After updating OS X Yosemite on my iMac, and restarting it. I found that the icon on my Desktop for WD MY BOOK STUDIO had disappeared. It had also gone in Finder. When I tried to backup my computer. I got the message "Backup Disc Not Available" Try backing up again when My Book Studio is available. I then went to WD Drive Utilities and tried to use the diagnostics. I couldn't use them. I just got the message "Attach a supported WD Drive". I then went to system preferences to check the drive. When I went to reattach the drive. The only buttons available to me where CANCEL and REMOVE THE DRIVE. If the drive was not attached, why is there a button to remove it? What has gone wrong, and how can it be remedied, without losing my existing data?

Hi there, my external hard drive appears to be working now, on Yosemite. My iMac took a long time to recognise it after my update of the OS X System. Everything is running a lot slower, after the update. I've tested it, with both the WD utility, and that of the iMac. In both cases, it has stated that it is working properly. That is the external hard drive, and the internal on the Mac. I'm intending to increase the RAM, from 4gb to 16gb. I'm hoping this will speed up my computer. I still have a case number with support, but they say they will keep it open, until I've run a test of my hard drive, on someone else's iMac.Maybe you could find out if your external hard drive is functioning properly, by attaching it to someone else's iMac. Hopefully a moderator will get in touch with you, whose more knowledgeable on these issues. Wishing you all the best.

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  • After the last Yosemite update on my MacBook pro I turned the FileVault on, now my Mac is freezing all the time and encrypting the drive looks like going to last forever and I am unable to use my MacBook pro what must I do???!!!

    after the last Yosemite update on my MacBook pro I turned the FileVault on, now my Mac is freezing all the time and encrypting the drive looks like going to last forever and I am unable to use my MacBook pro what must I do???!!!

    1. This procedure is a diagnostic test. It changes nothing, for better or worse, and therefore will not, in itself, solve the problem. But with the aid of the test results, the solution may take a few minutes, instead of hours or days.
    Don't be put off by the complexity of these instructions. The process is much less complicated than the description. You do harder tasks with the computer all the time.
    2. If you don't already have a current backup, back up all data before doing anything else. The backup is necessary on general principle, not because of anything in the test procedure. Backup is always a must, and when you're having any kind of trouble with the computer, you may be at higher than usual risk of losing data, whether you follow these instructions or not.
    There are ways to back up a computer that isn't fully functional. Ask if you need guidance.
    3. Below are instructions to run a UNIX shell script, a type of program. As I wrote above, it changes nothing. It doesn't send or receive any data on the network. All it does is to generate a human-readable report on the state of the computer. That report goes nowhere unless you choose to share it. If you prefer, you can act on it yourself without disclosing the contents to me or anyone else.
    You should be wondering whether you can believe me, and whether it's safe to run a program at the behest of a stranger. In general, no, it's not safe and I don't encourage it.
    In this case, however, there are a couple of ways for you to decide whether the program is safe without having to trust me. First, you can read it. Unlike an application that you download and click to run, it's transparent, so anyone with the necessary skill can verify what it does.
    You may not be able to understand the script yourself. But variations of the script have been posted on this website thousands of times over a period of years. The site is hosted by Apple, which does not allow it to be used to distribute harmful software. Any one of the millions of registered users could have read the script and raised the alarm if it was harmful. Then I would not be here now and you would not be reading this message.
    Nevertheless, if you can't satisfy yourself that these instructions are safe, don't follow them. Ask for other options.
    4. Here's a summary of what you need to do, if you choose to proceed:
    ☞ Copy a line of text in this window to the Clipboard.
    ☞ Paste into the window of another application.
    ☞ Wait for the test to run. It usually takes a few minutes.
    ☞ Paste the results, which will have been copied automatically, back into a reply on this page.
    The sequence is: copy, paste, wait, paste again. You don't need to copy a second time. Details follow.
    5. You may have started the computer in "safe" mode. Preferably, these steps should be taken in “normal” mode, under the conditions in which the problem is reproduced. If the system is now in safe mode and works well enough in normal mode to run the test, restart as usual. If you can only test in safe mode, do that.
    6. If you have more than one user, and the one affected by the problem is not an administrator, then please run the test twice: once while logged in as the affected user, and once as an administrator. The results may be different. The user that is created automatically on a new computer when you start it for the first time is an administrator. If you can't log in as an administrator, test as the affected user. Most personal Macs have only one user, and in that case this section doesn’t apply. Don't log in as root.
    7. The script is a single long line, all of which must be selected. You can accomplish this easily by triple-clicking anywhere in the line. The whole line will highlight, though you may not see all of it in the browser window, and you can then copy it. If you try to select the line by dragging across the part you can see, you won't get all of it.
    Triple-click anywhere in the line of text below on this page to select it:
    PATH=/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/libexec;clear;cd;p=(Software Hardware Memory Diagnostics Power FireWire Thunderbolt USB Fonts SerialATA 4 1000 25 5120 KiB/s 1024 85 \\b%% 20480 1 MB/s 25000 ports ' com.clark.\* \*dropbox \*genieo\* \*GoogleDr\* \*k.AutoCAD\* \*k.Maya\* vidinst\* ' DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES\ DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH -86 "` route -n get default|awk '/e:/{print $2}' `" 25 N\\/A down up 102400 25600 recvfrom sendto CFBundleIdentifier 25 25 25 1000 MB ' com.adobe.AAM.Updater-1.0 com.adobe.AAM.Updater-1.0 com.adobe.AdobeCreativeCloud com.adobe.CS4ServiceManager com.adobe.CS5ServiceManager com.adobe.fpsaud com.adobe.SwitchBoard com.adobe.SwitchBoard com.citrixonline.GoToMeeting.G2MUpdate org.macosforge.xquartz.privileged_startx org.macosforge.xquartz.startx ' ' 879294308 4071182229 461455494 3627668074 1083382502 1274181950 1855907737 2758863019 1848501757 464843899 3694147963 1233118628 2456546649 2806998573 2778718105 2636415542 842973933 2051385900 3301885676 891055588 998894468 695903914 1443423563 4136085286 523110921 3873345487 ' 51 5120 files );N5=${#p[@]};p[N5]=` networksetup -listnetworkserviceorder|awk ' NR>1 { sub(/^\([0-9]+\) /,"");n=$0;getline;} $NF=="'${p[26]}')" { sub(/.$/,"",$NF);print n;exit;} ' `;f=('\n%s: %s\n' '\n%s\n\n%s\n' '\nRAM details\n%s\n' %s\ %s '%s\n-\t%s\n' );S0() { echo ' { q=$NF+0;$NF="";u=$(NF-1);$(NF-1)="";gsub(/^ +| +$/,"");if(q>='${p[$1]}') printf("%s (UID %s) is using %s '${p[$2]}'",$0,u,q);} ';};s=(' s/[0-9A-Za-z._][email protected][0-9A-Za-z.]+\.[0-9A-Za-z]{2,4}/EMAIL/g;/faceb/s/(at\.)[^.]+/\1NAME/g;/\/Shared/!s/(\/Users\/)[^ /]+/\1USER/g;s/[-0-9A-Fa-f]{22,}/UUID/g;' ' s/^ +//;/de: S|[nst]:/p;' ' {sub(/^ +/,"")};/er:/;/y:/&&$2<'${p[10]} ' 1s/://;3,6d;/[my].+:/d;s/^ {4}//;H;${ g;s/\n$//;/s: (E[^m]|[^EO])|x([^08]|02[^F]|8[^0])/p;} ' ' 5h;6{ H;g;/P/!p;} ' ' ($1~/^Cy/&&$3>'${p[11]}')||($1~/^Cond/&&$2!~/^N/) ' ' /:$/{ N;/:.+:/d;s/ *://;b0'$'\n'' };/^ *(V.+ [0N]|Man).+ /{ s/ 0x.... //;s/[()]//g;s/(.+: )(.+)/ (\2)/;H;};$b0'$'\n'' d;:0'$'\n'' x;s/\n\n//;/Apple[ ,]|Genesy|Intel|SMSC/d;s/\n.*//;/\)$/p;' ' s/^.*C/C/;H;${ g;/No th|pms/!p;} ' '/= [^GO]/p' '{$1=""};1' ' /Of/!{ s/^.+is |\.//g;p;} ' ' $0&&!/ / { n++;print;} END { if(n<10) print "";} ' ' { sub(/ :/,"");print|"tail -n'${p[12]}'";} ' ' NR==2&&$4<='${p[13]}' { print $4;} ' ' END { $2/=256;if($2>='${p[15]}') print int($2) } ' ' NR!=13{next};{sub(/[+-]$/,"",$NF)};'"`S0 21 22`" 'NR!=2{next}'"`S0 37 17`" ' NR!=5||$8!~/[RW]/{next};{ $(NF-1)=$1;$NF=int($NF/10000000);for(i=1;i<=3;i++){$i="";$(NF-1-i)="";};};'"`S0 19 20`" 's:^:/:p' '/\.kext\/(Contents\/)?Info\.plist$/p' 's/^.{52}(.+) <.+/\1/p' ' /Launch[AD].+\.plist$/ { n++;print;} END { if(n<200) print "/System/";} ' '/\.xpc\/(Contents\/)?Info\.plist$/p' ' NR>1&&!/0x|\.[0-9]+$|com\.apple\.launchctl\.(Aqua|Background|System)$/ { print $3;} ' ' /\.(framew|lproj)|\):/d;/plist:|:.+(Mach|scrip)/s/:[^:]+//p ' '/^root$/p' ' !/\/Contents\/.+\/Contents|Applic|Autom|Frameworks/&&/Lib.+\/Info.plist$/ { 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cache Startup\ items Admin\ access Root\ access Bundles dylibs Apps Font\ issues Inserted\ dylibs Firewall Proxies DNS TCP/IP Wi-Fi Profiles Root\ crontab User\ crontab 'Global login items' 'User login items' Spotlight Memory Listeners Widgets Parental\ Controls Prefetching SATA Descriptors App\ extensions Lockfiles Memory\ pressure SMC Shutdowns );N3=${#l[@]};for i in 0 1 2;do l[N3+i]=${p[5+i]};done;N4=${#l[@]};for j in 0 1;do l[N4+j]="Current ${p[29+j]}stream data";done;A0() { id -G|grep -qw 80;v[1]=$?;((v[1]==0))&&sudo true;v[2]=$?;v[3]=`date +%s`;clear >&-;date '+Start time: %T %D%n';};for i in 0 1;do eval ' A'$((1+i))'() { v=` eval "${c1[$1]} ${c2[$2]}"|'${c1[30+i]}' "${s[$3]}" `;[[ "$v" ]];};A'$((3+i))'() { v=` while read i;do [[ "$i" ]]&&eval "${c1[$1]} ${c2[$2]}" \"$i\"|'${c1[30+i]}' "${s[$3]}";done<<<"${v[$4]}" `;[[ "$v" ]];};A'$((5+i))'() { v=` while read i;do '${c1[30+i]}' "${s[$1]}" "$i";done<<<"${v[$2]}" `;[[ "$v" ]];};A'$((7+i))'() { v=` eval sudo "${c1[$1]} 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    Copy the selected text to the Clipboard by pressing the key combination command-C.
    8. Launch the built-in Terminal application in any of the following ways:
    ☞ Enter the first few letters of its name into a Spotlight search. Select it in the results (it should be at the top.)
    ☞ In the Finder, select Go ▹ Utilities from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.
    ☞ Open LaunchPad. Click Utilities, then Terminal in the icon grid.
    Click anywhere in the Terminal window and paste by pressing command-V. The text you pasted should vanish immediately. If it doesn't, press the return key.
    9. If you see an error message in the Terminal window such as "Syntax error" or "Event not found," enter
    exec bash
    and press return. Then paste the script again.
    10. If you're logged in as an administrator, you'll be prompted for your login password. Nothing will be displayed when you type it. You will not see the usual dots in place of typed characters. Make sure caps lock is off. Type carefully and then press return. You may get a one-time warning to be careful. If you make three failed attempts to enter the password, the test will run anyway, but it will produce less information. In most cases, the difference is not important. If you don't know the password, or if you prefer not to enter it, press the key combination control-C or just press return  three times at the password prompt. Again, the script will still run.
    If you're not logged in as an administrator, you won't be prompted for a password. The test will still run. It just won't do anything that requires administrator privileges.
    11. The test may take a few minutes to run, depending on how many files you have and the speed of the computer. A computer that's abnormally slow may take longer to run the test. While it's running, there will be nothing in the Terminal window and no indication of progress. Wait for the line
    [Process completed]
    to appear. If you don't see it within half an hour or so, the test probably won't complete in a reasonable time. In that case, close the Terminal window and report what happened. No harm will be done.
    12. When the test is complete, quit Terminal. The results will have been copied to the Clipboard automatically. They are not shown in the Terminal window. Please don't copy anything from there. All you have to do is start a reply to this comment and then paste by pressing command-V again.
    At the top of the results, there will be a line that begins with the words "Start time." If you don't see that, but instead see a mass of gibberish, you didn't wait for the "Process completed" message to appear in the Terminal window. Please wait for it and try again.
    If any private information, such as your name or email address, appears in the results, anonymize it before posting. Usually that won't be necessary.
    13. When you post the results, you might see an error message on the web page: "You have included content in your post that is not permitted," or "You are not authorized to post." That's a bug in the forum software. Please post the test results on Pastebin, then post a link here to the page you created.
    14. This is a public forum, and others may give you advice based on the results of the test. They speak only for themselves, and I don't necessarily agree with them.
    Copyright © 2014 by Linc Davis. As the sole author of this work, I reserve all rights to it except as provided in the Use Agreement for the Apple Support Communities website ("ASC"). Readers of ASC may copy it for their own personal use. Neither the whole nor any part may be redistributed.

  • Pleasee help me ,,my id could not use after my account to update id

    pleasee help me ,,my id could not use after my account to update id

    Hello, beersaditya. 
    Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities. 
    I would recommend reaching out to our Apple ID account security team to assist you with this issue.
    Apple ID: Contacting Apple for help with Apple ID account security
    Jason H.

  • Finder freezes with WD My Book Studio drive

    About 14 months ago, I bought a 1TB Western Disk Digital My Book Studio external disk drive to use with Time Machine and it works fine. Two months ago, I bought a 750GB Western Digital My Book Studio disk drive to store my photos and other files. It does not work fine.
    About a month ago, my PowerPC G5 with Mac OS X 10.5.2 started to freeze up inexplicably. I let it run 24x7 and just go into sleep mode when I am not using it. I frequently access this Mac via my AirPort Extreme Base Station to off-load photos to the 750GB drive from my MacBook Pro. This was working fine for about a month, then for unknown reasons, the G5's Finder just stops.
    If I click on an item in the Dock, nothing happens. I ran Disk Utility and Disk Warrior against all the disk drives. All came out fine, except for some problems with the 750 WD drive, which were repaired. Yet the freezing continues. It will freeze after two or three hours of idle time.
    I tried turning off Time Machine. No good. Both WD drives are connected via a powered USB hub. My printer on the same hub works fine and so does the 1TB WD drive. I tried switching USB ports. I tried a different USB cable. All those things made no difference.
    Yet, if my G5 is frozen and I yank the power cable from the back of the WD 750GB drive, the warning window about improperly disconnected USB drive pops up and my Mac springs back to life. I also have Disk Warrior's disk monitoring feature installed, but it finds nothing wrong with anything. I tried looking at the console, but no errors show there that relate to this disk drive issue.
    I also upgraded from 10.5.2 to 10.5.3. No difference in terms of this disk drive problem.
    If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this problem, please let me know. I tried submitting a problem report on Western Digital's web site a few minutes ago, but it hangs when I click the submit button using my MacBook Pro and Safari.

    A Western Digital My Book Studio may not be the best of choices for use with a PPC Mac. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but see
    Western Digital “My Book” drives   !!  AVOID  !!
    +I frequently have URLs that I provide removed by a moderator. If that happens in this instance, the document is a "Sticky" at:+
    bombich forums > "General Tips" > "Western Digital 'My Book' drives   !!  AVOID  !!"
    As a Moderator at I am required by the rules of this forum to state: The only compensation or reward I receive from your use of such links is your satisfaction.

  • All USB drives disconnect after upgrade and clean install of MAC OS X Mavericks

    I first upgraded to Mavericks and noticed that my external USB dries would disconnect after MBP Retina Mid 2012 model was updated to Mavericks.  These worked fine in all versions of Mac OS X before upgrade.  So I did a clean install figured my machine would benifit from this anyway. This did NOT fix the problem. 
    Wouldn't be much of an issue but I use this macine as a media server with Plex and all the media is in one of the external USB 3.0 drives.  All drives are from Seagate, and have found no info there.  Guessing this is a bug that Apple needs to fix unless its a Seagate issue which I doubt. 
    My TEMP FIX while my machine is plugged in to the power adapter and drives.
    SETTINGS - ENERGY SAVER - Power Adapter - Computer Sleep set to NEVER

    If the tracks are recognized by your iPod (playable), search VersionTracker for "iPod". You'll find a number of utilities that can transfer your tracks and your playlists from your iPod back to your Mac.
    If they're just on your iPod as data, then I'm not certain since I don't use a custom hierarchy, but you should be able to copy the folder back to your iTunes Music folder, turn off the "copy to iTunes library when adding to library" preference, and then use the Add To LIbrary command to get them recognized by iTunes. Again, though, I don't use a custom hierarchy, so you might want to ask that question as a new post, just to get additional opinions.
    BTW, an iPod is not a reliable backup for your tracks. Too many situations can arise that would cause your iPod to need to be erased. I strongly recommend that you make backups, particularly of any tracks purchased from the iTunes Music Store or that would otherwise be difficult to replace, to CD, DVD, external hard drive, or other medium.

  • Airport Extreme + USB Drive Disconnecting after first Timemachine backup

    This is the setup;
    * Mac Book Pro's 15" and 17", both early 2009 release, 10.5.8
    * Airport Extreme 7.4.2 with
    * Lacie 1TB Poullon USB Drive
    I've made the AP Usb-drive as the Timemachine drive. It always manages to do one back up but during the next backup the drive disconnects and I have to reboot both the macbook and ap to get it connected again.
    Airport isn't working that good all together - the max speed on WiFi I get is 25Mbps, eventhough with a LAN wire connected to AP I get 97Mbps. The Airport is set up to run with 802.11n only 5Ghz, multicast rate 6 Mbps, 25% transmit power and with wide channels.
    Could someone tell me which kind of setup is the best and why does the drive keep disconnecting during the second backup?

    Im having similar problem and have a lacie drive? i have great performance from the router and my iphones however.
    I dont have to reboot the MBPs. i unplug and plug the router and then reconnect the drive in the finder then go to time machine and reselect the drive and it works then fails at some point. happens on all my drives. could be a time machine problem could be an airport problem. could be the disk going to sleep.
    I think its time to call apple and report the problem.
    I am going to try and connect the drive to the laptops for a day and see if it does the increments directly.

  • Airport Extreme + USB Drive Disconnecting after one backup

    This is the setup;
    - Mac Book Pro's 15" and 17", both early 2009 release, 10.5.8
    - Airport Extreme 7.4.2 with
    - Lacie 1TB Poullon USB Drive
    I've made the AP Usb-drive as the Timemachine drive. It always manages to do one back up but during the next backup the drive disconnects and I have to reboot both the macbook and ap to get it connected again.
    Airport isn't working that good all together - the max speed on WiFi I get is 25Mbps, eventhough with a LAN wire connected to AP I get 97Mbps. The Airport is set up to run with 802.11n only 5Ghz, multicast rate 6 Mbps, 25% transmit power and with wide channels.
    Could someone tell me which kind of setup is the best and why does the drive keep disconnecting during the second backup?

    Im having similar problem and have a lacie drive? i have great performance from the router and my iphones however.
    I dont have to reboot the MBPs. i unplug and plug the router and then reconnect the drive in the finder then go to time machine and reselect the drive and it works then fails at some point. happens on all my drives. could be a time machine problem could be an airport problem. could be the disk going to sleep.
    I think its time to call apple and report the problem.
    I am going to try and connect the drive to the laptops for a day and see if it does the increments directly.

  • Bluetooth keyboard lags and disconnects after upgrading to Yosemite

    After updating to OS X Yosemite, I'm having serious bluetooth issues. The keyboard will sporadically stop working and I'm not able to type anything. When I check the bluetooth in the top menu bar, it says it is still connected even when it's not working. The other thing it does is lag veryyy badly. At first it will appear that it's just stopping again, but then the first letter will show up with the option for all the other versions of the letter like it does when you hold down a key. After about 3 seconds the next letter I originally typed shows up and follows suit. It does the same "holding it down" thing with the space bar and delete key as well, so you can imagine my frustration when a chunk of what I just wrote out is deleted and there's nothing I can do to stop it. The lag and this repeating key thing is so severe that I literally cannot get anything done. I'm a graphic designer so I need to use a mouse and keyboard together all day long and this is making it impossible for me to get anything done.
    The only thing that seems to get it back working again is opening the keyboard bluetooth preferences, turning OFF the keyboard, waiting a bit, and turning it back on. And this only works some of the time. It will say "connected" right after I turn it back on but still won't let me type anything. After a couple tries it'll start working again.
    I also have some issues with the mouse disconnecting but connects right away when you click. However, I now use a Wacom tablet so I don't have a need for the mouse anymore. The key shortcuts on my tablet will stop working at some points too, so I know the keyboard is my biggest problem.
    I installed the Yosemite update (10.10.1) this morning, hoping that would save the day and I'm still having the same problem. I've had to do the "turn off keyboard" thing 3 times already in this post. I also reset the PRAM and rebooted a couple times-- still nothing. I'm at my wit's end with this thing, and I can't find any answers online. I'm about to chuck this keyboard out into this 5 feet of Buffalo snow.
    If anyone can pleaseeee help me I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you!

    USB mouse and built-in trackpad work fine, but I have a similar issue with the Magic Trackpad which leads me to believe it is a BT issue.
    My phone does have BT switched on, but I never had any problems like this with Lion, which suggests ML is the issue.
    I did just find a solution that seems to work, although it's not permanent.
    One guy figured out that the problem happened more frequently after waking from sleep (same is true for me), and turning the BT radio on and off helped. He made a command-line utility to do that.
    Seems to work for me so far.

  • My G5's hard drive died after doing a software update while iPhone was connected.

    My G5's hard drive was corrupted and unbootable after doing a software update while my iPhone 4 was connected. Coincidence or related?
    Attempts at rebooting produced the file folder icon with flashing question mark. It's been a LONG time since I last saw that.
    Disk Utility/First Aid reported that drive had "invalid node structure." The disk could not be repaired because it "could not be unmounted."
    Is the failure possibly related to the iPhone being connected at the time of the software update and restart?

    Possible the iPhone had something to do with it, but I like to make sure the Disk Directory & Permissions are good before any update.
    Was that Repair/Verify done when booted from the Install Disc?
    You must repair the HD,  if Disk Utility or fsck should fail to repair it then...
    Your best bet is DiskWarrior, you need the CD/DVD though.
    But others that may work…
    Drive Genius…
    TechTool Pro…

  • USB Hard Drive Disappears after 10.6.3 update

    My Samsung S2 640 GB USB portable hard drive is missing from Desktop, Finder and Disk Utility-- but visible in System Profiler after 10.6.3 update. It was fine before the update.
    Plugged directly into rear of iMac, I changed cables and slots-- no joy. Even tried a double USB cable as there is no external power supply.
    Four other USB HDs work just fine in all slots om the iMac , and this Samsung S2 works fine in my MacBook SL 10.6.3
    I bought an identical Samsung S2 and it had the same problems-- so it's not the drive.
    Message was edited by: Patrick Cleburne

    Boot from your install disc & run Repair Disk from the utility menu. To use the Install Mac OS X disc, insert the disc, and restart your computer while holding down the C key as it starts up.
    Select your language.
    Once on the desktop, select Utility in the menu bar.
    Select Disk Utility.
    Select the disk or volume in the list of disks and volumes, and then click First Aid.
    Click Repair Disk.
    Restart your computer when done.

  • Help!  "Alert: No Internet Connection found" after most recent auto update!

    I am on a MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.6.8.  I connect over a wireless router and cable modem usually and do the same with a few other devices in the household.  After the most recent update I was met with an airport alert: No Internet Connection on my laptop. I turned airport on and off, power cycled router and modem to no avail. I called my ISP to renew the ip or whatever it is they do and that also did nothing. While troubleshooting with the operator she told me that based on the ip starting with 169. , that signified that the laptop was not getting a signal from the router, or vice versa. I confirmed this by using airport diagnostic and noticing that it did not pick up when I power cycled my modem or router after being prompted to do so.  I apologize for the wall of text formatting but I am forced to post this on my phone now. Any help would be appreciated!

    Any direction on how to reset the update or anything like that would be great, thanks!

  • HELP! I can't use SKYPE after the 7.0 update!!

    After my SKYPE automatically updated to the latest version (7.0 i guess, because i already uninstall it), signed in but the message windows can't be seen... I only can see the incoming message notification on my PC's taskbar... Need help right now! I got a lot works to do with SKYPE... Need to reply my clients message...
    Go to Solution.

    Stop Skype from running on your computer. Quit or use Windows task manager to kill any Skype.exe processes.
    Go to Windows Start and in the Search box type %appdata%\skype and press Enter. Find now a folder with the name of your Skype account. Open this folder. You will find there a file named config.xml. You may see only config but with XML Document in the Type column. Delete this file. Restart Skype.

  • Help... Mac cant sleep after 10.4.3 update...

    When I put my rev. B Imac to sleep, it will wake up again by itself after 3-5 minutes and the fans will be running at full blast. I try to navigate around, but everything is frozen. The only way to get out of this is to manually power down the mac. I ran console and this is what it says...
    Nov 6 14:22:59 Erics-iMac-G5 configd[29]: AppleTalk shutdown failed, status = 71 (retrying)
    Nov 6 14:23:00 Erics-iMac-G5 configd[29]: AppleTalk shutdown failed, status = 71
    Please help... this is very annoying.
    Thank you.

    A number of sleep-related issues can appear after incremental Mac OSX updates, including the inability to properly go to sleep, problems waking from sleep, and having your display go to sleep without your Mac going to sleep. The most common culprit is Bluetooth. Try these tips to fix your sleep problems.
    In System Preferences>Bluetooth, uncheck Allow Bluetooth Devices To Wake This Computer. If you are using a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, you'll have to wake your Mac by pressing the power button.
    Your Bluetooth preference file may be corrupt-you'll need to delete it. Turn Bluetooth off, then go to the /Users/user name/Library/Preferences folder. Look for a file called and trash it.The OS will create a new preference file when you enable Bluetooth again.
    If you have issues with a Mac or display that goes to sleep at inappropriate times, you may have a problem with Energy Saver. Delete the following .plist files and restart:
    -/Users/username/Library/Preferences/ is your name or System Administrators name).
    A restart is very important after deleting these plists. After a reboot your Mac will then generate new ones.
    In some cases, running MacOS X's cron tasks-maintenance that the OS performs automatically if you leave your Mac on 24 hours a day-can resolve many sleep problems. If you don't want to leave your Mac on, you can use MacJanitor, Yasu, or OnyX free at
    If that does'nt do it, post back

  • LaCie drive unrecognized after 2007-004 Security Update

    Earlier today, I downloaded the Apple Security Update 2007-004, and upon restarting, one of my two LaCie drives became unrecognizable. This is an older 200GB drive, while a newer 250GB LaCie drive still works fine.
    I've had a similar problem once before, but was able to go to DiskUtility and repair the permissions, which successfully reset things. This time, DU has the disk listed in the lefthand directory window, but won't let me verify or repair anything.
    I have read through lots of other posts about conflicts after the 2007-004, but couldn't find one that involved LaCie drives.
    I've tried just about all of the standard fix attempts:
    Unplugging everything for 10 minutes...
    Changed power plugs...
    Changed ports...
    DiskUtility and DiskWarrior (the drive is unrecognized to both)...
    Updating the ComboUpdater...
    Deep-cleaned the caches...
    LaCie update...
    Nothing has worked.
    Any other ideas? I've read some suggestions to try an Archive and Re-install of the OSX, but liked to put that off if necessary.
    There is always the chance the drive is bad, but seeing how this happened right after the 2007-004 update which has caused so many other conflicts, I think the problem is not necessarily the drive, but some unknown conflict.
    PowerPC G4   Mac OS X (10.4.9)
    this is the right one. sorry.
    I had read the link above already, but it's not exactly the same problem....or at least, not exactly the same cause.
    The conflicts discussed in that thread came about as a result of the 10.4.9 OS update. My LaCie drives worked fine after that. My conflict was not caused by that, but rather the much more recent 2007-004 Apple Security Update.
    In any case, no one in that thread had any definitive solution to offer, anyway.

  • After installing latest Yosemite update (10.10.3) Mac does not recognize my camera

    Did latest Yosemite update yesterday, and all my USB ports are having issues with storage drives, etc.  Most frustrating issue is my late 2012 mac mini does not recognize my 2014 Cannon DLSR.
    I have tried to connect camera through WIFI and USB ports. I have also tried the most recent Cannon drive update.
    NEED HELP ASAP PLEASE.  As a designer and artist I use this camera and mac for work constantly.

      Reset PRAM.
    Reset SMC.
    Choose the  appropriate  method.
      Start up in Safe Mode.

Maybe you are looking for

  • How do I open a project in CS6 when it's apparently become too large (1.68 GB) to load?

    I have a project that was recently sent back to me by someone who was working on the audio. When it was sent to me it was around 217 MB. After working on the project for a few more days before sending it out for color correction and additional audio

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    Hi ABAPers, My program is trying to send external mail using FM SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1. I suppose there is some amount of customizing also involved in txn SCOT,in case any one has an idea about the same, please share the info across. Thanks in

  • Sync problem with Outlook 2007 and BDS version 7.1

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    Hello, I am trying to access general information of logged in user from logon par file. For that I have created custom abstract portal component to access UME API and redirected umLogonPage.jsp to it. My problem is after checking UME api user able to