FOP PDF Printing and size limit?

I am using FOP for PDF printing in Apex 3.1.
If I run a simple query:
select object_name, object_type
form obj;
I can print the result to PDF if I limit the rows to 2750 just fine. As soon as I increase it to 2800, the Adobe document has an error and can't be opened.
The OC4J container doesn't receive a memory heap error. I have set the memory values quite high.
It lists in the log lines like:
08/10/16 00:12:01 [INFO] [1]
08/10/16 00:12:52 [INFO] [95]
and then hangs.
No other text appears.
However, on successful completion, the following message appears: Parsing of document complete, stopping renderer
Any thoughts are welcome.

We have the PDF printing working with the increased memory sizes but we noticed something odd that we continue to test. Using the OC4J OEM console, we can see the memory usage as we run the reports. It "seems" like the APACHE FOP keeps taking new chunks of memory for each report without releasing the older ones.
For example, I run report A and it grabs a chunk of memory. I view the PDF then close the window. As I go to another screen and invoke a different report, another chunk of memory is taken without the first one being released. You can watch the memory usage go up and up each time you invoke a report.
We want to do some more testing to see what the test cases are (like if I log off APEX - will the memory then be released?) but I have read other Net postings about memory problems with APACHE FOP.
Just wanted to pass this observation along. Once we have some definitive test cases, I will post them here.

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    I suspected as much.  I was hopeful it was something like a setting that needed to be changed or a reg hack that needed a bit changed from 0 to 1 to make the printing work as expected.  I only installed the local printer to see if the RDP session
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    WOW! I was amazed to see that within minutes of posting my initial thread, I tried something that works.
    Apparently, the only way is will actually convert is if you select the regular Print option in the File tab. Then, change the Printer to Adobe PDF & the Paper Size to 11x17. It also worked for 36"x48" becuase I created a custom size named "Poster", so I changed the paper size to Poster & it worked!
    I hope this helps someone. I searched for an existing forum on this issue off & on for MONTHS before creating this thread. If anyone has any suggestions why the Adobe PDF tab /PDF Maker wouldn't work, I'd like to know.

  • Office PDF Print and office PDF creator(adobe plugin) create different line thickness result

    Hi together,
    Office PDF Print and office abobe PDF creator(adobe plugin) create different result. It seems that Adobe PDf creater improves line thickness to 1pt instead of 0,3pt. Is there a setting to change to original 0,3 because this 0,3 are standard line thickness for our documents. with adobe V9 the line was 0,3pt. (we need thin, mid and thick lines)
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    Hi Bill,
    Thanks a lot for the fast reply, i have tested it with 300dpi but I didn't get a different result. The bad thing is that not all lines getting thicker. if there is no arrow or ball at the end of the line the line thickness will not change (see Pic). I think this is a Acrobat error, i don't think that this will improve the pdf quality if the progam changes only some lanes and not all to 1pt.
    I Think we must downgrade to version 9.

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    We love the new functionality with Acrobat and Sharepoint, however, we noticed there is a problem when using the Adobe PDF Printer to save to a Sharepoint Library.
    None of the Sharepoint functionality works when you save to a Sharepoint library from the PDF Printer!!!
    We have users that (in an effort to cut down on paper printing costs) screen-print a report from an external application using the Adobe PDF Printer. We would like for them to be able to immediately drop these into a Sharepoint library which has required metadata fields in it. The problem is that, while this functionality works when you already have a PDF open and try to save to this library, the user is never prompted to fill out the required metadata whenever they use the PDF printer.
    1.     User hits the print button and selects the Adobe PDF Printer
    2.     User gets a Save-As dialog box where they select the sharepoint location (via a mapped drive)
    3.     The screen-print then pulls up in Acrobat
    ***The problem is, the document somehow successfully saves to the library but stays checked out. The user can just close the document and is never prompted for the metadata.

    Dear SAP_Wiz
    It is a sapscript out put.
    Converting output to spool and then to PDF is definetly a way.
    However, seens SAP has already provided a PDF printer and which asked for email as parameter, It could be easy.
    Is email ID as parameter is really not there is PRINT PARAMETER. ????
    - SUNIL

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    Pavilion Slimline s5212y desktop, Windows 7
    I can't find info on how to control lower icon tray depth so that I can see and click on various program install, PDF print and other 'print', 'next', 'finish', etc. commands. 

    Hello Veebeep
    If I understand you correctly your PDF viewer is not giving you the options you posted above. Click on View and ensure that both Read Mode and Full Screen Mode are unchecked. This should get your options back if you are experiencing that I am thinking you are. If this does not work if you could elaborate a bit on your issue I will try to assist.
    Thank you for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!
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  • File printed to pdf printer and physical printer

    as the title says, my application prints files and they are printed to a pdf file and sent by an email or printed by a physically printer letter and sent as letter to the customer
    my application is a nightly batchjob in vb6 which has worked really well for some months but now the customer said, that some of the files have been printed to a pdf and sent by an email and also printed by a physicaly printer so i checked the logfiles and realized that there is only one printing mentiond of the files which have been printed twice (pdf and physically) so now i'm wondering
    the process looks like this:
    i read the data from the database, and if the customer has an email address i change the default printer to the adobe pdf printer, then i set value in the registry which is a parameter for the pdf printer, what the name of the file shall be after this i reset the default printer to the physically one
    in the logfile aren't any exceptions so the set of the default printer had to work, and also the set of the parameter for the pdf printer, and the files also had been sent by mail so i'm wondering if it's possible that windows or adobe has also sent the file to the physically printer, the OS is windows 2003 server
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    if anything is fuzzy im ready to provide more informations
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    greetings peter

    >nightly batchjob in vb6
    I think you need the Acrobat SDK Developer Forum

  • PDF Printing and preserving Control Breaks

    I'm testing PDF printing with apache FOP. it works, but I've searched on here and am not finding a solution to preserve control breaks. Is there an easy way to set this up? I'm trying to replace reports with Apex, and one of my developer. we wrote these custom reports, that work very nicely, but are tedious... user has ability to control break, etc. I can achieve all this from interactive reports, but printing is the problem.
    My thought if I can do this, is to generate the report on a printer friendly page, and just print from there.
    any other suggestions?

    I am having trouble, too, getting PDF reporting to users in a way that they're satisfied with.
    1. Example of vanilla PDF without BI publisher.
    I have not found a way to change the margins or other column settings. So the reports will have minimal utility for our users, who are auditors and who like to save their analyses.
    I welcom help on how to use and override the Print Attributes > Page Attributes settings for PDF? Paper Size , Orientation, and width/height seem to work, but have no impact on the actual body printing. E.g. setting tabloid landscape 17x11 " works, but the report is still the same size as with letter landscape 11x8.5 setting. There's no way to set the margin.
    2. Example of my best work around. Here, the user prints from browser - Google Chrome - to PDF. I use free Windows PDF utility Bullzip PDF Printer. The same look and feel goes to a physical paper printer.
    Chrome however does not now have the option to print the background colors, so you can't get your tabs and other graphic elements to look identical to on-screen pages. You have to adjust the row count on the Apex page so all rows are displayed - if you do, the browser will print multiple pages until all rows have been put into the pdf. Another advantage for the users is that they can choose to display all the filter and grouping selections on screen and capture them in the PDF output, similar to what we do in one of our Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports applications.
    Other browsers (Internet Explorer and Firefox) seem not to be able to print all the rows.

  • PDF printing and APEX Listener.

    I noticed in the Application Express statement of direction, dated February 2, 2010, the section regarding the Application Express Listener stated "improved PDF printing". I construed (possibly misconstrued) this to mean the APEX Listener might include its own FOP processor, thus simplifying the setup and use of simple PDF printing in APEX.
    As I can't find any mention of PDF printing in the Listener Installation Guide, I was wondering if this was a misinterpretation on my part or has this functionality simply not been implemented? If it has not been implemented, are there plans to do so in a later release?

    This feature slipped out for this release. We will revisit for a future version.

  • Digital Signature Error: Parameter and size limit

    I am getting the following error message when I am trying to digitally sign any pdf:
    Creation of this signature could not be completed.
    Size limit error
    Internal error: a function parameter had an incorrect value.
    I have browsed this forum, but could not find anything similar described. I have tried deleting and recreating my digital signature, etc, without any differences. I had used dig sig before on this pc. I have Acrobat 8.2.3.
    Anyone able to help?

    Okay, I think you are on to something.
    When I go into Security Settings, there are two Windows Digital IDs listed. Both are in my name, and both are Issued by Aliant ICN Authentication CA (Aliant is my employer). They have expiry dates of later this year.
    Neither of them are checked with any indication of a Usage.
    When I look at Certificate Details, they both indicated "The Selected Certifcate Path has errors: unexpected errors." Under Trust, "This certificate is not trusted".
    I could not see Storage Mechanism anywhere.

  • PDF Printer and Acrobat fail to open or run or anything else.

    Adobe Acrobat Standard 9 has been installed on this TS2008 (VM) server for over a year without problem until recently.
    To start, the Adobe PDF printer stopped creating PDFs. When it worked a user would print and the PDF (creation) progress bar dialog box would open and the Adobe Distiller icon would appear in the taskbar (swirling) and a PDF would be created. Now we get the progress bar but no Distiller icon and no PDF is created.
    Then Adobe Acrobat Standard (editor) failed to open any PDFs. We installed Adobe Acrobat 9 reader which opened PDFs for a while and now that has stopped working.
    After many uninstalls, reinstalls, reg cleans we decided to open a case with Adobe who told us that Acrobat 9 is not supported on Server2008. The customer purchased Adobe Acrobat X.
    We installed Acrobat X (in terminal server mode) and all was well for around 24hrs and then it all stopped working again.
    I have since uninstalled reinstalled again. I created 1 PDF and after that the progress bar just hangs. We performed a controlled user logon to the server and all was going well until one user logged in and he isnt able to open Acrobat to read or edit PDFs.
    There are no events logs which appear to directly relate to this. We were concerned about a HpBIDI driver which no longer errors but we do have a large amount of EventID 7036, ServerControl Manager Eventlog provider and EventID 4 SpoolerWin32SPL.
    We have since been back to Adobe Support who advised us to unplug the network cable which we cannot do as its a hosted VM (with no access to the the VM console). He then asked us to remove the server from the Domain which we can't do as this is a single live server. They intend to come back to me!
    We are really at a loss here for idea's, can anyone please provide some clues?

    Hi billu54860732,
    Try running the Repair command from under the Help menu to see if it corrects the problem.
    The probable cause of the error is, multiple processes of Acrobat/Reader running in the background.
    If 'Repair' doesn't resolve the issue kindly follow the steps mentioned below and check, if it helps.
    1) Press CTRL+ALT+DEL together
    2) Go to the Task Manager
    3) Go to Processes in the Task Manager and kill al the processes related to Acrobat/Reader.
    4) Launch Reader/Acrobat (It should launch without an error).
    To further isolate the issue you might want to run Acrobat/Reader in an environment where no other services are running.
    This can be achieved via "MSCONFIG"
    1) Click on start type run
    2) Type MSCONFIG in the run prompt
    3) Go to services and click on hide all Microsoft services
    4) Click disable all
    5) Go to the startup in configuration window and disable all startup items
    6) Restart your system
    7) Launch Acrobat/Reader
    If, it is launched without an error, a service on your system is conflicting with Acrobat/Reader.
    Let me know if issue persist.

  • Adobe PDF Printer and Adobe Distiller Printer, from where to get these?

    I installed Acrobat 7.0 Professional from the CS2 suite.  During installation a message came up, "Warning 20225, Adobe Acrobat 7.0 set up was unable to create a new item: The Adobe PDF Printer Converter may be unavailable.
    Get last Error: The specified module could not be found."
    To convert WORD files to pdf I get "unable to find "Adobe PDF Printer or Acrobat Distiller" printer. I have run the installer in repair mode several times without success.  Where from and how do I get the Adobe Printer and/od Distiller printer from.  I have searched the Adobe web site with out success. Please help anyone who can.

    Yes, the software was installed while logged in as administrator,
    anti-virus was disabled too.  I first installed AA7 using my original disc
    and the same messages came up and the same problem existed i.e.. could not
    convert to PDF.  Uninstalled the software and installed again using the
    serial no given to me by ADOBE help,CS2. Nothing seems to work.

  • PDF Printer Page Size Limitation

    I have been creating documents in Microsoft Publisher 2007 & have been trying to convert them to PDF via the Acrobat PDF Maker. When I am dealing with 11x17 & Poster size (36"x48"), the PDFMaker gets into the Converting Process (60%) then displays the following option:
    PDF Page Size in Adobe PDF printer is small causing pages to be split.
    Press OK to convert without preserving transparency, bookmarks & links.
    Press Cancel to choose a bigger sheet (at least 17.00 by 11.00 inches)
    I hit cancel & have changed every Page Size option I can find including:
    the Change Conversion Settings, in the Adobe PDF tab in Publisher
    Conversion Settings: (Created custom setting with default page size)
    Printers & Faxes in Control Panel
    Adobe PDF Printer
    Printing Preferences
    Changed default settings & page size
    I even changed the output paper 11x17
    Yet, it never fails to try to convert everything into letter size. It seems as though it won't do anything over Letter size.
    I have Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard & running Windows XP.

    WOW! I was amazed to see that within minutes of posting my initial thread, I tried something that works.
    Apparently, the only way is will actually convert is if you select the regular Print option in the File tab. Then, change the Printer to Adobe PDF & the Paper Size to 11x17. It also worked for 36"x48" becuase I created a custom size named "Poster", so I changed the paper size to Poster & it worked!
    I hope this helps someone. I searched for an existing forum on this issue off & on for MONTHS before creating this thread. If anyone has any suggestions why the Adobe PDF tab /PDF Maker wouldn't work, I'd like to know.

  • Cocoon - Tomcat - APEX for FOP PDF printing

    I'm trying to setup Cocoon & Tomcat with APEX 4.1 for doing PDF printing of some reports.
    I'm using Linux 64bit, Tomcat 7.0.22, Cocoon 2.1.11, and JDK (build 1.6.0_24-b07).
    I followed Carl Backstrom's very helpful [blog entry|] about using cocoon and tomcat to produce PDF reports through APEX. However, I must just be missing something, because it's not working at all for me.
    Does anyone have any suggestions about getting this to work? Whenever, I attempt to hit the cocoon site (localhost:8080/cocoon/), I receive the following error:
    "org.apache.cocoon.ResourceNotFoundException: No pipeline matched request: index.html"
    Whenever I attempt to download a PDF report, I receive this error:
    "Adobe reader cannot open 'reportname.pdf' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged."
    If you have this configuration (cocoon, tomcat, APEX, PDF printing) working, I'd greatly appreciate it if you shared any URLs or tips you have in getting this setup. I understand why folks fork out the big $ for BI Publisher, but that's not an option for me.
    Many thanks,

    In the Tomcat Manager app, it shows that cocoon is deployed and running.
    I was able to reload it as well:
    "OK - Reloaded application at context path /cocoon"
    I see this in the Tomcat log:
    "SEVERE: The web application [cocoon] appears to have started a thread named [HSQLDB Timer @6b033450] but has failed to stop it. This is very likely to create a memory leak."

  • Adobe PDF printer and "Start printing after last page is spooled"

    After calling the Belgian Support for Adobe Product, I'm trying to have some information here.
    Hope to get some help.
    We use acrobat pro XI on windows 7 client and when we print a test page with the "adobe pdf" print queue on network share, we get a printing error when the "start printing after last page is spooled" is selected in the advanced tab of the printer queue. (document is not generated, and stay in the spooler with an error).
    This problem is not present if printed localy or when we use the "start printing immediately" or "print directly to the printer".
    The support agent from adobe Belgium told me that the reason is generating adobe pdf on network share is not a supported operation. We have to save the document localy all the time.
    Is it really an answer from Adobe ?
    Do you have an other explanation ?
    Thanks for your help,

    Thanks for your very good explanation Dov.
    We use Adobe livecycle for this kind of purpose.
    The situation described is diffrent, but you completely repond and I will be able to have some element to find a solution.
    In fact, I'm implementing a softwate called DeviceLock, used to control connected devices (usb, network, drive). But this software, once installed, change the local printer parameters from "print directly to the printer" to ""start printing after last page is spooled".
    As we use redirected folder in our environment and users cannot use local drive (for user's data backup) you will understand the problem.
    Of course, we should be able to force the correct settings back, But Devicelock seem to change this settings after policy refresh.
    I have contact with Devicelock about this problem of course as their software modify the settings, but was looking for a reason why we were not able to use the "start printing after last page is spooled" parameters with adobe Printer.
    Thanks for your explanation,
    PS:The driver's dialog won't prevent you from setting “Start printing after last page is spooled” or “Print directly to the printer” but setting either of those options will cause the operations to fail as you note.
    note that only "Start printing after last page is spooled" cause an error and this, only for network share location. The "print directly to the printer" or the "start printing immediately" work fine either on a local drive and a network share

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