How can i increase battery life in my iphone 5 after ios7 upgrade

will apple fix this huge problem of half of battery life in my verizon iphone 5 after ios7 upgrade? or should i just go back to ios6?

all I can say is APPLE has no official way to go back to a previous version of OS X.  Perhaps there are hacks, but I cant speak of them here.  Also, that link was only given to you an hour ago, so give it more time to see if it helps with battery life until a more stable version of iOS 7 is released.  Im not happy about the battery life either.

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  • How do I increase battery life

    HOw can I preserve battery usage

    Turn off bluetooth when not needed, as well as AirDrop.
    Make sure you are in an area with good phone signal, if not, that will suck your battery more than anything.
    Turn off Background App Refresh in your settings.
    Turn off Spotlight.
    In Location Service, only turn on the ones you need.
    Turn down brightness a little.
    Don't use Push on email, but rather, fetch every 15 or 30 minutes.

  • Increasing battery life on my iphone 5 (6.0.2)?

    i just bought a new iphone 5 and was really hoping to get better battery life than my iphone 5.
    first couple of days i was really psyched because i would put it on a full charge over night and then i would have a full 100% at the end of the day. pretty much it would last until right through the next day.
    Today i put it on a full charge, didn't use it a lick and i have 21%. If i use the phone i run out of charge around 5 or 6.
    Can anyone help me figure out A if i can get better life out of this thing and B if i should expect this to get worse and C whether some of these phones are better at holding a charge than others?
    it is going to be a real drag to have to carry around an additional battery pack just to get through the day when i am not even using it.
    i have Fetch New Data off.

    Here are Apple's iPhone battery conservation tips.  I hope they help.

  • HT1338 How can I conserve battery life on my new macbook pro? I got it 2 weeks ago and am noticing that the battery depletes quickly. I dim the screen and keyboard backlight & mainly use Safari (multiple tabs).

    Appreciate any help!

         My daughter also just bought a Mac Book Pro 13" with the same issue. When we migrated over from the old computer, we brought over only her documents, no applications, and she was getting only about a 2 hour battery life on the new MBP.  Somewhere in the MBP threads in this forum someone who was experiencing this same battery life problem said he was told by an Apple Genius in a retail store to try setting up a second user, and then to try working out of that user only. So we set up the second user, logged out of the old user,  and the battery life readout is now about six hours after a charge when my daughter is logged in as the new user. If she needs old documents or other files she can always log in as the old user to use them, but she rarely has to go back. Whenever  she is logged on as the old user the battery life shows under two hours, but when she she logs out and logs back in as the new user it jumps back up to around six hours.
         There seems to be no need to eliminate the files etc. that reside under the old user. As long as my daughter is logged out as the old user and logged in as the new user, the battery life is much better. Weird solution, but it seems to be working. She is running Lion 10.7.4.
         Hope this helps.

  • How apple solve the battery life bugs of Iphone 4s ?

    The battery life is extremely bad even though the operating system is ios 5.01.

    look here:

  • How can I get my photos back from icloud after an upgrade?

    So I recently upgraded my iPhone 4s to an iPhone 5s last Wednesday. I had made sure to back it up with icloud 3 times on 3 different days prior to this. I received my new phone and it was backing up perfectly. Till I realized that my 1,500 photos hadn't uploaded and my phone wasn't letting me take pictures. It had only let me download about 300. I am devastated by the loss of these pictures. I have restored my phone multiple times and it still downloads the same pictures. I have no other problems. I called Apple and they said that the icloud only backed up these 300 pictures and my other ones were lost. But yet there were no signs of my backup being incomplete. How can I get my pictures back?

    Hi sadie,
    When you did the backup, were the 1500 pictures all on your camera roll? Or were they on other Albums?
    iCloud is not a storage device for your photos. You should be importing them to a computer or uploading them to a cloud storage facility like DropBox or Flickr.
    Each time you do a backup of to iCloud, it creates a backup of what is on your phone at that moment in time. So, if you had some photos on one backup, but not the other, you would only be able to "recover" the photos from one of those backups. Photos in iCloud are not aggregative.
    Also, the iCloud backup of photos only includes those photos or videos in the Camera Roll. Photos in any other album are not backed up:
    If you had PhotoStream turned on, then the last month's-worth of PhotoStream, or the last 1000 PhotoStream photos would also still be viewable.
    Can you tell us where those 1500 photos were located when you did your backup?
    Sorry that you lost your photos. Take a look at DropBox in the App Store, or check out Flickr. If you aren't importing your photos on a regular basis to a computer, then these would be your best bet to protect your photos going forward.

  • How can I reset the feature find my iPhone after using it?

    I used find my iphone to change the password of my iPad and now that I found it when I try to use it again, it only request the contact phone, how can I reset this feature in case I really lost it? Thanks

    Have you got notifications muted ? Only notifications (including games) get muted, so the iPod and Videos apps, and headphones, still get sound.
    Depending on what you've got Settings > General > Use Side Switch To set to (mute or rotation lock), then you can mute notifications by the switch on the right hand side of the iPad, or via the taskbar : double-click the home button; slide from the left; and it's the icon far left; press home again to exit the taskbar. The function that isn't on the side switch is set via the taskbar instead :
    If you haven't got notifications muted then try inserting and removing the headphones again

  • Battery life of 15 Minutes after Firmware Upgrade

    Now that my system has had the firmware upgrade, I dont get more than about 5 minutes of battery life.
    Prior to that I was getting a good 2.5-3 hours ish.
    Now, it dies after 5 minutes.
    I find it suspicious that this happened immediately after the FMC firmware upgrade.
    I understand that the firmware cannot be downgraded easily.
    Or is there, please let me know.

    Recently my battery on my 15" MacBook started reporting 75% in the OS but the system would shutdown without notice -- also, when I put the computer to sleep (sometimes for only 20 minutes) it would completely lose its charge and shut down.
    This started happening after I loaded the new firmware, but I thought it was related to a failing battery, not the FW update… now I’m curious.
    I purchased a new "spare" and sent the original one back to Apple for testing. The spare has not had any problems since, but it has only been a few days. I've heard nothing back on the other battery.
    I’ll post back if I have any problems with the replacement.

  • How to help increase battery life with ios5?

    My battery on my iPad is draining with ios5...anything I can do?

    If you do not use Bluetooth devices, Settings > General > Bluetooth to OFF, when away from WiFi and not using a 3G unit, put Airplane Mode ON.
    Change the email push setting to a long period of time.
    Simple things that stop the unit from transmitting or seaking responses.

  • How can I increase the volume on my iPhone 4s using external speakers?

    I used to have the iPhone 4 and I played my tunes through my PC external speakers (like using a pair of headphones). The maximum volume was extremely loud, and I never put it on full blast.
    Recently, I upgraded to the iPhone 4s, and I've noticed a huge difference in the maximum volume - it is about 30% quieter than my old iPhone 4, and it sounds incredibly quiet while I'm using my external speakers, even if the speakers are at full.
    I've also noticed that there is a Max Volume Warning which shows white/yellow/red volume bars when I turn the volume up - also my iPhone 4 never had. I believe there is a EU Volume Limit on iPhones, but I cannot understand why there is such a huge difference between the 4 and 4s.
    Which also bugs me, is that my friend has recently upgraded to the iPhone 4s too, and he doesn't have the same problem as me. I tested his iPhone using my external speakers and the volume was much louder than mine. So we checked over all of his settings and compared them with mine, and they are ALL the same. Plus, neither of our iPhones are Jailbroken.
    Does anyone has a solution to this? I can't find an answer anywhere..............
    Please help!!!

    The volume buttons are on the left hand side of your device.
    Top one is increase
    Bottom one is decrease.
    Once they are at the maximum/minimum that is all you can do.
    Good Luck

  • How can I fix software that no longer opens after an upgrade?

    HI folks
    I really hope someone can help me.  I'm a teacher and use the activinspire software on my mac.  I upgraded to Yosemite in October and had no problems with the active software but when I updated that to its latest version it will no longer open on the mac.  I contacted promethean who write the active software and they blamed it on the mac software and said there is no guarentee that they will support the software on the latest mac software.  Not helpful.
    I have tried reinstalling the software with no luck and today rolled back my mac through the time machine to before I upgraded the promethean software and still no luck.  The last thing I can try as far as I see it is downgrading the mac software by rolling back further?  I get an error message below but not being a techy it means nothing to me!  It's really frustrating me now as I use this software all the time for work and just don't know how to get it back working.  Any help would be appreciated!!

    You will find hat some apps stop working as Apple updates the OS.  I have seen that all the time with my various software packages.  Unless the app supplier has also updated your only choice is to find an alternative app or roll back the OS to before you had the issue.

  • How can I resolve iCal desktop application error message after Yosemite upgrade?

    After upgrading Yosemite on my MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and iMac, my iCloud calendar generates an error message: "The server is currently unreachable or the connection was blocked."
    I am able to create and edit my iCloud calendar events on my iPad, my iPhone, and any browser by signing into
    All other services such as Mail, reminders, keychain, and so on continue to work normally.
    Other services like Google's Calendar continue to work seamlessly across all mobile devices, web browsers, and the iCal desktop applications.
    I have logged out of iCloud in System Preferences and then logged back, but that did not resolve the issue.
    This is concerning since I am unable to add, edit, or delete events in the iCal desktop software on my computers.
    Any help welcome!

    Found my solution!
    When logging back into iCloud in System Preferences, I received an error message that my (iCloud) account could not verify the "identity" of the "" account.
    I was required to "trust" an Secure Server Certification Authority certificate to remove the error message.
    Everything now synchronizes across iCal on my computers and my mobile devices/

  • Why can I not save apn settings on iPad after ios7 upgrade?

    After upgrading my iPad2 to ios7, I am unable to save apn settings.

    I still have the problem with one service provider, to fix it I use SIM  from another internet provider which sim is recognized by my ipad, then I  set APN for the first provider and reinsert again the first sim, and  works fine.
    Ocassionaly I have to do this proccess again when it is misconfigured or after new ios upgrade.
    I have IOS 7.04 version
    Try another SIM from different carrier
    Hope this can help you

  • Can't save photos in iPhone after iOS7 upgrade

    I updated my iPhone to iOS7 and am not able to save pictures contained in emails I receive to my photos. The option to "save image" is there but does nothing when I click on it. Any fixes?

    Hi Mayafrommn,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    If you're not able to save images because the menu option isn't responding, be sure to try all the steps in our iPhone troubleshooting assistant:

  • How can i change the name in my iphone

    How can i change the name in my iphone after i registered it

    If you mean the name you assigned to it, then connect it to your computer, open iTunes, click in the name of the device in the iTunes sidebar, press RETURN to activate the field, change the name, press RETURN again.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I have a simple problem which I just cannot find any discussion of how to fix.  In both TextEdit and Preview (classic culprits on Lion), I have documents I can't close.  When I click the close button it waits for a few seconds then does nothing.  Sam

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