HELP!!!! My Hotmail no longer works with Safari v. 5.0.6 and my Imac Leopard operating system 10.5.8.  Please help me with any suggestions on what to do.  Thank you.

HELP!!!! My Hotmail no longer works with Safari v. 5.0.6 and my Imac Leopard operating system 10.5.8.  Please help me with any suggestions on what to do.  Thank you.  I cannot find any new downloads for Safari that work with Leopard.  The newest ones only work with Lion.  My Firefox browser still works though but I would rather use Safari and cannot access any e-mails or send any e-mails via Safari.  This happened about 3 weeks ago and I thought it was just a glitch on Hotmail's site.  Now I realize Hotmail must have released an update that no longer works with Leopard 10.5.8.  PLEASE HELP ME!!!!  Thanks to anyone and everyone who reads this and attempts to help me.  I do not know what to do....

Hi Sue,
What exactly happens when trying Safari?
They did change it to Outlook recently, but while not pretty, I can access mine with Safari 4.0 still...
You can also set it up in Mail so you don't need a browser at all if you want.

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    I tried playing a you tube video, but received a message prompt to download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. The link to Adobe stated that there are issues with MAC OS X 10.7 and Flash Player 10.3. The new version did not download. Any Suggestion

    Hi Seattle
    From Adobe site only!
    Works fine.
    Cheers Tomi

  • Is anyone else having a problem with photoshop7 and new snow leopard operating system?

    Recently purchased new imac with snow leopard operating system. Installed photoshop 7 successfully (it said anyway) but when I try to open get error message stating "an unexpected and unrecoverable problem has occurred because of a program error. Photoshop will now exit." Help!

    John_Levine_IOPHFI_INH wrote:
    It may not have been considered a "Major Release," But when the it's the only OS that the machines you are currently building will run, it's pretty freakin' major!
    (I'm not sure if Apple's latest machines will still run 10.5, or not, but from following this thread, I'm guessing not?)
    It is the standard at Apple... the latest build of the current OS is what goes on the new machines, and the Motherboards, Chipsets, & BIOS (not the right term for it with Mac, I know) are "hard written" to accept that OS as the absolute minimum, and nothing older (or lower as some call it).
    So, since the latest machines are coming preloaded with Snow Leopard (10.6.2) that, and subsequent newer builds of OS 10.6 and up is all they can be loaded with.
    This is nothing new. It's industry wide in both Mac and PC. Just try to put XP on a brand new Dell, HP, or Gateway PC. Without flashing the BIOS and taking a "more likely than not" chance of rendering most of your hardware undetectable, it just ain't gonna happen.
    Conversely, just as Snow Leopard won't run on a PPC powered Mac, Vista and 7 may install, or appear to, on a single core, older PC, but the first time you install and try to open anything other than the OS itself, you're in for a world of problems.
    People have tried to fight this for years. In 2005 Mac users went out of their minds when Apple dropped support for OS 9. A year later, it was Windows 98 users freaking out over their beloved OS being "sunsetted". I was skeptical of the move to Intel processors when I first heard about it, having become a full time Mac user, and being partial to AMD before that. But like Motorola PPC processors, AMDs run hot and heat is the enemy. The new machines run faster, cooler, and do more for less money.
    It's a major pain for people who don't have the budget for a new Mac (or PC) and still have old software that is perfectly functional, but they are finding more and more incompatibility as they interact with other people and newer systems. Sooner or later though, technology wins and everyone has to either upgrade or drop out.  Fighting it is futile.  I will always remember the day last Summer when I stopped at a traffic light and next to me was an older, redneck looking fellow in a new brand spanking new Honda Accord. It may have even been a hybrid, I don't know, but duct taped on his dash was what had to be a thirty-five year-old 8-track player with a bunch of wires coming out of the back, also taped to the dash, and running to a pair of 6 x 9 speakers, which were just laying on the dash (no duct tape). I had to wonder why he bothered to buy the latest in automotive technology and yet he was stuck in a time warp for his stereo. Don't Hondas come with some pretty decent CD stereo units? And where can you find 8 track tapes anymore?

  • I have iPhone 4s with mt6235 china java system on the phone.i cannot open the iTunes or the apple store.i want origina apple operating system on my phone. please help me

    i have mt6235 iPhone 4s fake with java operating system, i cannot open the iTunes and the apple store.i want original apple os on my phone and how i can open the iTunes and the apple store.please help me.the phone is 32G  memory.

    Buy a real iPhone...

  • Please help me get my laptop back someone has cracked the master password and is running multiple operating systems which I have no access to

    Okay so I am not a computer expert by any means and have no clue how to fix my system. My father worked for intel for over 20 years as an engineer I asked him to restore my laptop to its original factory state and instead he cracked the master password
    installed multiple operating systems and made himself the administrator or domain controller. Many features and options I do not have access to so reading the trouble shooting and going through the steps always leads me to a dead end. The laptop is TOSHIBA
    SATELLITE L875D-S7332 a6 VISION AMD WINDOWS 8. As far as I can see my profile is actual running a version of windows 7. I do see reference to a windows 8RT windows 2003 windows vista wow64 and 32 I don't know what all that means I would just like to know how
    wipe everything and get back to the factory condition I bought it in. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated

    Do you have Win 7 installation disk? If yes, then go ahead and format the laptop if you don't need any data. If you need the data it it, then copy the same to USB disk and format it. Removing OS and deleting these things will anyhow keep some remains on
    HDD. TO get the speed and performance back, you might need a fresh installation. 
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    the thread.

  • Every time I start Firefox, it checks my add-ons, then opens with 2 tabs: my home page and the intro to FF9. Why does it act like it's the first time every time. Thank you.

    This happened after the upgrade to firefox 9.0.1. I am considering to reinstalling the browser but Im afraid i will loose all my saved data (passwords, bookmarks etc).

    Hi Sliverakos,
    You should look at [ this article about that specific issue] and the article [ Preferences not saved]. These should give you all the information you need!
    If that doesn't work:
    # Type about:config in the address bar
    # Click ''I'll be careful, I promise'' if prompted
    # In the Filter input field type ''startup''
    # Double click on startup.homepage_override_url
    # Delete the text string and click ''OK''
    # Close Firefox and reopen the window to verify that it has worked.
    Hopefully this helps!

  • I updated my Apple TV to 5.3 and now it doesn't work. It only shows a computer and General settings to choose from. Can someone please help me.


    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    That tells you it's not connected to the internet properly.
    Try the following steps, check whether things are working after each step where appropriate, before trying the next.
    Restart the Apple TV (Settings > General > Restart).
    Restart the Apple TV by removing ALL the cables for 30 seconds.
    Restart your router.
    Reset the Apple TV (Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings)
    Restore the Apple TV (Settings > General > Reset > Restore)

  • I tried to update my iPhone 5C with the 7.1.1 update and the computer isn't connecting to my phone Please Help me

    My phone is not coming on it said it had to get verified and when i came back it said i had to connect to itunes and its not connecting HELP ME

    Hello kennedy1029,
    The article linked below provides some useful information and steps that can help get your iPhone to appear in iTunes.
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

  • Is it possible in Firefox to have a new tab open to my home page? Currently, it is just blank. I have to click the 'Home' icon to load my home page. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.

    I am running Firefox 7.0.1 on Windows 7.

    A blank page is the default for a new tab. You can middle-click the Home button to open a new tab with your homepage, or you can install this extension and set it for your homepage.

  • The "new" hotmail no longer works with safari, but works with firefox. Hmm.

    The "new" hotmail no longer works with safari, but works with firefox. Hmm. i find this very convenient being a microsoft product. anybody else wonder why this new version happens to not be safari compatible? does anybody know if it works on the PC version of safari? if not, i find this to be a blatant move on microsofts part to bias the safari browser (especially since its basicly new on the window platform). forcing safari/hotmail users to "have" to use another browser to access their hotmail accounts.

    I have been successfully using Hotmail and Gmail with Safari for a long time. For roughly the past month, that relationship is rocky at best. At times, one of the following actions suddenly opens Hotmail, but it is a short-lived solution:
    (a) Hotmail directly
    (b) Hotmail Home>Hotmail
    (c) Sign up to Windows Hotmail
    (d) Deletion of prescribed cookies, resetting, etc. - made no difference
    Both Firefox and Opera work fine with Hotmail - especially Opera is very fast.
    In addition, Safari and Gmail does not work with Attachments, but otherwise Gmail is OK.
    I suspect I have to wait for a Safari fix because in my case I do not wish to abandon Hotmail, and Safari is a given. I would think that Safari would want to stay competitive with the two biggies, Hotmail and Gmail, which must have large numbers of users.
    I certainly would appreciate any other suggested fixes.

  • Spell check no longer works in Safari after iOS5 update

    After updating to iOS5 on my iPad2 yesterday, the spell check feature no longer works in Safari when using the Apple Wireless Keyboard.  It works in all the other applications I've tried, such as Pages and Mail.  It's a real bummer, especially if writing a blog.  Any help or suggestions?  Spell check worked fine before the update.  (Spell check still works in Safari with the on-screen keyboard, just not with the Apple Wireless Keyboard - Safari seems to be the only application effected so far)  Thank you.

    Update: After rebooting my macbook - Moves now playing. TV shows bought using a different apple ID account still does not work even though they did before.

  • Google Application Links No Longer Work in Safari

    It seems something is up. Google application and profile links no longer work in Safari 7.0. I downloaded Chrome for OS X and they work perfectly fine in that. So is it Google trying to gain more share of the browser market by modifying there code or is it a Safari update that recently broke the functionality? All I know is I have had to download a different browser to get my google mail working.
    If you want to test, go to your gmail and try to click the google applications icon near the top right. Nothing will happen in the latest Safari. Now try it again in Chrome and guess what! This used to work perfectly. More importantly is the profile icon (far top right, usually your picture) which allows you to login/logout/switch google mail accounts also will not work at all which makes it impossible to use this with Safari.
    Apple you may want to track down what changed as this will impact your browser's market share if its is not fixed asap. I will come back and try Safari again in a week and see if they have fixed anything. For now, sadly its off to Chrome for me.
    If you would like me to provide any diagnostic information I am more than happy to assist in this matter.

    Its a Safari bug. Go fullscreen and the icons work fine. Now go back to non-fullscreen and they dont work.
    Apple..... ho..... Apple?????
    Time for a fix......

  • Downloads No Longer Working in Safari 6

    Having an issue with Safari 6 where links to downloads no longer appear to be working.  They were working properly in Safari 5 prior to 6 install, and also work properly in Firefox/Chrome.
    In Safari 6, the user clicks on the link, it appears that Safari is thinking about downloading it (and maybe is downloading it), but it never appears in the download folder nor in the download window.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Quit Safari.
    Now open the Finder. From the Finder menu bar top of your screen, click Go > Go to Folder
    Type this exactly as you see it here:
    Click Go then move the Downloads.plist file from the Safari folder to the Trash.
    Relaunch Safari to test.

  • Save as PDF no longer works in Safari in 10.5.1

    Since this has to do with the printing interface I'm guessing this is where the post goes.
    I found that saving a webpage as a pdf no longer works from Safari 3.0.4 in OS 10.5.1. The print dialog box won't go away after selecting save as pdf so you have to force quit Safari. It looks like the save dialog goes behind the print dialog and I can't get to it.
    Anybody else have this issue? I found that other people were having printing of pdf problems, but I didn't see this one.

    Never mind. Seems that Default Folder V 3.0.2 was causing the issue. I killed the Default Folder task and problem is gone. Time to buy an upgrade.

  • Why is  siriusxm  suddenly no longer working on safari?

    Why is  Siriusxm  suddenly no longer working on safari?

    Here are some suggestions for getting the best results from this site.
    Create a user profile that accurately reflects the type of hardware you're using and your version of OS X, or include that information in your first message.
    Give details of the problem. A statement such as "it doesn't work" conveys no information. If it did work, you wouldn't be here. Instead, you should post something like this: "I did A; I was expecting B; but I got C instead." Include the complete text of any error messages you saw and where you saw them: in an application window, a CrashReporter window, a log, or whatever. Also include the steps you’ve taken yourself, if any, to try to resolve the issue. If the problem is of recent origin, did you make any changes to your setup just before you first noticed it? Is the problem reproducible or intermittent? That is, does it always manifest itself when you take a certain action, or only at unpredictable times?
    Before posting, ask yourself whether it’s likely that you are the the only person ever to have had this problem. If not, search the discussions for answered questions similar to yours. If you found any pertinent information, but it didn't help, include details.

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