCHAR2(1),
         AGE5LT19 VARCHAR2(1),
         AGE6LT19 VARCHAR2(1),
         MIDINIT1 VARCHAR2(1)
    organization external
    ( type oracle_loader
    default directory data_dir
    access parameters
    ( fields terminated by '','' )
    location (''DataJuly07.txt'')
    execute immediate ddl2;
    Error Received:
    ORA-29913:error in executing ODCIEXITTABLEFETCH callout ORA-30653: reject limit reached
    Please help ASAP. I am new with oracle and Apex. Any help will be appreciated greatly.

    I downloaded the External table simple application from the Apex Packaged application and installed it. It installed successfully but when I run it - it doesn't load the data eventhough I get a message stating it was successful. I am running it on OracleXE - Apex 3.0.1.
    In addition, I tried running the stored procedure directly (ext_employees_load) in sql-developer and received the ora-30648.
    Please help.

  • Error loading transaction data from csv file

    Hello all
    I am getting the following error when loading from a .csv file:
    Error 'The argument '-65.025,60' cannot be interpreted as a number' on assignment field BALANCE record 1 value -65.025,60
    The BALANCE field is defined as : 0D_BALANCE (from the SAP Demo Cubes).
    Any help on this is appreciated.

    Thank you all for your help
    I made the changes. I was still getting the error until I had changed one item.
    Under the FIELDS tab, I set the "FORMAT" to "External".
    After doing this, all worked well.
    Thanks again!

  • Error Loading XML Data into Template Builder

    I am using XMLP 5.6.2 with E-business Suite. I copied a seeded Oracle Apps report and changed the output from Text to XML. I executed the report and it generated XML Output. I saved the output file as an XML file using IE.
    When I try to load the XML Data file in MS Word, I am getting:
    'Error No :-1072896682: Invalid at the top level of the document.
    Line No : 1
    Position : 1
    File Pos: 0
    Source: Authentication failed
    I never had this problem before using the older version of XMLP (I think it was 5.0).
    Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

    Try using "view source" within IE to get the XML in a text file (Notepad) and save it from there. Then it should load fine. When you save it directly from the browser window there is extra formatting that prevents it from being loaded in template builder.

  • Error loading essbase data into flat files through DIM

    Hi All,
    While running the session in DIM 8.1.1 which will load data from Hyperion essbase ( to flat file it fails.
    From the log file it shows failes to load the HASReader plugins.
    All the environmental variables are properly set.
    Still I am facing this issue.
    Could anymore suggest me what I am missing.

    Hi Avs sai,
    By default, the columns in the destination flat file will be non-Unicode columns, e.g. the data type of the columns will be DT_STR. If you want to keep the original DT_WSTR data type of the input column when outputting to the destination file, you can check
    the Unicode option on the “Choose a Destination” page of the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard. Then, on the “Configure Flat File Destination” page, you can click the Edit Mappings…“ button to check the data types. Please see the screenshot:
    Mike Yin
    TechNet Community Support

  • Error while loading data into cube 0calday to 0fiscper (2lis_13_vdcon)

    Hi all,
    I m getting following error while loading the data into cube.
    "Time conversion from 0CALDAY to 0FISCPER (fiscal year V3 ) failed with value 10081031"
    amit shetye

    Hi Amit,
    This conversion problem. Calender not maintained for Fiscal variant "V3", for Year: 1008.
    Maintain calender for year: 1008 and transfer global setting from soruce(R/3).
    RSA1--> Source systems --> from context menu --> transfer global settings > choose fiscal year variants and calender> execute
    Hope it Helps

  • Loading transaction data using an attribute field in the BW cube

    I am trying to load transaction data into BPC.  All but one of my dimensions are referencing technical fields.  One of my fields is referencing an attribute of a technical field.  The technical field is called 0MAT_PLANT and the attribute of that field is 0PROFIT_CTR.  In my mapping section of my transaction file I set the PROFIT_CTR dimension to 0MAT_PLANT__0PROFIT_CTR.  The transaction file validates and processes fine but when I try to import I get the error message: 0MAT_PLANT__0PROFIT_CTR is not a valid command or column 0MAT_PLANT__0PROFIT_CTR does not exist in source
    Does anyone know how to complete this successfully?
    Karen B. Thibodeau

    If is mapped fine and still getting same errors, maybe you can try to check if the IO attribute it's checked in the options in the data package.

Maybe you are looking for