Error message then replying to emails

I updated the settings based on the changes in the last 2 mos.  Ever since i cannot reply to emails from my phone.  The error message states that xxx was rejected by the server becuase it does not allow relaying.  What setting needs to corrected? 

Please post the make and model of your phone, I am sure someone here will know what to do!
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  • Sending job error message to admin by email

    Hi everyone...
    Anyone knows how to send job error message to admin by email? For example, if crawler failed, an email is sent to admin with the error message. I'm thinking of building windows service which run at the background and knows when a job fail and send the error message through email to admin.
    Is there a better way?
    Jefi Santoso

    >>>Can this be achieved through BPM?
    yes you can put your transformation step
    and send step in a block and specify an exception
    branch and catch all exceptions that will
    occur during transformations and the send step
    then you can send info from the exception branch to
    any other system
    you won't be able to catch the error's name
    but you will be able to notify any thinrd party
    about the error
    more on error catching:

  • When I attempt to connect to iCloud I get the error message: Apple id's email address cannot be verified.  There is nothing wrong with my apple id and I do not want to change it.Any suggestions?

    When I attempt to connect to iCloud I get the error message: Apple id's email address cannot be verified.  There is nothing wrong with my apple id and I do not want to change it.Any suggestions?

    Try "resetting" your Apple ID password >  Apple - My Apple

  • I get an error message when trying to email photos. It says "The email server didn't recognize your username/password combination." Yet I have reset my password and was able to log in to this Support Community. Can anybody help me?

    I get an error message when trying to email photos. It says "The email server didn't recognize your username/password combination." Yet I have reset my password and was able to log in to this Support Community. Can anybody help me?

    See my answer to your previous duplicate question. What happened when you tried my answers?

  • I'm trying to email a photo from my iPhoto album, but I'm getting an error message that says "The email server didn't recognize your username/password combination." Any ideas?  I can't find any help in Apple on-line support.

    I'm trying to email a photo from one of my iPhoto albums, however I'm getting an error message that says "The email server didn’t recognize your username/password combination." Any ideas?  I can't find any help in Apple on-line support.

    Never mind.  I was able to find the solution via an earlier post from West.  Thank you!

  • My iPad2 will sometimes hang when loading an mp4. Gives an error message then attempts to resync which hangs until I unplug the iPad.

    My iPad2 will sometimes hang when loading an mp4. Gives an error message then attempts to resync which hangs until I unplug the iPad.
    I have an iPad 2and have not had any trouble until I up dated my os. I have a pc with win 7.  I do not sync since I have so much music on my computer. I synced my apps during the back up but I had to manually reload my music and videos. Since then I turned off all syncs.
    Since I have to load all my movies on this has been happening. I get through about 4 movies then it will hang up. I eventually get an error message that it cannot load this movie. I then attempts to close out. This seems to hang. When I attempt to eject the iPad it attempts to sync and that never finishes. I pull the plug and that stops the sync but I have to restart the computer before I plug back in the iPad or it will not recognize it or it will attempt to finish the sync which never ends. It sometimes hangs on something with safari and site protection.
    After I restart my computer I can put in 4 or so movies, including the one it hung on before, but it always hangs up again. Any suggestions?

    I am having an almost identical problem and hoped that iOS 6 and the new iTunes would fix it.  Regrettably, I again got 3 movies synced last night before iTunes locked up and gave me the xxxx cannot be synced "because the file cannot be written" message.  Same deal with iTunes hanging on "finishing sync" after that and me having to remove the iPad from the cable to get things to come back to life on the PC (Win 7 64 bit).
    I've also done a factory restore followed by a restore from backup and have the same problem. 

  • Error message when trying to email from iPhoto

    Just spoke to Apple support because I was unable to email from iPhoto unless I went through Mail (i.e. no templates). I had struggled with this for some months. The patient and helpful Apple people solved the problem after a couple of hours. Two-step verification in iCloud was the source. Since the email originates in the iPhoto app, it is necessary to use an app-specific password in iPhoto/ preferences/accounts/iCloud account.
    That's why my wife's computer didn't have the problem. She doesn't have two-step verification enabled.
    Thanks to Apple for the excellent support.

    Yes, LarryHN is right - two-step verification seems to be causing this problem in some cases.
    Other forum members reported, that creating  an app-specific password is required, see the post below:
    Re: I am using iPhoto version 9.6 and I can no longer get an email sent with a photo attached. I get an error message saying the email did not go through because the server did not reply. I can send the photo with Mail. Help!in response to Gary Kissler
    This solution is for those of you using 2-step verification for your Apple ID and are using iCloud as the mail server that you are trying to mail photos with.
    I too had this issue. The problem in my case occurred because I had setup 2-step authentication for my Apple ID. If you have done this then you will get the error message "the mail server did not recognize your email/password...". To solve the problem go to:
    Click "Manage Your Apple ID"
    Verify your identity with the device you selected (if this step does not show up then you have not likely set up 2-step authentication and this is not your solution)
    Click Password and Security in the left column
    Click Generate an app-specific password
    Enter iPhoto as the name of the app
    Copy the password and paste this into the password box in iPhoto where you would normally enter your apple ID (in the mail account section in iPhoto preferences).
    And...voila' (I hope)

  • On starting up firefox i am getting an error message from javascript application telling me that my username is an invalid username/password combination.If i continue to get this error message,try entering my email address as my username.

    Hi,on starting firefox which i have used solely as my browser for years i am now getting an error message from java script application that shows my username followed by a message saying; 'username'-Invalid username/password combination.If you keep getting this error,try entering your email address as your username'. I then press the OK button within that error message box and it dissapears and everything seems ok although hover my cursor over the mail(envelope) icon and it says not connected.
    I only started having this problem since downloading firefox 4.It also does not tell me where this problem is occuring so i do not know where to log on with this information.I would be most grateful for any help with this matter.Many thanks.

    Take a look in the Error Console for details about that.
    Tools > Error Console <br />
    Right-click the message and use '''Copy''' to get that complete message.

  • Error message with link to email

    I have a button on a site with a link to sending an email,
    I'm using the following;
    on (release) {
    getURL("mailto:[email protected]");
    I upload the file and test it online, and get the following
    error message when clicking on that button:
    Error loading C:\PROGRA~1\Yahoo!\Common\ymmapi.dll
    The specified module could not be found.
    Is this a problem on my computer? or something is wrong with
    what I'm doing?
    Thank you,

    is on your computer!
    the problem is the Y! software...
    anyway, try PHP and send the mail easier... ;)

  • Error message then failure to boot up

    My daughter is in Florence, Italy, for a quarter abroad. Her PowerBook G4 15" (1.5 gigabytes, 5.2 MB, 80 gigabyte Combo BTAPX--sorry, I don't have the OS version) was running slow today, then displayed an error message after some time in sleep mode, as follows:
    1st and 2nd lines (identical message):
    /etc/master.passwd:no such file or directory
    3rd line (the double hyphens here represent dashes):
    --sh--2.05b# in6ifattachlinklocal:failed to configure a link--local address on lo0 (errno=55)
    4th line:
    in6_ifattach:lo0 failed to attach a linklocal address.
    The Stanford Center sent her to a local computer guy who speaks English and knows Macs. He said he'd never seen anything quite like it, but when he put in the startup disk he was able to get a start screen. She is desperate not to lose the long paper (etc.) she had just finished, so he did not continue further as doing so would have reformatted her hard drive. She is under AppleCare, and she will go to the only AppleCare facility in Tuscany by train on Tuesday (they are closed on the weekend, and she can't miss Monday classes). Is there any hope, especially with regard to her data on the computer?
    Thank you!!
    PowerBook G4

    Message from daughter in Italy:
    Here's what happened. When I typed in the first line, the output was a TON of lines somewhat like this:
    -rw-rw-r-- 1 0 80 12292 (a date, a time) (Firefox, Users, etc.)
    drw------- 7 0 99 238 (a date, a time) (Volumes, afs, bin,etc.)
    d-wx-wx-wt 2 0 80 68 (a date, a time) (var -> /private/var, etc)
    drwxr-xr-x 1 0 80 649 (a date, a time) (Desktop Folder, private)
    There were lots of lines that started with drwxr. Also, where I typed parentheses above, there weren't any parentheses (that's just to show where the date and time would be). And on the very last item, those things listed in parentheses (which were not on the code) include some samplings of what was listed there (but not necessarily corresponding to the previous code in the line that I typed -- I just wrote down some of the words I saw throughout). There was only one word at the end of each line (or sometimes something like the very two last lines, which were var -> /private/var and one other somewhat like it with the var.delete code.
    When I typed in the second line of code suggested, there was nothing, just a new prompt (that same weird prompt with the pound sign).
    When I typed in the third line of code suggested, the output was the following:
    ls: /private/etc/: No such file or directory
    Also, when I typed in the very first line of code, there was no weird prompt thing...just a blank line with the cursor blinking. The prompt thing always appears after you type in something and hit return.
    Hope that all makes sense (at least to the Apple geniuses out there). Thank you!!

  • I'm getting a general error message then out of memory trying to add a new sequence

    Anyone know how to fix??  i am getting a general error message and then out of memory when adding a new squence??  Help!

    The General Error warning is usually associated with incompatible files.
    Out of Memory can be caused by corrupted clips, incompatible files and still images that use a color mode other than RGB.

  • Error message appears when selecting emailed link but there's no problem

    I upgraded to Firefox 7.0.1. Now, when I select an emailed link to a website, I always receive a General Failure error message indicating that Firefox can't reach the website. In the meantime, the thin red-light progress line appears and the website comes up fine. Thee error message appears consistently but there's rarely a problem reaching a website. Any suggestions on how to eliminate the error message?

    I'm responding to my own post. I checked the error messages more carefully and found that they are Microsoft Outlook generated and not Firefox. This could still be a Firefox problem but I thought I should point this out.

  • Adobe Error Message when trying to email

    I am working in Adobe Livecycle 8.0 and I am getting the following error message:
    Acrobat does not allow connection to: mailto:
    This was never an issue in the past. I intentionally left the mailto blank so that an individual that completed the form could email it as a PDF to the person of their choice. Is there a workaround for this? If not, does anyone know how to populate the mailto: with an email address from an email field in the form?

    Hi Jen,
    You've reached the Adobe AIR forums, would you mind reposting your question over on one of the Livecycle forums?  You'll probably have better luck over there.

  • Cannot complete email client form, keep getting error message "Invalid credentials check email and password"

    I have Elements and Premier Photoshop 8 on my windows 7, 64 bit, computer.  I just downloaded the upgrade to #13 for both.  The Elements downloaded ok and transferred pictures from #8.  My problem is that on 13 I cannot configure an email client so I can email my photos to other people.  When I fill out the configure email client form I get an error message that says "Invalid credentials Please check your email address and password and try again"  I did that and continued to receive the same error message. I entered the email address and password I use to get into my adobe account.  How can I solve this problem?

    In the organizer, in the Preferences -> Email, the email address and password is not your Adobe Id, it should be your mail service provider - it could be a Microsoft Account or a Gmail.
    When you normally use emails, you must have an email account with a password - use that.
    If you have to use the "other" type of service provider, it needs to be configured for the SMTP service.

  • Error message when attempting to email

    For the first time I tried to email from the "share" menu in iPhoto 6.0 I get the following error message: "Can't make class document." I used both Mac mail and AOL mail and had the same error message.
    Hope you can advise what I can do to correct the problem. TIA

    Same problem with me an no one seems to know the answer? I even started from a clean install OS, iPhoto and AOL Desktop.

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    Running Lion Server 10.7.2 on a Mac Pro A custom web site runs fine on port 80.  When we set up the same site to also be able to run on port 443 we ran into trouble. shows the default machine web site and our two versions of the site on p

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    I have a Designjet 500 42" Plotter and I'm using an HP G71 Dual Core Laptop with Windows 7. I'm printing from Photoshop CS3 and when I try to print anything over 54" long the printer will quit the job exactly at 54" with no errors. It doesn't matter