How can i remove pictures from my droid turbo without having to use the touch screen on the phone at all?

how can i remove pictures from my droid turbo without having to use the touch screen on the phone at all?  my screen is cracked and i am waiting on a replacement phone.  as far as i can tell in order to access the phone storage through my computer, i have to use the touchscreen to enable it so that the computer will see it as a camera.  I can't do that as the top half of the touschscreen is unresponsive.  any suggestions?  teaches me to use the backup services offered in the future, but i still need a short term solution for this time.

    I'm sorry to hear your screen is cracked spence425. I know its difficult to use the phone while its damaged. I'm happy you are receiving a replacement device. Have you saved any of your pictures and other data to the cloud? Here is a link about the cloud . Unfortunately, you will be unable to remove any data from the phone if the screen is unresponsive but if you are looking to transfer data to your new phone, it would have needed to be saved via the cloud first. Keep us posted.
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    If the pictures were synced from a computer to the iOS device then they are removed the same way.  Connect the device to the computer.  Tell iTunes what to sync and sync.

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    You can sync photos and itunes content with one and only one computer at a time.  When you sync to another, it will erase the current content and  replace with content from the new computer.

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    Sorry no.

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    Depends on where these photos came from. If they were synced from a computer, you'll need to sync them off by unchecking the folder the pictures are in from  iTunes on the computer.
    If they were taken by the iPad or downloaded you should have a little trashcan icon at the top of the screen  you can use when viewing the image.

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    you just delete them from your phone when you are looking at your pics there is a button in the top right conner and if you hit it you can delete the pics

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    You will need follow this progression click on:
    Finder (in dock) -> (Your User Account)-> Pictures,
    when there choose the folders or pictures you want to delete, you can either drag and drop into trash or you can right click and get a drop down menu that will give you the option of "Move to Trash."
    You can choose multiple pictures or files by holding down the Apple Command key and clicking on the ones you want to remove.
    Please report by choosing Yes this helped or No it didn't.
    Good luck,... its easy

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    If you have been syncing with one computer and iTunes library only, and if you have been using the same Apple ID and iTunes account for all of your purchases - I'm going to take a wild guess that you have apps on the iPad that are not in iTunes on your PC. If that is the case ...
    You need to transfer the purchased apps from the iPad to the PC first.
    1) Without connecting your iPad to your computer, start iTunes. Click on Edit. Click on Preferences. Click on Devices. Check the box next to "Prevent your iPod etc. from automatically syncing." Click OK.
    2) Now connect your iPad to your laptop and start iTunes.
    3) When iTunes starts, right click on your iPad under Devices in the left column. Select Transfer purchases etc.
    4) After it finishes transferring all your apps to your computer, right click on your iPad and select Backup your iPad.
    5) Click on the Apps Tab in iTunes and make sure that you have a checkmark in the boxes next to the names of all of the apps that you want to Sync to the iPad. Make sure the Sync Apps heading has a checkmark in it as well.
    6) Now click on Apply in the lower right corner of the iTunes window on the right
    If everything on your iPad looks good after the sync, go back and click on Edit / Preferences / Devices and UN-check the box next to Prevent your iPod etc. The only other thing you may want to do is to double check that all of your photos, music, movies and everything else that you want are still on the iPad and if needed go into each tab in iTunes and select that content to sync and sync again before you disconnect from iTunes.

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    Thank you for your help

    Which iOS version are you using?
    Are you also using iCloud?

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    You simply have to change the update option of your iPod to "manually manage music and videos". You can get details here: Managing content manually on iPod
    One major word of caution. If you delete songs from your PC and have no back up other than the iPod you will risk losing them permanently if your iPod fails or you find you have to restore it to solve a problem. You should consider investing in an additional internal or external hard drive to store/back up your music. Alternatively at the very least back up songs you can't replace such as iTunes downloads to CD or DVD. Forum member Buegie has compiled a very extensive procedure for backing up your music which you'll find at this link: Backing up iTunes
    Something else to be aware of when using an iPod in manual mode is that the "Do Not Disconnect" message will remain on the display until you physically eject the device. In that case use Safely Remove Hardware icon in the Windows system tray on your desktop or check this link: Safely Disconnect IPod

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    May i know is it happening with a specific file or with every files?
    Have you tried with different browser?
    Please check and let me know.

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    IMac G4   Mac OS X (10.3.7)  
    IMac G4   Mac OS X (10.3.7)  

    Thanks for responding Dave, but this option doesn't
    seem to appear in the preferences of IDVD, DVD
    Player, or Quicktime. It seems strange that the only
    way I can burn a movie is to create a new IMovie
    project and and then burn it via IDVD. This is a
    huge hassle when all I want is a few short videos in
    no particular order saved on a CD or DVD. My CD
    player doesn't seem to be listed separately and is
    tied into Itunes. Isn't ILife suppose to make
    things easier? Thanks for your help.
    In "system preference" not the others (IDVD, QT DVD PLAYER)

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    yes im an idiot, i installed ubuntu over windows when my computer died and How can i remove Ubuntu from my laptop cause i tried to reformat but kept giving me the blue screen error and its realy annoying me,Ubuntu just isnt right for me please help me  :L 

    aquos wrote:
    i have an h.p. g60 535 dx note book,windows was wiped out so i installed ubuntu and don't like it  is there a sequence of key strokes that will erase the pc back to factory? ubuntu  is useless ...thanks  i forgot what ever name i made up to register.  just use m.h.Not if you wipe the Factory recovery partition then you will have to order the Factory REcovery media from hp. Obtaining HP Recovery Discs or an HP USB Recovery Drive
    Read this before ordering your Recovery Discs! (US and Canada Only)

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    This link was the first hit with a Google search for "removing and reinstalled iTunes with XP".
    A Google or internet search is your friend with a wealth of info just a mouse click or two away.

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    Restore the new iPod from the backup of the old iPod:
    How to restore from a backup
    To restore information from a backup, use one of the following methods after connecting your iOS device to the computer with which you normally sync:
    Right-click (or Control-click) the device and choose Restore from Backup
    If you have a new phone, you can connect to iTunes and it will prompt to restore from your backup

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