Few Questions on EP

Hi All,
I have few questions on EP implementation:
1) Can SAP r/3 transaction screen be accessed(say creating a PO using T-code ME21) from a company's subsidiary which is in a remote place(assume r/3 is intalled and running at headquarters).
2) Do we need to have Portal installation at the remote location aswell or just the internet connection with the URL to access the page and needed logon credentials?
thank you

HI Chandra,
You can see the documentation available on SAP help and there are documents available on SDN too.
Refer to the following:
<a href="http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw04/helpdata/en/88/266a3e54a2e946e10000000a114084/frameset.htm">Creating Transaction iViews</a>
<a href="http://help.sap.com/bp_epv260/EP_JA/documentation/How-to_Guides/WAS/Enabling%20the%20SAP%20GUI%20for%20HTML%20with%20the%20integrated%20ITS%20on%20SAP.pdf">Enabling the SAP GUI for HTML with the integrated ITS on SAP</a>
<a href="https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/weblogs?blog=/pub/wlg/736">Create SAP Transaction iView using SAPGUI for Windows</a>

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  • A few questions before I buy a new iMac/Mac mini and sign up for Creative Cloud.

    Hello Everyone,
    I am looking to purchase a new Apple computer and sign up for Creative Cloud within the next week and I have a few questions that should be answered before I proceed.
    My wife and I own a business and we will be using the CS6 apps to create brochures, Constant Contact mailings, product package inserts, edit product photography for print and web use, and short HD how-to videos. We are not graphics professionals or power users and wont be doing anything too complicated.
    Any help and answers will be greatly appreciated.
    I will start with the hardware questions first:
    I am trying to decide between the iMac and the Mac mini.
    The iMac is a 2.7Ghz Quad-core Intel core i5 and comes with 4GB of memory that is expandable to 16GB, which I will do for sure. It comes with a Radeon HD 6770M graphics card with 512MB of GDDR5 memory(not upgradable), and a 1TB HDD that runs at 7200RPM. This unit meets the specs required.
    The 2.5Ghz Mac Mini comes with 4GB of memory that is expandable to 8GB, I will also do this. It has a Radeon HD 6630M graphics card with 256MB of GDDR5 memory(not upgradable), and a 500GB HDD that runs at 5400RPM. This unit meets all the spec(I think) except for the speed of the HDD.
    Question: Will the mini run the software without too much of an issue considering the speed of the HDD?
    Question: Will the iMac run the software significantly better to justify the price difference?
    I already have 1 mini(purchased 4 months ago, with the same specs listed above) and will be purchasing a second computer for my wifes desk. If the mini will run CS6 fine, that is great and we can save a few bucks. If my mini will not run CS6 well, I will get the iMac for her desk as she will be doing the bulk of the work in that regard anyway.
    Now a couple of software questions.
    After reading hundreds of reviews and forum posts over the last few days I have seen many people having this or that issue. It seems to me that most of the issues are because of upgrades from Lion to Mountian Lion after installing CS6 first or trying to open CS3,4,5 files in CS6.
    If you want to know what issues have me concerned take a look at just this one forum:
    Similar issues are discussed in the Apple forums as well as many other places around the web.
    I am not a computer professional but I know enough to maintain my systems and keep them running smoothly.
    We do not have any Adobe software installed on my mini and will not be opening any files from previous versions of Adobe product in the new CS6 software. These will be a clean installs on pristine systems running fully updated Mountian Lion OS's on both machines and creating new files from scratch.
    Question: Should I be expecting any issues like the ones I have read in the forums and blogs or are these just the normal things that happen when upgrading to new software with multiple hardware configurations?
    My feeling is that we will not be having too much of a problem due to the clean installs and no files from previous versions.
    Next up, the Creative Cloud(CC) FAQ states that you can install on 2 machines but can't open stuff at the same time.
    Question: Does this mean we can't be using any CS6 apps at the same time or just not using the same app at the same time?
    Example: PS and PS on both machines at same time = No, PS on one and Dreamweaver on the other at the same time=Yes?
    The CC FAQ page says Adobe will add Lightroom 4 later in 2012 while the main CC page lists it as available now.
    Question: Which is true?
    My mini is registered to me, with my name, iTunes account, Apple ID etc.
    Question: Do I need to do the initial set-up of the new machine with all my information to ensure the CS6 suite works on both machines? Do the computers need to be registered(as far as Apple configuration is concerned) to same person for them to work on one CC account or can I install CS6 on any 2 machines regardless of how they were initially set-up?
    This may seem like a silly question but I want to avoid any problems before they happen.
    Well, those are all of my questions at the moment. To anyone who made it this far in my looooong post, Thank You so much for your time. I appreciate your expertise and knowledge and hope that you can help me make this decision.
    Alex Bogdan

    I'll try and answer your questions as best I can.
    Qn 1 Which Mac.
    Ans:- As I understand it both units will run Adobe CS6.
              Which one really depends on what you wand from CS6. If you are looking for high end demand and performance, then I would go for the IMac
              Your Specs for the Imac are right. However if you buy your IMac straight from Apple there are even higher specs.
              You can get:-
                                  3.4 GHz i7 processor rather than the i5
                                   2GB video card as opposed to a 1Gb video card.
                                   Of course such a model will cost you more.
              In the end it is needs compared with money to spend. That is only a decision you cam make.
    Q2:- Will the higher cost for the Imac justify copst.
    Ans:- Again it depends on what demands you intend to make on the hardware and software.
              But I note you have a business and if that businees expects to high demand and high speedy performance then I suspect the Imac would be more able to provide your needs.
              Again only you will know the answer to that.
    Q3:- Questions about CS6 reliability
    Ans:- I have been with Adobe for way over 10 years.
             Speaking, only for myself, it is the most reliable software on the market.
              It is true that if you look down this form, like any other and I am thinking about the Apple discussions forum, you will find numerous instances of problems.
              Again this is only my opinion, but although all these problems are real for the individuals:-
              First it is not clear why they have the problem e.g. what have they done or not done.
              Second, they are in the minority of the total users using the hardware / software.
              The only problem I am aware of with CS6 is Acrobat X. I understand it has been sorted Adobe, however it cost me so much work I have removed it from my system and reverted to Acrobat 9
              So what I am saying is that there are only two comapnies I rely 100% on: They are Adobe and Apple.
             So if you are happy with my opinion I would not worry about Adobe CS6
    Qn 4:- CS6 0n 2 machines.
    Ans:- Yes you will not be able to run the same program similtaneosly.
               I believe, if it is important that you do run the same program together, that you can acquire a further licience from Adobe to do that.
               You would need to contact Adobe about that.
    Qn 5:- Lightroom 4
    Ans:- Lightroom is now available as part of Creative Cloud.
    Qn 6:- Set up for individual machines
    Ans:- I do not believe you do. Once you have set up your Creative Cloud account you go to the apps site and download the apps for each machine.
              Each machine downloads the apps and your machine and the apps are registered by Adobe.
             Here is something that you may want to know:-
              Because I was so unhappy loosing all the Acrobat data with Acrobat X I ended up deleting Acrobat X
              However as far as Creative Cloud is concered Acrobat X is still on my machine.
              It is not a problem for me because I am happy with Acrobat 9, it fullfils my needs and has not crashed and lost me all my bookmarks.
              However here is the point:-
              Adobe, when there was a problem with Acrobat X requested that no-one deletes the application.
             Though I do not know for certain I believe registration of the apps you have with Creative Cloud are registered with Creative Cloud in their database. Therefore were you to delete an app, it will still be registered with Creative Cloud and you will not be able to download a further copy even though the app is no longer on your    machine.
              Therefore it maybe not a good idea to delete an app when you no longer have a use for it. If you want it back I suspect you will have to contact Adobe Support
    Personal Comment:-
              It is true many unfortunately have had all sorts of problems, including me with Acrobat X.
              That said, Creative Cloud in my view has been a major advance in how Adobe delivers software. I have no regrets with signing up to Creative Cloud and I expect to remain with it.
    Hope all of that goes some way to answering your questions.

  • Oracle 9i R2 Installation on RH Linux 7.3 -- Have a few questions.

    I am at the end of the Oracle 9i R2 installation and have a few questions.
    1) The "Agent Configuration Assistant" keeps failing. I get the following message.
    Parameters "orahome" = /opt/oracle/product/9.2.0
    Parameters "nodeinfo" = NODE_VALUE
    Agent Service Failed
    What does this mean and how can I complete Agent Configuration Assistant install?
    2) I completed the Oracle Database Configuration Assistant successfully and created passwords for sys and sysoper (not sure if these were the exact users). Note I did not modify any other users or unlock them.
    How do I log into the sqlplus prompt, what users should I use and how can I create new users and databases?
    Thanks for your help in advance.
    Chris Barone
    [email protected]

    (1) You can probably just ignore the Agent Configuration (are you using the Agent to collect data?)
    (2) sqlplus '/ as sysdba' will log you into the SQL*Plus prompt.

  • New to IPhone and have a few Questions?

    To start I want to say that I am a long time (25+ years) veteran of technology but am new the the IPhone. My IPhone is not Jailbroken and would like to keep it that way if I can. Allthgouh I did jailbrake it with blackra1n for about 30mins then I did a factory reload and let it be as it started acting stupid once I started installing apps from unofficial sources.;) Im a x86 nerd and NOT a MAC guy. I haven't sat down at a MAC/Apple in about 15/20 years.
    I just got my first IPhone 3Gs/16GB. (Coming from a BlackBerry Curve 8310) the other day and although it is taking some time getting used to, I think I will like it more then I do once I get used to it.
    Anyhow I have a few questions to start off with. I did some googleing already but just want to make sure I understand a few things.
    All though I did the BlackRa1n jail break thing and installed a few apps then it locked up and failed to turn on or something so I did the whole reload from itunes and now its all good. Anyhow.....
    1.) It appears as if one can not run a program from the home sreen and have it run in the background while doing other things? Take the many SIP Clients I have played with in the last 48 hours. Once I open the SIP Client and connect if I hit the physical button below the screen the program closes, thus the sip client no longer works. Pretty much most if not all apps iv installed from the App Store act like this. Is this the case? Does the IPhone not mutitask at all or verywell?
    2.) Are there any SIP Clients that work over 3G? All the ones iv tried say they are for WIFI only. The SIP Clients work fine when on WIFI. It sounds like this is Apples way of controlling/monopolizing the voice/data/voip aspect of the platform/device. Im sure they would lose a lot of money if everyone did what I am trying to do.Just my opinion.
    3.) Maybe I play with it to much but **** the battery dies fast. Is there anyway to optimize the battery at all other then for me not to use it as much?
    4.) How can I remote lock it if I lose it or it gets stolen? I read somewhere this could be done.
    5.) Are there any other Shells/HomeScreens/Themes that can replace the standard 4x4x4 row icons?
    6.) The speaker phone (when on a call) seems kinda low even when turned all the way up. Is there any way to make it louder?
    7.) I am using the built in VPN client to connect to my works PPTP Windows 2003 VPN server but the client randomly disconnects through out the day. Is there any way to have some type of keep alive set or are there any other VPN Clients that I can use?
    Sorry for all this just thought I would ask for feedback.
    Many thanks for any help anyone can provide,

    1.) It appears as if one can not run a program from the home sreen and have it run in the background while doing other things? Does the IPhone not mutitask at all or verywell?
    The iPhone SDK does not permit ANY 3rd party apps from running in the background or multitasking. It does provide for push notifications which can simulate certain background activity in terms of receiving external notifications while the app is actually closed. This works reasonably well with IM apps, news, sports, weather, travel updates and some peer-to-peer games.
    2.) Are there any SIP Clients that work over 3G? All the ones iv tried say they are for WIFI only.
    Just how would the SIP server connect to the cell carrier 3G network? Do you know of ANY that do??
    3.) Maybe I play with it to much but **** the battery dies fast. Is there anyway to optimize the battery at all other then for me not to use it as much?
    3G voice and data connections are culprits. Avoid email push and frequent fetching. See this Apple article for detailed suggestions.
    4.) How can I remote lock it if I lose it or it gets stolen? I read somewhere this could be done.
    MobileMe Find My iPhone will locate, set a passcode lock and optionally wipe all data from your iPhone. You have to be a MobileMe subscriber.
    5.) Are there any other Shells/HomeScreens/Themes that can replace the standard 4x4x4 row icons?
    No. Apple does not permit this.
    6.) The speaker phone (when on a call) seems kinda low even when turned all the way up. Is there any way to make it louder?
    You can troubleshoot your iPhone as described in the User Guide - restart, reset, reset settings, restore. Or, get hearing aids
    7.) I am using the built in VPN client to connect to my works PPTP Windows 2003 VPN server but the client randomly disconnects through out the day. Is there any way to have some type of keep alive set or are there any other VPN Clients that I can use?
    See this Apple support article:
    BTW, discussion of "unauthorized modifications" such as jailbreaking is prohibited under the forum Terms of Use you agreed to when joining. Best not to even mention it or risk getting your post deleted.

  • A few questions from someone new to Aperture (and DSLR photography)

    Hi - I have just got my first DSLR camera (A Nikon D3000) and am trying out Aperture 3. I had a few questions which aren't all just necessarily Aperture related:
    I have imported my library from iPhoto, however now all my albums are in alphabetical order, rather than date created. I only seem to have the option to arrange my albums by, "Kind", "Name" or "Manual". Any idea how I restore the date created order?
    This may be too large a subject for here (I should probably buy a book on the subject), however JPEG, NEF and TIFF - I am shooting in raw mode which is generating NEF files. I had tried RAW+JPEG, but the basic JPEG this creates is really quite poor. The NEF files are generally around 7-12Mb. If I open them for editing in Photoshop, a TIFF file is generated in Aperture which looks to be over 8x the size of the original raw file, sometime over 100Mb. I then seem to be able to save it back as a JPEG at pretty much maximum quality which results in a file slightly smaller than the original raw file. Is it necessary to keep the large TIFF files once I've created a jpeg? Am I best off just keeping the finished jpeg and the original raw file in case I want to make changes?
    When publishing to flickr, It would be good to be able to just publish the latest versions of all photos in an album. ie not the same photo in tiff, nef and jpg format. Is there an easy way to do this, or is it a case of manually picking each one?
    Also - When uploading NEF files to flickr it would appear to convert them to jpg, which is kind of good I suppose, but does anyone know what level of quality the jpegs created are? Am I best off converting them to jpeg myself first and then uploading? If I did this then my albums would be full of duplicates in different formats, which leads back to my previous question about uploading just one version of each. That may be a question for the flickr forum...

    You have jumped into the deep end with both feet.
    With Aperture running select the single the Browser and you will find the sort controls under the Mobileme to New Smart Album icons depending on how stretched out you have the Inspector panel. There is the ability to sort by just about every parameter there either ascending or descending.
    Can Aperture not convert your NEF files? You dont have to have Tiff files at all. See your Preferences regarding External Editor. How much storage space and your archiving requirements will influence your decision about retaining Tiff files.
    I know nothing about Flickr but assume you will have to choose your own images. I doubt a Smart Album can select exactly what you need.
    When uploading files online galleries generally optimise the images. You are wasting your time uploading massive Tiffs IMHO. Most web services work with jpegs I understand. Consult the Flickr help and support for their requirements and advice.
    Enjoy your new hobby.
    Whether you have the room to save Tiff files as well as Raw files will probably decide whether you keep them or not.

  • Few questions on Report programming

    Hi guys,
    I have few questions on report programming.
    1. What is the purpose of the statement REPORT zxxx. Even if i gave a name other than my report name i don't find any difference in syntax check/Functionality.
    2. What is the purpose of list headings in report program? This option will come along with the text elements and selection texts.
    3. What is the purpose of logical data base. Even if it is efficient why don't we use it frequently in our reports? Is there any limitations?
    All usefull answers will be rewarded as usuall:-)

    1. As u told that you dint get any syntax errors even after changing the Report Name,there are chances of getting Runtime errors.
    2. The usage of List Headings is when you create a list in a program, you can also create your own list and column headings.
    Refer this link for further info.
    3. The Limitation of LDB  is the usage of GET statements which act similar to SELECT - ENDSELECT And also if you dont choose the proper LDB,a  single LDB may contain data retrieval from so many tables ,that it would make the entire process very slow and it is very hard to find LDBs for other modules than HR.
    Only in HR module the data is organized in such a way thatusing LDBs would be much simpler.
    Reward points if useful.

  • Few questions - game loop, data types, speed

    Hello, I have a few questions after studying some topics in this forum regarding game creation:
    1) What's the fastest way to wait in the game loop? I've seen two approaches:
    thread.sleep(10)andsynchronized(this) { wait(10); }2) What data types shall I use? In C++ I use to prefer int over short in all cases, because 32bit hardware works faster with integers. Is this same on cell phones?
    3) Speed of applications is slow. I just wonder wheter it's my fault. I was testing application, which only cleared the buffer and outputted FPS and I got around 20 frames. It was Nokia 6300 with 240x320 display. After testing on other phones I've found out that the bigger the resolution, the slower the game is going. Is this normal?
    Thanks for replies...

    1) You're not going to notice any really speed difference between the two code snippets. Read up on 'Threads', and you'll see why one may be used in place of the other depending on the situation. In general there may be a slight performance loss, however unnoticable, when using the synchronized version, but when you are multithreading it is likely necessary.
    sleep(int) is impossible to interrupt, so it's generally a no-no in most situations. However we are talking about devices where every bit of performance helps, so as long as it works for ya, it's not a big deal.
    2) The performance difference is fairly negligable, if any. The biggest thing to consider is memory requirements, and shorts take 1/2 the data.
    Also, many phones don't support floating point data types, so you'll likely need to use ints/longs to calculate your values if you want to have any accuracy beyond whole numbers. Doing something like shifting bits or using 1000x values in your calculations can get around most of the problems when you can't use floats.
    3) The biggest performance killers are IO, memory allocation, screen drawing; pretty much in that order. So I imagine that you are re-creating a new String object every time you output your FPS value on screen right? Doing that every frame would destroy any hopes of getting high-performance.
    Just be careful, and never allocate objects when you can avoid it. anything where you concat String objects using + will cause your performance to die a horrible painful slow death. Remove anything that says 'new' from your main loop, and all String operations, and it'll likely speed things up a lot for ya.
    Does your main loop have something like this?
    g.drawString("FPS: " + currentFps, 0,0,Graphics.TOP | Graphics.LEFT);
    This is very bad because of the String operation. It'll create a new String every frame.
    If you have any more specicif questions, or you'd just like to pick the brain of a mobile game dev, stop by my messageboard:
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  • A few questions on setting partitioning the hardrive.

    I am reinstalling Arch because I want to make the jump from i686 to Arch64. I really want this to be the last time I reinstall an OS on this laptop, so I have a few questions on the most efficient way to set up the partitions.
    1) Is it safer to have a seperate boot partition? I really don't mind setting aside 100MB or so for boot, but I keep hearing you really don't have to do that with Arch anymore.
    2) How does optimization work? Are partitions that are created higher on the list faster to access? What I'm looking for is a really fast computer while in use. I don't care about boot time very much, and my swap drive is barely used. Would this be a good set up for what I'm looking for?
    SDA1 Root
    SDA2 VAR
    SDA3 Home
    SDA4 Swap
    SDA5 Boot
    3) Is ext4 a good idea? I really like the speed and all that, but it's still in development, right? When it's finished, would I be able to update the filesystems or once I make them are they always stuck in their current state? I was thinking ext2 for boot then ext4 for everything else.

    I'm not too sure on that one as i have never tried it but it might be possible to boot from your live cd, backup your /var partition reformat it then copy the data back on to it but don't quote me on that.
    I don't think you will notice any difference regarding which order you mount your partition's, I have been through a bunch of different partition setup's and have not noticed any speed difference between them only between different filesystem's
    I have the same partition setup as your first post minus the boot partition
    /dev/sda1 / ext4 defaults,noatime 0 1
    /dev/sda2 /var reiserfs defaults,noatime 0 1
    /dev/sda3 /home ext4 defaults,noatime 0 1
    /dev/sda4 swap swap defaults 0 0

  • Few questions on Flex customization

    I've just started to customize a LiveCycle instalation for the first time. I'm using Flash Builder, and Flex 3.4.1. - LCES2 as SDK.
    I have a few questions:
    1) The process of building (with Ant) is painfully slow. It lasts over a minute (1:03) to build and publish the ".ear" file (the CPU is Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q 6600 @ 2.40GHz).
    Does in have to be like that or am I doing something wrong here? Do I have to use "Cray" os something?
    2) As I see, the Workspace version we are using is built from the 'old' Halo components, and not Spark components.
    Is it because we have an old LC version? Can it be updated to a Flex 4 version? Can it work with the same server-side? Does a newer version exist?
    3) What we NEED to use (bottom line) is TLF (Flex Layout Framework). It depends on Flash Player 10. Can it be done with Flex 3.4.1.-LCES2?

    1) The process of building (with Ant) is painfully slow. It lasts over a minute (1:03) to build and publish the ".ear" file (the CPU is Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q 6600 @ 2.40GHz).
    Does in have to be like that or am I doing something wrong here? Do I have to use "Cray" os something?
    One minute is about right. This is because ANT is packaging the compiled source into an WAR and EAR file. If you just want to work with the code and not deploy it, you can switch back and use the "Flex" builder. You will see some unresolved SWCs. Just resolve each error by point to the SWC file that is created undre the export folder for each of the api and foundation projects.  If you need more details, let me know.
    2) As I see, the Workspace version we are using is built from the 'old' Halo components, and not Spark components.
    Is it because we have an old LC version? Can it be updated to a Flex 4 version? Can it work with the same server-side? Does a newer version exist?
    No. You must use 3.4.1 from the LiveCycle ES2 DVD or the FLex SDK from the Workbench ES2 folder. 3.4.1 is the only version that has been tested and certificated with the release.
    3) What we NEED to use (bottom line) is TLF (Flex Layout Framework). It depends on Flash Player 10. Can it be done with Flex 3.4.1.-LCES2?
    Sorry, I'm not familiar with that but I can run Workspace using the latest version of Flash Player 10.2.  But if the TLF was introdced post Flex 3.4.1, then it probably won't work. Try checking the Flex forums for that answer. Again, apologies, I don't have an answer for this.
    Hope that helps!

  • Few Questions on the Creative Cloud

    I have read that the Creative Cloud Connection will be released within the next few weeks which is great. I have a few questions about file uploading and the Creative Cloud Connection program.
    I have a folder which I will upload. The contents of that folder will be updated periodically locally. I want to the files in that folder to stay up to date between my desktop and laptop. Will the Creative Cloud Connection program be able to do that?
    If a file is changed that is already in the cloud will the program recognize the change and keep the cloud up-to-date?
    I guess a little more information about exactly what the Creative Cloud Connection program will do would be nice.
    On the topic of storage will I be able to upgrade from the standard 20 gb of storage that is available when/if needed? And how much will that be?
    One other question:
    When will Lightroom 4 be available via CC and why is it not available since it has been released?

    Creative Cloud Connection will keep files between your desktop and the website in sync. You will be able to add, edit and delete files from either end and see the changes reflected in both.
    To see the the Creative Cloud Connection in action you can watch this video from Adobe evangelist Paul Trani http://tv.adobe.com/watch/adobe-creative-suite-6-creative-cloud-launch-week/adobe-creative -cloud-tour-/.
    There will be a way to get more than 20 GB of storage. The Adobe Creative Cloud FAQ http://www.adobe.com/products/creativecloud/faq.html has a question and answer about this near the bottom:
    Can I buy additional Creative Cloud storage?
    Additional storage will be available for purchase later in 2012. If you have reached your storage limit, contact Adobe Customer Service.
    Lightroom 4 will be available in a few weeks. Jeff Veen has also tweeted this https://twitter.com/#!/veen/status/200810541550288896. More from Jeff on what is coming to the Adobe Creative Cloud here in his Adobe blog http://blogs.adobe.com/creativecloud/coming-soon-to-creative-cloud/.

  • Few questions on EB-SUS scenario?

    Dear Experts,
    I have few questions on EB-SUS scenario which you may help with your expertise. It will be helpful for those who are new to scenario?
    1. EB (enterpise Buyer or SRM) -SUS scenario is used for requesting external staff? can it be used for non stock or free text items in extended classic? does it support direct material procurement ?
    2. Does EB-SUS or SRM-sus support service item with hierarchy like MM-SUS?
    3. EB-SUS scenario is basically on extended classic or standalone scenario? But, in extended classic scenario, it does support only Purchase order and PO response scenario? What badi's or customization is required to enable the confirmation and invoice for extended scenarios?
    Full marks for good answers !!!
    Thanks and regards,

    I am also interested in this question with another view of it:
    - Can SUS be used together with SRM (EB) for consumables in standalone scenario?
    - What are your experiences with SUS in general. I foresee that we would need some add-on development to the solution, is this easily done or does it take a lot of effort?
    Thanks for any good input

  • Considering a Mac Pro - Few Question

    I am disappointed with my Intel iMac due to lack of USB ports (hubs don't work with some of my usb hardware) and the ridiculous audio/optical combo port. So I think I may go Mac Pro when Leopard is released. A few questions need to be answered if you would be so kind. A few caveats first...
    A) Mac Pros are expensive for me, so I need to save money where I am able.
    B) The Mac Pro will double as a media player for my Home Theater system. I have a connection for DVI and Toslink
    OK, now the questions...
    1. Does the Mac Pro come with the trays for the extra hard drives? I would like to purchase more drives separately. Can I do this, and what type of drives are used, SATA?
    2. RAM from Apple is expensive. Is there a less costly alternative? It must be a dependable brand. Please include part number if available. Thanks!
    3. Will reduction from 2.66 to 2.0 ghz make that much difference? I like grinding MP2 videos to H.264. Really, will it be worth the additional $264?
    4. I can use both DVI or HDMI to go to my Home Theater system. Currently, starting the Home Theater changes the resolution on my iMac. I would like to avoid this. Should I get another NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT, or will the dual port on the one card be able to be set to a different resolution output? I would like to be able to still work on my Mac while the kids are watching something in the theater.
    5. As for audio, will I be able to run headphones, external speakers and optical out all at the same time? I am assuming yes, but just want to make sure.
    6. I am also assuming the Mac Pros are quiet. Noise is one of my biggest enemies since I do quite a bit of audio work. I have not heard a single complaint regarding noise from Mac Pros. Are they that quiet?
    Thanks in advance everyone!

    4. I can use both DVI or HDMI to go to my Home
    Theater system. Currently, starting the Home Theater
    changes the resolution on my iMac.
    You should be able to run different resolutions on the built-in display and external display if Mirroring is turned off in "Displays" System Preference.
    I would like to
    avoid this. Should I get another NVIDIA GeForce 7300
    GT, or will the dual port on the one card be able to
    be set to a different resolution output? I would like
    to be able to still work on my Mac while the kids are
    watching something in the theater.
    The two DVI ports can run at different resolutions.
    5. As for audio, will I be able to run headphones,
    external speakers and optical out all at the same
    time? I am assuming yes, but just want to make sure.
    The optical out uses the same socket al the audio out, so you can't use both at once. You could add an iMic <http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/imic/> to get an additional audio output. There are also other PCI-Express, FireWire, or USB audio interfaces available.
    You can also use an AirPort Express for audio output. It is designed for iTunes, but Airfoil <http://www.rogueamoeba.com/airfoil/mac/> will send any audio to it.
    You may need Audio Hijack Pro <http://rogueamoeba.com/audiohijackpro/> for different applications to send audio to different, or multiple, outputs simultaneously.
    You may also want to consider the Apple TV <http://www.apple.com/appletv/> for audio and video connections to your home theater.

  • Thinking of getting an iPad but have a few questions

    After using the iPhone 4 (3GS previously) and really liking the OS on it, I am thinking of purchasing an iPad to make reading ebooks easier, also, having the iPad would be more convenient for me to quickly go on the net in my home (or other wifi area, but mostly home use) to seek information and also check, send emails, rather than having to switch the computer on all the time and then having to wait for it to load up and also with the iPad, the larger screen would make email, internet use and ebook use more pleasurable due to the iPad's larger screen when compared to using my iPhone.
    I have a few questions that I would like to ask to iPad users, who could perhaps answer them for me?
    In my household we have 2 iTunes libraries, one for my iPhone and one for my girlfriend's iPod. I created a separate iTunes library for each of the devices so that each one would have a totally separate library and therefore the possibility of having one overwriting the others library would be impossible.
    Now ideally I would be wanting to create a separate iTunes library for the iPad, but I would want to add the music and apps, email accounts, bookmarks that I have on my iPhone and add them onto my iPad. Would this possible?
    Also. I believe some apps have specific versions for either iPhone or iPad, so would the iPhone versions of the apps run on the iPad, or would I need to download the iPad versions of those particular apps?
    Also. I have a number of DVD's that I have converted and then dragged and dropped the video off of them into iTunes. If I am correct, would I need to reconvert those videos/DVD's again, as the video size (screen size) would be for the iPhone and therefore a smaller screen, which would not look very good on the iPad's much larger screen. If this is the case, can anyone recommend a good video converter for converting video for the iPad and what settings need to be used for the iPad?
    I also would be wanting to have a number of photos on the iPad. To get them onto the iPad, is it just a simply matter of selecting the pictures I have on my computer that I want added to my iPad, and then just dragging and dropping them into iTunes, then connecting and syncing the iPad to get them added on to the iPad, or is there an easier method?
    Thanks in advance

    Funny you should mention Macs, but I'm thinking of my next computer been an iMac, and using the Parallel Desktop software so that I can have functionality of been able to switch to Windows when needed to run the programs that are not Mac compatibly. I'm swaying towards Mac has I have heard their OS is more reliable and secure compared to Windows, and the need to have anti virus and anti spyware programs on a Mac is not really needed, but I figure if I can run Windows on a Mac then I have the best of both worlds, anyhow back on to topic
    I do indeed take backups of the various libraries and related data for them.
    I have used the Dropbox app and was impressed, but I did prefer an app called iFiles which allows me to carry various files/files types around with me on my iPhone, such as PDF files, Word doc files etc.
    The reason I use the method of having a separate iTunes library for each device we use on the computer, (my iPhone, girlfriend's iPod, and soon maybe an iPad) is because I accidentally replaced the music I had on an iPod I had at the time with my girlfriend's music. So from then on, that's why I have created a separate library for each Apple device, and so far I have never accidentally messed up another devices contents.
    Thanks for the help its much appreciated.

  • Thinking of moving to iMac from PC, got a few questions

    I'm thinking of moving to an iMac for my next computer, probably in the next 6 months or so, but I have a few questions I wondered if you might be able to help me with.
    I'm planning on getting Parrallels Desktop and installing Windows. Now I know Time Machine takes backups every hour. But I was wondering if it will also backup not only the Mac side but the Windows side too.
    For example, if I install a program on the Mac side, edit a file, delete a file etc, Time Machine will backup the changes on its next backup. If I done the same while running Windows, i.e install a program on the Windows side, edit a file, delete a file etc, does Time Machine backup these changes for the Windows side too.
    Presently for my backing up purposes. I have a hard drive caddie which has a esata connection as well as a USB connection. I have a 3.5 inch 1 TB sata drive that slides in and out of my caddie by way of (for want of a better word) a cradle. I'm planning on getting a 3.5 inch 2 TB sata drive and an additional cradle so that I can have a large collection of backups.
    Now with the hard drive caddie I've mentioned above, to use it on an iMac, I would only be able to connect it via USB. My fear with this is that it will be a lot slower at taking backups to what I am currently used to seeing when I have it connected to my PC via esata.
    I thought about this and noticed the LaCie eSATA Hub Thunderbolt Series on the Apple website http://store.apple.com/uk/product/H8875ZM/A/lacie-esata-hub-thunderbolt-series?f node=5f&fs=m.tsConnections%3Desata
    From what I can gather, it would allow me to connect my current esata caddie up to it and it would increase the performance of it to Thunderbolt performance and also would allow me to make use of my current hard drive in the process. I was wondering if anyone has used this hub and if so, is the performance significantly improved. I thought that Thunderbolt would be a good and extremely fast way of taking backups. I will point out that I find that the taking backups every hour with Time Machine, for me would be a bit of an overkill, so I'm planning on just switching Time Machine off when I don't need it to take backups, and then switching it back on when I want it to take a backup. Doing this could result in larger backups than if I had it doing it hourly, so again I thought something that would give me Thunderbolt performance would be good for this scenario.
    Any help and advice would be appreciated.

    By default TimeMachine does not back up your Parallels virtual machine and if you think about it that's a good thing. Since the Virtual Machine is in effect a hard drive, just booting up Windows or launching a program changes the VM file as temporary files are created. My VM is 25GB so not only would TimeMachine be making a copy of the VM every hour that Parallels is running, it would be copying 25GB! Not good.
    There are a number of solutions. On my desktop I use a different program to backup my VM each evening about the time I eat dinner. On my notebook I have a repeating reminder that asks if I've backed up my VM recently. As far files go, my solution is to save all my files to my Mac drive space so that TM backs them up.
    USB is slower than eSATA but for day to day use, USB is fine for TimeMachine. The initial backup will be longer and OS updates will result in longer backups but otherwise....I have a USB drive connected to the computer I'm using right now. On most hourly backups TM is running a couple minutes and it doesn't require much bandwidth or CPU so the only time I really notice it running is I look at the drive light.

  • A few questions regarding my Z10

    Still a new user, new to smartphones too,  can't find time to sit with it very much lately...
    Here are a few questions I have:
    On recharging the phone after I upgraded the OS,  when it was I believe turned off -- I don't think it was on --  I never noticed the green LED that I noticed sometimes while recharging before I upgraded to the latest OS -- it just never seemed to come on green I presume to show a full battery  when I was charging.  Yesterday it did, and I believe my phone was "off"  -- what's the story on that?  Does it just stay on green a short while, then go off? Why sometimes orange/white I think it was, for quite some time, even when it should have been recharged?  I was glad to notice the green yesterday.
    I had the Bell store put in the largest of the media cards, and now I want to load up some apps, not junk, I'm not a kid, just solid ones,  and am not sure how to do that...  ahem.  I know.  I would like to pick up the Globe and Mail news one and the CBC news one unless it's already on there, will check on that, to start, and maybe some other which is recommended.  Can I do this over the household WiFi without turning the carrier date access on?  Or can I do it via my laptop -- I did put BlackBerry Link on the computer [actually the Bell tech did at the Bell store] and I have not attempted to use that yet in any way.  Can someone point me to online instructions on this or give me a step-by-step procedure?  I am still "new" as a user... 
    I would search around myself but have to get a garden set up finished...   perhaps someone has a quick pointer or answer...
    Go to Solution.

    Select the 'Blackberry World' icon
    If this is your first time, you may have to register and create a blackberry id, follow the instructions.
    select the little magnifying glass icon (search)
    Type 'cbc' in the search bar
    You'll see the various CBC apps.
    Select one that you want to look at, select the green 'DOWNLOAD' button
    Repeat as required for other apps.
    Paid apps will most likely be automatically billed thru your BELL account.
    To find the apps after they install, exit BB world.
    from the home page, swipe left to see more pages. Newly installed apps will appear on the last page.
    Globe News, CBC news, CBC radio, National Geographic, TuneIn Radio, Recipe Box, Native Level, Easy Level, NFB, CBC Hockey Night, CBC Music, CIBC Banking, POYNT, Flashlight LED are all free and very good.
    Skype is free, but not great yet.
    If you're on wifi, all the downloads will use wifi data.
    Most apps are pretty small and don't eat up a lot of your data plan, even if you download over wireless.

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