Hi, can you help?  My emails that I have received show the date received as either today, yesterday or July 28.  How can I get the correct date received?

Hi, The emails that I have received show the date received as either today, yesterday or July 28.  How can I get the correct date received?

That's very scary. They might do it, but I personally have never had Apple contact me re id's except on their site when signing in. I suggest you DO NOT respond until you have a phone conversation with Apple security. They can verify if they sent you the e-mail and why.
While it's very possible it's true,again, I suggest you not respond until you speak to someone at Apple. I've often read here that when people sign in they are not allowed to because "someone else has used the id" type of statement.
Also, you should be able to go to the app store and see what apps you have downloaded.
Though it could have been a free app, have you checked to see if any were bought with your id account?
I've gotten these types of e-mails from places like USPS and FedEx which look amazingly authentic and were from their website. I also received an odd e-mail from my cousin in Ireland last year that clearly was not from him. It was also sent to others in his family in Ireland. I e-mailed him that I only opened it because it had a .ie, but suggested he change... Days later I received mail from 'him' - same name, but at yahoo.com. 
Again, I would call Apple. You can also report it at [email protected], but I would not settle for that given your situation. If nothing else, call Apple sales (sales depts. anywhere answer fast) and ask them to transfer you to security. Apple will not want anybody accessing their name, and while it's unlikely, it's not impossible that it is someone phishing.
Hope this helps and can you let the support community know your results by posting on this thread when you're done? Thank you.
Hope this helps.

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