How can I get music (not purchased from iTunes) and photos from my iPad onto my MacBook?

I just recently had my hard drive replaced and lost all of my music and photos from it. I have all of my music and photos backed up onto my iPad and iPhone via iCloud.
I was able to download all of my purchased music from iTunes, back onto my MacBook. The problem is, how do I get the other music and photos from my iPad, back onto my MacBook?

Is there any possible way to backup music that I did not purchase from iTunes on to iCloud?
... if I happened to break my iPad, or if something happened to my Laptop.
If you like your music library, back up your laptop.
If you lose or break your iPad, you can sync your iTunes music library to a brand new one. You will lose nothing.
If you lose your laptop, or it crashes, or becomes virus-infested, you can restore your iTunes music library from your backup. You will lose nothing. Without a backup though, your music resides only on the iPad, and extracting it will require the assistance of third party (paid) utilities. Worse, there is no guarantee they will continue to function after some future iOS upgrade, since the iPad is not designed to work that way.
There are dozens of questions every day from people who lost their iTunes music when their laptop crashed. Your laptop will crash - it's only a question of when.

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    I recently got a new computer and wanted the music from my iPod on it. I have a ton of CD's so over half the things I have on my iPod aren't things I purchased from iTunes.
    When I went through the process of transferring (it only gave the option to transfer purchases) there were no songs from any of my CDs.
    I have tried everything I know how and still I have not found anything to actually help. I've backed it up and there is still nothing new in my iTunes.
    Why can I not transfer items not purchased from iTunes to my new computer? How do I do this?
    I would greatly appreciate it if you would put an answer in the simplest form possible as I am not very tech-savvy.
    I would also like to do this simply and without downloading another program if at all possible.
    I have a Windows 7 computer if that is of any help.
    Thank you!

    That is included here:
    Syncing to a "New" Computer or replacing a "crashed" Hard Drive: Apple Support Communities

  • How can I get songs not purchased on itunes off of my ipad2 and into itunes without using an external harddrive?

    This has been a problem forever.  I don't want to blank my devices and sync them.  I just want to move files between them.  It is a huge pain in a** that you can't just drag files around.
    I have music from before ipods.  It was put on an pc years ago that used to be linked to my current ipad2.  All of my music is on the ipad2.  that old pc has been reformatted and is now used as a workstation with only a few programs on it.  I now have a new pc.  I want my music on this pc.  why am i not allowed to do this through itunes?  why does syncing not take files on my ipad that aren't on my pc?  why must i erase all of my data on the device in order to sync with itunes that has no data to sync?
    All of the music i have purchased through itunes is fine.  all of the apps are fine.  what possible reason could there be for me not being permitted to take things that i own and put them on other things that i own?
    I also have a new 5s.  Why must i also erase this to put one friggin playlist on it?
    Could i do this using an external hardrive? maybe.  in an incredibly and overly laborious way.  when the friggin files are right there.  when i can look at them, and even play them through my pc from my ipad, but moving them over so i can put them on my phone....  **** no.  the world would explode then.
    The sync options should have a choice of putting all the combined data from both devices on both devices.  I have absolutely no understanding of why in the year 2013 this is still a problem.
    Most likely for the 10 trillionth time on this forum, how do i do this?

    See Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.
    While I agree that it would be nice if it was easier to transfer media from your Apple devices they should never be used as the sole location for any of your media. They are too easily lost, stolen, damaged, or corrupted. The user tip above also includes a link to a suggested library backup strategy so that you can avoid being in the same position in future.

  • TS1702 it says that i have to pay again to download a game from itunes.. how can i get the game in my itunes and phone? do I accept the charges and it will be re-embersed? what should I do? I have the order confirmation number etc. if you need.

    it says that i have to pay again to download it from itunes.. how can i get the game in my itunes and phone? do I accept the charges and it will be re-embersed? what should I do? I have the order confirmation number etc.

    Contact iTunes Customer Service and request assistance
    Use this Link  >  Apple  Support  iTunes Store  Contact

  • I made an iMovie, 6.0.3 using music from iTunes and photos from the Internet. It looked fine on iMovie, but when I uploaded it to youtube,some of the photo near the beginning was corrupted.What steps should I take to export iMovie for youtube?

    I made an iMovie, 6.0.3 using music from iTunes and photos from the Internet. It looked fine on iMovie, but when I uploaded it to youtube, some of the photo near the beginning were corrupted on youtube. I tried a different photo, and the corruption took place at the same moment of the video. How do I prepare the video for export to get it ready for youtube? I wasn't sure whether to clik web or web streaming. Am I supposed to clik Quick Time after I clik Share?

    I unfortunately cannot remember where I got the 'trrndlines' plugin... I assume that it must have been from CFX (as it is located under /Users/Dom/Library/iMovie/Plug-ins/cfx/XXXtrrndlines.bundle).
    As for what it does, I also do not know, as I do not think I ever used it in my previous video projects.
    At this stage, I think I just need to uninstall it so that iMovie doesnt try to use it.
    Do you know how to uninstall a CFX plugin in iMovie?
    NOTE: I have re-installed iMovie 6.0.4 (instead of iMovie 6.0.3), but still encounter the same issue.

  • HT5500 how can i get "via iOS" in my postings and comments from my iPhone?

    how can i get "via iOS" in my postings and comments on facebook from my iPhone?

    I have the same issue.  NO "via ios" ONLY "via mobile"
    iPhone 4 - IOS 6.0.1
    iPad 3rd Generation IOS 6.0.1
    FB App installed both devices from Settings//Facebook/Install App using IOS FB Integration with my username/password.
    Troubleshooting Done to this point -
    Uninstalled FB on iPhone and reinstalled again using the FB in Settings/Facebook/Install App. Entered my username/password in Settings/Facebook.
    Turned Wi-Fi off and posted using Cellular connection  (says via mobile).
    Turned Cellular off and posted connected to Wi-Fi  (says via mobile)
    Set iPad 3 back to factory default.
    Reinstalled everything fresh (did not use iCloud backup).
    Installed FB app from Settings/Facebook/Install App. and entered username/password in Settings/Facebook.
    Turned Wi-Fi off and posted using 4G cellular connection.  (says via mobile)
    Turned 4G Cellular off and posted via Wi-Fi  (says via mobile)
    ALL of my posts from both devices show as being "via mobile". This is extremely frustrating since everyone else in the world seems to post status/comments/pictures/etc from their iPhones and iPads and get the "via IOS" except me.
    At first I thought maybe it was an iPhone 4 issue, but the iPad 3 is the newest version of iPad and even it says "posted via mobile" instead of "ios". 

  • How can i transfer music(not purchased on my itunes account) from my iphone to my laptop?

    I have music on my iPhone 5s that was not purchased using itunes. Is there any way i can transfer those files onto my macbook pro?

    Senuti — Recover music from your iPod, iPhone or iPad to your Mac

  • How can i sync music not purchased from itunes from my iphone to itunes library on my pc?

    I have quite a lot of music on my phone that I've ripped from cds that I have. How can I get these to sync into my itunes library on my pc? I want to upgrade to the new os but will lose a lot of my music if i do.
    Any help appreciated

    If after researching the info in the other comments you still find that there is music that you would loose on the iPhone, there are 3rd party apps that can manage iPhone content without erasing the iPhone. Just search for a Windows alternative to iTunes.
    This one is popular for both Mac & PC;

  • How can I get music I purchased though Amazon on my Android device(droid incredible) to my IPad 2 without using a computer?

    I just got an iPad 2 a couple months ago, and I'm very eager to get my music collection purchased from Amazon to my device. I have had to get a replacement droid incredible and lost my login information for both my email and my amazon account. I have the music files stored on the SD card on my phone. I have the basic iPad 2, 16 GB, wifi, no 3G. I got an iPad to essentially replace my computer since it can't hold a charge anymore. I am almost due for an update with Verizon, so I would like to get an IPhone. However if I can't transfer my 100s of dollars worth of music, I'll have to suck it up and stick with android and be unable to have more than the 3 songs I have on my iPad.
    If any one can help It would be greatly appreciated.

    It sounds as if you have a computer but it won't hold a charge. Does it not work if it's plugged in at home? If so, you can simply transfer the music to your computer at home. You can either do this by connecting your Incredible to the computer and dragging the music from the SD card to iTunes or, you can contact Amazon and get your password reset and just download the music.

  • We have an iphone and 2 ipods that all use the same icloud. How can I get it to where the messages and contacts from each device are not shared

    My husband is getting all of my childrens messages on his phone. How can I change that or does he need his own apple ID? If so do we need to rest his phone to register it under him?

    Yes he would need his own apple id for imessage/facetime and icloud.
    In the meantime on his device go to settings - message - send&receive - remove the shared apple id.

  • How can I get my songs purchased through iTunes to play on a windows phone

    My wife recently got a HTC One M8 (windows) phone and wants to transfer her music purchases over to her new phone. How can the AAC protection be removed so the music will play on something other than an Apple product?

    AAC is not protection, it is just an audio file format, like MP3.
    Itunes purchases have not been DRM protected for many years.
    Convert the songs to an audio file format that the new phone will play, then follow the directions for the phone to put the music on it.

  • How can I get contacts in a group 'Hotmail' on my friend's ipad onto icloud and a Mac?

    She can't access these messages on her PC because she has forgotten both password and security question. I have persuaded her to migrate to an icloud account, but first she must let 100+ people know her new email.
    I thought if I could get the contacts onto her cloud and thence to my Mac, we could send a group email. At present none of her contacts will syn to either cloud or Mac.

    Yes, her contacts show up on her iPad, but only on her iPad
    She has her own iCloud ID but none of the contacts show up on it because they are in a group called 'Hotmail' and it is impossible on her iPad to change their group to 'iCloud'
    I had already set up an account for her on my Mac, so her iPad is backed up.  But when she syncs her contacts to Mail on my Mac, none of the contacts come across, because they are not iCloud contacts.
    My question is still how do I get these contacts off the iPad and onto either the cloud or the mac so I can change their group so they sync in future and so that we can send a group email advising her friends and relatives of her change of email address.  If this is not possible it means emailing a hundred or so people individually.
    How sad that it is not possible on the ipad to select all contacts and assign them to a different group.

  • How can I get music I purchased on my iPhone to my iMac

    I purchased some music on my iPhone.  I would like to also download them to my iMac.  I use the same iTunes account.

    Connect the iPhone and choose Transfer Purchases from the File menu of iTunes.

  • My iPod Classic is seen by Windows but not by iTunes.  I have reset it, gone to disk mode and it won't show up in iTunes.  There appears to be music on it in a file called MUSICSAVE.  How can I get this to work with iTunes again?

    My iPod Classic is seen by Windows but not by iTunes.  I have reset it, gone to disk mode and it won't show up in iTunes.  There appears to be music on it in a file called MUSICSAVE.  How can I get this to work with iTunes again?

    1. Update iTunes to the latest version. Plug in your iPod. If iTunes still can't recognize it, then in iTunes in the top left corner click help> run diagnostics. On the box that comes up, check the last two things. Click next and it should identify your iPod.
    2. Click on your windows start menu. Type in "services". Click on it and when it pops up, on the bottom of it click on "standard". Now Scroll down to find "Apple Mobile Device" Right click it when you see it and click on "Start". When it has started, close iTunes and replug in your iPod and it should show up.
    3. Check the USB cable
    4 Verify that Apple Mobile Device Support is installed
    5. Restart the Apple Mobile Device Service and verify that the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is installed.
    6. If you just want to add some photos, songs and movies from computer to your devices, you can use an iTunes alternative to do the job
    7. Check for third-party software conflicts.
    <Link Edited By Host>

  • How can i get music to not show up on my phone that i dont want there

    how can i get music to not show up on my phone that i dont want there

    If the app is G-Toolkit and you have a Gmail app on your iPhone, delete the Gmail app.  Apparently the G-Tool kit is tied to a Gmail app.  From searching the web my impression is that G-Toolkit is not spyware and is from a legitimate company that produces app for several platforms.

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