Home button problem

The home button on my Ipod touch 4g is not working properly. I think apple is in for a lemon law lawsuit if this problem continues.

Take it to an Apple store and have it checked out if it is still doing it after you restore it.
Basic troubleshooting steps  
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  • HT1688 iPhone 4 home button problem

    Good afternoon,
    I have an iPhone 4 and it still in good condition but sometimes, the Home button doesn't respond quickly or doesn't respond at all. What to do?

    I seem to have fixed my iPhone 4 home button problems.
    1. Sync phone and back up.
    2. Go back and resync phone but uncheck all the apps you have purchased/downloaded so that your iphone will have no additional apps on it.
    3. Now reset your phone as a NEW PHONE.
    4. When reset as NEW, unplug it and try home button functions. I'll bet they work just fine, like mine did.
    5. Now that you are satisfied you can resync your apps, but be choosey. Re-install only a couple at a time, and test your home button each time. You'll soon find out which of your apps is causing the problem. It's time consuming and irritating, but it certainly works.
    So far - no problems with my selected re-installed apps. My home button works fine.
    However, I recently purchased several photography apps and an emoticon app and that was when the problems appeared to have started.
    So I've been very selective in putting only the apps I want back on ... for now.
    Hope this helps.
    I will report back to tell you if this complicated but effective solution has worked for me.

  • Home button problem in iphone 3g 3.0

    After upgrading my iphone 3g to 3.0 software, the home button has become so unresponsive, i have to click it 6-10 times sometimes to awake it. I mean what is it, dont you check the update before making it available to public, i mean its annoying, my 2 other friends have same problem as mine, they are on iphone 3g too. even 3.0.1 behaves the same way. comeon folks, become professional, kindly fix this thing in next firmware release.

    I had exactly the same problem - I bought my iphone 3gs last week, upgraded it and had the 'home button' problem. I tried all the fixes - restarting, resetting to factory settings, reloading update, etc. Then, a few days later, it all sorted itself out - no idea what happened, but since then my home button has been working perfectly! I have a feeling the factory reset and reload of update might have been the one that eventually did the trick...but since then, touch wood, it has been working perfectly. I would suggest trying the factory reset and see if that helps...make sure you back up first though!

  • Anti virus's and home button problem

    1)i want to
    We Need antiviruse in My iPhone 5s ?
    2)how to understand my iPhone when produce???
    Due to home button problem .

    There is no home button problem, the problem is with the power button on some iPhone 5 devices: https://ssl.apple.com/support/iphone5-sleepwakebutton/

  • Home button problem software

    My home button won't wake the Ipad.If i wake it by button on the top home button works correctly. What's the solution?
    Can anyone help?
    Restore donot solve a problem.
    when i lock it home button only works to wake a couple seconds.

    I would wait and see if it gets worse.  You can however try the standard fixes to rule out a software problem:
    - Reset. Nothing is lost
    Reset iPod touch: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Restore from backup
    - Restore to factory defaults/new iPod.
    Also see:
    fix for Home button

  • Does anybody know if the iPhone 5 fixes the home button problems?

    I'm still using my iPhone 4, having skipped the iPhone 4S too. But I'm a bit hesitant about upgrading. The new "taller" form factor doesn't seem especially thrilling to me.
    But mainly, I'm always concerned about quality issues in the iPhone.
    For example, on my iPhone 4 I've had "home button" issues. After a certain number of months the home button starts acting weird and single presses often act like double-presses, which is really irritating.
    I had my originally iPhone 4 exchanged by Apple when they saw that happening. But then 7 months later the same thing started happening with the exchange unit they sent me, and I'm stuck with that now. So this seems like a design issue.
    Has this problem been fixed with the iPhone 5? Nobody knows because Apple doesn't talk about stuff like that.

    CoasterFanFL: Sounds like a similar issue. I suspect the spring inside just isn't properly designed to last a long time. I wonder if the iPhone 4S had the same issue. That would be indicative of whether the addressed the issue or not.
    Bandit: This problem typically doesn't start showing up for 6 or 7 months of use. It's annoying to have to buy AppleCare to take care of what is apparently a design flaw. Also, even with AppleCare if I had my iPhone exchanged a 2nd time the same thing would happen again in another 6 months. So it's money down the drain!
    I wish Apple had gone with a non-hardware haptic feedback soft button, like they do on many Android phones. Less hardware to break!

  • HT2309 iPhone 4 home button problem

    Good afternoon,
    I have an iPhone 4 and it still in good condition but sometimes, the Home button doesn't respond quickly or doesn't respond at all. What to do?

    Back up the device to iTunes or iCloud, then try a restore..99% of the time it will work..however, if you still have an issue then you can get a replacment device from Apple, because if restoring the device as new does not fix the issue it is a hardware problem. If your phone is still in hardware coverage they will replce it. You get 90 days of Free tech support and 1 yr. hardware Warranty when you Purchase the device. So hardware coverage goes from the Date of Purchase.

  • Iphone4 home button problem

    my iphone4 white home button doesnot work properly. is there any way to rectify the problem myself or i would have to take it to the apple authorised service provider ?

    Yes. A hardware issue would need servicing.
    Basic troubleshooting steps  
    17" 2.2GHz i7 Quad-Core MacBook Pro  8G RAM  750G HD + OCZ Vertex 3 SSD Boot HD 
    Got problems with your Apple iDevice-like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Try Troubleshooting 101

  • Iphone5 home button problems

    I have the iPhone 5 and sometimes the home button doesn't work right. I have to press it several times to get it to work. I have seen where you can replace the button yourself ??? I'm not sure about that.

    To rule out a sftwae problem try:
    - Reset. Nothing will be lost.
    Reset iPod touch:  Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Restore from backup
    - Restore to factory defaults/new iPod
    If you still have a problem I would make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store.  If defective, Apple will replace your iPod under the provisions of the warranty.

  • IPod touch home button Problems

    Sometimes my home button on my 4g iPod touch is unresponsive, usually after being asleep for a while but not always. Or sometimes 1 click registers as 2, I already tried a restore so if I go to the genius bar and they can't duplicate the issue will they still give me a replacement or not. And also if I get one will it be new or refurbished I am still under warranty by the way.

    If you bought it less than a year ago or have AppleCare, then it is in warranty and can be replaced for free.

  • Home button problems?

    i just got a new iphone that was shipped to me and i noticed that the home button wasnt as good as the one i bought from the store is it normal that they dont always work when pushed in? I also noticed that it is more indented then my first one that was smooth.

    The new model may have been slightly more indented (but not that much). I have noticed on mine that occasionally I have to push it a second time (something I never had to do with the first model). ~ I have kind of chalked it up to a slightly slower processing speed (?). Try doing a full restore.
    Hope that helps.

  • I pad 2 home button problem

    Anybody facing ipad 2 home button intermittence no responsive?

    First, Try a Reset [Hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons down together for 10 seconds or so (until the Apple logo appears) and then release. When the screen goes blank power On again in the normal way.] It is absolutely/appsolutely safe!
    Also, search this forum for previous threads on this matter.

  • Home button probleme seit ios 6

    Hallo seit dem ich auf ios6 bin spinnt mein homebutton immer öfter . Drücke ich dann zu lange oder zu oft kommt die sprachsteuerung oder farbenumkehr .
    Also hat er ja kontakt . Bin ich der einzigste ??
    Gruß Mikel

    bei mir kommt immer die Meldung "Verbindung zu ...(mein WLAN) fehlgeschlagen".
    Nachdem alle Empfehlungen wie Neustart, WLAN aus und einschalten etc. nicht geholfen haben, habe
    ich auf Empfehlung von telefonischem Apple Support  mein iPhone 4S auf Werkseinstellungen zurückgesetzt und als neues iPhone konfiguriert. Leider ebenfalls ohne Erfolg! Meine sonstigen Geräte (iPhone 3GS, iPad2, ein weiteres iPhone 4S, die alle noch unter IOS5 laufen, funktionieren einwandfrei!)
    Wer weiß, wie man wieder auf das gute alte IOS5 zurückkommt, zumindest bis Apple das Problem gelöst hat?

  • TS3274 If my iPad home button got problem?

    If my iPad home button have problem but my iPad still under warranty can i use the warranty to take service for my iPad?

    Yes the home button problem would be covered by the warranty as long as you didn't do something accidentally to cause the home button to fail. If it is a hardware failure - it will be covered under the warranty.
    Is the home button no longer working? Have you tried to calibrate the home button?
    Calibrate the home button
    1. Open a stock iOS app, such as Contacts
    2. Press & hold the sleep/wake button at the top of your device until the red slider control appears.
    3. Immediately release the sleep/wake button and press & hold the home button. Hold until the red slider disappears.

  • Iphone 4 home button not working, called never fixed, then cracked screen before bringing it back again, will they blame the cracked screen if i bring it back?

    I bought an iPhone 4 less than a year ago, then one day the home button randomly stopped working, I bought the warranty so I decided to call in and see what was wrong with it. The girl said that restoring the phone would correct the problem which it did. But it is only a temporary fix, it happens more often now. So I was meaning to call in soon, but the other day my phone fell out of my pocket IN CASE from a foot height and cracked the screen. I nearly threw up. All the years I have had a phone I have never cracked or broken one, strongest screen my ***. Anyway, if I contact them again now will they fix the home button problem? or will they say that the cracked screen is obviously the cause of the home button not working? which it is not!! I don't care about the screen being cracked its not on the actual screen just on the side so its irrelevant to me. Plus I heard it is outrageosly pricey to replace.

    Apple, as I said, does not repair your iPhone. All hardware service issues are handled by replacing the unit. So they can't handle the home-button issue without also addressing the issue of the cracked screen, for which they'll almost certainly charge you. But you can make an appointment at an Apple Store or call Apple tech support and plead your case.

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