Field names for the following information in Production planning (PP)

Hi Experts
  I am BI consultant, and  I need the field name for 'actual production quantity' in the PP module, and also what is the difference between - Actual production Quantity, Actual Component Quantity (0WITHDRWQTY),  and Actual Quantity (0CONFIRM_QTY) in the PP module.
with regards

Please find the production order details in the below tables:
AUFK - Order Master Data
AFKO - Order header data PP orders
AFRU - Order Confirmations
AFVC - Operation within an order.
Hope it helps you.
Alok Tiwari

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  • Can anyone tell me the field name, table name for the following scenario?

    Hi All,
    Can anyone tell me the field name and the respective table name for the following scenario's?
    1. A report to list all the materials to which Invoice is done and delivery is pending.
    2. A report for Order tracking.
    3. A report, which gives PO(Purchase Order),  Pricing details.
    4. A report, which calculates the MATERIAL COST. It will select all the material issued for the entered service order number from  stock.
    Thanks & Regards,
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    I believe that OmniVision Technologies has the contract for the 3gs.

  • Table names and field names for the PO item details

    I want table names and field name for the below fields.
    I have PO number i want to get below fields for PO.
    <b>Confirmed Ship Date (or actual ship date if already shipped) – PGI Date
    Quantity of Product to be shipped (base unit of measure) Sales Order Qty
    Shipped Quantity of Product (normally zero)
    Shipped From Plant Name</b>
    Excellent reward is compulsary.

    Please find below the some of tables and fields for the PO. But from your query hope you are refering some other PO.
    Table : EKPO
    KTMNG - Target Qty
    MENGE - Open Qty
    WEPOS - Goods Receipt
    LEWED - Latest GR date
    Table : EORD
    RESWK - Procurement plant
    FRESW - Fixed Issuing plant
    LIFNR - Vendor
    FLIFN - Fixed vendor

  • Table name & field name for the tab Document in Marketing Planner

    Anybody knows what is the table name and field name for the "Document" in Marketing Planner and Account Planner.  In this tab we attach relevant Campaign or Coupon or reference advertisement document.  I am not able to find out in which table and field it is storing.

    like yogesh has suggested
    you have to use the table RESB only to get the total qty by using the field BDMNG
    or create the query using the same table and get total qty report.
    use logical database RMM

  • Field name for the portal field

    Portal Gurus,
    We have implemented Netweaver IDM for Password self service. As part of this we hooked up multiple systems including portal. The user master for portal is AD. There are couple of ways users can reset their passwords.,
    1. Forgot password link in portal logon page (this will initialize IDM guided procedure for the reset)
    2. Administrative reset in AD directly (there is a tool called password hook which intercepts the password send it to IDM and sync it back to target systems)
    3. CtrlAltDel (same as the second)
    When we use the first method password gets changes successfully and also it changes the field value ""Date of Last Password Change"" to current date so portal knows when to enforce the password expiration security policy.
    But for the methods 2 & 3, the password gets changed successfully but the field value ""Date of Last Password Change"" is not being changed. So the portal works with the new password but try to enforce the password expiration policy (90 days) when the policy expires even though you have just changed the password using methods 2 or 3.
    So every 90 days though the password is reset using AD, portal didnt recognize it and it prompts password expiration again which creates confusion for the user.
    SAP came back saying this is not supported at this point of time. Whats surprising is IDM is SAP, portal is SAP and password hook is SAP then why this cannot be achieved (remember it works in the first method).
    So we are trying to script in IDM to do this manually. What we want to know is the field name of """Date of Last Password Change"" and the format in which the data is stored. Right now we wrote a java function which returns the epic time and pass the epic time to portal to update the field ""Date of Last Password Change""  but nothing happens. the job completes successfully but the update is not happening.
    Or other suggestions to resolve this.
    Muthu Kumaran KG
    Edited by: Muthu Kumaran on Feb 16, 2012 7:01 PM

    Hi Yogesh,
    as per you details the problem with source file there is nothing to at MDM side.  how you get source file in excel or XML ??
    following point may help you
    1. if excel file just check field length by using  len function because space will also count as character and sometime it get converted to # symbol
    2. or if source file coming from SAP or any legacy system in XML or excel make sure space should not include for this field. for e.g. if your field length is  20 and name is "Yogesh Bhatia" so after counting 13 by default system will pass space for that field as length is 20 so name would be "Yogesh Bhatia#######" so if you are using any intermidiate software like XI just tructed this space after name and also you can use use MDM
    Jignesh Patel

  • Table and field name for the goods receipt date in SAP CRM

    can some one provide me The TABLE-FIELD from SAP CRM system for GOODS RECIPT DATE.
    It is the same as Received material date in DIsplay:Return and replacemnt screen in CRM.

    Few more tables:
    BUT0BANK         Business Partner: Bank Data                                 
    BUT0BK           BP: Bank details                                            
    BUT0CC           BP: Payment Cards                                           
    BUT0ID           BP: ID Numbers                                              
    BUT0ID_BIP_NOHIT Business Information Provider: Logging of non identified BP 
    BUT0IS           BP: Industries                                              
    BUT0VP           BP: Business Partner Assignment and Links                   
    BUT100           BP: Roles                                                   
    BUT150           BP relationship: Attribute table (test different.type TBUKR) 
    CRMM_BUT_BUHI_1  R/3 Customer Sales Area CRM BP Hierarchy Group Mapping      
    CRMM_BUT_BUHI_2  R/3 Leaf Customer Sales Area CRM BP Hierarchy Group Mapping 
    CRMM_BUT_CONTNO  Mapping Table Business Partner Relationship – Contact Person
    CRMM_BUT_CRMOBJ  Buffer: Which BPs are in Which Systems                      
    CRMM_BUT_CUSTNO  Mapping Table Business Partner – Customer                   
    CRMM_BUT_FRG0040 Business Partner Sales Classification List                  
    CRMM_BUT_FRG0041 Business Partner Sales Classification                       
    CRMM_BUT_FRG0042 Business Partner Sales Classification List Order Blocks     
    CRMM_BUT_FRG0050 Business Partner – Status                                   
    CRMM_BUT_FRG0060 Business Partner – Business Hours                           
    CRMM_BUT_FRG0061 Business Partner – Business Hours Interval                  
    CRMM_BUT_FRG0070 Business Partner Excluded Partner Functions List            
    CRMM_BUT_FRG0071 Business Partner Excluded Partner Functions                 
    CRMM_BUT_FRG0080 Business Partner – Sales Area – Partner Function List       
    CRMM_BUT_FRG0081 Business Partner – Sales Area – Partner Function            
    CRMM_BUT_FRG0100 CRM Business Partner: Status                                
    CRMM_BUT_KOR0040 Business Partner Korea                                      
    CRMM_BUT_KOR0041 Business Partner Korea History                              
    CRMM_BUT_LNK0010 Business Partner – Sales Rule List                          
    CRMM_BUT_LNK0011 Business Partner – Sales Rule                               
    CRMM_BUT_LNK0020 Business Partner – Shipping Rule List                       
    CRMM_BUT_LNK0021 Business Partner – Shipping Rule                            
    CRMM_BUT_LNK0030 Business Partner – Billing Rule List                        
    CRMM_BUT_LNK0031 Business Partner – Billing Rule                             
    CRMM_BUT_LNK0140 Business Partner Organization Rule List                     
    CRMM_BUT_LNK0141 Business Partner Organization Rule                          
    CRMM_BUT_MIGRATE Migration Table: Fields Changed In CDB                      
    CRMM_BUT_SEMPL00 Sales Employee for Contact Person Relationship: Admin. Tech.
    CRMM_BUT_SEMPL01 Sales Employee to Contact Person Rel.: Data Table           
    CRMM_BUT_SET0010 Business Partner – Sales Rule Period                        
    CRMM_BUT_SET0020 Business Partner – Shipping Rule Period                     
    CRMM_BUT_SET0030 Business Partner – Billing Rule Period                      
    CRMM_BUT_SET0140 Business Partner Organization Rule Period                   
    CRMM_BUT_TDAR010 Business Partner – Time-Dependent Appointment Rules         
    CRMM_BUT_TDAR011 Business Partner – Time-Dependent Appointment Rule Intervals
    CRMM_BUT_TDAR012 Business Partner – Time-Dependent Appt Rule Single Intervals 
    BUT_DNC          BP: Telephone Numbers of the “Do Not Call” List           
    BUT_DNC_OLD      BP: Telephone Numbers of the “Do Not Call” List           
    BUT_FRG0010      Business Partner: Tax Classification                      
    BUT_FRG0011      Business Partner: Tax Classification                      
    BUT_HIER_NODE    Business Partner Hierarchy Group                          
    BUT_HIER_NODE_BP Business Partner Hierarchy Group – Bus. Partner Assignment
    BUT_HIER_NODE_D  Business Partner Hierarchy Group – Description            
    BUT_HIER_STRUCT  Business Partner Hierarchy Group – Hierarchy Relationship 
    BUT_HIER_TREE    Business Partner Group Hierarchy                          
    BUT_HIER_TREE_D  Business Partner Group Hierarchy – Description            
    BUT_HIER_TYPE    Business Partner Group Hierarchy Category (GUID)
    CRMD_ACTIVITY_H Activity Header table
    CRMD_ACTIVITY_I Activity Reporting: Activity Line Item Extension
    CRMD_TM_ACTIVITY Activity reference
    CRMD_LEAD_H Lead Header table
    CRMD_OPPORT_H Opportunity Header table
    CRMC_T077D : customer account groups
    BUT_HIER_TREE Business Partner Group Hierarchy
    CDBC_T_PRODUCTID Mapping: Product Id
    CDBD_ORGMAN Business transaction – organizational unit -set
    COMC_PRODUCT General Product Settings
    COMC_R3_FIELDS Assignment of R/3 material master fields to CFOP
    COMM_CATEGORY Category
    COMM_CFGMAT Basic Data for Materials
    COMM_HIERARCHY Category Hierarchy
    COMP_TYPES Hierarchy Tool: Comparison Type Check Table
    CRMC_CPRICPROC Customer Pricing Procedures
    SMOKVBEZ15 Assignment employees to positions
    CRMMLSGUID: GUID entry (should match GUID in CRMPRLS)
    CRMM_BUT_CUSTNO : Also GUID table (GUID here should match GUID in R/3 table CRMKUNNR)
    SMOFSUBTAB : Mapping & Parameters
    SMOFDSTAT : Download Monitor (R4AM1)
    SMOFFILTAB : Filters (Should match filters in R3AC1 & R/3 Table CRMFILTAB)
    SMOFOBJECT Definition of Objects for Download
    SMOFOBJPAR Parent Objects of an Object in Table
    SMOFPARSFA Middleware Parameter
    SMOFQFIND Queue Finder Table for MW-Queue finder
    SMOFTABLES Definition of Tables for Download
    CRMD_ORDERADM_H = Document Header Table
    CRMD_ORDERADM_I = Document Line item Table
    COMM_PR_FRG_ROD: Product Sales Set - Product – Assignment
    CRMV_PR_SALESA: Product - Sales Order Set

  • I want the table fields name for the screen fields of transactions lm59

    Hi all
      I am enhancing transactions LM58,LM59and  LM 60
      But in that transactions underthe lable of storage bin , there are 3 input fields . I want to know the exact table fields for those 3 input screen fields .

    You can look to tables EKPO, EKKO for PO-related fields.
    Look to SE84 under   ABAP Dictionary > Fields > Table Fields   - This is search tool for existing names.  Or can create custom Y-   and  Z- fields, data elements, domains to meet your needs.
    Please reward points.

  • How to find a specific field name for the sapscript?

    Hi all,
    I have to print out the ship-to party in a sales quotation, but I can't find out which field should I use in the sapscript, how to find out?
    I tried to retrieve VBCO2-KUNWE, VBPAPO-KUNNR, VBPAV-KUNNR, but nothing returns.

    Hi ,
    Can you check
    Table VBPA with PARVW = 'WE' and VBELN and POSNR.
    VBPA-KUNNR  -Ship to Party.

  • Table name& field name for production order  & operation confirmation

    Hi All,
              I would like to know the table name and field name for the production order "confirmation" (CNF) and the operation confirmation (CNF).
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi there,
    CORU(R/3 Application development: PP Confirmations )
    AFFW       Goods movements with errors from confirmatio
    AFRC       Table of planned changes to conf.: Automatic
    AFRD       Default values for collective confirmation 
    AFRH       Header information for confirmation pool   
    AFRP1      Table of planned changes to conf.: Automatic
    AFRP2      Table of planned changes for confirmation: B
    AFRP3      Table of planned changes for confirmation: C
    AFRP4      Table of planned changes to confirmatn: Data
    AFRU       Order completion confirmations             
    AFWI       Subsequently posted goods movements for conf
    TAFWD      CORU: Messages that are not interpreted as e
    TCORD      Table for field-dependent check routines   
    TCORU      Parameters for order confirmations         
    TCORV      Table with Routines for structureing variabl
    TCORW      Confirmation: Window Control               
    TPARU      Control parallelized confirmation processes
    TPRRU      Control table for process chain for confirma
    TPRRUT     Text table for process control of confirmati
    TRUGS      User status caused by deviation            
    CO(R/3 Application development: PP Production orders )
    AFBP        CIM order: Batch print requests            
    AFFL        Work order sequence                        
    AFKO        Order header data PP orders                
    AFPO        Order item                                 
    AFVC        Operation within an order                  
    AFVU        DB structure of the user fields of the opera
    AFVV        DB structure of the quantities/dates/values
    FAPW        Index of production-/issuing plant for produ
    FTIND       Missing parts index                        
    ORDCOM      Communication control Operation download   
    T024F       Production scheduler                       
    T399X       Parameters dependent on order type         
    T441C       Profile - availability check               
    T441CT      Texts for Profile "Display Availability Chec
    T490        Transactions PP - orders - order category  
    T496B       CIM order: Assigning document types to refer
    T496D       CIM: Destination/lists/spool parameters per
    T496F       CIM order: Form description of the list    
    T496K       CIM order: Entity table of possible table id
    T496N       CIM order: List descriptions               
    T496P       Print PP documents: Determination of output
    T496R       Print PP shop papers: Report control       
    T496T       Print PP shop papers: Transaction control  
    T496V       PP Print: Default Value for Printing Online
    T496Z       CIM order: Table-controlled table access   
    TC32        Assigning subscreen to processing location 
    TC34        Allocating operation to object type for the 
    TC62        Sequence of detail screens when processing h
    TCO01       Sequence/operations control in logicstics or
    TCO03       CIM order: Texts for TCO01, Description of o
    TCO04       Table for controlling the screen sequence gr
    TCO05       CUA status depending on panel, trans. type, 
    TCO06       Exclusive functions for PP orders           
    TCO09       CIM order: Text IDs of objects in orders    
    TCO10       Valuation variant for order costing         
    TCO11       Control table for production orders - availa
    TCO12       Control table production orders - stock dete
    TCO36       PP orders: Control table for calling up pop-
    TCO41       CIM order: Default values for generating ope
    TCO43       PP-SFC order profile                        
    TCO43T      Description of production scheduler profile 
    TCO60       Sequence keys for input facility and verific
    TCO61       Sequence key for PP orders                  
    TCO62       Defining screen sequences for input facility
    TCO63       Sequence of detail screens when maintaining 
    TCODB       Database fields development class CO per ord
    TCOF        Profile for missing parts info system       
    TCOFF       Profile for Missing Parts Info System: Displ
    TCOFFT      Texts for Missing Parts Info System: Display
    TCOFG       Profile for missing parts info system: crite
    TCOFGT      Texts for Missing Parts Info System: Criteri
    TCOFK       Texts for functions in milestones/trigger po
    TCOFS       Profile for Missing Parts Info System: Sort
    TCOFST      Texts for Missing Parts Info System: Sort Cr
    TCOFT       Texts for Missing Parts Info System        
    TCOKO       Constants for PP orders                    
    TCOKT       Account assignment categories for order    
    TCOP        Field selection profile                    
    TCOPS       Field selection profile                    
    TCOPT       Description of Profile for Field Selection 
    TDUMMY      Dummy structure of a table for READ with VER
    TRUG        Reason for variances in completion confirmat
    TRUGT       Text describing the reason for a variance in
    TXPR1       XPRA control - missing parts info system   
    Hemant G

  • What is the table name and field name for Street 2, street3 in Vendor mast.

    I have a BDC code for Vendor master. I just need to insert the fields street 2, street3, stree4 and street5 in the code. Can I insert it in the code directly without re-recording? If yes then what would be the table and field names for the fields mentioned above.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Sriram,
       Its a Configuration Setting to bring the Check box ask your SD consultant, else directly insert this try, change your internal table filed here,
      PERFORM bdc_dynpro USING 'SAPMF02K'    '0100'.
      PERFORM: bdc_field USING 'RF02K-BUKRS' indata-bukrs,
               bdc_field USING 'RF02K-EKORG' indata-ekorg,
               bdc_field USING 'RF02K-KTOKK' indata-ktokk,
               bdc_field USING 'USE_ZAV'     'X',------------------------>this part is check box
               bdc_field USING 'BDC_OKCODE'  '/00'.
    for street just try this without re-recording,
    PERFORM bdc_field  USING 'ADDR1_DATA-NAME1'       indata-name1.
      PERFORM bdc_field  USING 'ADDR1_DATA-NAME2'       indata-name2.
      PERFORM bdc_field  USING 'ADDR1_DATA-SORT1'       indata-sortl.
      PERFORM bdc_field  USING 'ADDR1_DATA-STREET'      indata-stras.
      PERFORM bdc_field  USING 'ADDR1_DATA-POST_CODE1'  indata-pstlz.
      PERFORM bdc_field  USING 'ADDR1_DATA-CITY1'       indata-ort01.
      PERFORM bdc_field  USING 'ADDR1_DATA-COUNTRY'     indata-land1.
      PERFORM bdc_field  USING 'ADDR1_DATA-REGION'      V_regio.
      PERFORM bdc_field  USING 'ADDR1_DATA-PO_BOX'      indata-pfach.
      PERFORM bdc_field  USING 'ADDR1_DATA-STR_SUPPL2'  indata-suppl2.
      PERFORM bdc_field  USING 'ADDR1_DATA-TAXJURCODE'  indata-txjcd.

  • Table Names + Field names of the Specific Fields

    I would like to get the Field names and corresponding table names for the following info, please help me
    Sales Document Type
    Sales Order Number
    Sales Document Line Item Number
    Sales Document Schedule Line Number
    Ship to Customer
    Item Category
    Contract Document Number
    Contract Document Line Item Number

    Sales Document Type
    Sales Order Number
    Sales Document Line Item Number                             VBRK-VBELN
    Sales Document Schedule Line Number
    Ship to Customer                                                   Use table VBPA to retrieve SHIP TO.
    Item Category
    Contract Document Number
    Contract Document Line Item Number
    pls ask functional ppl for this.

  • Field names for AP invoices

    Hi All experts
    I would like to have the table and field names for the below for vendor invoices header data and transaction data:
    SAP Document #
    Document Date
    Vendor Name
    Vendor ID#
    invoice Date#
    Invoice Amount
    Check Date #
    Check Amt#
    WBS #
    Cost center #
    internal order(i/o) #
    profit center #
    Rahul S

    Thanks for the help.
    From the tabled you provide,i am not able to fine Table name and field name for the below,
    Digiscribe ID
    SAP Document'
    invoice date
    invoice amount
    check date
    check amount
    internal order (i/O)

  • What are the field names for below mentioned

    Hello Friends
    What are the fields names for below tables
    in EKKO
    Purchase Document Date
    Net Value of the purchase document.
    In EKPO
    Item Description
    From which place We bought it. (It means in Sales Items there we can know from which plant we sold the goods, like in EKPO, there is any field like this)
    Please let we are defining the report to find out the stock availability for perticular storage location using select Options plant, company code, material no.
    How many tables involve her to build this report. and also field names, they come under which table.
    Please send me this information ASAP. PLz Plz Plz..........

    You can check the fields of these tables via SE11
    Purchase Document Date  -  EKKO-BEDAT
    Item Description  -  EKPO-TXZ01
    Net price per item - EKPO-NETPR.
    Rich Heilman

  • Cluster network name resource 'Cluster Name' failed registration of one or more associated DNS name(s) for the following reason: The handle is invalid.

    I'm stuck here trying to figure this error out.  
    2003 domain, 2012 hyper v core 3 nodes.  (I have two of these hyper V groups, hvclust2012 is the problem group, hvclust2008 is okay)
    In Failover Cluster Manager I see these errors, "Cluster network name resource 'Cluster Name' failed registration of one or more associated DNS name(s) for the following reason:  The handle is invalid."
    I restarted the host node that was listed in having the error then another node starts showing the errors.
    I tried to follow this site:
    Then this error shows up when doing the repair:  there was an error repairing the active directory object for 'Cluster Name'
    I looked at our domain controller and noticed I don't have access to local users and groups.  I can access our other hvclust2008 (both clusters are same version 2012).
    <image here>
    I came upon this thread:
    Now, I'm stuck on adding a managed service account (mas).  I'm not sure if I'm way off track to fix this.  Any advice?  Thanks in advance!
    <image here>

    Thanks Elton,
    I restarted 3 hosts after applying the hotfix.  Then I did the steps below and got stuck on step 5.  That is when I get the error (image above).  There
    was an error repairing the active directory object for 'Cluster Name'.  For more data, see 'Information Details'.
    To reset the password on the affected name resource, perform the following steps:
    From Failover Cluster Manager, locate the name resource.
    Right-click on the resource, and click Properties.
    On the Policies tab, select If resource fails, do not restart, and then click OK.
    Right-click on the resource, click More Actions, and then click Simulate Failure.
    When the name resource shows "Failed," right-click on the resource, click More Actions, and then click Repair.
    After the name resource is online, right-click on the resource, and then click Properties.
    On the Policies tab, select If resource fails, attempt restart on current node, and then click OK.

  • 14th May 2013. We placed an order on medIT (Medit Information Technology)for the following items: 6 units of Apple iMAc-All_in-one-1 core i

    14th May 2013.
    We placed an order on medIT (Medit Information Technology) for the following items:
    6 units of Apple iMAc-All_in-one-1 core i5 2.9 GHz-RAM 8GB-HDD 1x1tb-GF GTX 660M- Gigabit LAN-WLAN : 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0-OS x 10.8 Mountain Lion- Monitor : LED 27”wide- keyboard: English.
    We paid to their account; Bank of Cyprus Public Company Limited the full invoice value.
    As of today 14th May 2013 we are still waiting for delivery of the goods despite numerous advices that a partial order of 3 items the order has been shipped.
    We have made numerous follow up calls to medIT directly and through other customers of medIT, but we have no clue as to when we will receive the goods. On 29th April, 2013 they gave us a FEDEX airwaybill no..We regret that we have not been able to trace this airwaybill on the FEDEX system.
    We are, therefore,  pleading for assistance from any support group to link us with the right department so that we can have accurate information on the movement of this parcel.
    These items were ordered for a government department of the Republic of Zambia and this non-delivery is creating a bad name for Apple Resellers covering Zambian market. The project upgrade of the project is now falling behind due to non-delivery on our part arising from the non-performance on the part of medIT.
    We can make available for inspection copies of the order and remittance details to the appropriate office for review and ready reference.
    We can be contacted directly on “James A. Ngoma”
    <Personal Information Edited by Host>

    If you ordered from MedIT in Cyprus, they do not appear to be an authorized Apple reseller. If they are indeed not authorized by Apple, there will be nothing Apple will be able to do to assist you in this matter. You will need to work the problem out with MedIT, obtaining legal assistance in Cyprus if necessary.

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