Folio not updating on iPad content viewer

Anyone else had this problem? I've made several changes to the folio yet on my iPad it doesn;t say there's an update available. I 'archived' the folio to try and get it back but it's just hidden for good now. I deleted the app and re-installed and all the other folios appear except this one.
Not sure what to do short of re-uploading everything to a new folio...

i experience the same bbehaviour. seem to become hickups after
some time.
my solution to this was to rebuild the folio. annoying.
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  • Folio not appearing in Adobe Content Viewer on ipad

    folio i created in indesign cs5.5 not appearing in Adobe Content Viewer on ipad.
    I have CS5.5, Apple ipad 1st gen ios 5.0.1 Adobe content viewer 1.9.1
    the folio appears on the site in the FOLIO PRODUCER
    but nothing is appearing on my ipad in the Adobe Content Viewer.
    I work for a large magazine publisher and would like to demo the folio on the ipad to sell the concept of the DPS.
    However if i cant get this on my device, its going to be a no go.
    Help please.

    Thanks Ants,
    Your doubts motivated me to do some testing on the subject;-)
    I made several files of different dimensions, and uploaded them to the cloud. All of them rendered correctly on the desktop. But only those which used exact 4:3 width:height ratio  appeared in the Content Viewer on the iPad. And only those, which were at least 1024x768px. A perfect 4:3 document sized 768x576 did not show. But the 1536x1152 one appeared correctly.
    I am still certain, that the reason of absence od James' file in his iPad was caused by the dimensions of the folio. I would however modify my statement:
    Only the folios sized exactly 1024x768 px (Landscape, portrait or both orientations) are valid for iPad
    It should be: Only the folios sized 1024x768 px or more, with exact 4:3 ratio (Landscape, portrait or both orientations) are valid for iPad.

  • Folio not appearing in Adobe Content Viewer on some iPads

    I have been working on developing an app for iPad in InDesign CS6 using Adobe DPS. For the most part, the process was working smoothly until recently. Once signed into Adobe Content Viewer on my third generation iPad, the folio shows up fine and downloads as expected. However, when others with older iPads download Content Viewer and sign in, they do not see the folio as an option. For example, a person with a second generation iPad, who has the latest iOS, was unable to see the folio in the viewer. I have stripped the app down to about 40megs, thinking size might have been an issue, but after multiple users have experience identical results, I don't think that is it. Has anyone had a similar issue, and is there anything I can do on my end to make the app compatible with a wider range of iPads?

    Is it a single-folio app or a multi-folio app? If you set up renditions for a multi-folio app, only the appropriate rendition is available for a device. See this article about renditions: 000.html

  • Folio not opening in adobe content viewer

    About a year ago, I created a magazine with Digital Publishing Suite for a college course and uploaded it to my ipad in Adobe Content Viewer. It was from a school computer and version of Indesign so I don't think I'd be able to reload the file onto the content viewer app if I needed to. When I open the content viewer, I see the cover of my magazine alongside an Adobe file that says "Release". This Adobe file is newly there, and so is a blue plug icon on the top corner of my magazine. When I click my magazine, the little info "i" turns into a spinning symbol, as if it were loading. However, nothing loads and nothing happens. I left it for hours and nothing happened. When I click to open the Adobe release file, it opens to a light grey screen with no content, buttons, or anything. There is nothing I can click on or do so it forces me to exit and quit the app.
    Can someone please help me in figuring out what is causing it to not open? I'm frustrated at this point and am nervous to delete and redownload the app in case my file is lost. Like I said, not sure if it would still be there or if I could get it back again. (I also am signed into the app with my Adobe ID, if that helps)

    Unfortunately you need to uninstall and reinstall the Adobe Content Viewer app, and doing so will result in the loss of the folio you see because you added it to the device using Preview on Device. Since you did this a year ago there have been several iOS changes that required updates to the application. There's really no way to resolve this without uninstalling, reinstalling, and then putting the content onto your device again.

  • Help! Slideshow Autoplay does not work on ipad content viewer.

    I created a dps app using Adobe Creative Cloud on a PC running Windows 8.  It has a multi-state object of text to fade in and out. It works properly on a windows tablet but not on my ipad.  I'm aware this question has been asked before and I tried all of the suggested fixes and none have worked for me. Are there anymore bug fixes.

    Darn, I was hoping you could read my mind, lol. The problem is I created an article in DPS that has 4 multi-state objects on one page. 3 of the multi-state objects (button-like icons that change color when you tap/swipe them) are set to tap to play, the 4th multi-state object, a slideshow with 7 states each containing text that's supposed fade in and out 1 by 1 on a loop, is set to Autoplay upon article opening. This all works great on the desktop preview and once its downloaded to Adobe Content Viewer on my Windows Tablet.  However, when I download it to the Adobe Content View on my iPad and try to run the same app the 3 tap to play icon buttons work fine but the multi-state text Slideshow will not autoplay. It will only show the first state (which is a text box). I'm using Adobe Creative Cloud Indesign to create the article on a pc running Windows 8. I recently ran updates on my adobe software. Any insight???

  • Folio not showing on Ipad Adobe Viewer

    Is the second time I have a folio not showing up on my ipad adobe viewer.
    This has happened after i delete 4 or more articles from the folio, after deleting them it stops showing in my ipad viewer.
    I researched here before and the solution was to check for the size, (that it was a size made for ipad) and yeah, i checked the size and the size is totally fine 768x1024
    but still doesnt appear.
    what I have to do is to create a new folio and click "copy to" each article to the new folio (from the old one), but the option copy to has to be done one by one, which is very annoying and time consuming. Once all articles are copied the new folio shows up but the old one doesnt.
    Anyone knows why this happens? how can it be solved faster?

    i had this problem once, in the folio producer have you given the folio a name, number and description?
    also in the viewer on the ipad they are not nessecarily in the right order - so scoot about on it
    if all else fails, delete the folio and re-upload, we had a glitch once and the only solution was to re upload

  • Grey Screen in iPad Content Viewer when swipe through the last slides of the articles

    Some of co-workers and clients reported and issue with the presentations and the viewer: some times grey screens appear when swiping in an presentation from article to article (reproducible only for the last slide of the article).
    1. Folio with several articles (3-4 is good).
    2. Articles should have different number of slides.
    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Open folio on iPad and go to the last slide of each article.
    2. Swipe from article to article (better from the first one article to the last one)..
    Expected outcome:  Last slide of the next article is displayed.
    Actual outcome: Grey screen is displayed instead of the last article. Some times it's needed to swipe fast to reproduce the issue. Or at least on the last slide you'll see grey screen instead of the content.
    Content will be displayed if you scroll up the page. Seems that new (additional) page is added after the last slide of an article and disappeared after scrolling the page.
    Notes: Reproducible with the latest version of adobe viewer (i'm using v31( NOT reproducible in iPad Content Viewer with version
    Maybe somebody knows the root cause of this issue and how to fix it?

    I can confirm that I've seen this happen but beyond that, I can't help.

  • Updates to Folio Panel, Producer Tools and Content Viewer on iPad breaking scroll panels

    This has not been a good morning.
    Came into the office this morning, logged in and saw that there were updates for the Content Viewer, Producer Tools and the Folio Panel. Updated them all. Started to work some more on a promo piece for a new magazine and began to notice Scroll Panels using the "Pan Only" form within the Content Overlay panel no longer work. This was a great way to create scroll panels that could contain hyperlinks. Problem is, I am not sure where the problem lies. Is the problem with the Viewer or with the updates to the Folio Tools or Folio Panel? I am unfortunately on deadline for this afternoon and I don't have the luxury to troubleshoot this. Granted, I probably shouldn't have updated all of these tools at this juncture, but I was hoping that these updates would fix the problem I was having with the Desktop Viewer that wasn't working. Sadly, the Desktop Viewer works now, but that came with the price of losing functionality elsewhere.

    Yeah, it's been a project that I was working on for the last two weeks. We were supposed to have a final walk-through this afternoon and present it tomorrow. But now a good portion of the features that were working and had been promised no longer work. All out of no fault of my own. I understand that these things can happen, but this one is pretty bad and the timing was worse. Like I said, I shouldn't have updated the tools and the Viewer app until after the presentation... but then again, that may have been even worse. At least I was able to get the presentation postponed until Monday... gives me a little more time to figure out what to do.
    Anyways, I did able to get a hold of someone through support and was able to send them some files. It's being looked at as I type this. I do have to give credit to the Adobe support staff, they've been helpful and pretty responsive! Thanks guys!

  • How can I delete an unwanted folio from ipad content viewer?

    I have deleted the folio from the digital publishing suite, but that did not remove it from the ipad.
    There does not seem to be any option to delete it from the ipad content viewer as only "resume" and "view" are available as actionable options for this folio.
    Hope someone can help

    Thanks - I was hoping for something built in as the problem with this folio was that there were errors in the indesign software (had to uninstall and reinstall) and so the folio was not able to complete the download. So there was no option to "archive". I can imagine that a folio not being able to properly download would not be that unusual and having to uninstall and reinstall the content viewer is a nuisance!
    Of well, I will give it a try and cross my fingers that it does not keep hapenning!
    Thanks for your help - I will report back what happens

  • Just updated DPS successfully but now my iPad Content Viewer isn't automatically updating.

    Hi Guys,
    just did the update successfully and evrything seeems to be working fine within InDesign.
    I have just added a new article to the folio I am working on but my iPad Content Viewer isn't checking for update automatically anymore, so I can view my new article.
    Any ideas why this happening?
    It was working yesterday when I was using it.
    Is there a way to force the ipad Content Viewer to check for updates?
    Please help asap, as I have a college deadline on Monday and need to check everything is working okay.

    Hi Bob,
    I am new to DPS and this is my first time of creating folios, hence the deadline on Monday.
    Please ignore my second post, as I had forgot to sign in again after reinstalling on my iPad.
    Fingers crossed it does seem to be working again after the reinstall and I actually set all of the Version compatbilities to 24.
    I'll keep you posted if there are any more problems.
    Thank you for your reply.

  • Grey Screen in iPad Content Viewer

    A number of co-workers and clients have reported that when viewing a folio for the first time on a new device, a grey screen appears instead of the content. In general, the problem is fixed by closing the Conent Viewer in the app tray and restarting the app.
    I have only seen the issue once, but it has been reported to me a number of times and while it's no problem for my co-workers, we would prefer that when a client sees a draft of their folio for the first time, they are not fighitng with the software. As my sale person said, "we're losing the 'wow' factor.
    Any one else experiencing this issue or any expected fix?

    I get it with dual orientation folios in PDF format on iPad and iPhone. but
    maybe I experience a different bug ...
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    Am 24.05.2012 20:33 schrieb "Lukas Kawecki" <[email protected]>:
       Re: Grey Screen in iPad Content Viewer  created by Lukas Kawecki<>in
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  • OAM-Files do not run in the Content Viewer for Desktop anymore

    After updating DPS today animations made with Edge Animate (OAM-Files) do not run in the Content Viewer for Desktop anymore!
    What happened there? Any ideas?
    Thanks for help!
    I'm using mac OS 10.8.2 and InDesign CS6 CC

    I have updated Edge Animate today also with all files working & previewing perfectly within Edge. Upon publishing as OAM files for use in inDesign, the Poster loads as per usual, mark Play on Load interactivity on highlighted content holder as usual BUT when testing in Content Viewer file remains as a static poster image - unable to load animated atributes! I thought perhaps it may be a new viewing option so also uploaded page to DPS Acrobat Workspace & tested & the OAM file has not been assigned as inDesign. This is a massive issue! Our Magazine front cover needs its usual animation. Also tested previous files already live and they too do not view correctly in Content Viewer since update, as well are just a poster image!  Adobe need to fix this fast!

  • Could not find the Adobe Content Viewer.

    I have CS6 on my machine and when I try to preview a Folio on my desktop I get the prompt: An error occurred while generating folio preview. Could not find the Adobe Content Viewer.
    I have Adobe Air installed. Does anyone have any recommendations for me?
    thank you.
    PS. I also have CS5 installed and I could not generate preview from CS5 either.

    See this article to install it manually:

  • Is it possible that only people with buyed DPS are able to login to IPAD Content Viewer App?

    Is it possible that only people with buyed DPS are able to login to IPAD Content Viewer App?

    Log into with that ID and then try again.
    Bob <mailto:[email protected]>
    Tuesday, April 2, 2013 10:41 AM
          Re: Is it possible that only people with buyed DPS are able to
          login to IPAD Content Viewer App?
    created by
    <> in /Digital Publishing
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  • Are there any specific files (other than swf) that are not supported in the content viewer?

    Are there any specific files (other than swf) that are not supported in the content viewer?

    Specifically -- Is there a limitation as to any content in a PDF that would keep it from displaying correctly other than swf?

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