How can I repair Vista system files with only a Toshiba recovery disc??

I have pretty much come to the conclusion that the reason I can't install Vista service pack 2 is due to some corrupt vista files. I ran the program that checks that system files and it said some are corrupt. There are some things I can't do, like turn on the Windows firewall even from that special adminostrar screen, or if I schedule a check disc scan, when I reschedule it for start up, it doesn't do it at startup. I had a Red Screen about a year ago, and it did a bunch of stuff and at the end, it said you had a major event and contact your administartor. Well, I am the administartor, lol. Anyway, it worked fine and I attribute these problems to that event.
Vista discs come with a repair option. All I have is the Toshiba disc that lets you reinstall the Toshiba and Vendor applications OR reformat the hard drive. I am not going to spend days trying to get my system back to where it is by tracking down everything I have installed especially when its working. Is there a work around? I will buy a Vista Home Premium disc if I have to before refortmatting. I have an x205-S9349 with Vista Home Premium. THANKS!

Satellite X205-S9349 
I ran the program that checks that system files and it said some are corrupt.
Sounds like System File Checker.
   How to use the System File Checker tool to troubleshoot missing or corrupted system files on Windows...
To follow up...
   How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker (SFC.exe) program ge... 
can't install Vista service pack 2
Maybe this helps.
   How to troubleshoot Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 service pack installation issues
Notice that you can get free support from Microsoft.
   Free Unlimited Support Vista Service Pack 2 sp2

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    Hi Deepu,
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    I have made a new Posting with the same question but this time I added a screenshot of the VI.
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    As far as I know, you can't do this - xml must be well formed (this is sort of a bedrock of xml). There may be some work around's, but I'm not aware of any - and they would most likely be hacks.

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    Having Oracle 9i.
    One more doubt. In the speck, some constand values are there, When i write the same into file, How can i write ?.
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    2. l_str := ' E27 '
    1 case : in XML file : "E27"
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    When we write a XML file through editors , we have to define the constant within quote . is it?      
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    Thanks and Regards

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    In case you geniuses haven't realized I said I tried everything I can think of not that I tried everything. So help or shut up I realize that I didn't try everything but if you can't figure it out either DO NOT POST.
    And the question is how can i rename a jar file using java code? As it says in the title. Read.I would tell you to use the File.renameTo method, but surely that would have been obvious, and you would have tried it already? But maybe you didn't. You were kind of lacking in details in what you tried.
    And yes, I am a genius. Just don't confuse "genius" with "mind-reader".

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    In order to get suspend function, I try to compile a new kernel, I used the second method in … rom_Source with makepkg and pacman. I download 2.6.31 kernel and makepkg is OK, but pacman tell me /lib/***(lots of
    files name) can not be overwritten. I'm not very happy, what make matter worse, I reboot my
    system, it seems it lost some modules, it do not mount ext4 partition and can not find Ethernet.
    I have lots of data in this system, I could not erase the hard disk and  re-install the whole system. Is there a good way to repair my system?
    my system have 5 partitions: /,/boot,/usr, /home, /var, I hope these partition can be all reserved as possible.
    Thank you in advance.
    Last edited by netawater (2013-06-14 00:48:56)

    First off - you should _never_ use the default name when rolling your own kernel, _always_ give it a unique name! (this way, you can always go back to your previous, working kernel/modules) - by the way - have you tried booting the fallback kernel?
    One safe way of keeping your own data - boot from a live cd/usb stick without involving the current OS at all. Then use an external usb-drive (hey - these days you can buy a 1TB usb drive for less than 100 bucks - it's a no-brainer!) and copy all the data you are concerned about to the usb-drive.
    Once that is done you can start experimenting - or just plain and simple reinstall or try to reinstall the original kernel. If some of your partitions wont mount (private data), then remake to ext3 _after_ having backed it all up.
    I have not looked at the wiki, but I'm sure there is some warning about kernel naming - at least I _know_ that subject has been discussed in this forum.

  • How can i run my .class file with out installing java ?

    Hai new to java , plz help me any one.
    I wrote a small program in java lang. i want to run this program in my friend's system , which is doesnt have java language .. How can i run this program in my friends system with out installing java language?
    one of my friends told that ,it needs to copy the jvm in to ur directory where the java code is present . How can i copy the jvm from where to where ..?plz help me any one

    Your friend will have to install the Java runtime if they want to run Java
    Don't go copying files yourself - and especially don't go copying them to the
    location of the Java code. After all, if your friend wants to run 42 different
    Java programs they shouldn't have to have 42 copies of the runtime.
    Just download and run the installer from this site:
    Be careful to download the "Java Runtime Environment" not the JDK.

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    Ah, see told you we were new to this and no, my taxs already have enough digits to the balance.
    Ok, so based on that, we should be able to use the preflighting tool to identify the PDF’s with images, factor them out, and then continue with lossless compression on the remaining balance.
    That will give us the compression we need to save space, but also allow us to stand in the court of law (if the scenario was to ever occur) and proclaim that none of our medical images have ever been altered by compression.
    Sound like a reasonable plan?

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    Of course, our mapping should insert these units of information as independent rows in a table (1.000 rows, in our example).
    We do not know how to go about it. We usually load flat files using table functions, but we am not sure that they will be able to cope with these huge lines. And how should we pivot those lines? Will the Pivot operator do the trick? Or maybe we should pivot those lines outside the database before loading them?
    We are a bit lost. Any suggestion would be appreciated.
    Edited by: [email protected] on Oct 29, 2008 8:43 AM
    Edited by: [email protected] on Oct 29, 2008 8:44 AM

    Yes, well, we could define a 1.000 column external table, and then map those 1.000 columns to the Pivot operator… perhaps it would work. But we have been investigating a little bit, and we think that we have found a better solution: there is a unix utility called “fold”. This utility can split our 30.000 character lines in 1.000 lines, 30 characters long each: just what we needed. Then we can load the resulting file using an external table.
    We think this is a much better solution that handling 1.000 columns in the external table and in the Pivot operator.
    Thanks for your help.
    Edited by: [email protected] on Oct 29, 2008 10:35 AM

  • How can I generate a map file with LabVIEW?

    We wish to use a product which inserts code into our executable to prevent tampering with it by crackers.  The program, however, takes the executable file, as well as the map file (which is commonly generated by c++ compilers) and uses the map file to determine where in the exe the critical routines that need protection are at.  I can not, however, determine how to create such a map file for a LabVIEW generated executable.  Is there a special build option I need to invoke?

    Yes, I'm familar with NI's licensing technology, having talked with someone (you, Dennis, I believe) about it before.  The problem we have is our software is sold to factories in China where there are no internet connections.  We have a physical key 'dongle' which must be present in order for the executable to be willing to run.  However, it appears that people are taking the executable  which LabVIEW creates and they are editing it, probably by using a a debugger and tracing to the the code which checks for the dongles presence and bypassing it.  To my knoweledge, NI's products don't do anything to prevent this, right?
    We found a company which sells a product that encryptes, checksums, etc... an executable file, but it needs to know the layout of functions in the exe in order to determine which areas to focus the obfuscation on.  They were sort of matter of fact when they said it needs the exe and the map file, as if they expected any language which produced an exe could produce a map file.

  • How can I create a zip file with LabVIEW?

    I would like to compress my data (ASCII format) to an archive.
    I use to compress and decompress data but I would like to be able to read the output file with a software archiver such as PowerArchiver/WinZIP.
    Someone knows how I can create a file compatible with zip or gz standard format, thanks !

    >> Yes but I have to install a special archiver (with ms-dos ommand line ability
    >> such as pkzip,arc,rar,arj...) on the computer where I install my LV application.
    Search for "gnu tools for windows" and get zip.exe, gzip.exe, bzip2.exe and others (even the source, if you like). These are about 50kB files that run in place (no installation) - easy to include in a distributed app. Oh, since I'm logged in I'll attach a couple, though I don't have the source on this machine).
    Attachments: ‏67 KB

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