How can I disable the Voicemail button on an iPhone 4

How can I disable the Voicemail button on an iPhone 4 or
if that is not possible can i programme it to dial my own phone rather than my carrier's Voicemail box?

No, it's not possible to disable that button and no, it's not possible to reprogram it to anything else.

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    Hi all,
    I have created a new skin for a webhelp by modifying the layout and the buttons. However, I am not able to find a way where in we can
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    I think you are mixing Previous and Next in a browse sequence and the Previous and Next that you get in the browser itself.
    In a browse sequence, they are automatically disabled at the start and finish. When in the first topic in the sequence only Next will be enabled, when in the last topic only previous will be enabled.
    Previous and Next in the browser are working on the topics your user has viewed which is not the same thing.
    See for RoboHelp and Authoring tips

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    I want to disable the pause button as it got pressed every time my cheek touches the screen while in a phone call.
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    You should be able to copy them from there.

  • How do you program the voicemail button on an iPhone 4s?

    I've seen lots of solutions using *5005*86 or whatever but this doesnt work for me. I have a UK registered phone provided but by my employer and uses Vodafone for voice and BTmobile for data. Is it this set up that is preventing me from programming the voicemail button?

    Voicemail is a carrier feature, not a phone feature, so your first step is to call Vodafone. Here's Apple's support steps:

  • How can I disable the mouse button 4 and 5 "forward" and "back" functions through firefox?

    I've seen this problem come up on forums before but was unable to find a good solution.
    When using Ventrilo, I have my speak button bound to the mouse button 4 of my logitech mouse. This button is conveniently placed for gaming because it makes use of my otherwise unused right thumb, and I have been using it for years and probably couldn't adjust if i tried to change it.
    Firefox uses mouse button 4 for the "back" function, meaning that if i'm on ventrilo while browsing the web with firefox, i have to remember to move the cursor to the menu bar at the bottom of my screen or go back a page. it's infuriating if i forgot, especially if i'm playing some sort of browser game at the time, as i basically have to restart whatever i'm doing.
    The only solutions i've found for this involve binding mouse button 4 to some other (rarely used) key, which is an annoying solution at best, or changing some vital computer files, which I dont have the expertise to do myself and dont trust anyone else to do for me. It's an absolutely unacceptable solution anyway: why should i have to change my computer's files to disable a function which should be editable through firefox?
    does anyone know how this can be fixed? or know how we can get mozilla to put this feature into some future patch, as other people have been asking them to do for YEARS?

    This can be a highly frustrating problem. I just spent 45 minutes working on an email. Nearing the end I go to grab my mouse after typing and accidentally hit mouse 4 and lose everything. This isn't the first time I have lost work or an email. I would say the ONLY reason why there currently lacks a strong feedback against this is because the majority of people do not have mouse 4+5 buttons on their mice. Please add the option to just disable this "feature". It's just far to easy to accidentally hit these buttons accidentally and potentially lose a lot. I don't know anyone who actually uses these buttons anyways.

  • How can I get the main button on my iPhone to work?

    For some reason I haven't been able to back out of any apps or messages or anything to my home screen. The touch screen and the power button works just fine. So basically, I have to turn my phone on and off again to go into anything different. I don't know what to do to make it work again. Please help!!

    The Basic Troubleshooting Steps are:
    Restart... Reset... Restore from Backup...  Restore as New...
    Restart / Reset
    Try this First... You will Not Lose Any Data...
    Turn the Phone Off... ( if it isn’t already )
    Press and Hold the Sleep/Wake Button and the Home Button at the Same Time...
    Wait for the Apple logo to Appear and then Disappear...
    Usually takes about 15 - 20 Seconds... ( But can take Longer...)
    Release the Buttons...
    Turn the Phone On...
    If that does not help... See Here:
    Backing up, Updating and Restoring

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    Good Day,
    On my page I have a submit button that execute the submit_action method of the page backing bean that submit data captured on the page into a database and activate another class that send mail at the same time on a click of the submit button,the mail process takes a while before returning back to the page.I was able to disable the submit button to prevent the user from keep click while the process is running but the issue is on clicking the submit button it only disable the submit button without executing the submit_action method of the page backing bean.How can i disable the submit button and execute submit_method of the backing bean at the same time.
    Thanks in advance.

    I tried this out on one of my pages to see if it works.
    First, I added the following JavaScript to my submit button's onClick event:
    this.disabled=true; return true;When I clicked the submit button, it was disabled but the form was not submitted.
    I deleted the JavaScript from the onClick event and added the following JavaScript to the form's onSubmit event:
    var button = document.getElementById("form1:submitButton"); button.disabled=true; return true;When I click the submit button, it was disabled and the form was submitted but the button's action method was not called.
    The next thing I tried was to change the onSubmit event code:
    var button = document.getElementById("form1:submitButton"); setTimeout("button.disabled=true", 500); return true;This seemed to work. The difference was that I added a 1/2 second delay before disabling the button.
    See if that works for you. If not then I'm fresh out of ideas.

  • How can I DISABLE the pop up 'Would you like to copy it to Library', preventing this message from bothering for each and every book, again and again, time after time? (Windows 7 64bit US).

    How can I DISABLE the pop up 'Would you like to copy it to Library', preventing this message from bothering for each and every book, again and again , time after time? (Windows 7 64bit US).
    I guess this may be a feature request. Adobe may think this is a good message for every new eBook.
    I sure would like to decide about that myself.
    Thanks in advance if this will be changed.

    singmk wrote:
    Decided to setup the mail for exchange on my N8 so I could see my work emails. Worked like a charm but after a couple of hours decided I didn't like being that contactable so deleted the mailbox.
    Now to the problem, during setup I was forced to enable the phone lock and had to pick a 7 digit alphanumeric code. Fair enough I thought and went ahead. When I removed the mailbox however the lock remained in place with the default auto time of 30 minutes. When I checked in Phone management there is no option to disable this lock so I thought I could at least change the default time to something bigger but when you try, it remains at 30 mins. You also can't disable the auto time as it pops up an error message saying can't unlock phone.
    Does anyone know if I'm missing something obvious here or is this something which can't be disabled once it's switched on? I've done a soft reset back to factory settings with no luck and the only other thing I can think of is re installing the firmware which seems a bit extreme.
    Would like to hope there is some way to have control over this. Can someone help?
    Which firmware your N8 having now? You can check firmware by choosing Call, then type *#0000#.
    My N8 works fine on security setting and able to define Phone auto lock period, by choosing Menu>Settings>Phone>Phone management>Security settings>Phone and SIM card>Phone auto lock period>User defined>Lock after(minutes)
    You will prompt to enter Lock code each time u define auto lock priod or enable/disable auto lock.
    Hope this can help you.
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  • How can I disable the light of my keyborad?

    Hello everybody!!! I wonder how can I disable the light from my keyboard. I just can change the colors in 4 differents ways but none of then can switch off the light of my keyboard. I have a GT70 2PC. Thanks for your time .

    you should be able to turn off and on with FN and + to turn on then FN and the - button i think it was to turn off the backlight it's on number pad area to the right you should see light form icon showing light is on and then another 1 that is showing it's off
    here is pic of marked buttons that i'm talking about.

  • How can I disable the double-tap to zoom in function?

    I play a game where I must click fast on a button, but tapping the button zooms in/out the screen all the time.
    I also don't need to zoom in. Thus, how can I disable the tap to zoom function?

    The double tap focuses on elements on the page and to zoom pinching in and out are the main features of zooming in Fennec. Currently there are no ways to disable this feature.

  • How can I disable the HP Updates Agent from running?

    HP pavilion D4100Y
    Windows XP  SP2 or 3 (not sure)
    No error message
    No recent changes
    Problem: The program "Updates from HP Agent" runs frequently and on no particular schedule, certainly not one I chose.  It takes over my computer for hours and uses most of the CPU, fluctuating from 13% to 87% to 1 etc.3% to 6%, etc. The computer hangs and I cannot use it for anything else. On the HP Updates screen, I set the updates to "NEVER" but that didn't work.  The programs still run. On the Windows Task Manager window the program is called "Updates from HP Agent".
    I cannot find anything about this problem in the support database.
    How can I disable the HP Updates Agent from running?
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    Select your start button and in the search box type "msconfig" then select msconfig.exe under programs.
    Look under the "Services" and "Boot" tabs. Uncheck HP update agent, select "Apply" and close.
    I work for HP

  • How can I disable the camera's clicking sound?

    That click is irritating and pointless to me. I understand they don't want people surreptiously photographing women's beavers on subways in Tokyo and such, but that is easily overridden by simply by turning off all the iPhone's sounds completely each time with the little button on the top of the left side of the phone.
    My point is, I don't want to have to silence my phone each time, and then turn it back on again after taking some pictures, which I often forget to do. So how can I disable the silly camera sound without muting the entire iPhone each and every time I use the camera?

    Actually in other countries, even on silent it will not mute the camera as it is their law to have camera sound.
    As for here, that is only option, silent mode.

  • How can i disable the message "leave page / stay on page"

    How can i disable the message "leave page / stay on page" please explain step by step if if it involved inserting java script.

    These three userscripts are along the same lines as the one link to above:
    * [ AllowPageClose] - recently posted, appears to run a timer to watch for changes and make sure it's really dead
    * [ Disable - remove onbeforeunload]
    * [ Kill Sure Want To Nav Away]
    None of the four scripts has any mechanism for site exceptions built into it, but you can make exceptions using Greasemonkey's user settings tab. You do that using the script's Options dialog. You can do that from the Add-ons page, User Scripts category. Either:
    * Monkey toolbar button > Manage User Scripts
    * Ctrl+Shift+a (Mac: Command+Alt+a) > User Scripts
    * orange Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Add-ons > User Scripts
    Then click the Options button for the relevant script. On the User Settings tab, in the Excluded Pages box, you can enter the site that you want to carve out of the script. Note that in order to match all pages on the site, you need to use the wildcard character (*) as shown in the attached screen shot.

  • How can i disable the credit card from that stolen acc and register to my new account

    Hello everywone i have a big problem.. Somewone stole my apple id and changed everything (email , secret question). In that account was my credit card registered. how can i disable the credit card from that stolen acc and register to my new account ?? thanks for help

    Is it an IMAP or POP account?
    For POP accounts, you can select remove from server under the advanced tab of the account.
    Apple support article with information on receiving a message more than once:
    Mail Problems

  • How can I disable the automatic hiding of known file attachments, and why are always about 10 internet pages where I have to download something if i use firefo

    How can I disable the automatic hiding of known file attachments, and why are always about 10 internet pages where I have to download something when I use mozila firefox?
    Windows Computer

    1) If you are talking about the file names on the computer, there is a
    setting to turn off known file types. Open your file browser. Then
    just under the location bar, press '''Tools,''' then '''Folder Options.'''
    A new window will open. Select '''View.''' Look for
    '''Hide Extensions For Known File Types.'''
    2) Never NEVER '''NEVER''' download anything unless you know what
    it is. If a web site claims it needs to download something, what is it?
    It could be something like the flash player, '''or a virus ! !'''
    Ask questions, or go somewhere else.

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