Help with my iCloud storage problem? Weird issue.

(posted originally & still in iPad)
I read the manual and did everything (to my knowledge) and spent 2 days researching this but cannot locate an answer. I sure hope it is something that is right in front of me that I am missing somehow!  Please see if you can help me. I am the only MAC user in the family, so I have nobody to ask. Thanks.
Ok, I personally have an iPhone, and iPad2 and iPad4 all on my same Apple ID. (that is what you are to do, right? that way your apps purchased can be shared on all those devices and you don't have to purchase new, right?) (The iPod just croaked w/ white screen.)
Ok, just this Friday 2/8, my iCloud told me the "cloud is full" to manage it.  Ok, so I go to manage it, but everything I do I notice does ZERO to release the space.  I worked two days releasing tons of space and nada. The icloud didn't move from full position. I did turn on and off my devices. I signed out of the iMac cloud.
I see this:
On my iPad (etc):
TTL Storage 5.0GB
AVAIL 281mb
So I go to "manage"....
for "Docs and Data" it ONLY shows 2 apps I never use (I do use notebook apps but nothing else shows here but these two apps):
Writers App 12.5kb
Tweed 0.1kb (since deleted so it only shows the first)
Then, below that it shows (in my opinion the culprit!):
Soooo, I went to iCloud on my iPad and iMac (took turns) and DELETED IT ALL TO ZERO. Zero in inbox. Zero in sent. Zero in Trash. It is a hollow trash can!
I signed out of the iMac icloud.
I come back and my "manage" area looks EXACTLY the same as stated above.  The mail still shows at 4.7GB.  It did not drop!!!  I had other "accounts" of emails originally on my iPad to check, as it is a big convenience to go to mail and choose the account and it is right there, but I deleted ALL those as well. THE ONLY mail program I have on my iOs is iCloud.  Even on my iMac, I turned it off.
I have NO iWork.  DIdn't purchase that yet.
I have a lot of APPS and at one time under "manage" it LISTED all the apps and I could turn them "on" or "off" for icloud storage.  I turned camera OFF and most all apps EXCEPT notebooks like Noteability, Evernote.  NOW, after deleting all my icloud email, I do NOT see them nor the option to "bring them into the cloud or delete them from iCloud useage" ONLY will show Writers App and Tweed (never use them). Not sure where that list went!!
Is there some kind of GLITCH that I am experiencing?  I want my icloud experience.  Is there something I am overlooking?
At one point I changed the settings to back up NOTHING and that FULL icloud did NOT change! And, it still showed the same thing as stated above with mail at 4.7GB.  Also, at one point I did ONE (count 'em) icloud back up on my new iPad4 and I DELETED that since I saw this issue as well. (Plugged into my iMac and used iTunes instead).
Also, when I sign in on my iMac and in Sys Pref go to iCloud....I see this:
It has on left this wording: "icloud account (button) and sign out (button)"
on right: (on icon below another it reads:)
mail, ctc, calendar, bookmarks, photostream, docs & data (off), back to mac(off), and find mac.
And, to far left bottom "manage" when I GO THERE, it ONLY shows this:
Mail 4.7GB (grrrr lol) <---there is nothing in the email box/any of them.
that writing app mentioned above at 12.5kb
Backup O
There are NO apps shown at all (and I do have plenty on my iMac as well).
I really want to have the cloud experience again (a person has told me I have it, but what I am saying is for it to work flawlessly as it has been for me, actually working ...being able to email and recv/read emails (bouncing now)...backup IF DESIRED (no chance now as it says it is FULL)...etc.
Is this some virus-y thing or glitch or am I overlooking something?
I would appreciate your help so very much.

WOW!  ***** NEVEMIND *****
Thanks, I am happy to report my iPad is fixed but have to share with you what happened:
I just went to Mass and prayed at Mass for guidance to help find the solution as I am sincerely looking hard and don't have the time (I know, who does, right?).  I prayed that if I couldn't find the issue that someone here would be guided to see this and assist me.
Well, after I get home and feed the family, I go online again to look at my iCloud email box on my iMac and just keep looking...yes, it is completely white and clear. I see nothing that can be "MAIL" of 4.7MB.  So, then, I turned on my iPad once more just thinking I may have to give up on this and just live w/o it. I re-cheked my AVAILABLE storage for the last time and it was at 5.0!!! I was like "WTH?!!" Then, I re-opened my iCloud email on my iMac and it was still blank but just then my iPad AVAIL (storage) dropped to 4.9GB.
So, as it is now, I have 4.9GB available for icloud storage. OUT OF THE BLUE after so many many hours and all nighters for two days. I'm beat.
It seems in this case perhaps it was some weird odd GLITCH??  That the email deleted and space opened only showed up NOW (ie: a big delay from when I cleared it out yesterday night...about 24hours)???
I will leave this here in case:  anyone at Apple sees that there is a problem with this and they are looking for other reported cases...they can update their manuals or update how their product reacts (more real time) OR if someone out there has had similar issues.
Do all you can and refer to the official Apple iPad manual that is located in your reader.(or here: and
also this Complete iCloud Guide is a good read: then search the forums and pray. ;-)
I personally think my situation was a delay type glitch where I deleted the over-load and then when I corrected everything, it didn't click in till about 24 hours maybe after you did everything you can, wait 24 hours and see if it self corrects to the right storage amount?  Just putting it out there in case anyone experiences anything like this as it perplexes you when you seem to be following all the "rules".

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    I use itunes cards and am not sure if that may be the issue. I use itunes cards and am not sure if that may be the issue.
    You can't use a gift card for purchasing iCloud storage. Debit or a credit card only.
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    Edited by: Puchino on Dec 24, 2007 10:06 PM
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    Third, I'll attempt to recreate a short sample code later on today (must be off now).
    P.S. Thanks for the replies!

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    I own a Macbook and an iPod touch, I have downloaded numerous apps for the iPod over the years. 18 months ago my boyfriend got an iPhone 3GS and created an Apple ID but it would not let him download apps due to some kind of issue registering his bank card. At the time I tried to sort it out and told him to get in touch with Apple support but he was impatient and wanted to start getting apps right away so I caved in and let him use my Apple ID. The next day I realised this was a stupid thing to do when all his apps started appearing in my iTunes. However I didn't see it as too much of a problem at the time...
    Tomorrow I am going to pick up my shiny new iPhone 5 (my first iPhone ) and I am worried about plugging it into my Mac and having all these apps that I really don't want around in my iTunes. I am imagining an absolute pain in the bum trying to sort all these apps out and syncing them to the right devices? I would absolutely love to just shift all his apps over to his Apple ID, he has loads of stuff that he needs to keep now. He does not have a computer himself, but there is no real need to plug his iPhone into my macbook ever again. After having a quick read around the forums, there seems to be no simple answer to this problem. If anyone could help with this I would be extremely grateful!

    DoubleSkin wrote:
    I would absolutely love to just shift all his apps over to his Apple ID,
    You can't. All apps are forever tied to the ID used to originally obtain them. In your case, that would be your ID. He really needs to get his own ID, delete these apps, then purchase them using his ID.
    For you, just delete what you don't want from your iTunes library.

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    I know this is a lot but it's fairly complicated to me and I also have another person in my house that has a PC, iPad and iPhone for whom I have to do the same thing.  Trying to not waste time and do this the right way first. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I backed up everything and finally took the leap to migrate from mobileme to iCloud.  With a few glitches all seems to be working except that iCloud did not grab the updated and current Contact list from MS Outlook 2010 and seems to have an outdated contact list with only half the number of contacts.
    Can someone help me get iCloud to grab the correct contact list out of MS Outlook 2010 so that it can be distributed to my iPad and iPhone also? Thanks!

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    I am getting notification that my Icloud storage is almost full. I am not sure what is taking up all the space. I have alot of pictures and videos but I have been deleting and putting them on my computer and it is still telling me its almost full. I also turned some apps off that were using Icloud. I have a touch and ipad. I have not done too much with my ipad. I do not want to buy more storage.
    If I contact Apple support will it cost me anything?

    Calling support will not cost anything as long it is a iCloud issue it will be granted an exception.

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    We have family sharing set up, I am the organizer and i have my wife and 2 children under me.  I purchase an extra 20gig of iCloud storage, but my wife's iPhone will not back up to it.  why is that and how do i fix it. 

    Open System Preferences > iCloud
    Deselect the box next to Mail & Notes then reselect the box then restart your Mac.
    If that didn't help, try these support artiicles ...
    iCloud: Manage junk mail
    iCloud: Managing your iCloud storage
    iCloud: Troubleshooting storage issues 
    iCloud: Purchasing iCloud Storage and Billing

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       And yes, I have searched the Adobe CS5 help books, videos, online sites, etc. I'm hoping it's something simple! I would truly appreciate any help with this. Thank you!

    You don't have any Shape layers, so you won't have any fill or stroke options.  If you had a rectangle and line layer, you have either deleted them, or caused them to be rasterized.  That would also remove any Fill and Stroke options from the Options bar.
    The 'little camera' at the bottom of the Tool bar, is the Quick mask icon.  Clicking on it toggles between standard and Quick mask modes, like you said.  Clicking on it is exactly the same as hitting the q key.  It has absolutely nothing to do with Shape layers.
    What you need to do now, is regroup.  What exactly are you trying to achieve, and what do you expect to see in your Workspace?  You will have noticed that your workspace is context sensitive.  It automatically changes according to what tools are selected, or what function you are using at any particular time.

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    Try MacBook notebook forum to talk to other users, or OS Software (Lion or Snow Leopard)
    Does not sound like an Apple OS update though.

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    I would like to transfer the music of this library (which does not match the current contents of my current iPod touch and iTunes library) to my wife's laptop (currently running 10.4.11) so she can access music from it for her iPod nano.
    Issue #1: is there a good third-party app. that would allow such a transfer?
    Issue #2: there is not enough hard drive space on the laptop to accept an 80 gig library could I set that up on an external drive?
    Thanks for any help you can give.

    Is there a better forum in which I can post this problem?
    Or perhaps it has already been answered elsewhere? Could you point me in that direction?

  • Help with building a database portlet (reference_path) issues

    I'm attempting to create a Provider Portlet based on the Database Provider example. The goal of the portlet is to
    dynamically display a Portal Report based upon a session storage variable. The session storage variable is set in another portlet on the same page. My portlet is named DYNAMIC_RPT.
    I'm able to display the report from within my database portlet by calling the report's .show procedure.
    But, my problem is this: The reference_path is generated for my database portlet, for example 131_DYNAMIC_RPT_123123, so when I click the NEXT button on the report, the page is refreshed but the report is still on page 1.
    I think the problem is that my portlet needs to internally determine what the reference_path SHOULD BE for the report I'm trying to display, and use it in the associated provider API's.
    If I could call the API which is generating the reference_path I could then pass an appropriate reference_path. I would need to be able to dynamically regenerate the reference_path when ever the session variable changes. Is this possible ?
    Also, when I'm building the p_arg_names, and p_arg_values whould I ONLY extract the argument(parms) which are associated with the p_reference_path of the portlet report currenttly being displayed ?
    Also is there a session storage variable which contains the current PAGE ID and TAB ID. I'm extracting it form the PAGE_URL but it's very messy code.
    Thanks in advance for your help !!

    you can do what you want with LiveCycle, and it might help you to look at this reference as it shows how to work with data ( it does depend how your data is stored)
    If you data does not change very often then I would recommend just using an XML file to store the data and then use thebinding ability with possible some JavaScript to create the solution you would like.
    Hope this helps

  • Need help with a SpryImageSlideShow load problem

    I am using Dreamweaver CS5.
    I have a spryImageSlideshow on my site. I can't get the slideshow to load if there are only 2 images or less in the slideshow. It only automatically loads the large image when there are 3 photos or more in the slideshow. How do I fix this to start with only 1-2 photos in the slideshow?

    We usually need to see ALL your code to solve your issue quickly and accurately without a lot of guessing and questions back-and-forth.
    Just rename a copy of your problem page  (such as "test.html")  and upload it to your server, in whatever folder the original page was located, and simply post a link in the Forum and tell us your problem.
    This saves you having to cut and paste miles of code into the Forum for the page and all the dependent CSS, JS etc. files.and saves us from having to recreate all your filles, find your images and then repair your code and test the solution for you.
    I trust this is helpful.

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