Has anyone hooked up Time Capsule on VERIZON'S FIOS?

I'm thinking of adding a 2 TB Time Capsule as a wireless backup drive, and using it for my wireless 5 gig Communication hub?

Sure.. do a search for FIOS here. lots of posts..
It will be fine in bridge.. plugged into the Fios router.

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  • Time Capsule and Verizon's FIOS Service

    I subscribe to Verizon and use their router to access the internet. I am considering purchasing Time Capsule, but am not sure how I should configure it with Verizon's Actiontec router or will Time Capsule replace it? I would appreciate any advice.

    You might get more response to your post from the Time Capsule Forum.

  • Hooking up Time Capsule to mac mini

    Hello, I just bought a thunderbolt display and i want to get the newest mac mini. I was wondering if there is a way to hook up a time capsule to the mac mini and then hook the mac mini up to my thunderbolt display. reason being is that the mac mini only has 500gb of memory. The time capsule im looking to buy has 2tb of memory. I already have over 500 gb of stuff on my old computer that I will be transfering over. Thanks for the help.

    The Time Capsule is a wireless drive. It would appear in the Shared sidebar of the Finder. You could then copy and paste stuff onto the Capsule this way. If you actually want a drive that directly plus into your Mac over USB, you would have to buy a 2TB external hard disk like this model: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Western-Digital-Elements-External-Desktop/dp/B003IPC21Y/ ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1347985261&sr=8-1.

  • "An unexpected error has occurred" - setting up Time Capsule - now happening on 2nd TC

    I'm sorry if this has been asked a thousand times - I'm brand new to owning an iMac and a TC.
    I tried to set my first TC up last week, got through to where it said, "Waiting for AirPort Time Capsule" and every time I would get "An Unexpected Error Has Occured, Please Try Again." Reset it 5 times, did everything again - same response. Called Apple Care, they had me do it another three times, got the same thing. Told me to drive the 50 miles one way to go to the Apple Store to return it. I did that tonight...
    Now I have a new TC, and I was assured that it wouldn't happen again. Here I am....with the same error message at the same point in the setup.
    I can connect to the internet through the TC on the brand new network I created (every time) - however, my brand new iMac will never configure the TC. I have the TC directly connected from my AT&T Pace Router to the TC by ethernet cable, and the globle on the AirPort Utility is the only thing on there, with the green light for the Internet - it says connected - all of that good stuff. At the bottom, it says, "No configured AirPort base stations have been found..."
    I've updated everything I can on my iMac and through the AirPort Utility, so everything is up to date.
    Anyone have any clues before I call Apple Care....again and they tell me that this has never happened before? (ugh)

    Sorry you have had such a bad first impression..
    Is the ipv6 turned on? This was an after thought as they seem to have released both firmware and utility and woken up after the event to the fact they actually needed ipv6 on to manage it.
    Otherwise I don't see what you are using to connect to the TC from the iMac.. is it wired or wireless??
    Can I suggest you do the setup again.
    This time use ethernet to the TC.. in full isolation from the network. And do the setup manually.
    You may need to factory reset again.. sorry about that .. and start over.. only the Mac plugged into the TC.. nothing else.
    You may need further help just post where you get up to and we can sort out what is happening from there.
    This often works easier at the start from the airport utility in iphone or ipad if you have one.

  • HT1178 Time Capsule and Verizon MiFi?

    How do I set up my Time Capsule if the only internet we have is a portable Verizon MiFi?

    I believe you cannot. MiFi does not have a USB connection for the external Hartd disc.
    You could try to find a wireless Router which has a Lan connection, like this http://www.routeripaddress.com/routers/2012/huawei-d100_default_settings.html

  • Use Time Capsule with Verizon ActionTech AGT784WNV

    I have recently begun using verizon DSL with an ActionTech AGT784WNV (supplied by verizon.) If I just connected the two devices I got a double NAT error. Initially I tried setting the ActionTech to bridge mode, but could never find clear instructions for that. As I began following other instructions I found a way to set the Time Capsule to bridge only. First disconnect the WAN cable, then open Airport utility and select the time capsule and choose edit. Then under the network tab there is a dropdown box that allows the time capsule to be configured in bridge only mode. Select that and after the time capsule reboots, connect the ethernet from the ActionTech modem.
    So far that seems to provide the wireless network I wanted to maintain.
    I am not sure there are any disadvantages.
    If I discover some problems I will add to this thread, and I am interested if there are other suggestions.

    That is the correct method.
    If the ActionTech has wireless.. from the model number it does.. WNV .. I am guessing is voip and N wireless but I haven't looked it up.
    It is wise to set the TC and Actiontech wireless to mesh correctly. Or turn off the ActionTech and only use the TC.. if you want to use both which is a good plan I would physically space them a few feet apart.. so use say a 10' ethernet patch cord. (even better would be to place the TC in another part of the house with poor wireless but connected back by ethernet). 
    Set roaming network.. basically the same as the Apple instructions.
    But in your case.. actiontech is one of the units.
    Set same SSID=Wireless Name in TC.
    Set same Security.. WPA2 AES = WPA2 Personal
    Set same password.. 10-20 characters mix of upper and lower case alphanumerics. (unless you are paranoid)
    But they should be on different wireless channels.. if both are set to auto.. it can be confusing .. set one to 11.. the TC say.. and one to 6 or 1.. these are the only non-overlapping channels for 2.4ghz.

  • Slingbox, Time Capsule and Verizon router setup

    So here is my setup:
    Verizon router with wireless ON.  Time capsule set to share an IP address(not in Bridge mode).  This gives me the double NAT error message.
    Sling catcher hooked into the Time capsule on one end and to the Slingbox on the other.
    So, I hooked the slingbox up to the verizon router, configured it.  Then hooked the sling catcher to the TM and ran setup again.  Set up port forwarding per the instructions.  Things seem to work fine, although under the slingbox directory it says that I am not set up for internet viewing.
    However, i CAN connect via wifi and over 3g on my iphone fine.  With WIFI, I am using my Time capule for wireless not the verizon wifi.  The last time I tried to turn off the verizon wifi i don't think the slingbox worked.  The last time I tried to set up the time capule under bridge mode the slingbox did not work.  If I am in bridge mode there is no option to setup port forwarding.
    So I know that my setup is not correct but it is working.  The problem is the speeds.  I have a slingbox pro- getting about 1200-1400 kbs over the internet, and about 500-550 over wifi on the iphone.  I'm getting about 450-550 over 3g on the iphone.  This seems too slow.
    Any suggestions?

    Open Macintosh HD > Applications > Utilities > AirPort Utility
    Click on the Time Capsule icon, then click Edit
    Click the Network tab at the top of the next window
    Insure that the setting for Router Mode = Off (Bridge Mode)
    Click Update and allow a full minute for the Time Capsule to restart
    Very important......
    Power off both the Verizon modem/router and the Time Capsule
    Wait a minute or two
    Start up the Verizon modem/router first and allow it to run a full minute
    Then start up the Time Capsule

  • Has anyone restored from Time Machine and Application permissions okay?

    Greetings Apple Discussions:
    Has anyone restored their system from Time Machine yet and had a successful restore of their application permissions from Time Machine?
    I just wanted to get confirmation.

    I've done several. In fact I did many during beta testing and I've done at least one after installing 10.5 and 10.5.1. Each one done under 10.5 and 10.5.1 were successful without any noticeable issues with permissions.

  • Time Capsule and Verizon MIFI

    I have Verizon MIFI into our home for internet connection.  How can I use this with the Apple Time Capsule?
    Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.

    Check with Verizon for an adapter that would allow the MiFi to connect to the Time Capsule using a wired Ethernet connection.
    That is the only way that the Time Capsule can connect.

  • Hooking Up Time Capsule to Direct TV Whole Home DVR

    What are the considerations to hook up my Direct TV Whole Home DVR to Apple Time Capsule? Can I use the Ethernet Ports on the back, or do I have to use another type of router?

    You can use one of the Ethernet ports on the back of the Time Capsule, but be sure to check with DirectTV for the other end of the connection. I do not think that it goes to the Ethernet port on the DVR, (as you might think) it appears to go to a port on the DECA adapter.
    Some of this will depend on how the installer set up the Whole Home configuration.
    DirectTV help forums should be able to give you some pointers.

  • MacBook Pro cannot locate Time Capsule on Verizon Wireless Network

    Here's what I have: both my MacBook Pro and my Time Capsule are connected to the same wireless network. (I used the "join an existing wireless network" on the Time Capsule.) But when I go to back up, it says the disk is unavailable. And when I open the Airport Utility, I don't see my Time Capsule. Any ideas?

    Welcome to the discussions!
    It can be a tricky proposition to configure the Time Capsule (TC) to "join" another wireless network because the settings on the TC and network must match exactly.
    Try temporarily connecting an ethernet cable from your computer to the one of the LAN <-> ports on the TC to see if that will allow AirPort Utility to "see" the TC.
    If this does not work after a few tries, you'll need to "hard reset" the TC by holding in the reset button until the amber light blinks more quickly. Keep holding a few more seconds and then release.
    Open AirPort Utility up and it should find the TC. Try the following setup:
    Click Manual Setup
    Click the Time Capsule tab below the icons to assign a name, device password and adjust Time Zone settings, etc.
    Click the Wireless tab
    Wireless Mode = Join a wireless network. If you don't see this choice, hold down the option key on your Mac while you click on the selection box
    Wireless Network Name = Exact name of your Verizon wireless network
    Wireless Security = Exact same setting that your Verizon router is using. This is where almost all "join" errors occur because the settings don't match exactly. Even when they do, there can sometimes be problems.
    Wireless Password = Same password as your Verizon wireless network
    Verify Password
    Click Update. Close AirPort Utility. The TC should restart in 15-20 seconds and you should have a green light. Log onto your Verizon wireless network and you should be able to "see" the TC now. To confirm, open Macintosh HD and look for the Time Capsule icon under the SHARED heading on the left side of the window.
    If the TC is located close to your Verizon router, it is easier (and more reliable) to configure the TC to connect that way, rather than using wireless. You'll still be able to perform backups over your regular Verizon network. Post back if this is an option for you and we can go over this type of setup.

  • Can I connect my Time Capsule using Verizon FIOS

    Can I connect my Time Capsule directly to Verizon FIOS connection?

    Suyiitapi wrote:
    So I have to use Verizon's router first and cannot go directly into Time Capsule then.  Corrrect?
    I am not sure we are talking about the same thing..
    The FIOS is a full router.
    You plug the TC into the FIOS by ethernet.. WAN TC, LAN FIOS.
    Then you plug your computer into TC or FIOS.. or you can use TC wireless or FIOS wireless.. both will connect to both TC and internet. But generally for high speed backups, you will be better connecting directly to the TC.. whether by wireless or ethernet.

  • Time Capsule Blocking Verizon Email

    My Time Capsule is blocking Verizon email.  The problem is on the wired and wireless connections.  It seems clear that the email is getitng through the modem and then getting blocked by the Time Capsule.  I am running OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 on my imac but the problem is also present on my iphone 5 and my macbook air.

    To provide a little more info, Verizon is not my internet provider; TWC is.  The airport is plugged into a dedicated modem (not a modem/router combo device).  The verizon email addresses are the only ones that don't come through.

  • Hooking up time capsule - benefit to replace existing router?

    Hooking up my time capsule to my macair (2011) and mac desktop (2007) - already have a linksys srx 400 router (wrt54gx4) in place, working well.  I want the time capsule primarily for wireless backup.  ANy real benefit to displacing my current router - both the time capsule and srx router seem like they will do wireless activity equally well.  Comments?

    Not in so many terms. However, were I you I would replace the old router with the Time Capsule because that is much easier to do.

  • Time Capsule and Verizon Fios 9100EM Router

    I am looking for fairly detailed instructions on how to turn off the wireless on the verizon router and use the Timecapsule to distribute IP addresses. In other words I want to use my Timecapsule as the main router and connect the verizon box to it as simply the modem. My router from verizon is model 9100EM. I'm not great at this kind of stuff and any help would be great.

    Open Macintosh HD > Applications > Utilities > AirPort Utility
    Click on the Time Capsule icon, then click Edit
    Click the Network tab at the top of the next window
    Insure that the setting for Router Mode = Off (Bridge Mode)
    Click Update and allow a full minute for the Time Capsule to restart
    Very important......
    Power off both the Verizon modem/router and the Time Capsule
    Wait a minute or two
    Start up the Verizon modem/router first and allow it to run a full minute
    Then start up the Time Capsule

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