Font Weight Tool 0.25-100 pt +

I am a New Member of Adobe. My message for Adobe Illustrator Development Team:
In Adobe Illustrator CC you have added a new feature as Touch Type Tool, its good. But I want more. We know we can modify stroke weight/thickness (0.25-100pt) as our demand. We also know maximum fonts have Font Style, I mean Regular-Bold-Italic-Black-Medium-Narrow and many others...But I want My font like a stroke weight. And there will have Weight: 0.25-100 pt and also have Dashed line. Cause.. sometime we are unable to collect font style...and the font only has Regular Style. But we need Bold Style...For this bold style we give the font a Stroke and this is not best choice for a Graphics Designer...If you added a Font Weight Tool 0.25-100 pt + its will help us.

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  • How-to get Font weight information while reading a PDF document

    Hello everyone
    it seems that the available tools to read PDF documents from Java don't allow to get font weight informations about the tokens read from PDF.
    I need to know if a character is bold in order to recognize if it could be part of a paragraph's title.
    is there a way to keep this information? (now I'm using PDFBox but it seems to allow only to get the PDF content as plain text, without keeping this kind of font weight info...)
    thanks sincerely a lot
    to anyone who would be so kind to help me

    shilkie wrote:
    I've already read the wiki and the examples about iText, and also the two free tutorial chapters, but it seems iText doesn't allow to check the font character of a pre-existing PDF document,,it only allows to create document with a specified font but this is not what I needWell, to tell you the truth, I don't do much with PDF, myself, I only believe (from anecdotal evidence) that iText is much better than PDFBox. Have you downloaded it and tried a few things, or just read some of the docu? I am fairly sure that if you designate a font, there is probably a way to retreive this font as well, although not necessarily. Download it and play around a bit.

  • Font weight preview in CC 2014

    Is there any way to show just one weight in the font list like before (with a submenu dropdown for the weights) instead of the entire font family showing? Some font families have over a 100 weights and I don't want to scroll through 100 slightly-different versions of the same font... this considerably slows down my workflow when I just want to search for a nice font to use in my design :/

    Pressing . on the number pad doesn't work?
    Trust me when I say that scrubbing the audio in 13.0 didn't work well... warning “RAM Preview needs 2 or more frames” after scrubbing audio in After Effects CC 2014 (13.0)
    So, this was a bug they were trying to fix with 13.1 (and may have messed something up with your specific system), Adobe will want a bug report on your system. Give as much info as possible: Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form
    Can you preview audio when it's not going through the BlackMagic?

  • Font-weight attribute only works for bold?

    Hello, this has been bothering me for a while. When I set a
    font weight attribute on my css stylesheet it only makes a
    difference when I go bold; lighter font weights 100, 200 and medium
    numbers do nothing. I use safari and firefox, not sure if that is
    an issue. I have been using css a while and my code is good -
    font-weight: 100; what gives?

    > Thanks, I think you mean not supported by Safari right?
    Are they supported
    > by IE?
    No, I mean not supported in general.
    > Also, is there any work-arounds or way to lighten up my
    text font? I
    > really need it to stay text.
    font-weight:normal is the lightest you get.
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    > Thanks, I think you mean not supported by Safari right?
    Are they supported
    > by IE?
    > Also, is there any work-arounds or way to lighten up my
    text font? I
    > really need it to stay text.

  • Adjusting font weight?

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the best forum for this question,
    but since I'm using Fireworks, I'll ask it here.
    Is there a way to adjust font weight when entering text that
    will be used to create a graphic (besides the bold command, that
    I'd like to adjust a font to be a bit heavier than it is
    bolded - somewhere halfway between standard and bold. I know that
    with CSS you can adjust weight in 10 increments from 100 to 1000,
    with 400 being standard. Is there any way to do something like this
    in Fireworks?

    and/or use the strong antialias option on either just the
    text or the=20
    copy below
    Alex Mari=F1o wrote:
    > Mark754,
    > Try doing a copy and paste of the text and then playing
    with the opacit=
    > of the copy.
    > alex
    > Mark754 wrote:
    >> Hi, I'm not sure if this is the best forum for this
    question, but=20
    >> since I'm using Fireworks, I'll ask it here.
    >> Is there a way to adjust font weight when entering
    text that will be =
    >> used to create a graphic (besides the bold command,
    that is)?
    >> I'd like to adjust a font to be a bit heavier than
    it is bolded -=20
    >> somewhere halfway between standard and bold. I know
    that with CSS you =
    >> can adjust weight in 10 increments from 100 to 1000,
    with 400 being=20
    >> standard. Is there any way to do something like this
    in Fireworks?
    >> Thanks.

  • Why Adobe CC software can only show regular font weight for some fonts?

    Why Adobe CC software can only show regular font weight for some fonts?
    I can use those fonts in different font weights in the CS3 in the same computer; however it doesn't work on CC.
    Anyone can help~

    And have you applied the patch at Crash | Launch, selecting Type tool?

  • Problems with "font-weight"

    I am changing the "font-weight" in Dreamweaver CS3 using the Arial font by:
    .style1 {
              color: #bcbcbc;
              font-size: 16px;
              font-weight: 100;
              font-family: Arial;
    The font weight is changing in Dreamweaver but when I preview the site in Safari or Firefox it is still thicker...The font-weight will not change.
    Can anyone help?

    Murray *ACP* wrote:
    The only font weights supported are normal and bold.  I believe that normal is 400 and bold is 700.  There are no others that are operative.
    Actually bold is 600.
    You might like to play around with it here

  • Font weight has no effect in legend in flex 4

    Font weight,Font size has no effect in legend in line chart. Also i have trouble with date time axis.What should i do about it

    Good question. That is the funny thing! With echo %classpath% everything seems to be o.k. But not one of my java editors will recognize this package. When I use this package on my other computer (XP Home) everything will be recognize correctly.
    The only way for me was to kill alle entries in all classes which are defining the package name. But this solves my main problem only temoprarry.
    P.S. Sorry , English is not my native language ;-).

  • 24bit PNG font weight issue

    Hi all,
    I have a problem which I can't seem to find any record of anyone else having in these forums, yet I can replicate it no matter which machine I go on in our creative agency using CS5.
    It's thus:
    I have a page of content laid out the way I want it. I inserts a 24big PNG with transparency, and suddenly my font weight looks bold (though the font weight still says "regular").
    Exporting to a PDF carries across this issue, the fonts on the pages with the PNGs go "bold", and so the final product looks terrible, as pages without PNGs with transparency look the correct weight.
    It's driving me mad. Can anyone suggest a fix? I have inserted an example screengrab below.

    Two thing I noticed: The PNG files are placed on a page that has no background image (its just a white sheet of paper)
    Why do you need the PNG to have transparency at all? You could save it in a format that doesn't have tranparency and the page would look fine and the bolding of the text would go away.
    Another issue which is a bit off topic; your text mentions:  . . .  and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus Pagemaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum. This looks like it was written almost 20 years ago. Aldus Pagemaker became Adobe Pagemaker in 1994 - 18 years ago. You could at least drop the "more recently" and rewrite the sentence to make the information more up to date.
    Quark and InDesign both have versions of Lorem Ipsum that can be used for placeholder text.

  • Can't apply -fx-font-weight: bold;

    Hi. I'm trying to apply this style to Labels :
    .label {
    -fx-text-fill: gray;
    -fx-font-weight: bold;
    The gray fill is ok , but bold weight doesn't work.
    I'm using MacOS JavaFX 2.1 b17.
    Am i doing something wrong ?
    Edited by: mschoenfelder on 2012-03-22 11:27

    I can't reproduce this, the -fx-font-weight:bold style works fine for me when set either in code via setStyle or in the exact same external stylesheet you supplied (WinXPsp3, JavaFX 2.1b17, JDK7u4ea).
    My guess is either:
    1. It is a Mac specific bug.
    2. The default font used by JavaFX on the Mac does not support bold (seems really unlikely).
    3. You are not copying the correct version of your stylesheet to the binary output directory you are running the application from (most likely).
    4. You are not correctly loading the required stylesheet.
    5. You are otherwise overwriting the style somewhere else.

  • Save svg with font-weight:bold rather than a bold font?

    Illustrator is changing the font in my svgs to Arial-BoldMT, which causes it to publish incorrectly (doesn't show up bold).
    When I change the svg code to ArialMT; font-weight:bold, it publishes correctly. Any idea how to have Illustrator save the svgs with the font-weight:bold attribute so I don't have to change it in the code?
    Thanks for your help.

    Out of curiosity may I ask why you are using svg, is this for mobile devices.
    Try uninstalling Arial-BoldMT on your system.
    Also see: .html

  • Different font weight for certain table rows in a tableView

    Dear all,
    I Need to add a summary row in a TableView to calculate the sum of all values above this row. For every row I have an object, called KostenDTO.
    class SummCurrencyTableCellFactory implements Callback, TableCell> {
         private NumberFormat numFormat = null;
         public SummCurrencyTableCellFactory(NumberFormat numFormat) {
              this.numFormat = numFormat;
         @Override public TableCell call(TableColumn param) {
              TableCell cell = new TableCell() {
                   @Override public void updateItem(final Float item, boolean empty) {
                   if (item != null) {
                        setStyle("  -fx-alignment: CENTER-RIGHT;");
                        if (item < 0.0) {
                        } else {
                  } else {
         return cell;
    how can I Change the font weight of the sum-row to bold?
    Thank you and regards Tim

    You can do
      String fontWeight ;
      if (getIndex() == getTableColumn().getTableView().getItems().size()-1) {
      fontWeight = "-fx-font-weight: bold;";
      } else {
      fontWeight = "-fx-font-weight: normal;";
      setStyle("-fx-alignment: CENTER-RIGHT;\n" + fontWeight);
    in the updateItem(...) method, assuming the sum row is the last row in the table.

  • Is there a way to extract CSS font weight info in illustrator cc

    Hi there,
    i am trying to extract CSS font weight infos from Typekit Fonts from the Illustrator CSS export function. No Luck – Is there even a way to do it?
    Illustrator is not able to separate between Bernina Sans Semibold or Extrabold oder even condensed vs non condensed…
    Help is very much appreciated! :-)

    Thank you for your response. Unfortunately I do not know programing so am unable to do anything with the code in the link provided. This process has caused quite allot of stress as I was able to make something work with one of my clients Flash files into Illustrator but not the other. I have CC and previous versions of Flash but none of them work for what I need. Even when I am able to get an FXG file saved it will not open in Illustrator and I keep getting the same message that the "file needs to be validated". I have no clue what that means or how to validate it. There is nothing online to help.
    Is this a problem that Adobe has recognized and that is why it has been removed… for a rebuild? If so, I certainly hope they come up with a better solution than previous solutions. I am surprised there are no posts about this online as I would think it is a headache for others as well.
    I am sorry for all of my frustrations and I am certainly not trying to take them out on you. I am just trying to remove vector art from Flash to work with in Illustrator. Easy enough from Illustrator to Flash.
    Please let me know of any other solutions you might have and thank you again for your response.

  • How to reset font size tool to work?

    I copied and paste text onto a pic on photoshop and it has completely resized the whole workshop.  Everything, now is so small  you can see it.  I can select 72 pts but then it's just barely large enough to read.  What has happened and how do I restore things there way they were? 
    I have Photoshop 6.

    thank you Barbara...I missed that.  thanks sooo much!
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    Re:  how to reset font size tool to work?
    created by Barbara B._ (  in 
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  • Flash changes font-weight in Safari

    When trying to determine what font youtube uses for their descriptions, I find an answer until I widdled their code down to this.
    I have a screen shot of Safari 6.0.2 rendering this page on OSX 10.8.2.  It was taken on a retina screen, that's why it's so large.
    As you can see the second line of text seems to have a smaller font-weight than the first line and I was wondering if anyone could tell me why.  If you remove the flash object or change any of the CSS, the text will be the same.

    alright, also, I saw that in those instructions it tells me to delete these:
    <home directory>/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash\ Player
    <home directory>/Library/Caches/Adobe/Flash\ Player
    now I can't find any of that stuff but I did find two files called com.macromedia.Flash
    in the library sub folders. should I delete them?

Maybe you are looking for

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