How can i get windows drivers for the 2013 MacBook Pro Retina?

Hi there,
today I have installed on my late 2013 MBP retina via the Boot Camp Windows 8.1. The installation was smoothly but some drivers are not present including the wifi driver.
Through online research, I found out that in the current version of Boot Camp no drivers for the 2013 model are listed. Do you have one probably have an idea how to get it to run anyway?

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    Does Apple really not have any place that I can download Windows drivers for the hardware in my August 2010 Macbook Pro?!?  I am trying to use windows through bootcamp, and I am having tons of trouble.  I know there are supposed to be drivers in the OSX DVD that came with my computer, but that is all the way back in Maryland and I go to school in Tennessee.
    <rant> Sorry if I seem irritated.  I just got over a total hard drive crash in this computer that isn't even 2 years old.  I have drives that are almost 10 years old in my PC desktop..  The drive that came stock with my Macbook pro was a total piece of crap in comparison to the cheapest notebook drives at Best Buy.  Really Apple?? 5400 RPM 8mb Cache Hitachi drive?? *Pukes in mouth* </rant>

    Sorry for the rant.  This is what happens everytime I have tried.  I actually have a booting Windows 7 partition on here already but it is barely running on the stock/generic windows drivers that are just there to get the OS through install. 
    I have an OSX 10.6 disk, but it is 10.6.0, and I wasn't even able to make that boot into the Mac installer when I installed OSX on the new hard drive.  I had to run my Macbook as a Firewire disk plugged into a Mac Pro and install it from there and update to 10.6.8.  I think this was because the 10.6.0 install disk doesn't have drivers for my 2010 revision of the Macbook Pro.  I doubt that the 10.6.0 disk has the right Windows drivers if it doesn't even have the right Mac drivers.

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    I just install windows 7 in my new macbook pro retina display and i cant even use my wireless...

    System requirements mention no computer models.  Apparently all Intal Macs are compatible.
    Boot Camp - Windows XP Drivers Update 2.1
    Boot Camp - Windows Vista 32 Update 2.1
    Boot Camp - Windows Vista 64 Update 2.1
    Boot Camp Drivers Update 2.2 for Windows

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    What folio cases are out there that don't damage the new macbook pro retina display 15" I keep looking but can't find any, they all seem to have serious negative reviews

    be specific,  hard case or CARRY CASE?
    hard cases are not recommended, trap in dust and junk and trap heat
    A great carry case, and best made for the money are those made by INCASE as seen in Apple stores and

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    When I execute this code I get the records till current week.
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       v_query VARCHAR2(4000);
       TYPE ref_cursor IS REF CURSOR;
       v_refcur ref_cursor;
       v_sum NUMBER;
       v_id NUMBER;
       v_name VARCHAR2(1000);
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    P3W1 COMM CNTRL ISAM 213 26961.61
    P3W2 COMM CNTRL ISAM 213 12870.4
    P3W3 COMM CNTRL ISAM 213 245.88
    P3W1 COMM CNTRL ISAM 273 72831.2
    P3W2 COMM CNTRL ISAM 273 8739.38
    P3W3 COMM CNTRL ISAM 273 3764.92
    P3W1 COMM CNTRL TAM 213 49844
    P3W2 COMM CNTRL TAM 213 20515.17
    P3W3 COMM CNTRL TAM 213 16167.46
    P3W2 COMM CNTRL TAM 216 12561.4
    P3W3 COMM CNTRL TAM 216 2027.1
    P3W1 COMM CNTRL TAM 273 -3336.71
    P3W2 COMM CNTRL TAM 273 -1376.68
    P3W3 COMM CNTRL TAM 273 19707.42
    P3W1 Damon Walters -609.07
    P3W2 Damon Walters 30030.24
    P3W3 Damon Walters 37475.1
    This is the output I'd like to get
    P3W1 COMM CNTRL ISAM 213 26961.61
    P3W2 COMM CNTRL ISAM 213 12870.4
    P3W3 COMM CNTRL ISAM 213 245.88
    P3W1 COMM CNTRL ISAM 273 72831.2
    P3W2 COMM CNTRL ISAM 273 8739.38
    P3W3 COMM CNTRL ISAM 273 3764.92
    P3W1 COMM CNTRL TAM 213 49844
    P3W2 COMM CNTRL TAM 213 20515.17
    P3W3 COMM CNTRL TAM 213 16167.46
    P3W1 COMM CNTRL TAM 273 -3336.71
    P3W2 COMM CNTRL TAM 273 -1376.68
    P3W3 COMM CNTRL TAM 273 19707.42
    P3W1 Damon Walters -609.07
    P3W2 Damon Walters 30030.24
    P3W3 Damon Walters 37475.1
    P3W4 Damon Walters
    P3W5 Damon Walters Edited by: polasa on Oct 28, 2008 6:42 PM

    Sure, in a Single SQL ->
    satyaki>select * from v$version;
    Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - Prod
    PL/SQL Release - Production
    CORE      Production
    TNS for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production
    NLSRTL Version - Production
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.01
    satyaki>-- Start Of Test Data --
    satyaki>with week_tab
      2  as
      3    (
      4      select 1 period_num, 1 week_num, 10 bkg1 from dual
      5      union all
      6      select 1, 2, 40 from dual
      7      union all
      8      select 1, 3, 30 from dual
      9      union all
    10      select 1, 2, 20 from dual
    11      union all
    12      select 1, 1, 10 from dual
    13      union all
    14      select 1, 1, 20 from dual
    15      union all
    16      select 1, 3, 10 from dual
    17      union all
    18      select 2, 1, 15 from dual
    19      union all
    20      select 2, 2, 20 from dual
    21      union all
    22      select 2, 3, 10 from dual
    23      union all
    24      select 2, 1, 15 from dual
    25      union all
    26      select 2, 2, 30 from dual
    27      union all
    28      select 2, 3, 20 from dual
    29    )
    30  -- End Of Test Data --
    31  select period_num,
    32         week_num,
    33         (
    34            select sum(week_tab.bkg1)
    35            from week_tab
    36            where period_num = m.period_num
    37            and   week_num   = m.week_num
    38            group by week_num, period_num
    39         ) sum_bkg1
    40  from (
    41        select dum.week_num,
    42              wk.period_num
    43        from (
    44                select 1 week_num from dual
    45                union all
    46                select 2 from dual
    47                union all
    48                select 3 from dual
    49                union all
    50                select 4 from dual
    51                union all
    52                select 5 from dual
    53              ) dum ,
    54              (
    55                select distinct period_num
    56                from week_tab
    57          ) wk
    58      ) m;
             1          1         40
             1          2         60
             1          3         40
             1          4
             1          5
             2          1         30
             2          2         50
             2          3         30
             2          4
             2          5
    10 rows selected.
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.48
    Satyaki De.

  • How can I get a refund for the u2 album that Apple charged me for

    I have just been charged £27.99 for the U2 album that I did not want. How do I get a refund for this. I can't stand U2!!

    £27.99 for the album ? If you are referring to The Songs Of Innocence album (£7.99) then that was given free to everyone three months ago, and was free until 13th October - you are sure that you've been charged, it's not a temporary store holding charge ? The purchase price should show on your account's purchase history : See your purchase history in the iTunes Store - or on your iPad.
    If you have been charged for the album but you didn't buy it then try contacting iTunes Support via the above 'report a problem' link.
    Or you can try contacting iTunes Support via this page : - click on Contact iTunes Store Support on the right-hand side of the page, then Purchases, Billing & Redemption

  • How can I get Windows Internet explorer on my MacBook air?

    I have several websites that I need to use for my new job that have not been tested for Mac. I don't want to have to buy a PC laptop, so I was wondering if there is a tried and true way to get windows Internet explorer on my MacBook air.

    Or install Parallels 7 and then you can run IE just like any other app from within OS X itself. That costs around $50 plus the Windows license though.
    Personally I have created an IE9 RDP (remote) App on my terminal server at work and just run that. Looks like it is running on my Mac natively.

  • How can i get idvd on my brand new macbook pro

    Hi I got a brand new late 2011 macbook pro for christmas and im a student that needs to burn dvds easily please how can i get idvd on my mac with out buying ilife 11' Thanks,  techkid123

    you can burn dvd's using disc utility in your utilities folder, or if you want iDVD, you will need to purchase the iLife '11 boxed set.

  • Can I get a refund for a replacement MacBook Pro?

    I recently recieved a replacement for my MacBook Pro 2011 for free since I had AppleCare. The new MBP is a Late 2013 Retina model. Admittedly, the Retina display is gorgeous, and the laptop is speedy, but...I'm not happy with it. I miss my CD drive, I miss my Hi-Res Anti-glare display, I miss all the extra ports, and I miss being able to upgrade/fix the laptop myself when necessary. So, I want to return and get a refund for the replacement, and then buy a refurbished 2012 model from the Apple's online Mac refurb store.
    I was told by Apple support that I should be able to get a refund, but then they directed me to contact the actual store where I recieved the replacement. So I called the store, and they told me I cannot get a refund.
    Who is correct, Apple Support, or the actual Apple Store? I am confused, and I don't want to be stuck with a MBP I don't want.

    Call Apple Customer Relations - 1-800-275-2273.  Ask politely & firmly that you want to be transferred to Customer Relations.  Tell them exactly what you stated in your post.

  • How Do I Install Windows 7 to Early 2013 Macbook Pro?

    I need to own a windows pc or at least have windows 7 environment to work in for some college courses. I own Windows 7 Pro. Is there a way for me to install this onto my current my Macbook Pro Retina Early 2013 Release?
    If So, How do I do this?
    Can it be done to an extrernal 1TB Hard Drive that I can plug in and use only as needed?
    Will I be able to install Microsoft Office 2010 to only the Windows SIde?
    How do I do this?
    Thanks Ahead of time.

    Limbic_Pastry wrote:
    I need to own a windows pc or at least have windows 7 environment to work in for some college courses. I own Windows 7 Pro. Is there a way for me to install this onto my current my Macbook Pro Retina Early 2013 Release? ...
    While it's possible to run Windows 7 or the Mac OS using Bootcamp, you can run Windows 7 and the Mac OS at the same time by creating a virtual machine (VM) using VMware Fusion, Parallels, or Virtual Box. One advantage of a virtual machine is that you can put the VM file on an external drive so that the VM file size isn't limited to available space on your internal. Another is that you can back up that file and/or create snapshots of the state of Windows at any point in time and revert to that state in seconds if something (e.g., a virus infection) goes terribly wrong. I have such a setup running in a rMBP early 2013 myself and it's very fast.

  • What is the best keyboard case for the 15" Macbook Pro Retina?

    I currently just bought the new 15" Macbook Pro Retina display to replace my old 2007 Macbook 13" however I am reluctant to use it until I find a keyboard cover.  I have read many forums already and tried the Moshi keyboard cover (which didn't fit well at all) however I still cannot decide which keyboard cover to use.  So far I have found two keyboard covers that look O.K. any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.
    Here are the links I have found th-Retina-Display-/190691543540

    You mean a keyboard cover.
    case 2
    a container designed to hold or protect something
    • the outer protective covering of a natural or manufactured object : a seed case.
    verb [ trans. ] (usu. be cased)
    1 surround in a material or substance : the towers are of steel cased in granite.
    • enclose in a protective container : [as adj. ] ( cased) a cased pair of pistols.

  • How can I get hp drivers for my Deskjet 932C? I am using Windows 7 (64-bit).

    Hi: I am having trouble finding a hp driver for my Deskjet 932C. I am using Windows 7 64-BIT
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    The drivers are deilvered through Windows Update.  You could do the following:  before connecting the printer go to Start, Devices and Printers, Add a Printer, (pick any port, LPt1: is fine), click on WIndows Update, then wait for the list to repopulate, the Deskjet 932 should appear under the HP manufacturer list of printers.  Now cancel out of this and plug the USB cable in to the printer, the driver should be installed automatically.
    Bob Headrick,  HP Expert
    I am not an employee of HP, I am a volunteer posting here on my own time.
    If your problem is solved please click the "Accept as Solution" button ------------V
    If my answer was helpful please click the "Thumbs Up" to say "Thank You"--V

  • How can we get record numbers for the rows after grouping them?

    Post Author: preethibaddam
    CA Forum: Formula
    hii everyone,
    i want to number those records which are grouped by a column.
    eg: if i group the emp table with the deptno then the records for the deptno10 group should start from 1 and end with an N number and again when it shifted to deptno20 group than the records for that deptno20 should again start with 1 and end with N number.
    i tried placing record number from the field explorer but it is not working. the other group records start with the ended number from the first group.

    Post Author: V361
    CA Forum: Formula
    Record number from CR will count all the records.  You could use a running total, and reset on change of group.

  • Where can I get some feet for my 15" Macbook Pro (mid 2009) without the cost of A$200

    I am loosing my mind. Can anuone please help?
    I have a 15" mid 2009 Macbook Pro, that I love. It is my 6th Apple computer so it's not like I haven't contributed to the Apple estate.
    I use it for work and study so it pretty much runns continuously and has since its purchase in 2009. So, as you can imagine wear and tear are starting to show.
    3 of the 4 feet have come off and this is making me crazy. It does not ventilate properly and doesn't sit well on the desk. I have attempted to buy all manner of feet to fit it, but nothing works.
    So, I took it to my local Apple store a while ago in search of some replacement feet for it. Because, Apple have to inspect all repair jobs.
    I cannot buy, the feet alone, I must buy the complete bottom housing for it at the cost of A$199.00 (WHAT!!!, I HEAR YOU SAY!!!, and that is pretty much exactly what I said when I was told this by my apple genius (and yes, I did say Genius with a sarcastic tone), but certainly the thoughts that ran through my mind were far stronger).
    So, in my eternal search to make my perfectly working but incredibly annoying, beloved macbook pro be as good as ever, I have been to 2 "apple" dealers in the hope to buy this product at a cheaper price. Because, 1. I don't want the base, only the feet and 2. I don't want to pay 200 bucks for it.
    Anyway. the first purchase I made was through some dodgy chinese website. Apparently, there is no one at the other end, because all corespondense was ignored. But I did get my money back.
    But the second has really done my head in. had advertised the part at $US69. So, I purchased and paid with paypal and all was well with the world. But, This morning I recieved the following email. And this is the entirity of the message from a business with obviously no customer service skill, not address, no phone number. Just a rude individual at the end of the email.
    Remember, this was the whole email...
    "so it's looking like this part was in the wrong bin. we don't actually have one. we can get new, but it would cost around $150.
    please advise?"
    ***? (and I am really holding back bolding that text and setting the font size to 68).
    In Australia, if a product is advertised at a price, that is what we pay for it.
    So, I re-check the website and the price has increase $100 but, it still says "in stock".
    Right about now, I am starting to get quite frustrated, with this faceless nameless person/company/shonk.
    I get in touch with some consumer experts and reply and I recieve the following reponse...
    "it was an honest mistake. we have a lot parts. we haven't sold one of these bottom cases for over 6 months. whoever labeled em' did it wrong. I don't have the part, but I have access to ordering it new with my vendor - hence the price change.
    feel free to call me anytime and we can talk it out.
    (not really sure where this phone number resides so the 10 digits are useless)
    Now, Phillip is not the person I made the payment to. The payment was made to Alex Kraft.
    Who, After I demanded the product. Has just refunded my money and dissapeard off the planet.
    I am sick and tired of these shonks and it is now my mission to stop these people from trading.
    Sorry for my digression but, I feel, all should be aware of these people. Scammers.
    But, if anyone knows where I can get some feet from someone who will bloddy supply them at a price that is reasonable.
    Please let me know.

    your situation is not new.  Others have been told by Apple that they have to purchase the entire bottom panel in order to replace the feet.  There are engineering solutions that can solve this problem, but to pay nearly $200 to replace a part that costs less than $1 (I am being very, very conservative) to manufacture is too excessive.
    I have had the feet come off as well.  Fortunately for me, I have not lost them and have been able to replace them.  Why they cannot sell them individually is a puzzle to me.  Perhaps some bean counter at Apple feels its too much effort to have these items individually  in their inventory.  I have had nothing but good comments to say about Apple, but sadly this is an exception.
    To address your problem, I have seen second hand ones advertised on Ebay.  The price was a bit steep, $10 as I remember.  Other wise, wjosten's suggestion is the only alternative.

  • How can I install windows 8.1 on a MacBook Pro 2011 13"?

    When I try and get the drivers for running windows 8.1 in boot camp all I can get is the Windows 7 drivers. When I tried to install them into windows 8.1 it mucked windows 8.1 up and I could not log in. Please help

    just download the zip yourself
    Apple - Support - Downloads

Maybe you are looking for

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