Firefox with URL doesn't open url

On a Citrix environment I installed Firefox (next to the default IE). I want FireFox to open a specific URL so I create a shortcut that looks like this:
""C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" <servername>:<port>/cid/"
But everytime I log in as a user, I get a blank FF page instead of the webpage that's in my shortcut. It just simply seems to ignore it. The URL can be opened in FF, but it doesn't want to do it automatically.
I reinstalled FF, but that didn't help.

Solved. The placing of the "" did the trick. Put the path to FF between "" , then a space and then the URL between "".

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    Firefox doesn't open when I click on it. I have to click on New Window under File to get my bookmarks and a search page
    == This happened ==
    Every time Firefox opened
    == No way to know. Nothing new has been done to Firefox.

    If you close Firefox, then start Firefox in Safe Mode, does the problem still occur? For instructions on starting in Safe Mode, see [[Safe Mode]].
    BTW, you really should upgrade to the latest version. See [[Updating Firefox]]

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    I had this trouble... I fixed it with the help of the technicians on the phone at ipod.
    the method that worked for my windows xp version was
    -go to start
    -click run
    -type in msconfig click ok
    then it gets complicated a window will open it will have the tabs services and startup, the two at the end.
    in order to make sure its a services or startup you go to services first
    in the bottom of the window there will be a check box with the words hide all Microsoft services check that box
    then click disable all in the right hand corner.
    do not hit ok right away.
    next go to the startup tab.
    and disable all of those by clicking disable all in the bottom right corner
    click ok
    it will ask if you want to restart your computer.
    click restart.
    when you log back on
    a configuration box will pop up, and you should check the box then click ok
    then click control, alt, delete.
    with task open, then open itunes with the desktop icon or in start.
    go to processes to see if itunes is still in the process of opening.
    if it opens it is one of your services and or startup programs that is not allowing it.
    next you go back to start, run..,
    put in msconfig
    then go back to the services tab and enable all.
    click ok
    restart your computer.
    when you computer is restarted
    open up the task manager
    and open go to processes and with task is open, then open itunes with the desktop icon or in start.
    if it opens then it is not one of your services that is blocking it.
    if it does not, then it is one of your services blocking it.
    you have to narrow it down to either the start up program that is blocking it or the services program,
    for me it was startup.
    what you have to do it enable only half of the programs in your problem area(services or start up)
    I counted out the number of programs in mine and did it evenly.
    *note if you have a problem with services remember to check hide all Microsoft services *
    if it works, then you know its not in that half.
    if it does not work you know it is in that half.
    you just keep doing this,
    until you have narrowed it down
    I was told it would take 3 to 4 restarts if I was lucky,
    it took me 10
    and 4 programs were a problem to me.
    how ever they were not programs that I needed to be in my startup menu.
    if you do need the program that is causing the problem, you could possibly only turn it off when using itunes or
    you could call the support for that program and see if any patches are available.
    * note: sometimes a Norton can interfere with the openening of itunes, it is easy to determine if it is that, in which case you disable Norton, and see if it opens.*
    the latest version of itunes is compatible with Microsoft Antispyware.

  • Firefox 4.0 doesn't open, shows as incompatible (using Win7)

    Have been using 3.6 . Downloaded 4.0 and now it doesn't open.

    If you need to increase or decrease the size of fonts and other elements in the user interface and web pages then you can increase the String pref layout.css.devPixelsPerPx from 1.0 to 2.0 in 0.1 or 0.05 steps to see what works best.
    In current Firefox versions this pref is a String value parsed to a float and allows to fine tune the dimensions of all elements (user interface and web pages) more precisely.
    If you need to increase (or decrease) the font size on websites then look at the NoSquint or Default FullZoom Level extension.
    * Default FullZoom Level -
    * NoSquint -
    * Theme Font & Size Changer:

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    in old version if close firefox with 2,3... etc cards i can saved this and at new open sites is ok. Now close and no ask me (sorry for my bad english)

    I don't have this problem, but I found this: [[|this]]
    and this: [[|this]]
    The last one explains how you can set FF to save your open tabs.

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    I can login without probs into the excell Add-IN, but clicking the view presentation catalog doesn't open the related pane.
    Anyone an idea?!

    Could be the user does not have the right privileges set up.
    Try creating the following role in the db and assign it to your user:
    Then in publisher admin make sure that security config->security model = oracle database
    save and bounce the server.

  • Firefox 3.6 doesn't open links clicked from other programs (IM, etc.,)

    Whenever I try to open a link from either my IM or an IRC program like mIRC it won't open in firefox. I have to copy and paste the link.

    I now have FireFox 32.0.2 no joy. I have loaded ThunderBrowse which took care of Thunderbird but still can't load links from other programs. I fixed this before (other backups, I crashed my windows C drive and have been trying to restore), but can't remember how. I think it required reloading IE (I had deleted IE on my latest restore), but I have now done that with no joy.
    When I click on a link from another program, nothing happens, and when I right click and am offered "open in browser" nothing happens, and when offered " copy browser link" it doesn't copy.
    I tried resetting FireFox, no joy.
    Noticed control panel "set program access" doesn't hold, always goes back to custom, and defaults to "uses default browser"!
    Please help!

  • Firefox 6.01 doesn't open ACROBAT PDF, when Chrome does

    When I click to open a PDF Acrobat 10.1.0 spanish doc, it appears a bar in the centre but the PDF never aprears.
    Then I copy/paste the URL in a Chrome and it comes up immediately

    Hi JeffLazar,
    There are a couple of solutions. The first is to revert to using Chrome’s own PDF viewer by reversing your earlier actions (so type about:plug-ins into the address bar then click the disable link next to the Adobe Reader/Acrobat link).
    This would stop the constant nagging to update because the PDF viewer would be updated with Chrome (which anyway happens automatically, without the user’s input or knowledge). However, it would also mean putting up with the Chrome PDF viewer quirk that bothered you in the first place.
    The second option is to force Chrome to ignore, and therefore run, outdated plug-ins. This is an all-or-nothing approach, though, that isn’t recommended by Google – or even by Adobe – because it could leave your browser at risk from some as-yet-undiscovered security hole (updates to plug-ins are often made to fix such flaws).
    But if you’re determined to keep using Chrome and want to keep using Adobe’s PDF viewer without the update annoyances then using the --allow-outdated-plugins command-line parameter when launching the Chrome executable file will do this (it begins with two hyphens).
    If you launch Chrome from the Start menu, for example, then click Start then point to All Programs followed by Google Chrome and then right-click the Google Chrome and choose Properties from the pop-up menu.
    Now append the --allow-outdated-plug-ins to the end of the Target line (so it’ll look something like: C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --allow-outdated-plug-ins) and click OK. Restart Chrome and it will no longer check for deprecated plug-ins.
    You might want to refer :

  • "Open with" Photoshop doesn't open the graphics file

    I use an old version of Photoshop (6.0) - but it does all I need, which is the reason I haven't upgraded. Sometimes over the past few years, when I've installed the programme afresh (on a new PC, or after a reinstallation of XP for instance) I get the following annoyance and I wonder if anyone has any ideas how to solve it.
    When I right-click on a jpg, bmp (etc. etc.) file and choose 'Open with  ...  Adobe Photoshop' from the context menu, this action opens up the PS programme, but the actual graphics file I have clicked on does not open with it. I have to browse for it from Photoshop once it has opened, which is annoying of course if the file is buried deep in a sub-sub-subfolder somewhere and/or I have many files to work with.
    At first I tried uninstalling and reinstalling PS, but that doesn't fix the problem. Anyone know what I can do?

    In the top dialog you can click on Change to set the default program to open the file type.
    You can add other actions, like Print and Preview, by clicking on the Advanced button (see the lower dialog) and using New... .
    You may need to click on Restore if you don't see an Advanced button.
    I use PS to open and the Viewer to preview.

  • Firefox 7, mozilla doesn't open in the proper size where it fits the screen.

    Where before it opens to fit the screen (not fullscreen) so now I always have to click the maximize button. Didn't happen before the update, how do I fix this?

    Try ensuring when it closes it is already in the maximum view. When you close it
    * use '''Firefox Button -> [x]Exit'''
    I do not think there were any recent changes that should affect how Firefox opens and closes when upgraded from Firefox 6 to 7 or 7.0.1

  • LR5 trial to full version with serial doesn't open

    Hi i have just bought a full version of LR5 after the trial expired I put the serial number into it and I get the green click and then move to the next window and fill out my details and then it won't open... anyone had the same issue thanks

    yeah I think that I was on hold for a long time so I feel your pain.
    did you let your trial verson run out, just out of interest?
    From what I remember it was to do with the library setting and key registers within the OS their is a bit to it but I know from past that adobe can fix it.
    Good luck I'll keep looking into it for you and see if their is anything else on the net
    Wade @ TwoFivePhotography

  • I closed Firefox with a lot of open windows. Now it won't fire up and my iMac is giving error code 1712. What can I do?

    I had been on several sites comparing Gas and Electricity prices. When I came out of Firefox I took the option to save the windows. Now I can't fire it up again.

    Might be hardware failure. Take the iPhone to the nearest Apple store
    for evaluation. Make a Genius Bar appointment to avoid delay at the store.
    Make a Genius Bar Reservation

  • When i try to open firefox 6 it doesn't open, and when i open the task maneger there says firefox is working

    before that i installed a plug-in to chage the facebook desing

    OS X: How to quit an unresponsive application using Force Quit

  • Firefox with one tab open takes up 72 Mb. I disabled all of my Add-ons. How do I solve this?

    I disabled all of my add-ons and my Firefox theme is the default that comes with the download.
    I cleared my Cache every time I start Firefox up, and I set my internet history to automatically become deleted once I close my Firefox.
    The problem is that despite all of my add-ons being disabled and my internet history becoming wiped clean once I close the program Firefox, ***With only one tab open*** takes up 48 Mb.
    One time I had only ten tabs open and it took up 600,000 k in my processes (585 Mb.)
    This is driving me crazy as in I have been trying to figure it out all day.
    I used the Google Chrome Web browser but every tab I open up it creates a new Chrome in the processes and each process takes up 48 Mb.
    What is going on?
    I used Firefox 3.6
    and then I tried Firefox 4
    both did the same thing. What can I do to fix this?'''bold text'''

    hello, please install the search reset addon - it will revert the most common customizations those adware programs do in firefox back to the default:

  • FF 6.0 doesn't open pdf-links, after clicking on "open pdf" error message says file not supported or damaged. IE opens file all right. Please advice.

    Firefox 6.0 doesn't open pdf-links after clicking on "open pdf". I frequently need to do literature searches and I need to view pdf files in the browser. After clicking on the pdf - link of a file the main options are to open or download the pdf. Every time I try to open a pdf-file a blank page and an error message appears saying the file would not be supported or is damaged. IE, however, opens the file all right. I tried various changes in the security and cookie settings without success. Please advice.

    Hi SGckc,
    This document is almost certainly a dynamic XFA form. Unfortunately, our mobile Reader does not support displaying or filling such forms. The application that produces this form embeds this message into the document so that non-supportive viewers (like ours) will display this "error" page when the document opens. I do realize that this is confusing and I would like to add some additional detection to our Reader for this case. However, we've avoided doing this for fear of confusing users even further. Your feedback helps though. Hopefully we'll find a way to detect this case and present a better message to the user like: This form is not supported by the mobile version of the Adobe Reader. Please open and fill it on the non-mobile version of the Adobe Reader for Windows, Linux or Mac OSX.
    Thank you for contacting us!

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