How can I uninstall an app separately that has been installed as part of the Creative Cloud ?

Hi there,
I just want to uninstall Photoshop CC as part of my Creative Cloud (and the re-install it again because I have an error with this app). But I couldn't find any Uninstaller. I am on a Windows 7 PC. Thanks in advance for your help.

click start button>control panel>programs>uninstall programs>ps cc
if your cc app continues to show ps cc is up-to-date after it's uninstalled, CC desktop lists applications as "Up to Date" when not installed

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    How can I upgrade from Photoshop CS4 to Cs 5 or 6 without buying the creative cloud?

    Well CS5's ship has sailed.
    CS6 can still be purchased on Perpetual License but it's not going to have all the bells & whistles that the current versions have.  Just as long as you understand what you're getting.
    Creative Suite 6
    Nancy O.

  • HT204053 How can I remove an apple id that has been disable from I cloud?

    How can I remove apple id that has been disable fro my iCloud ?

    You cannot delete an Apple ID. All you can do is stop using it.

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    I deleted an old Apple ID with the help of a call to Apple Support.  However, my iphone is still trying to use the old ID.  How do I log out of the old ID and into the new?  Or, how can I delete the old ID when it has already been deactivated?  (Cannot delete with phone)

    Only iTunes Support can potentially delete an account (which would also delete any purchase history for it, so you would no longer be able to authorise that content on a computer, redownload it, and download updates to its apps) :
    Or you could just remove any personal info from it (e.g. payment details if you have any on it) and stop using it

  • How can I unblock Adobe Systems Incorporated that has been blocked as a publisher from running software on my computer?

    Hi there!
    Few weeks ago malicious adware attacked all browsers in my computer and Adobe Flash Player so I uninstalled them, downloaded new antivirus (Avast Premium), antimalware (Malwarebytes) programs, adware cleaner, HitmanPro and ran them several days; they can not detect anything wrong now. I believe the computer is clean but it is impossible to install again Abode Flash Player, even from the official site of Adobe (I do not have any problems with Adobe reader). Any time I click on the icon, instead of "Run" button, appears security warning: "This publisher is blocked from running software on your machine". And as long as I have the icon in downloads or in the bin, Avast warns me that there are files that can not be scanned. The status of these files in the chest says: "Error: Archive is password protected. (42056)". Does it mean that I still have bugs hiding in the computer? Is there any chance to recover the Flash Player or I will have to miss lot of interesting videos by the time I buy a new computer?
    Thanks in advance for any opinion, advice and support.

    Fortunately, I found the answer for my problem, thanks to Bruno_Dude and now I have AFP installed. Somehow Adobe Systems Incorporated was listed as untrusted publisher. Here is the the link with the way to remove it from the list.
    Re: Flash Player won't install
    Hopefully it will help to other people.

  • How can i delete a photo album that has been synced from another computer

    I am trying to delete a photo album that I do not need anymore from an iPad 4. But the album has been synced from a computer that I don't have access to anymore. Is there anyway around this ?

    Photos that were synced from a computer can only be deleted by connecting to a computer's iTunes and changing the sync selection on the device's Photos tab.
    Is that the only album that was synced from that computer (and you now sync the iPad to a different computer ?), or do you have other albums from it that you want to keep on the iPad ? If you want to keep one or more albums on it then they will need to be on the computer that you sync to so that they can be selected on the Photos tab and re-copied to the iPad from that computer. If you want to remove all synced photos then try selecting and syncing just an empty folder

  • How can I separate just a message that has been mis-threaded?

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    Are the mis-threaded messages from the same sender? Is it possible they have used "Reply" inappropriately?
    More generally, if messages appear in inappropriate places, I'd try this:
    # Back up your profile (
    # Select the folder
    # Right-click, select <em>Properties</em>
    # Select <em>Repair folder</em>

  • Can you get an app back that has been deleted

    ididnt back up my phone yet and i had a video recorder app on my iphone and my 2 year old erased the app and i have now lost all the videos since she was born is there any way to get the app back or the vidoes that were recorded

    If it's not in your iTunes library and you've not synced the phone, I'm afraid you can kiss this stuff goodbye. App data is stored in two places: on your phone, and in the iPhone backup. I was taking a chance that by re-downloading the app directly to your phone, the app data "might" re-appear...really depends on how the app was coded. But, that's not possible, given what you've posted.

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    Hi all,
    My son has just mistakenly deleted an app, Mini Pets, which I had paid money to buy added extras blue gems and coins and things, to help him progress!
    I have tried to re download it but it just takes him back to very begin , any1 any ideas :(((

    You deleted the data so it's gone.
    However, if you backed up your iPad to your computer prior to deleting the app, you should be able to restore it to that point.
    When you're iPad is connected to iTunes, just click on the Summary tab, and click on Restore Backup. But if you backed up more recently than when he deleted, you're out of luck. There's no way to recover content stored on your iPad then got deleted.

  • How can I permenently block an email that has been hacked that I received and and answered?

    My friends email was hacked. I received a letter asking for money. She has since changed her email address. I want to know how to permanently block her old address.

    Firefox doesn't do email, it's strictly a web browser.
    If you are using Firefox to access your mail, you are using "web-mail". You need to seek support from your service provider or a forum for that service.
    If your problem is with Mozilla Thunderbird, see this forum for support.
    [] <br />
    or this one <br />

  • HT201210 How can i reset an iphone 4 that has been locked with icloud account?

    Help please i have been locked out of an Iphone 4 and it restarted from the factory reset status the icloud info is not mine i tried restarting it by using itunes and it doesnt work please help

    MattWash1 wrote:
    ...  from the factory reset status the icloud info is not mine ...
    The Apple ID and Password that was Originally used to Activate the iDevice is required.
    Activation Lock in iOS 7  >

  • How can I recover an iPhone 4 that has been submerged in water?

    My iPhone 4 went swimming. Would live to be able to find a way to restore an use again. Anyone have any luck with home remedies, or know if the apple store can repair cheaper than a new phone would cost?

    Turn it off. Don't plug it to any power/charger. Let it dry - some recommend putting it in a bag filled with rice to absorb moisture, I prefer just putting it in an airy area. It is not likely to save it (electronics just don't like watsr). It will take a while to dry, so don't be tempted to try it out too soon.
    Apple does not "repair" iPhones, but you can get it replaced. Check Apple website for the model you have.
    Good luck.

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    Hi All,
    How can I "reprompt" when a OBIEE request has been imported into powerpoint using the Oracle Bi plugin for microsfot powerpoint?
    When you import a request into powerpoint it show the prompts you have defined in yout request. How can the user "reprompt" the request in powerpoint?
    Best regards

    As Silkrooster said, should be easy enough with layer styles and blending modes. To mimic the curvature you can use a simple warp style as well. You may just need multiple duplicates of the layer for ultimate control...

  • How can I uninstall an app that has locked my phone?  Can I uninstall the app online from my computer?

    How can I uninstall an app that has locked my phone?  Can I uninstall the app online from my computer?

    I don't know about uninstalling an app from a web page but if all else fails you could try recovering with the Nokia lumia recovery tool.
    FAQ - How can I recover/reset/restore my phone software? - Nokia - USA

  • How can I uninstall an app called MacKeeper

    How can I uninstall an app called MacKeeper?

    How to uninstall MacKeeper.
    Good luck - get that trash out of your system!

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