Error while extracting data from Generic VBAK Table

When i am extracting data from VBAK using generic extraction via tavle, i am, getting the error "Syntax error in program "SAPLXRSA ""
What happened?
    Error in the ABAP Application Program
    The current ABAP program "SAPLRSAP" had to be terminated because it has
    come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.
    The following syntax error occurred in program "SAPLXRSA " in include "ZXRSAU01
     " in
    line 159:
    "The type of the database table and work area (or internal table) "L_ST"
    "R_CE1IDEA" are not Unicode convertible. ."
Please help me out in fixing this,

do you have an user-exit? if yes, post the code....
did you try regenerating the entire stuff (ds, structure,...)...there might be a mismatch between the structures of datasource and the generated extraction program....

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  • Error while extracting data from Generic datasource

    Hello Gurus,
    I have encountered an error "Errors in source system" with status red while extracting data from generic datasource into DSO.
    I have done below things:-
    1. Checked the jobs in source system, the job is successfully completed
    2. The generic datasource is active and supporting delta with calender day  in source system.
    3. No TRfc error and no idocs stucked.
    4. No short dumps in source system.
    5. The delta queue(RSA7) is showing 0 with status as green.
    6. Replicated the datasource On BW side and also activated the transfer rules by RS_TRANSU_ACTIVATE_ALL
    The problem has not yet solved. Could you guys please suggest me what might be the reason for this error......

    I have used the generic delta using calender day.
    Safety upper limit : - 1
    Safety lowerr limit : - 0
    I have made the entries in va01 transaction, but the delta queus is not getting updated which should show 1.
    Do Generic extraction require any job to transfer data from Database table to delta queue.
    We are not able to get the delta records on BW side. Please suggest.
    Please suggest.

  • Error while Extracting data from generic Table

    Hi Gurus,
      while trying to get the Data from table in R/3 , we have created a DS.
    but while checking the data in RSA3 , i am getting the Following error.
    Error 6 in function module RSS_PROGRAM_GENERATE
    what could be the Problem , Please help me in this Regard.

    hi srinivas,
    Check whether the fields you added in Generic DS are with correct data type and becoz string data type sometimes gives the same error.
    check the field data types that might be the reason for getting this error.
    thanks and regards

  • Time Stamp Error while extracting data from R/3

        We are getting time stamp error while extracting data from R/3.
    To solve this problem we did replication and run RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL program. still we are facing same problem.
    Please suggest me to solve.
    Subba Rao

    Time stamp error arises when the time stamp of the data source in source  system and target system are different.
    For we have again activate data source in R/3 system using transaction RSA5 or RSA6 and in BI system goto transaction RSDS and replicate the data source.
    You can also find time stamp details for a data source in tables ROOSGEN and ROOSOURCE tables in BI and R/3 system respectively.
    Here are some useful links.
    [R3 016 Time stamp error where is it in BI?;
    [time stamp error in bi7;
    [Timestamp error in BI7;

  • DB Connect Load - "Unknow error while uploading data from the DB Table"

    Hi Experts,
    We have our BI7 system connected to Oracle DB based third party tool. The loads are performing quite well in DEV environment.
    I would like to know, how we transport DB Connect datasources to Quality systems? Any different process to be followed for DB Connect datasources?
    At present the connections between BI Quality and the third party quality systems are established. We transported the DataSource from BI DEV system to BI quality system, but on trigerring an infopackage we are not able to perform loads. It prompts - "Unknow error while uploading data from the DB Table".
    Also on comparing the DataSources in DEV system and Quality system there are no fields in "Proposal" tab of datasource in Quality system. Also I cannot change or activate Datasource in Quality system as we dont have change access in quality.
    Please advice.

    Sorry for bumping an old thread ....
    Did this issue get ever get resolved?
    I am facing the same one. The loads work successfully in Dev. The transport for DBConnect DS also moved in successfully.
    One strange this is that DB User for dev did not automatically change to db user from quality when I transported the DBConnect datasource. DBCon DS still shows me the DB User from Dev in Quality system
    I get "Unknown Error" whenever I trigger the data package.

  • Error while extracting data from data source 0RT_PA_TRAN_CONTROL, in RSA7

    Hi Gurs,
    I'm getting the below error while extracting data from data source 0RT_PA_TRAN_CONTROL, in RSA7. (Actullly this is IS Retail datasource used to push POSDM data into BI cubes)
    The error is:
    Update mode "Full Upload" is not supported by the extraction API
    Message no. R3011
    The application program for the extraction of the data was called using update mode "Full Upload". However, this is not supported by the InfoSource.
    System Response
    The data extraction is terminated.
    Check for relevant OSS Notes, or send a problem message of your own.
    Your help in this regd. would be highly appreciated.

    Hi David,
    I have no experience with IS Retail data sources. But as message clearly say this DS is not suppose to be ran in Full mode.
    Try to switch you DTPs/Infopackages to Delta mode.
    While to checking extraction in source system, within TA RSA3 = Extractor checker, kindly switch Update mode field to Delta.

  • Error While extracting data from FIAA and FIAP

    Hi Gurus,
    I am facing error while extracting data from R/3 Source. 0FIAA, 0FIAP datasources. I am getting the same error repeatedly. No data will come BW. When I checked in RSA3 I can extract records.
    Ther Error is as follows:
    Request still running
    No errors could be found. The current process has probably not finished yet.
    System response
    The ALE inbox of the SAP BW is identical to the ALE outbox of the source system
    the maximum wait time for this request has not yet run out
    the batch job in the source system has not yet ended.
    Current status
    No Idocs arrived from the source system.
    Kindly help. Your points are assured.
    Thanks and Regards

    Hello Prasad,
    Have you already checked what happened in the source system ?
    You should verify if a job is running in sm37, or if there is no dump runtime errors due to the extraction in st22.
    It could be a clue of what happened in R/3.
    Let us know,

  • Error while extracting data from a remote system

    I am facing problem while extracting data from a remote system. The connection is alright I can extract the table required from the remote system,but when I deploy it I get this error
    ORA-04052: error occurred when looking up remote object [email protected]@ORACLE_UBN_15_LOCATION1
    ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 1
    ORA-28000: the account is locked
    ORA-02063: preceding line from [email protected]_UBN_15_LOCATION1
    here Scott.demo1 is the table and UBNDW is the sid of the remote system and ORACLE_UBN_15_LOCATION1 is the location. Please help me out with this

    IDOC's need to be processed manually either in OLTp or in BW depending on the failure. Error msg in monitor status will take u to either BW or OLTP whernever there is a prob. Process IDOC's , this will start the left over packets and will finish the load.
    we hav to check IDOC in WE05(t-code) and know the status these are WE51,WE52,WE53 AND GOTO WE19 there we hav to execute the exist Idoc will succesfully loaded Idoc
    Goto St22 see the short dump error msg..
    post if there any inf..

  • Error while extracting data from essbase

    Hi All,
    Now I'm tring to extract data from essbase by ODI, and at the sametime, I need to do some transformations, such as join with other relational tables or flat files to get more information about metadata. But unfortunately, once I add join into the interface, an error occurs. And it works fine if I extract directly (with no joins).
    Is there any other way except using staging table? Our data vloume is large, using staging table will waste lots of storages.
    The messages as below.
    2011-07-12 23:34:00,931 INFO [DwgCmdExecutionThread:null:49]: ODI Hyperion Essbase Adapter Version
    2011-07-12 23:34:00,931 INFO [DwgCmdExecutionThread:null:49]: Connecting to Essbase application [CORPPROD] on []:[1423] using username [admin].
    2011-07-12 23:34:00,962 INFO [DwgCmdExecutionThread:null:49]: Successfully connected to the Essbase application.
    2011-07-12 23:34:00,962 INFO [DwgCmdExecutionThread:null:49]: Essbase data extract LKM option EXTRACTION_QUERY_FILE = D:\ODI_ESS_QUERIES\QUERY.TXT
    2011-07-12 23:34:00,962 INFO [DwgCmdExecutionThread:null:49]: Essbase data extract LKM option EXTRACTION_QUERY_TYPE = ReportScript
    2011-07-12 23:34:00,962 INFO [DwgCmdExecutionThread:null:49]: Essbase Load IKM option PRE_CALCULATION_SCRIPT = null
    2011-07-12 23:34:00,962 INFO [DwgCmdExecutionThread:null:49]: Essbase data extract LKM option EXT_COL_DELIMITER =      
    2011-07-12 23:34:00,962 INFO [DwgCmdExecutionThread:null:49]: Essbase Load IKM option PRE_EXTRACT_MAXL =
    2011-07-12 23:34:00,962 INFO [DwgCmdExecutionThread:null:49]: Essbase Load IKM option POST_EXTRACT_MAXL =
    2011-07-12 23:34:00,962 INFO [DwgCmdExecutionThread:null:49]: Essbase Load IKM option ABORT_ON_PRE_MAXL_ERROR = true
    2011-07-12 23:34:00,962 DEBUG [DwgCmdExecutionThread:null:49]: inside getAppData()
    2011-07-12 23:34:00,962 DEBUG [DwgCmdExecutionThread:null:49]: Got Source Metadata
    2011-07-12 23:34:01,119 ERROR [DwgCmdExecutionThread:null:49]: The number of columns returned by script [13] is less than the source data columns exposed [14]
    com.hyperion.odi.essbase.ODIEssbaseException: The number of columns returned by script [13] is less than the source data columns exposed [14]
         at com.hyperion.odi.essbase.wrapper.EssbaseReportDataIterator.validateColumns(Unknown Source)
         at com.hyperion.odi.essbase.wrapper.EssbaseReportDataIterator.init(Unknown Source)
         at com.hyperion.odi.essbase.ODIEssbaseDataReader.getAppData(Unknown Source)
         at com.hyperion.odi.essbase.AbstractEssbaseReader.extract(Unknown Source)
         at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor769.invoke(Unknown Source)
         at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
         at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source)
         at org.python.core.PyReflectedFunction.__call__(
         at org.python.core.PyMethod.__call__(
         at org.python.core.PyObject.__call__(
         at org.python.core.PyInstance.invoke(
         at org.python.pycode._pyx85.f$0(<string>:1)
         at org.python.pycode._pyx85.call_function(<string>)
         at org.python.core.Py.runCode(
         at org.python.core.Py.exec(
         at org.python.util.PythonInterpreter.exec(
         at org.apache.bsf.engines.jython.JythonEngine.exec(
         at com.sunopsis.dwg.codeinterpretor.k.a(
         at com.sunopsis.dwg.dbobj.SnpSessTaskSql.scripting(
         at com.sunopsis.dwg.dbobj.SnpSessTaskSql.execScriptingOrders(
         at com.sunopsis.dwg.dbobj.SnpSessTaskSql.execScriptingOrders(
         at com.sunopsis.dwg.dbobj.SnpSessTaskSql.treatTaskTrt(
         at com.sunopsis.dwg.dbobj.SnpSessTaskSqlC.treatTaskTrt(
         at com.sunopsis.dwg.dbobj.SnpSessTaskSql.treatTask(
         at com.sunopsis.dwg.dbobj.SnpSessStep.treatSessStep(
         at com.sunopsis.dwg.dbobj.SnpSession.treatSession(
         at com.sunopsis.dwg.cmd.DwgCommandSession.treatCommand(
         at com.sunopsis.dwg.cmd.DwgCommandBase.execute(
         at com.sunopsis.dwg.cmd.e.k(
         at com.sunopsis.dwg.cmd.g.A(
         at Source)
    2011-07-12 23:34:01,119 INFO [DwgCmdExecutionThread:null:49]: Logging out and disconnecting from the essbase application.
    From the working steps, I found a redundant column (Entity) was added while creating work table. Is it the reason?
    create table HYP.C$_0CUX_ABC_HYP_INTERFACE
         C14_HSP_RATES      VARCHAR2(80) NULL,
         C3_ACCOUNT      VARCHAR2(80) NULL,
         C10_PERIOD      VARCHAR2(80) NULL,
         C7_SCENARIO      VARCHAR2(80) NULL,
         C9_CURRENCY      VARCHAR2(80) NULL,
         C15_YEAR      VARCHAR2(80) NULL,
         C6_DATATYPE      VARCHAR2(80) NULL,
         C2_VERSION      VARCHAR2(80) NULL,
         C1_CATEGORY      VARCHAR2(80) NULL,
         C12_ENTITY      VARCHAR2(80) NULL,
         C13_ENTITY      VARCHAR2(80) NULL,
         C11_DEPARTMENT      VARCHAR2(80) NULL,
         C8_PROJECT      VARCHAR2(80) NULL,
         C5_DATA      NUMBER(18,8) NULL

    Extract the essbase data to a staging area and then do the transformations in another interface.
    The adaptor needs to extract the data first.

  • Error while retrieving data from PL/SQL Table using SELECT st. (Urgent!!!)

    Hi Friends,
    I am using Oracle 8.1.6 Server, & facing problems while retrieving data from a PL/SQL Table:
    TYPE tP2 is TABLE of varchar2(10); --declared a collection
    dt2 tP2 := tP2('a','b','c');
    i NUMBER(8);
    While executing the above procedure, I encountered foll. error:
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [15419], [severe error during PL/SQL execution], [], [],
    ORA-06544: PL/SQL: internal error, arguments: [pfrrun.c:pfrbnd1()], [], [], [], [], [], [], []
    ORA-06553: PLS-801: internal error [0]
    Can anyone please help me, where the problem is??
    Is it Possible to retrieve data from PL/SQL TABLE using SELECT statement? & How ?
    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards,
    Jay Raval.

    Thanks Roger for the Update.
    It means that have to first CREATE TYPE .. TABLE in database then only I can fire a Select statement on that TYPE.
    Actually I wanted to fire a Select statement on the TABLE TYPE, defined & declared in PLSQL stored procedure using DECLARE TYPE .. TABLE & not using CREATE TYPE .. TABLE.
    I was eager to know this, because my organization is reluctant in using CREATE TYPE .. TABLE defined in the database, so I was looking out for another alternative to access PL/SQL TABLE using Select statement without defining it database. It would have been good if I could access a PLSQL TABLE using Select statement Declared locally in the stored procedure.
    Can I summarize that to access a PL/SQL TABLE using SELECT statement, I have to first CREATE TYPE .. TABLE?
    If someone have any other idea on this, please do let me know.
    Thanks a lot for all help.
    Best Regards,
    Jay Raval.
    You have to define a database type...
    create type tP2 is table of varchar2(10)
    dt2 tP2 := tP2('a','b','c');
    i NUMBER(8);
    This will work.

  • Error while extracting data from CRM

    Dear all,
    I have used some standard and generic datasources to extract data from CRM. These were working fine for more than a year and are scheduled in Process chains. For the past few days I am getting Caller 09 error as shown below, only for the generic datasources. I have checked the connection,replicated the datasources and activated them, reinitialized and have tried all the solutions that were posted earlier, but still the process chain fails. When I execute the process chain for generic datasources manually, it is working fine.
    When I tried in RSA3 for both standard and generic datasources in CRM with update mode D, I get a message 'Error occured during the extraction',
    Kindly suggest what can be the problem.
    Error message from the source system
    An error occurred in the source system.
    System Response
    Caller 09 contains an error message.
    Further analysis:
    The error occurred in Extractor .
    Refer to the error message.
    How you remove the error depends on the error message.
    If the source system is a Client Workstation, then it is possible that the file that you wanted to load was being edited at the time of the data request. Make sure that the file is in the specified directory, that it is not being processed at the moment, and restart the request.
    Thanks all in advance.
    Adhira Anand

    Hi Meyappan,
    I have checked SM37, SM21 and ST22. There are no errors.
    in SM37 the below log is displayed.
    Job started
    Step 001 started (program SBIE0001, variant &0000000005420, user ID ALEREMOTE)
    Asynchronous transmission of info IDoc 2 in task 0001 (0 parallel tasks)
    UPDMODE    = D
    LANGUAGES  = *
             Current Values for Selected Profile Parameters               *
    abap/heap_area_nondia......... 2000000000                              *
    abap/heap_area_total.......... 2000000000                              *
    abap/heaplimit................ 40000000                                *
    zcsa/installed_languages...... DE                                      *
    zcsa/system_language.......... E                                       *
    ztta/max_memreq_MB............ 2047                                    *
    ztta/roll_area................ 6500000                                 *
    ztta/roll_extension........... 2000000000                              *
    1 LUWs confirmed and 1 LUWs to be deleted with function module RSC2_QOUT_CONFIRM_DATA
    IDOC: Info IDoc 2, IDoc No. 101415, Duration 00:00:00
    IDoc: Start = 13.10.2010 22:51:39, End = 13.10.2010 22:51:39
    Synchronized transmission of info IDoc 3 (0 parallel tasks)
    IDOC: Info IDoc 3, IDoc No. 101416, Duration 00:00:00
    IDoc: Start = 13.10.2010 22:51:42, End = 13.10.2010 22:51:42
    Job finished

  • Error while extracting data from ODS using Infospokes - URGENT

    Hi all,
    I am extracting data from an ODS using infospokes and nothing fancy, no selection criteria but I am getting an error message saying
    Syntax error in row3(-> long text) Msg id = "RG" and msgno is 102
    Any ideas on how I can see what is the exact error and how to debug this?

    Hi Sabrina can help you getting the details of your mesg.
    I found one OSS note suitable to your mesg. So just check out OSS note # 671097. I hope this note will be some help to you. If not go and chk in the OSS you can find some more.
    Here is the note details also
    Error message RG102: 'Syntax error in &1, row &2 (-> long text)' appears in the request log of an InfoSpoke.
    Reason and Prerequisites
    The data source is an ODS object and the extraction mode is 'delta'. The cause of the error message is that the ODS extractor is unable to select the request ID (InfoObject 0REQUID) from the change log of the ODS object. However, the request ID is mistakenly provided in the field list of the ODS object on the InfoSpoke maintenance screen. --
    Delete the 0REQUID InfoObject from the field list of the InfoSpoke and activate the InfoSpoke. As of the patch mentioned below, the request ID in the template tab is no longer provided.
    BW 3.0B
               Import Support Package 16 for 3.0B (BW3.0B Patch 17 or SAPKW30B16) into your BW system. The Support Package will be available once note 571699 with the short text "SAPBWNews BW 3.0B Support Package 16", which describes this Support Package in more detail, has been released for customers.
    BW 3.1 Content
               Import Support Package 10 for 3.1 Content (BW3.10 Patch 11 or SAPKW31010) into your BW system. The Support Package will be available once note 571747 with the short text "SAPBWNews BW 3.1 Content Support Package 10" has been released for customers.
    To provide information in advance, the notes mentioned above may already be available before the Support Package is released. In this case, however, the short text still contains the words "preliminary version".
    Refer to note 110934, which contains information about BW Support Packages.</i>

  • Runtime error while extracting data from 0C0_PC_*

    When I am trying  to extract data from DataSources 0CO_PC_01 and 0CO_PC_02, I am getting an
    error. it says  "DO_WHILE_VARY_NOT_IN_RANGE"
    Any Comments?

    Please searcn SDN, you will get the solutions straight away:
    It seems that there is a note for this, Please check SAP Note: 650725
    Hope this solves your concern...

  • Error while  extracting data from CRM to 0BPARTNER

    Hi All,
    We are  extracting   daily data from SAP CRM to  0BPARTNER using 0BPARTNER_ATTR(Delta mode)  .  While loading the data upto PSA,  it showed the total number of  records as * 50033 from 50033*. But the total and technical  status  are  yellow . When checked  the step by step analysis , *Processing error in source system reported * is red and rest all are green.When I saw  the application Log it is writtern as  * There is a discrepancy between confirmation and deletion of qrfc-LUWs*.
    In the Details tab ,we got the following messages.
    1)*Extraction (messages): Errors occurred *
       19485 Records sent ( 19485 Records received ) .
    2)*Transfer (IDocs and TRFC): Missing messages or warnings *
        *IDoc : sent, not arrived ; Data passed to port OK * and rest every thing is green.
    But all the data packets are fine.
    WeI have checked using  BD87, WE02, WE05   in BW and source systems for I DOCS . But none of the t-codes provide any IDOCS with warnings or errors.
    So we have changed the Total l status to  Green. Please note that  still the technical status is showing  as Yellow only. 
    We started to  updating  the data target from PSA. Now again, both statues are showing yellow only.So  what should we do inorder to resolve this ?
    Thanks  in advance,
    Babu Vasamsetti.
    Edited by: babu vasamsetti on Jan 11, 2010 5:54 PM
    Edited by: babu vasamsetti on Jan 11, 2010 5:55 PM
    Edited by: babu vasamsetti on Jan 11, 2010 5:55 PM

    please check sm58 in souce system side trfc may be strucked... to press f6 to run manually
    first make a request a red.. in IP
    hope u clear it

  • Error while extracting data from datasource 0GLACCEXT_T011_HIER in RSA3

    Hi Experts,
    While trying to extract the data for the datasource 0GLACCEXT_T011_HIER in RSA3, am getting the below Dump.
    Runtime Errors         SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC
    Except.                CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB
    Short text
        The ABAP/4 Open SQL array insert results in duplicate database records.
    What happened?
        Error in the ABAP Application Program
        The current ABAP program "SAPLFAGL_FSV" had to be terminated because it has
        come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.
    Error analysis
        An exception occurred that is explained in detail below.
        The exception, which is assigned to class 'CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB', was not caught
        procedure "FSV_TEXTS_CONVERT" "(FORM)", nor was it propagated by a RAISING
        Since the caller of the procedure could not have anticipated that the
        exception would occur, the current program is terminated.
        The reason for the exception is:
        If you use an ABAP/4 Open SQL array insert to insert a record in
        the database and that record already exists with the same key,
        this results in a termination.
        (With an ABAP/4 Open SQL single record insert in the same error
        situation, processing does not terminate, but SY-SUBRC is set to 4.)
    Kindly help me out in resolving this error.

    This dump occurs if the storage of original files is not happening in a Content Server, which is recommended by SAP. You can check this easily if you go to transaction DC10 and check if the flag 'Use KPRO' is set for the used document type.
    SAP do not recommend storing such larger files in SAP DB. If you try to store any original in the SAP DB, the file will be stored in the table DRAO. That means you are consuming table space memory. For one original we can have maximum of 9999 rows in the table. To store larger originals in SAP DB more than 9999 rows in the table are needed and this is not possible. That's the reason behind this dump. Storing such huge files inthe SAP DB will also affect the performance of the system while accessing the original
    Refer the thread

Maybe you are looking for

  • Remote Desktop Connection to VM does not work after sysprep

    Hello altogether. Often asked, but never answered with an applicable solution! What shall we do if we get no access to a Azure VM via Remote Desktop Connection? Everything went well: access to the VM via RDC was working perfectly! Then the idea came

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