Hosted Email pages not displaying correctly

Ive tried searching this forum but didnt have any luck.
My issue is this:
I have a .Mac account and i usually make my newsletters for email in iWeb.
I host it to my server space on .Mac.
It displays correctly in Safari and even when i send it to myself in Mac MAIL.
However, ive just started using an email client so that i can send my html emails to all my database contacts in one go.
Im using iContact for this.
Within iContact i can create an email by simply adding a web adress (pointing to my page on my server)
The problem is that when i send it to a GMAIL, HOTMAIL, YAHOO and probably other email apps besides MAIL...all the email does not display fully.
Images are missing, text is all over the place etc
I cannot figure out what i could be doing wrong.
Any help would be appreciated as im not sure whether this is an iWeb or iContact issue....or just me

Have you sent HTML emails to GMAIL, HOTMAIL and YAHOO accounts successfully before? Are those services capable of handling HTML formatted email? Not all email clients can handle that type of email.

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    I have a problem with some pages not displaying correctly i.e.
    SE80 navigation page
    F1 help
    I am using XP sp2 and we have the latest version of internet explorer 7 (which I cannot uninstall as it is company policy)
    SAP version is 6.4c.
    I am using SAP Gui 7.10 with the latest patch 710_7.
    This is making the system completely unusable for me.
    I have read a few forum posts mentioning that upgrading to the latest patch version will resolve this problem, but this clearly has not worked for me.
    Can someone please help,  how do I actually esculate this to SAP?
    Edited by: Alvaro Tejada Galindo on Apr 8, 2008 4:07 PM

    what kind of useless answer was that?  If you have no constructive comments to add please refrain.
    I am a SAP developer in ABAP and its related to SE80 which I used to use primarily for editing code (i now have to use se38).
    I often use F1 for hints on code etc to use and syntax so it does make it very difficult for me.  If there is a more appropriate forum for this please direct me, instead of posting in gibberish english.
    Max - I assume you have the same problem and it is also not resolved by the latest patch.  I wonder is there a way this can be esculated with SAP?
    Edited by: Steve Trillo on Apr 4, 2008 10:43 AM

  • Login action buttons no longer work and some pages not displaying correctly after upgrade.

    After recent update, some web pages not displaying correctly and Login buttons on some sites do not work. I've updated my plugins and restarted computer, but problems remains. Is this Java, Javascript or something else? Same pages are working fine in IE.

    Please update the firefox to the latest version of firefox 26
    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance).
    <b> To Enable SafeMode </b>
    *You can open Firefox 4.0+ in Safe Mode by holding the '''Shift''' key when you open the Firefox desktop or Start menu shortcut.
    * Or open the Help menu and click on the '''Restart with Add-ons Disabled...''' menu item while Firefox is running.
    ''Once you get the pop-up, just select "'Start in Safe Mode"''
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    If it works in Safe Mode and in normal mode with all extensions (Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) disabled then try to find which extension is causing it by enabling one extension at a time until the problem reappears.
    Close and restart Firefox after each change via "Firefox > Exit" (Windows: Firefox/File > Exit; Mac: "Firefox > Quit Firefox"; Linux: "Firefox/File > Quit")

  • Large product page not displaying correctly on responsive webpage.

    Large product page not displaying correctly on responsive webpage. Not really sure what to adjust or correct.

    I think it may be <div class="html5gallery-viral-0"> (contains the social media buttons) //
    It's the only element that isn't in sync with the other elements on page, when compared to home.html for example.
    Kind Regards,
    Alex Pavelescu

  • Text on some pages not displaying correctly since Lion upgrade

    Since upgrading to Lion a few days ago, I find that the texg on many web pages does not display correctly. It appears to affect mainly header texts - all I get is a row of the capital letter "A" in boxes. I am running Safari Version 5.1 (7534.48.3) on Lion 10.7 Build 11A511.
    Can anyone suggest a fix for this?

    Try here >  All I see is the letter "a": Apple Support Communities

  • Home page not displaying correctly

    My Home page is not displaying correctly - it is not updating from Muse. I have tried deleting all the files from the server and starting with a clean upload of each file and the homepage that is displaying is still an older version. Please advise if you can and thank you.

    How do you know if your table and column attributes are correct?
    If I put a static graphic in the Flash file area, it looks fine.

  • Google web page not displaying correctly

    Since updating to v24.0 of Firefox (desktop) the Google web page does not display correctly.
    If I use the IE tab 2 in FF or even IE10, I see the pagwe in it's full 'glory' including the black menu bar across the top were you can select Gmail or Calendar etc etc
    However, in FF (without using the IE Tab 2) this menu bar across the top of the page does not display ... and to add insult to injury ... some web links o certain pages don't seem to want to work either !!!!
    Anyone know what's gone wrong here as I can't figure it out ?!?!?!

    Whenever my Google UI changes drastically, I clear all my Google cookies and usually that fixes it. Sometimes I have to do that AND restart Firefox.
    If you haven't already tried it... When you have a problem with one particular site, a good "first thing to try" is clearing your Firefox cache and deleting your saved cookies for the site.
    (1) Bypass Firefox's Cache
    Use Ctrl+Shift+r to reload the page fresh from the server.
    Alternately, you also can clear Firefox's cache completely using:
    orange Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Options > Advanced
    On the Network mini-tab > Cached Web Content : "Clear Now"
    If you have a large hard drive, this might take a few minutes.
    (2) Remove the site's cookies (save any pending work first). While viewing a page on the site, try either:
    * right-click and choose View Page Info > Security > "View Cookies"
    * Alt+t (open the classic Tools menu) > Page Info > Security > "View Cookies"
    In the dialog that opens, you can remove the site's cookies individually.
    Then try reloading the page. Does that help?

  • Columns in Dreamweaver CS3 Template Pages Not Displaying Correctly in IE8

    I have a site that has most pages created with a template page that displays three columns below the navbar (counting a small column to the left for the logo at the top the table has four columns).  The home page (index.html - not from the template) displays the same colums as the template pages correctly, but all the pages created with the template show the first column as way to wide and the next two columns as far too narrow.
    I have trawled the internet to find a solution, but as my knowledge of HTML is limited it is proving near impossible for me to even find a relevant forum topic, let alone a workable solution.  All I want is for the template pages with three visible columns below the navbar to display the same widths as those in index.html.
    I am working on a mac and the pages all preview fine in Safari, Firefox etc, but not in IE8 on Windows 7 machines.
    I have tried rather indelicately to shove various bits of code in to fix the width of the columns and render such commands as table-layout=fixed etc, but with absolutely no effect.
    The site is:
    If anyone can help I will be grateful.

    You do want to fix these errors - =%28detect+automatically%29&doctype=Inline&group=0
    Most are straightforward.
    If you view the page in IE9, and click on the compatibility icon, the rendering looks right.  Unfortunately, I cannot force that rendering with any of the accepted meta tag usages!
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=7" />
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8" />
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" />
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE8" />
    So I'm a little puzzled what to do....

  • WebCenter Web Page Not Displaying Correctly

    Has anyone ever seen this error? *"Skip navigation elements to page contents"*
    The page is completely scrambled. Nothing displays correctly. It only happens when I try to restrict access to the page. Here's the page restriction within the web.xml file.
    When I use this, it works correctly:
    Of course, when I use the above url pattern, it gives everyone access to all of the pages.
    Also, I tried deleting the oracle-desktop-10_1_3_3_0-en-ie-6-windows-s.css file in the "\WEB-INF\temp\adf\styles\cache\" directory. This did not work. (I read that this might fix the error from Bug No. 5616568)
    Any help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.
    P.S. I using JDev

    thanks for any help

  • Page not displaying correctly?

    I have just updated my contact form, that displays as it should on my Mac, but on my live site the text lines run over to a separate line. I have flushed my cache, but it's still not showing correctly?
    My page is

    You're nesting a label within <p> - which is not necessary.
    Change this:
      <label for="address_1">Line 1</label>
    to this:
    <td><label for="address_1">Address Line 1:</label></td>
    See if that helps.

  • Many pages not displayed correctly in non-IE browsers

    Some pages, especially those part of the PDK, are not displayed in non-IE browsers. An example is:
    Viewing the source shows a very badly formatted IMG SRC tag (alt="Oracle9iAS Portal Developer Kit"). Removing this tag fixes the pages.
    Could you please adjust these pages ASAP so they are again also viewable according to the Rehabilitation Act?

    There is enhancement filed about this issue that you are experiencing. Also, there are a new set of PL/SQL API documentation that is automatically generated and we are checking to see if those have the same issue.
    Sue Vickers

  • APEX - New Installation - Pages not displaying correctly

    I installed APEX 3.0.1 on my XP machine, which also has Oracle Enterprise installed. I checked the installation log - no errors.
    I performed the following to get it working via the Embedded PL/SQL Gateway:
    alter user anonymous account unlock;
    However, when I go to the login page, the images are not displayed and when I try to use some of the other links, I repeatedly get prompted for a password for XDB.
    The page error is:
    Line: 40
    Char: 1
    Error: Object expected
    Code: 0
    URL: http://gtlt01479:8080/apex/.......
    Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

    Hi Joseph,
    the installation instruction isn't really clear on that, but "Embedded PL/SQL Gateway" is not supported for pre-11g databases. See
    My APEX Blog:
    The ApexLib Framework:
    The APEX Builder Plugin:

  • Page not displayed correctly

    Hi, I have a Billion router 7404vnox, with Firefox V3 the management screen displayed correctly, but with V4 when I navigate to the advanced config the screen appears to split into 2 panes, with the left one compressed with a scroll bar. I have deleted the history and cookies but to no avail. The page style is set to Basic Page Style - No Style is worse. IE is also OK.
    Cheers Dave

    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > Appearance/Themes).
    * Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.
    Also make sure that you allow Firefox in the firewall. You may need to remove all rules for Firefox in the firewall and let the firewall ask again for permission.

  • Why do some web pages not display correctly in Firefox?

    When I go to certain websites the text formatting in Firefox comes out to where hyperlinks and lines of text are displayed on top of one another but the same site is formatted properly when I load it in Internet Explorer.

    You may have zoomed the page(s) by accident.<br>Reset the page zoom on pages that cause problems.
    *<b>View > Zoom > Reset</b> (Ctrl/Command+0 (zero))
    If you have made changes to Advanced font settings like increasing the minimum/default font size then try the default minimum setting "none" and the default font size 16 in case the current setting is causing problems.
    *Tools > Options > Content Fonts & Colors > Advanced > Minimum Font Size (none)
    Make sure that you allow pages to choose their own fonts.
    *Tools > Options > Content Fonts & Colors > Advanced: [X] "Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selections above"
    It is better not to increase the minimum font size, but to use an extension to set the default page zoom to prevent issues with text not being displayed properly.
    You can try these steps in case of issues with web pages:
    You can reload web page(s) and bypass the cache to refresh possibly outdated or corrupted files.
    *Hold down the Shift key and left-click the Reload button
    *Press "Ctrl + F5" or press "Ctrl + Shift + R" (Windows,Linux)
    *Press "Command + Shift + R" (Mac)
    Clear the cache and cookies only from websites that cause problems.
    "Clear the Cache":
    *Firefox/Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Cached Web Content: "Clear Now"
    "Remove Cookies" from sites causing problems:
    *Firefox/Tools > Options > Privacy > "Use custom settings for history" > Cookies: "Show Cookies"
    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode|Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem.
    *Switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance
    *Do NOT click the Reset button on the Safe Mode start window

  • Verizon web pages not displaying correctly

    I am having a problem displaying most of the Verizon web pages, including the forum pages. The pages look like the header icons are sustituted with text links throughout the pages, sometimes overlaying other areas. Check the attachment for two samples. this makes them very difficult to navigate. I have not noticed this on any pages other than Verizon's, but I suppose there may be some somewhere. Find it hard to believe my browser only has the problem here. It only is an issue on my desktop pc. My laptop is ok. The only changes I made just before this happened was to uninstall a runaway Verizon In-Home Agent that was in an endless loop trying to get an update. Any ideas?
    Go to Solution.
    vz pages.jpg ‏331 KB

    Try adding to your Trusted Sites zone in Internet Explorer.
    To do so, double-click the "Internet Zone" thing down there ▼ to bring up the Security panel, select the Trusted Sites zone and click the Sites button. Then enter "" and click Add. You will have to uncheck the "Require server verification" box.
    That should fix the problem.

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