FCE Widescreen Glitch

I tried searching about this but couldn't come up with anything. I imported some photos into an easy setup DV NTSC project. For some reason the screen (Canvas) was widescreen and I didn't catch it. When I adjust the motion parameters to get a ken burns effect the pictures 'shake' (theres no bad interlacing issues they just shake). When I tried to copy the timeline and paste into another DV timeline with the correct 4:3 screen, the aspect ratio is all screwed up. Can someone please tell me how to fix this so I don't have to manually readjust every picture. Thanks in advance.

Select the material that's copied into the new sequence and use Edit>Remove Attributes. Reset the Distort parameter.

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  • FCE widescreen to iDVD

    I shot a movie in 4:3 aspect and now want to "convert" it to 16:9 for a DVD (I understand I will get some quality loss etc). I used the Widescreen filter in FCE, exported and then imported to iDVD. The problem is, iDVD still reads it as a 4:3 ratio movie, just with black bands on top and bottom (I realize that is all the widescreen filter does), so I just get a smaller version of my film, in a 4:3 box.
    Is there any way to actually change the movie's aspect ratio, by cutting off the top and bottom (where the black bands are), so that it will be "read" by iDVD as a 16:9.

    Edit your material in a 4:3 sequence. Change your preset to anamorphic and make a new sequence. Place the edited sequence inside it and scale up the nested sequence so it fills the frame. The left and right will get cut off and the video will look soft.

  • FCE Widescreen?

    I'm a bit of a new user to FCE as oppose to other video editing programs, and I was wondering how I make the Canvas into a widescreen 16:9 format so when I export my videos there are no black bars on the top and bottom of the video during playback in Quicktime.

    how did u do it ? : )

  • Fixing FCE widescreen files?

    I have an edited project done with FCE 3.5, in 720x480, but the footage is widescreen, so I get the black bars above and below. Is there any way that I can "fix" this in FCE4, making the height bigger to eliminate the black above and below the video? I copy a clip and drop it into a track that's 853x480, but I still get the black bars. I can't find any way to "expand" the existing edited footage, even in a new track, even though I can right click on the track and "Open in editor" and it comes up right.
    I know I could rebuild the whole project from scratch, but I put a lot of work into it...
    Yeah, I know I messed up, but is there any way to fix this?
    Doug Dye

    You edited it incorrectly. There should be no black bars top and bottom.
    How are you making a track that's 853x480? The sequence should 720x480 anamorphic. When you copy the clips and paste them into the anamorphic sequence they should come in but be distorted. Select the clips in the timeline and use the Edit>Remove Attributes function. Check Distort and click OK.

  • FCE video quailty and widescreen problems

    hello friends!!
    im having problems with my video quality... i seems really crappy! i know it might be my camera cause its a cheap canan zr100 but still, is there a setting i can change? or somthing,
    also my camera has a 16:9 widescreen, but if i film with that it doesnt come up on FCE in widescreen, it comes out all stretched and stuff? can anyone help??
    o yeah, when i but video in slow motion it is all not smooth slow motion, is there a setting or somthing to change?

    "im having problems with my video quality... i seems really crappy! i know it might be my camera cause its a cheap canan zr100 but still, is there a setting i can change? or somthing,"
    Where are you seeing this?
    If it's in the FCE Timeline, how does it look if you pause playback?
    "also my camera has a 16:9 widescreen, but if i film with that it doesnt come up on FCE in widescreen, it comes out all stretched and stuff? can anyone help??"
    What Easy SEtup are you using?
    "o yeah, when i but video in slow motion it is all not smooth slow motion, is there a setting or somthing to change?"
    Try the Frame Blending choice from the Speed dialogue box.
    How did you get the files you are using into FCE? Something sounds weird.

  • Widescreen from FCE to iMovie

    How do I ensure that widescreen in FCE exports to widescreen in iMovie. The iMovie project is created as widescreen, but when I export from FCE which is also in widescreen it open in iMovie as a small rectangular box with a very large border of black.

    What are the sequence settings & clip settings in your FCE sequence? You can check these in the FCE Browser.
    How are you exporting from FCE? To QuickTime Movie ... or to QuickTime Conversion?
    What versions of FCE and iMovie are you using?

  • Best FCE Project Settings to make widescreen DVD with iDVD?

    I need to make DVDs with lots of short clips stitched together into a longish movie. I've been using iDVD to burn the DVDs (because it's free and I know how to use it). (NTSC TV, not PAL)
    The clips are mostly still pictures animated with either FCE (using the ImageFlow plugins) or PulpMotion Advanced. Sometimes they contain movie clips shot with whatever camera one of my colleagues has with them.
    I'm wondering what are the best project settings to use with FCE to generate a video file that I can drag into iDVD and have rendered as a widescreen video? As a Bear of Very Little Brain I'm confused by all the options (dimensions, frame rate, codec, etc).
    I tried this weekend using H.264 codec, 1280 x 720 29.97 frame rate, 24 key frames, and the video took 20 hours to output from FCE, then another 3 hours for iDVD to encode for the DVD. (2.66 GHz Quad-Core MacPro with 10 GB RAM and 200+ GB free on HD, if it makes a difference.) Clearly there must be settings that are more efficient!

    Mostly my input files are still pictures, usually JPEGs. I bought the ImageFlow plugins which will animate them in different ways. For example, I took the pictures of everyone at my school and animated them into a 30 minute sequence of swooshing images with a video matte over a green caustic video generator.
    Sometimes I use a program called PulpMotion to make a different animation, but I have a lot of choices for exporting a QuickTime file from that program, so I could set that to match whatever's best for FCE.
    Sometimes I'll use iMovie 09 to make a clip from still images (for the automatic animations), but again I have a lot of choices for exporting that clip and bringing it into FCE.

  • FCP/FCE anamorphic to iDVD widescreen - A simple solution?

    I have seen a lot of discussions about how hard it is to get anamorphic material from FCP/FCE into iDVD. There seem to be a few complex workarounds using third party software etc.
    Today I suddenly came to think about a possible very simple solution.
    1. Export to QuickTime from FCP/FCE
    2. Open the clip in QuickTime Pro
    3. Choose the Window menu and choose Show Movie Properties
    4. Select the Video Track and click the Visual Settings tab
    5. Uncheck Preserve Aspect Ratio
    6. Change the width to 854 (DV-NTSC) or to 1024 (DV-PAL)
    7. Save the clip and quit QuickTime
    8. Open iDVD and start a new 16:9 Widescreen project
    9. Import your modified QuickTime clip
    10. Author and burn your DVD
    Is it really this easy? Are there any downsides to doing it this way? The modified QuickTime clip's Movie Info in QuickTime says: Format: DV, 720 x 576 (1024 x 576)
    I just tested this workflow, and the finished DVD looked fine.

    I gave the usual dimensions for Standard Definition DV Anamorphic as an example. The actual dimensions for DV Anamorphic NTSC and PAL are: 720x480 and 720x576, but when stretched, the right width is 854 and 1024 as mentioned in my first post. The dimentions you are mentioning are for High Definition 1080i/p
    If you are editing 720p, the dimentions are: 1280 × 720.
    This might be of help:

  • FCE Conversion from 4:3 to 16:9 Widescreen

    Not sure if this has been answered. I have footage which is in 4:3 format. I need to know how to covert this from a 4:3 to a 16:9. Footage I am new to FCE coming from Imovie.
    Is there anything that i also need to be aware ehn exporting this to idvd ?

    I got Snow Leopard and upgraded to FCE 4.0. Previously, I would export anamorphic sequences as .mov files, open them in QT, change the aspect to 1024 X 576, and save them in this format. This worked well when making a widescreen DVD in iDVD. Now with Snow Leopard, I can no longer find this command to covert the aspect in QT 10.0, and I cannot load an older version of QT to get this function on my "upgraded" machine. Could you make a suggestion?

  • Audio Glitch on FCE project

    Hi, I am very green to Macs and FCE. I am working on a FCE project where I imported the audio (I am muting audio from film clips), and I noticed that at various points in the project there is a audio glitch (like a skip). I checked the original mp3 and it is good. I tried to import the sound again into a new audio track, but the glitch is still there and in the same locations. Has anyone encountered this? Any idea on how to fix it?
    Also, does multiple layer of video add to the file size if you are not using the video?
    Thanks for the help... Loving my Mac! Never going back to PC.

    Hello and welcome to the forum.
    You should convert your audio to AIFF at the same sample rate as your Sequence. See this link:

  • Moving clips...fce drops the clip as soon as mouse stops... quirky glitch?

    Ok so i have a bit of a problem with FCE. I am trying to move clips around in the timeline. I can move them, but as soon as I stop moving the mouse the clip just gets dropped onto the timeline.
    any idea on how i can turn this function (or does it sound like a bug?)

    no its not snapping. I'm litterally dragging the clips around, and as soon as I stop dragging it just drops the clip like onto the timeline.
    sorry for my inaccurate explanation. I'll boot up FCE and try again to make sure its not just a 2-3 times thing.

  • FCE project will not burn in widescreen

    I exported a project to my desktop from Final Cut Express HD in widescreen.
    When I click on the Quicktime file on the desktop in plays in widescreen. However, when I drag the project from the desktop into iDVD's Revolution them, the project plays in 4:3. It also looks distorted.
    This is very frustrating. Help please.

    Check this out: Final Cut Express: DV widescreen 16:9 workflow for iDVD at http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1611
    It should solve you problem.
    F Shippey

  • Exports suddenly look like double-widescreen (in FCE)

    Please, help. After many successful 16:9 (SD) exports, they suddenly look like a 16:9 w/black bars inside a 16:9 area that already has black bars (looks like a double-widescreen effect). Hopefully, this is just a setting that needs to be reset somehow. Thank you for any help. ---TMP-MAC

    Problem solved. Thanks to all for considering this one. Just needed to place a check-mark in "Anamorphic" (in sequence properties) BEFORE I captured any widescreen video. Now the canvas will look right (solid gray bars - one set only), and my exports look right (one black bar at top and one at bottom, and subjects are not flattened between them). Never saw anything like this in any instructions anywhere, unfortunately.

  • Long time  to render widescreen material ...

    I'm sure this is a stupid question everyone and I tried my best to see if this has been posted before so I didn't have to bother you all with it but I couldn't see anything there.
    I have a 2 hour play that was actually shot on a Sony Z1 (Widescreen SD,not HD) and when you download the footage into iMovie and then drag into the timeline it's there instantly. And of course had none of the dropped frame problems either. DVD did take 12 hours to burn instead of 8 so I don't know if that's the trade off.
    But when the footage is downloaded into FCE 3.0 and you try and bring that into the timeline, not only do you have to have it rendered but it takes absolutely ages. Should this happen or am I going about it in the wrong way?
    * I'm actually on 10.4.9 now and I have read the thread that says I should update to FCE 3.5 to address the dropped frames problem. I'll do that soon. Might that speed up the rendering process too?
    Thanks for reading this and any advice will be appreciated.
    Peter L

    If you did that before your material was captured, then the material is OK. But if you didn't make a new sequence and used the default one that was in the browser it was probably DV NTSC 4:3. After you change the preset you have to make a new sequence.

  • 16:9 Help needed. Workflow: extracted video from DVD, FCE HD edit & DVDSP.

    I have a project where according to the camera person it was shot in 16:9 with the camera (assuming a DV camcorder of some sort). It was captured from the camera and converted to a DVD (VIDEO_TS folder and everything) and sent to me for editing.
    What I need help with is a workflow (and settings) to edit and output this properly.
    1) My first hiccup comes in the extract. When I view the DVD that was sent to me, the video looks squished as it squeezes the video into the 4:3 aspect ratio. I was using MPEG Streamclip to extract it. I've extracted it in a 16:9 QT format and it looks fine in FCE HD. However, once I started reading more about editing 16:9 video in the FCE PDF manual, I'm wondering if I should have kept it as 4:3 and then toggled the Anamorphic setting for the sequence.
    2) Once I have the correct source to edit - are there any considerations on export for compression? I read somewhere about a program to set the anamorpgic bit for iDVD, but plan to use DVDSP so I'm assuming I can skip this step. I also read in the forum about a QT Conversion setting to use. Do I need to? I was planning to export a reference movie and use Compressor with that. I was planning to use a "Widescreen" compressor option. Is this correct?
    3) I know this is beyond this forum, but any advice on what settings should I use in producing the DVD? As noted above I plan to use DVDSP 3 to create the DVD, and I do notice the 16:9 settings in there for each track. I was planning to use the 16:9 Letterbox track setting. Is this correct?
    Any other pitfalls I should be aware of as I navigate the 16:9 jungle?
    Thanks in advance.
    12 PB Rev C (1.33 GHz G4) & PowerMac G5 Dual 2.0   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    First, with regard to your chipset - graphics/video card:
    Mobile Intel® GM45 Express Chipset, featuring the Mobile Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 450...
    Your graphics card has no video RAM (VRAM) of its own.  So, it must use some of your system RAM to be able to function. This is 'dynamically allocated'. That is, your system decides how much system RAM to allocate to the graphics card. I am not aware of anyway to manually control this.
    Next, you said you have installed Windows XP. Toshiba India has not posted any XP drivers for your system. Toshiba laptops are very finicky about using Toshiba 'tweaked' hardware drivers to be able to function properly. This computer is a Toshiba European version of your model, and it would appear to have a full set of XP drivers, these will work just fine in your system:
    Satellite Pro C650 PSC11E Downloads
    The order you load the hardware drivers and Toshiba utilities is critical. The files available for download above are all zip files, so you will have to extract the .exe files to be able to install them. Install the drivers first, then the Toshiba utilities, and given that you already have XP basically working install in this order:
    1st Drivers:
    1) Chipset
    2) Storage Manager
    3) Display
    4) Sound
    5) then all other XP hardware drivers
    2nd Utilities:
    1) Common modules
    2) Hotkey utility
    3) all other XP Toshiba utilities.
    Good luck.

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