HELP! Images will not load in my web browser

Any idea on how to trouble shoot why my phone will not load images? I even brought it to a T-Mobile rep and they didn't know what was wrong. Any ideas on how to correct this?? PLEASE

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  • My course designed in Captivate 5 will not open in the web browser when published or in preview mode

    Does anyone know why my course will not open in a web browser. It's a pretty standards course. It's 800 X 600 with 73 slides that are all about 10 seconds long. It does have a few videos incorporated, but I removed them and published and I still got nothing in a web browser. Any ideas?

    I'm afraid you haven't given us enough information to know how to help you.
    More details please. 
    Screenshots of what you see perhaps?
    Do you have the same issue with a new blank project uploaded to the same publish folder with the same browser?

  • Flex 2 SWF not loading on the web browser when Flash Player 8 is running

    I got a Flex 2 application that is not loading on the web
    browser when the users workstations got Macromedia Flash Player 8
    installed. Please advice on what could be the issue, i got security
    calls included i.e. securty.allowInsucureDomain, crossdomain.xml,
    The application shows no issues on web browsers with Flash
    Player 9 installed.

    if you have read developersGuide it says that there somewhere ps_048_1.html
    here is workaround
    flex 9 is complete rewrite (almost) and its lot mor fast and
    effecient) you should't want to use flash 8 if you can anyways, but
    somethimes I guess there is not other way out..

  • Firefox will not load to the web, even after 2nd download.

    I have used firefox as a web browser because our school page works best with it. I have used firefox for over three months. This weekend firefox will not load. The screen message says unable to load web page, try again button is displayed, all to no avail.

    I have XP Pro. I tried installing 3.6.15 and could not open it. I did a system restore and 3.6.14 would no longer open. I tried again installing 3.6.15 and got a message that the previous version had not uninstalled properly. Tried uninstalling.
    As a precaution I used MozBackup to save my bookmarks etc. and also saved a system restore point.
    I then clicked Start, My Computer, drive C, Program Files and deleted the Firefox folder.
    I installed 3.6.15 and it is now working fine with all my bookmarks and addons loaded automatically.

  • Ebay auction images will not load, only happens in FF

    in the actual listing for an item, the ebay hosted pictures (the ones that show on the top left of the screen), will not load. they will just say "image not availabe". all other images load, be it the thumbnail images when looking thru searched listings or the sellers own hosted images. I do not have this problem with any other sites.
    if I use IE, the images load. so, its some sort of Firefox issue. I am on the latest (12.0).
    I do have NoScript, Ad-Block Plus, FoxReplace and Menu Editor add-ons, but none of these are casuing the issue. I looked to see if anything may of been blocked, but there is nothing ebay related that has been blocked since this has been starting.

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  • Fash Images will not load with Firefox

    Currently Flash images will not auto load with Firefox on my mac 10.4. All flash images show with an arrow I must click to make them appear every time I visit a page.
    I do have the most updated version of Flash ( I have checked their site for all troubleshooting possibilities as well as the FF forum & nothing has made these images auto load. I do have load Images automatically in my Preferences: Content. This is only happening with Firefox & not all browsers.
    I do remember having to add some Security: Install Add-On Exceptions a few updates back in FF back when I had this problem. Adding them fixed the problem, however the next update made the issue reoccur. I've looked for additional exceptions & possibilities to include & found nothing. My current list of add on exceptions include:,, & Removing these does not fix the problem & re-entering them does not fix the problem. All flash images still show as arrows that must be clicked to load to view for my Firefox browser only. This does not occur in any other browser.

    alright. I've found that Firefox has a Flashblock setting & I have found a way to disable it if I customize & add an icon to my toolbar however I would like to learn how to change that setting without having to add that icon. Where in the settings does it allow me to change/adjust the flashblock?

  • Image will not load from lightroom to CS5

    I am having an issue with external editing from lightroom to CS5!  From develope>edit in CS5>images does not load!  CS5 loads but the MAC finder app comes up asking me to choose a file!  Never have I seen this.  I looked into the preferences and the external editing, but its in the external editing already.  Help!

    Make sure your external editor settings link to the application in support files (hidden on Lion) rather than a shortcut.

  • Webpages will not load correctly on any browser

    Hey all,
    About 3 weeks ago I took the leap and upgraded my works PC from Windows 8 to 8.1 (as a test before doing the rest). Unfortunately since this time I've been continually encountering a major issue.
    This issue is that webpages will not load correctly (about half the time). Since the day I upgraded I've had issues with this, across all browsers. Sometime a webpage will load, sometimes it'll partially load and sometimes it seems to have loaded but actually
    hasn't (I.e. none of the links/inputs work). If I have an issue on a page, the only way I can get it to load is to click the stop button, navigate away from the page and then navigate back.
    I've tries assessing the problem with Firebug and it seems that the HTTP transfer is being cut-off at a certain point (which is non-consistent). The webpage is then stuck in a state of 'Transferring data' and will never finish loading.
    I've been looking around for answers and have come across some suggested solutions like running the All In One fix from, or flushing the DNS cache every few hours, but nothing is working.
    Has anyone any suggestions for how I could fix (or even further troubleshoot) this problem?

    Please try a clean boot.
    Arnav Sharma | Please remember to click “Mark as Answer” on the post that helps you, and to click “Unmark as Answer” if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading
    the thread.

  • Selected images will not load on ipad

    I have a website that loads perfectly on all mediums except my ipad 1, 64gb, OS 4.3.5.
    When the page is loaded on safari on the ipad, the main logo picture (which is approx 37kb) comes up on every page with a blue square & white question mark. It is a jpg image as are most of the others on the website. Why will this one image not load?

    I don't think that I can answer your question completely, but that image appears to be a GIF not a JPG, and all I've able to find out so far is what is in this post. If it's your website then maybe if you convert it to a JPG it'll then show on the iPad.

  • Image will not load into item master

    Is anyone aware of any specific issues that would prevent an image from loading into the Item Master. NOTE 952632 just suggests that the file is corrupt but it opens in several image editors so I am relatively convinced that it is not corrupt. It is also not a size issue in that I have larger images loading. It is occurring with a variety of images. I have hundreds that load just fine but some that do not. The permissions and location of all images, those that load and those that do not, are the same.

    Editing and changing the name did not have any affect. Converting it to TIF or BMP enabled it to load. Seems odd that it works most of the time but not always. Unfortunate that we will have to have inconsistent image types and we use the same image for multiple purposes but for now, I will change those that don't load, strictly for the purpose of displaying them in SAP.
    Thanks for your time Gordon


    hi thanks for looking
    iv got the latest version of itunes but when i click on it i starts to load then just stops
    cheers steve

    I have similar issues...
    Three pc's, two are identical hardware twins (one is a clone for the other as absolute backup) the other my home PC.
    One of the twins upgraded no problems. The sibling upgraded but iTunes will not come to the desktop, it loads and sits in the process list doing nothing.
    I checked all the "answers" in this forum and nothing worked on the twin pc at all except uninstalling and going back to the previous version which I had to get from the hippo site (note to Apple: at least leave the previous version available for download for those "update" moments).
    The home machine upgraded but I lost my audio drivers and software completely. Fixed it by re-installing the audio drivers and software after installing iTunes.
    Either way you look at it there are a lot of users on the pc with this problem, Apple have changed something fundamental (you never used to have to reboot after upgrading or fresh installing) and it is causing issues that they should address.
    Wasted a lot of time sorting this out for myself and not sure I want to "upgrade" to the next release, not sure I trust Apple software forward of this as I have a lot of music stored and the thought of having to really have to recreate the library because of an update issue ith no fall back...

  • Dynamic text not loading properly in web browser

    Please help - I have a dynamic text field in a movieclip
    inside a main movieclip - Loading works well within Flash and
    GoLive but once I load the file to the web browser the dynamic text
    no longer display - It loads undefined in the text box. However
    when I remove the movieclip from main movieclip text display no
    problem in browser.

    make sure to 'embed' the font, into the textField instance.
    select the instance on the Stage, look in the properties panel, and
    click the 'embed' button, skipping 'all' select the next four
    listings, and hit enter.

  • Windows media player plugin downloads onto my computer but will not load into my UX browser ???

    an using windows 7 and UX as a browser. i can find the folder where windows media plugin loads but it does not show up in the browser.

    Hi finitarry,
    Is your answer intended as a solution? If so, in what way?
    I've now re-installed the Firefox WMP plug-in (even though my system already had it installed) and it still will not show up in the FF 5 add-ons/plug-ins manager and FF5 still will not play an embedded WMV video file.
    Are you just commenting or do you have some advice?

  • Image files not loading continuously on Web Forms

    I deployed my application on web which is developed in Forms6.0
    but I am having problem with Image Items(Background Logo).
    We are not able to see the images on web forms continuously.
    Some times they(Image) load onto web & some times with out . I
    couldn't figure out the problem.
    If any body knows please let me know.
    Rao Guduru

    @Ben Pleysier
    Yes, I have the files saved into the site folders, however, when I drag and drop or insert via menus in design view, they do not appear on the page.
    This is working for all my other pages though.

  • I have just done a c drive clean and now i have a problem with wed site, the background will not load and some web i get error massages

    Im using explorer to ask this question
    here a screen shot of ninemsn web site
    one of the error massage i get,
    File not found
    Firefox can't find the file at
    Check the file name for capitalization or other typing errors.
    Check to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted.

    Clear the cache and the cookies from sites that cause problems.
    "Clear the Cache":
    * Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Offline Storage (Cache): "Clear Now"
    "Remove Cookies" from sites causing problems:
    * Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies: "Show Cookies"

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