How can I back up an IPhoto library from one external hard drive to another?

Hey Folks, WIth your help I have consolidated my IPhoto libraries using IPhoto Library Manager. I'm storing it on an external hard drive because I have run out of space on my Macbook Pro. Now I'd like to back it up. I have another large external hard drive that is set to perform Time Machine backups on my Macbook. Is there a way to ALSO use it to perform occasional backups of my IPhoto library which, as I mentioned, is not kept on the Macbook itself?  Thanks in advance, David

I do not understand your question
The basic answer is that TM backes up everything that is not excluded - it backsup to the TM backup - it can not backup any files that are on the TM backup volume - only those on other volumes
To remove an item form the excluded list select the item and click the "-" button
See te FAQs for many more details -
Se the Apple article for basic set up and details -

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  • How do I move my iphoto library from one external hard drive to another?

    how do I move my iphoto library from one external hard drive to another?

    Drag it there in the Finder and then launch iPhoto with the Option key held down. Point it to the new instance of the library.

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    Please help. I have transferred my iTunes library from one external hard drive to another plus added additional music now I have duplicates of the same music in many albums. How do I delete the duplicates without going through them one by one which would take forever? I understand how to get the "show exact duplicate" feature up on iTunes but, because they were added to the library on the exact day I can't seperate them I'm that manner. So each duplicate is right next to eachother in the exact duplicate screen.

    My DeDuper script is designed to help clean up. See this thread for background.

  • How do I move data on time machine from one external hard drive to another

    How do I move data on time machine from one external hard drive to another?

    Although the documentation says you can copy Time Machine backups in the Finder, it's very slow and sometimes doesn't work at all.
    Launch Disk Utility, open the built-in help, and search for the term "Duplicate." Follow the instructions. Turn Time Machine OFF in its preference pane while copying the volume.

  • How do I move my old iPhoto library from my external hard drive to my new Mac?

    Hi guys!
    I recently bought a new MacBook Air as my MacBook Pro was on its last legs... I have my backup for my old MacBook Pro on an external hard drive and I'm trying to put a selection of albums from my old iPhoto onto my new MacBook Air iPhoto. I can't simply click and drag it over as I get an error message "The iPhoto library is a Time Machine backup, and so cannot be used as the main library...". I've tried to reopen iPhoto while holding option and selecting my old iPhoto library from my external hard drive to open... AND I get the same message.
    If anyone could help me out that would be amazing!
    FYI: The hard drive I am using is a G|Drive mobile with Thunderbolt 1 TB.
    Thank you very much in advance!

    I may sound like a real rookie here, but on my new MacBook Air there isn't a "Pictures" folder under "Users/kendallwilson" like there used to be on my old MacBook Pro (Early 2011). I'm still working out the new software on my MB Air, so where exactly should I open this new window to start following the steps you just provided me.
    Thanks again!

  • How can i back up my itunes library onto an external hard drive?

    I can seem to figure out how to back up my Itunes library onto my external hard drive. Any advise?

    A quick search provides the answer, see the following: for backing up to an external drive. for backing up to optical media.

  • How to move mt itunes library from one external hard drive to another

    I would like to move my itun4es library from my external hard drive H to external hard drive M; how do I go about this? without losing items

    Short version: use the itunes consolidate command
    Long version: read this -a-new-hard-drive/

  • Can't get LR3 to import photos from one external hard drive to another?

    I'm wanting to move thousands of raw photos from a folder in one external hard drive to another folder in a different external hard drive so all my photos are in one photo folder instead of two.  I've gone through the importing routine inside of lightroom to move the folder over to the new hard drive.  However, the photos don't move because they still show up on the old hard drive and not the new one.  What's weird is when I try to import it again, the grid view shows all the photos I'm wanting to import and when I move my cursor over any of the photos they are faded out and it says the photos are already imported.  However, if this is true why aren't they showing up in the new folder on my new external hard drive?  I know the new external hard drive works fine because I've successfully been putting all my newer photos there since I started using LR about one year ago.  The one's I'm trying to move over are older photos I shot try to using LR.
    I'm stumped and need some help.  Thanks in advance.

    You wrote
    "Are you saying while I'm in LR just grab the folder I want to move and drop it into the new hard drive"
    Yes, that's the way to move photos & folders from within LR.
    LR will then update its catalog with the new location and everything should be fine.
    Importing is not a good way for moving photos / folders. Since the photos are already in the catalog you had to uncheck <Don't import suspected duplicates> or all the photos will be greyed-out in the import dialog. If you did that LR would import the photos from drive A and put it on drive B. But they would still be on drive A, so you'd have the photos on both drives and would have to delete them on drive A.
    But more important: By default LR saves all edits in the catalog, they are not saved with the images themselves. That means by doing an import instead of a drag-and-drop move you'd lose your edits.
    You can save your edits to xmp, a side-car file that is stored together with the image file, and the xmps would be imported. But LR does not store everything as xmp. For instance Virtual Copies, Collections, Stacking are saved only in the catalog, so by doing an import you'd lose these things.
    Unless you know LR very well, it's best to use the Import Feature only for images that are NOT yet in LR.
    And another thing: Before doing major operations like moving big amounts of photos, it's best to backup your catalog first.

  • Exporting an Apeture library from one external hard drive to another

    Whilst on the road I use a PowerBook G4 and I have my Aperture Library on an portable external hard drive. When I get back to base I would like to export this library from the portable to my main hard drive. Is this possible and if so can anybody please advise?

    I just got back from a three week trip to Yellowstone and used my MacBook Pro and Aperture to process over 3000 images while on the road. Got home, got on my home network, exported the Yellowstone project from my laptop to a drive on my G5, shutdown Aperture on the laptop (can't run two copies of Aperture at the same time), fired up Aperture on the G5 and imported the processed project into my main library. Slick! Can't even come close to doing that in LR (yet). Saved me a ton of time in getting a lot of the editing done during down time on the road and the integration into the existing library was very straight-forward. Quick final edit, select some of the better images, smart web gallery and a very quick web output. One of the easiest trip outputs I have had in years.

  • I'm running Final Cut Express 2. How can I move entire project and application from one internal hard drive to another? Ran out of space on one drive. Thanks.

    I'm running Final Cut Express 2. My video project is 95% done and I've run out of space on my 500g internal hard drive. How can I (1) move the complete FCE program and video to my unused 250g internal hard drive and operate it from there and (2) how do I then purge all the FCE info from the 500g drive without losing anything from the 250 drive?
    Also, is it possible to change the aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 when the project is finished? If so, how? I now know this all should have been done before I started. Thanks for the help.

    1. You can't move the application. It must remain on the system drive. Move your capture scratch folder to the external FireWire drive and use the reconnect function in the project.
    2. What's the media 16:9 or 4:3?

  • Moving iTunes library from one external hard drive to another, playlists

    Here's my question. I keep my iTunes library on an external drive. My 250GB extrernal drive is full, so I'm moving my entire library to a new 500GB hard drive.
    What do I have to do so my hundreds of playlists (most mixes with dozens of songs) still function once I've moved the music over?
    Do I delete everything from my old drive, then use the 'add to library' function on the entire new drive? If I do that, will iTunes be able to find the tunes in each playlist?

    I DON'T MIND DRAGGING THINGS OVER; TH PROBLEM IS, WHEN I TRY TO PLAY PLAYLISTS AFTER MOVING STUFF TO THE NEW DRIVE, EVERY SONG WILL ASK "FILE NOT FOUND--WOULD YOU LIKE TO LOCATE IT?" WITH 50,000 mp3s, it will take forever to rebuild all my playlists. Is there a way to have iTunes search a new drive and recognize the songs as being the same as the ones on the old drive, so you don't have to do this manually?
    Also, if I do use the 'consolidate library' approach-- what happens if I drag all my other music folders into my itunes folder manually on the old drive, then try consolidate--will it copy EVERYTHING over to the new drive, or only the stuff that was in the iTunes music folder on the old drive from the beginning (since everything else I used "add to library' but not 'copy to itunes music folder'.
    iTunes should have some more built in utility options to allow it to find everything in the library when it moves to a new drive, even if one chooses to keep music in a different format than the 'itunes music folder' approach. .

  • How can I back up multiple itunes libraries to an external hard drive?

    How can I back up multiple itunes libraries to an external hard drive? I have tried dragging them across but they all open up as the primary library.

    See this ->

  • I am not able to delete a backup copy of iphoto library from my external hard drive.

    I want to delete a copy of my iphoto library from an external hard drive. This drive is connected via my Apple extreme router. I drag the file to the trash but it just runs and does not seem to delete anything. 39 GB file. It is an older file and I want to clear up space on my external drive.

    I figured it out just now.
    I unplugged the drive from Airport Extreme and connected directly to the Imac via usb. Dragged the file to the trash and now it is gone.

  • How do I back up my iphoto library on one external harddrive to another?

    I have successfully created one external hard drive back up from iphoto library. I am trying to back up this first hard drive with an additional hard drive, so my iphoto library is saved in two external hard drive locations. As of right now every time I go to back up the iphoto library on my first harddrive onto the second, it recopies the entire library (which takes a deeply laborious amount of time!)  Is there a program that would recognize which photos have not been transferred and select accordingly? Apparently time machine does not operate between two external hard drives. Any feedback would be wonderful!

    If you've set up Time Machine to back up your computer to it and haven't moved the library off the internal drive, it's already been done.
    If you've set up Time Machine to back up your computer to it and have moved the library off the internal drive, ensure the drive holding it isn't excluded in the Time Machine pane of System Preferences.
    If you haven't set up Time Machine, either turn it on or drag the iPhoto library from the Pictures item of your home folder to the Time Capsule manually.

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