How can i add Custom fields into the

Dear Experts
We have Ecc6.0 system,
How can i add Custom fields into the Infotype Screen(PA30),i heard that we do it by PM01 Tcode.
But in PM01 i am unable to find the enhance infotype tab.
How can i do it ....pls help.....

Do it thru the third tab : Single Screen.
There write down the infotype number (e.g. 0022) and say generate objects.

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    Dear Experts,
    How can we add additional fields to the BP Search RESULT screen so that the BP's being displayed in a search result show maintained values for the particular column/field?

    Hi Laxman,
                           I got same requirement for ibase hierarchy.I want to add new fields in Ibase hierarchy AB.Do you have any idea regarding this.My requirement is that ,i want to dispaly a fields as a check box which display that this component is in under warranty or not by checking the box.Plz tell ,how can i add a new field in tree type context node.I add a new fields using AET ,but that is not available in that AB.
    Vishwas Sahu
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  • How can I add jar files into the namespace in code?

    My friends:
    I need to add jar files into my namespace dynamicly in my code.But the jar files might be repeated, I am not, i wonder how can I add them into my namespace, ignoring the repeated files?
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    URL[] urlArrayA = new URL[5];
    urlArray[0] = sample1;
    urlArray[1] = sample2;
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    could anyone please answer the question for me ? thank you...

  • How can i add one field in the container for the standard task-90310004?

    Please let me know thw steps to add one field in the container for the standard task-90310004.
    Usefull suggestions will be rewarded.

    Containers are used for holding Application data for Workflow purposes.
    Event container
    Task container
    Workflow container
    Role container
    Binding is the linking of data from one container to the other for making data available all across the workflow.
    But you can get values from one container to another container like this
    1. WF Con to Role, Wf con to task con, Wf con to event
    2. Event con to wf con, task con to wof con
    3. Method con to task con
    4. Task con to method con
    So, we don't have direct possible binding from task con to task con.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Prabhakar Dharmala</b>
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            Prabhakar Dharmala
        But you can do pass values from first task con to wf con and again from wf con to another task con

  • How can i add an image into the header

    When printing a webpage i would like to ad an image into the header? Is this possible?

    Thanks. The triangle was buried in the image. If you hadn’t told me where to look, I would never have found it!
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  • How can I add advertisement code into flash game?

    hi mates,
    just want to ask about loading advertisement code!
    How do you add the advertisement code (adsense) into flash games??
    my site Funny Games have over 5k games but they are getting from others sites thus I have no original files. How can I add more code into the current files?

    Unless the games were pre-made to allow you to specify some variables in the page code or some external file, you won't be having any luck... you cannot add code to the games unless you have the source files, which you apparently don't have.

  • How can I add a field to a Repeating Frame in the body of a 9i Report

    How can I add a field to a Repeating Frame in the body of an Oracle 9i Report whose source is in a higher group?
    I want to change an Oracle 9i report. The report has no header or trailer but only a body. The body has the parent frame fields & a repeating frame with four fields, A, B, C & D. They all seem to be in one group. I want to add another field E to the repeating frame whose source is from the 'header'.
    I added the field & created a boiler plate & then added the new field, E to the original group A, B, C & D. In the Property Inspector for the field, I pointed the source to the source column in the main query. However, when I run the report, I receive the error "Invalid body size". Some notes on Metalink indicate that this could be due to margins being out of the printable area.
    Moreover, after making the changes & after having unsuccessfully run the report, when I try to open the Page Layout for the report, I get no details.

    i also got same query can u pls tell me elaborately, if u can can u pls send some code.
    Thanks & Regards

  • How can i add custom attributes to a new Class Object using the API ?

    Hello everyone,
    Here is my problem. I just created a subclass of Document using the API (not XML), by creating a ClassObjectDefinition and a ClassObject. Here is the code :
    // doc is an instance of Document
    ClassObject co = doc.getClassObject();
    ClassObjectDefinition cod = new ClassObjectDefinition(ifsSession);
    ClassObject c = (ClassObject)ifsSession.createSchemaObject(cod);
    Everything seems to be OK since i can see the new class when i use ifsmgr. But my question is : how can i add custom attributes to this new class ? Here is what i tried :
    AttributeDefinition value = new AttributeDefinition(ifsSession);
    value.setAttribute("FOO", AttributeValue.newAttributeValue("bar"));
    But i got the following error message :
    oracle.ifs.common.IfsException: IFS-30002: Unable to create new LibraryObject
    java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01400: impossible d'insirer NULL dans ("IFSSYS"."ODM_ATTRIBUTE"."DATATYPE")
    oracle.ifs.server.S_LibraryObjectData oracle.ifs.beans.LibrarySession.DMNewSchemaObject(oracle.ifs.server.S_LibraryObjectDefinition)
    oracle.ifs.beans.SchemaObject oracle.ifs.beans.LibrarySession.NewSchemaObject(oracle.ifs.beans.SchemaObjectDefinition)
    oracle.ifs.beans.SchemaObject oracle.ifs.beans.LibrarySession.createSchemaObject(oracle.ifs.beans.SchemaObjectDefinition)
    void fr.sword.ifs.GestionDocument.IFSDocument.createDocument(java.lang.String)
    void fr.sword.ifs.GestionDocument.IFSDocument.main(java.lang.String[])
    So, what am i doing wrong ?
    More generally, are we restricted in the types of the attributes ? (for example, would it be possible to add an attribute that would be an inputStream ? Or an object that i have already created ?).
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    PS : i'm using Oracle iFS 1.1.9 on NT4 SP6 and Oracle 8.1.7

    Hi Guillaume,
    you're welcome. Don't know exactly, but assume that ATTRIBUTEDATATYPE_UNKNOWN
    is used to check for erronous cases only
    and it shouldn't be used otherwise.
    Creating your own objects could be simply done via
    ClassObject ifsClassObject;
    DocumentDefinition ifsDocDef = new DocumentDefinition(ifsSession);
    // get class object for my very own document
    ifsClassObject = ClassObject.getClassObjectFromLabel(ifsSession, "MYDOCUMENT");
    // set the class for the document i'd like to create
    // set attributes and content for the document...
    ifsDocDef.setContent("This is the content of my document");
    // create the document...
    PublicObject doc = ifsSession.createPublicObject(ifsDocDef);

  • The recent upgrade for i-tunes prevents me from adding and using the Field, "Show". How can I add this field in i-tunes?

    The recent upgrade for i-tunes prevents me from adding and using the Field, "Show". How can I add this field in i-tunes?

    Hold down shift as you right-click > Get Info to get the old style dialog box.

  • How can i add my components into dcomcnfg.exe?

    I have created a component a  out-process Server and  registered but I can't find it in
    how can i add my components into dcomcnfg.exe?

    Sorry but you have posted to a forum that deals exclusively with questions/issues about customizing and programming Microsoft Project, a planning and scheduling application. I suggest you delete this post and find a forum appropriate for your issue.

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    I an working in FUND MANAGEMENT, i want to add custom field in the F4 help for selecting source field in t-code FMDERIVE.
    How this possible.


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    How can I add gps information into my pictures?
    I understand Photos doens't have this feature.
    Só how could I do it with an external application. Is it possible? Can I even use iPhoto with the same library (since they share stuff) to do it?

    Photos does not support to add location information yet.
    Add the GPS before you import the photos to Photos. I hope this will change with the next release.
    You could ,for example, first import to iPhoto, add the locations, batch change the titles and captions, do all the things that are not yet supported in the new Photos, then export the photos from iPhoto and import them to Photos.
    Or use the free exiftool, if you like the Terminal.
    See: es
    To install exiftool:
    Other convenient apps are Jetphoto Studio, Geotagalog, there are many more ..
    I use Jetphoto Studio, but it is not free.

  • How can i add two values under the same property?

    Hi all,
    How can i add two values under the same property name in a
    prop list? For example:
    [question1: "item1","item2", question2: "item3","item4"]
    To be more precise, i am creating a property list and I want
    whenever a two values have the same property name to be added int
    he list under the same property. For example:
    gMyList.AddProp (#""&question&"" & x,
    question is a variable that is updated fromt he user's input.
    Now, whenever somethign like this happens:
    question = "question1"
    member("input").text = "five"
    question = "question1"
    member("input").text = "six"
    I want to output list to be:
    [question1: "five","six"] and so on
    Any ideas?

    Maybe you could make each property a list (so you have a
    property list full
    of lists), and add multiple values to the list held in a
    Richard Smith

  • How can I add a contact on the calendar for an event

    How can I add a contact on the calendar for an event

    It is between Repeat and Alert on my iPhone 5 with iOS 6.0.1
    I used the + on the top right to add the event and when you look vertically starting with the name, followed by location and then time the rest of the default things includ Invitees, among other items. 

  • How can I format a field in the form creator?

    How can I format a field in the form creator? It's putting the same text in all the fields within a table. I want each field within the table to have different text. As soon as you click out of the table, all the text is the same.
    I even changed the fields from a text box to a drop-down list so a person can make their selection, which will be a quantity from 0-9. There are two of these such fields. You make your selection in each, click off the table and both fields show whatever I selected in field 1. The original Qty I selected in the bottom field was a 5 but it changed it to whatever is in the top field on it's own. I've added a screen shot.

    This behaviors usually happens when you create the fields but  a copy paste command from one of the fields. The copy paste command assumes that your intentions is to maintain a copy of the field in two separate locations (e.i, a form field  "company name" printed in each and every page of a multi-page form document.
    Go to the properties fields of each field and make sure  to assign unique form field  names.

Maybe you are looking for

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