How do I delete mail from trash folder

I know how to delete the mail from my trash folder one email at a time. I have setting set to remove the trash folder every day, however, it isn't working. I have emails on that have been deleted 2 or 3, if not more days.
Can someone tell me how to fix this, please? This deleting one email at a time from my trash folder is a bit of a pain.
Thank you for the help!!!

You can delete all of the emails at once from the trash folder. Tap the edit button at the top, tap the red delete all button at the bottom and tap delet all again in the pop up.

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  • Retrieving deleted mail from trash folder

    Hi, Can anyone please tell me how to retrieve emails from last year, that I deleted from 'trash' in my mail folder?

    It could be possible with 3'rd party software, but that's assuming you haven't been using your computer much since the point of that delete.  And I'm assuming that's unlikely.
    What kind of account was this, pop or imap?

  • I delete some emails ,there are moved to trash . I delete them from trash folder too and they still appear in a folder called 'all messages". I repeat the same actions and after a while they appear again!what should i do to delete them permanently??

    I delete some emails ,there are moved to trash . I delete them from trash folder too and they still appear in a folder called 'all messages". I repeat the same actions and after a while they appear again!what should i do to delete them permanently??

    If you are using Apple's Mail app 6.5 is the latest version irrespective of what a previous poster says. It does sound though that you are using a gmail account online via a web browser. Please confirm and fill in missing information.

  • Hi I am having problems removing mail from trash folder. Can anyone help please

    Hi I am having problems removing mail from trash folder. I can send mails to the folder but cannot delete them permanently from the trash folder. I am using Iphone 3G and anm up to date with OS. Can anyone help please

    Check that there isn't a different Trash folder to the one with the proper Trash symbol on it.
    If you see one in your list of folders rather than a separate one, highlight it, then click on Mailbox...Use this mailbox for...Trash

  • Anyone know how to delete emails from trash folder?

    I have hada Droid phone for about 6 months.  When I delete emails from my inbox it goes to a "trash" file (similiar to trash file in Outlook).  It is getting full.  Any idea how to delete from trash folder.  My wife also bought the same phone but she does not have a trash file.  No one at our verizon store can answer my question as to how to delete from trash folder and don't seem to know how I have a trash folder on my email account.

    I'd go on the P.C. side of your Mail and start clearing it will clean what's on the phone and the Computer i have done this Many time on my Gmail and Yahoo.. b33

  • How can I delete mail from my iPad

    How can I prevent 'mail' from my MacPro Mail program from being exported to, and imported by my iPad?

    Huh??  The mail application on your iPad is a mirror image of the mail server on your Mac.  If you don't open a message on your Mac, it will be on your iPad unopened.  If you open it on your Mac, it will appear as opened on you iPad and vice-ersa.  If you delete it on your Mac, it will delete from your iPad and vice-versa.  If this is not how you want your mail to work, I would recommend removing the mailbox from your iPad.  Maybe I'm missing what you're trying to accomplish?

  • Cannot delete more than 4 e-mails from trash folder in one go

    When I try to delete more than 4 e-mails in one go from the trash folder on my Sony Xperia Z2, the e-mail software crashes with the message: 'Unfortunately, E-mail has stopped'. Is this a bug everyone is experiencing on the Z2?

    Thank you Thommo, your instructions have solved the problem. I cleared cache and data which got rid of the 4000+ e-mails in my bin folder. Then rebooted and inputted my e-mail account details. The e-mail app downloaded 157 e-mails from the TalkTalk server. I deleted them, and then deleted the same 157 e-mails from the bin folder... and it worked.
    Thanks for your help.

  • How do I mass delete email from Trash folder?

    Is there an easy way to mass delete the emails from the trash folder?

    In your settings>mail>account>advanced, there is a way you can set it to self delete after 1 day. This is the earliest setting to self delete the mails. If you need to delete all of them right away. Just open one of the mails and press the trash can icon at bottom. It automatically opens the next mail and you can just sit there thumbing the trash can until all are gone. Works for me, both ways.

  • Mail from Trash folder moves itself back to Inbox

    I've been having a bit of an odd problem lately -- items from my Trash automatically re-appear in my inbox. It seems to have started with an e-mail from about three months ago, and whenever I click away to another folder (Sent, Drafts, etc.) and then click back to Inbox, another e-mail (in sequence according to date) will re-appear.
    I have been simply deleting the revived e-mails (assuming they would go back to the trash folder), but I just found out that if I delete one of these e-mails, they are deleted for good.
    My trash folder contains approximately 2700 e-mails, and I know I need to look for a mail archival program, but the problem isn't related to a "limit" on e-mails in a folder as far as I can tell.
    Anybody have any idea as to what might cause this problem?
    Any info would sure be appreciated!
    Thanks in advance,
    MacBookPro   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    Is there a reason you keep accumulating mail in the Trash mailbox and never permanently erase it? Using the Trash for archiving purposes just doesn't make sense to me. Why don't you create a custom "On My Mac" mailbox folder for that?
    The following is what I would recommend to someone having your problem in "normal" circumstances. Your situation is clearly unusual, so don't blame me if it doesn't work for you
    1. Quit Mail.
    2. In the Finder, go to HOME/Library/Mail/. You may want to make a backup copy of this folder, just in case something goes wrong -- e.g. by dragging it to the Desktop while holding the Option (Alt) key down.
    3. Locate the Envelope Index file and move it to the Desktop (to be deleted later if this fixes the problem).
    4. Launch Mail again and let it finish re-indexing everything -- it says it's "importing", but it's just re-creating the Envelope Index file.

  • How to permanently delete files from trash?

    I usually see TV series online. Every time I visit to the website, it automatically downloads a Mac_Installer file to my Downloads folder. I delete the file without opening it and secure empty the trash. When I visit the website again, the same file is downloaded to my Downloads folder, and the "previous deleted file" from the trash can reappears on it. How to solve this matter? My computer is a MacBook Pro and is running OS X Mavericks.

    Try erasing free space using Disk Utility.
    Erase free disk space
    When you delete files in Mac OS X, your Mac deletes the information used to access the deleted files but doesn't physically remove them. Although the space used by the deleted files appears as free space, the deleted files remain on the disk until new files are written over them. As a result, these files can be recovered. Erasing free space does not delete any other files on your disk besides the ones that you already deleted.
    After the drive is connected, launch the Disk Utility application in any of the following ways:
    Type the first few letters of its name into Spotlight. Select it from the results.
    Go Finder > Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility
    Go Launchpad > Utilities > Disk Utility
    Once you are in the Disk Utility app, select the disk or partition you would like to erase from the left.
    Select the Erase tab.
    Choose the Erase Free Space button.
    Use the Slider to choose how many times you would like to write over the free space.
    Select Erase Free Space.
    Note: After this process starts, you can cancel it at any time without harming any of your data. You might see a message stating that you are running out of disk space. This is normal and to be expected. You can ignore this message.
    When the process is complete, you should have the same amount of free space. If you do not have the same amount of free space, try restarting the computer.
    I hope I helped.

  • Cannot permanently delete mails from trash in gmail account

    When emails are deleted using default Mac OS X Mavericks, they move to the trash folder as expected and when I delete them from the trash folder, they dissapear as supposed. Unfortunatelly, after logging in to the gmail web-based version, the emails are still visible in trash folder. They are sort of hidden, because they are visible only in web-based version, not in any smtp client. Interesting is, that iPhone mail app deletes the mails correctly. This issue was tested on 3 computers (iMac 27" i5 late 2010, Macbook Pro Retina 15" i7 early 2013, Macbook Pro Retina 13" i5 late 2013), 3 user accounts, and 3 gmail accounts. Do you have any suggestions?

    Okay, that solved it, except that I had to input rm -rf ~/.Trash/*
    and NOT "Trashes." It accepted your version of the command, but it didn't do anything discernible. I noticed that entering Trashe and trying to press tab to autocomplete didn't work, suggesting that maybe Trashes doesn't exist. However, trying to autocomplete with fewer letters typed indicated to me that Trash DOES exist, and so I went ahead with that and it worked.

  • How do you erase email from "trash" folder???

    Is there some way to erase email from the "trash" folder beside having to delete each one singularly.  That means to get rid of email you have do each one TWICE.  On my I touch there is a button to erase all at once.  Not on PALM that I can find.
    Post relates to: Pre 2 p102eww (Verizon)
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    Thank you, when I did the on line check thing he couldn't tell me that for some reason.
    It was easier than I expected.

  • Deleting files from trash folder 10.9.2

    I recently updated to 10.9.2. Nothing seemed to have changed but the trash folder is acting funny. Now I am not able to delete any file from the trash. I select empty trash securely and then the dialog box displaying the number of files to be deleted appears and disappears in 1-2 seconds and the file/s dont get deleted.
    Is there a way out of this?

    Trash – Can’t Empty or Move File To Trash
    Trash – Empty When File is Locked or in Use
    Try holding down the option button while trying to delete the Trash. If that doesn’t work, here is some more information.
    Trash FAQ          
    Trash Permission Error
    Trash Permission Error (2)

  • Cannot delete mail from Archive Folder

    I am in the porcess of tryign Mail again, and i must admitt it is a bit of a challenge.
    The following problem for example seems so simple but i cannot get it to work.
    I have a very large Archive folder that was created i believe from the archive folder from the icloud mail.
    I have decided to caopy the Archive folder that Mail created on a seperate hard drive, to increase available storage on my system disk.
    Now i want to delete the messages in the Archive folder, but when i select all the messages and then select Delete the messages are cleared from the Archive folder and all seems fine, however within  minutes they are back in the Archive folder, what am i doing wrong?

    Well Kelley, that photo did not come with the system so it had to come from you or someone else putting in the Shared folder.
    Choose the file and "get info" (command- i) turn the dislclosure triangle on "Ownership & Permissions" make sure you can "read & write" and make yourself the "owner"(open the lock and enter your admin password).
    Then check under General, turn the disclosure triangle and be sure the "locked" box in NOT checked.
    Let us know.
    [email protected]

  • How to delete mail and trash in OSX 10.9.2 without opening them

    How do you delete mail and trash in OSX 10.9.2 without opening them.  I don't want to open suspect mail that might cause a problem.

    I think you can just drag it to the trash folder.  Otherwise you have to select it and press delete.  If you have the preview window going, just selecting it will open it.  So you have to have the preview window closed.
    I don't think you can get into any trouble just opening a message in Apple Mail. 

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