How do I download songs from iTunes Match for offline or spotty coverage?

I have a 64GB iPhone and want to be able to DOWNLOAD songs from iTunes match for use when I have spotty 3G coverage (or no coverage, or only expensive coverage, or on an airplane). How can I do this? Right now iTunes is not using any of my data storage on my phone for previously downloaded songs for future use (caching).

What you want to do actually has nothing to do with iTunes Match. What you need to do is enable automatic downloads in iTunes. Open iTunes prefs > Store and select the option for, at least, "music" and click OK. Now any music you buy will be downloaded to your iTunes library automatically. But iTunes will need to be running for this to happen.

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  • How can I download songs from iTunes match to my iMac

    How can I down load my music from iTunes match and play it on my iMac without having g3 or wifi?

    Hi tkattan,
    iTunes Match is ran strictly off of Wi-Fi or a Cellular connection. Devices with iTunes Match turned off can have both the computer and device without any connection to the internet to download music via USB. However, iTunes Match is ran off of iCloud—a Wi-Fi/Cellular based product.
    If you would like to download a song on your device connected to the internet:
    Make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi or a Cellular Network.
    Make sure your device is running iOS 5.0 or higher (only iDevices can run iTunes Match).
    Go to "Music" and you will see music able to be downloaded from the cloud. (If you do not see your music, make sure you have General > Music > Show All Music "ON".)
    Click the cloud symbol next to the songs you would like to stream them on your phone and without a Wi-Fi/Cellular connection.
    Hope this helps!
    - Ronni

  • How can i download songs from iTunes match to my iPhone and Mac- so i can listen to music without wifi/3G?

         I am constantly having issues with my itunes... trying to improve my music organization, and just making it worse. I just got itunes match and i like it so far, but I know that as soon as I am out of wifi/cellular conection, I won't be able to listen to my music. How can I download the music to my device, so I don't have to rely on a wireless connection. (I do lots of traveling.) This is concerning my Mac but more importantly my IPhone 5C.

    On the iPhone tap the download button next to a song to download it. Or while viewing an Album or Playlist tap "download all."

  • How do I download songs from iTunes Match automatically?

    Hey all. I store my iTunes library on a NAS drive (TimeCapsule). I need all my songs to be donwloaded to there - automatically - as my SONOS system plays from the external NAS drive. I do this so that I don't have to have my computer switched on just to play music.
    Whenever I purchase music from the apple store, be it from my iphone or my Mac, I then have to click manually to donwload it to the drive. I want this to happen automatically (to the drive - not to the phone!) I want ALL the music I have to be on the drive.
    Any thoughts?

    What you want to do actually has nothing to do with iTunes Match. What you need to do is enable automatic downloads in iTunes. Open iTunes prefs > Store and select the option for, at least, "music" and click OK. Now any music you buy will be downloaded to your iTunes library automatically. But iTunes will need to be running for this to happen.

  • All of my music was on a hard drive that failed. How do I download them from iTunes match to my new hard drive?

    All of my music was on a hard drive that failed. How do I download them from iTunes match to my new hard drive? I know how to do it one song at a time, but I want to know if there is a way to do it for all 10,000 song files at once?

    There are some recovery programs out there if you google them - many with free trials. I haven't tried them so I have no opinion.Read any professional tech and user reviews you can find before you try one. I have read here in the past that some have worked for people who have posted here. 
    To help in the future, have you considered using Jump Desktop - Remote Desktop? I know it won't solve the problem you're dealing with now (unless notes were taken on your computer.) It's in the app store. It's the #1 paid app in the business category and the reviews are great. It allows you to see anything that's on your computer on your ipad. If you take your notes on your ipad then you might want to email them to yourself, put them on Word in your computer, for example, and then if you need them in class, you remotely connect your ipad to your computer and you will see your notes. This way you won't have to rely so much on the cloud. The explanation would be too long here, but you might want to take a look at it. You can use the free trial on and then if it works for you, buy it in the app store. 
    Meanwhile, it's hours since you sent this post. Hopefully others who can help solve your problem who are on this forum now can help you. I hope you get your notes back. Don't give up too quickly.
    Hope this helps. 

  • HT4914 can you download songs from itunes match from the cloud to your iPhone ie for times when you dont have internet connection

    can you download songs from itunes match from the cloud to your iPhone ie for times when you dont have internet connection?

    Unless you have an Internet connection you cannot access iCloud. You can download your music from iCloud to store permanently on your iPhone, but only when you have an Internet connection to do so.

  • How do I download songs from ITunes to IPod?

    How do I download songs from ITunes to IPod?

    Plug the white USB cord into your iPod and the USB side into your computer. Your iPod should come up in iTunes. Then, select either playlists or songs (once you see the screen, you'll figure it out, I'm sure) and sync your iPod. If there is any other specific issue, please outline it for us. Otherwise, that should work.

  • How to upload all songs from iTunes Match to the mac in one step

    how to upload all songs from Match to the Mac in one step?

    You have to subscribe to iTunes Match to do that.  See

  • HT204406 How to restore deleted songs from iTunes Match?

    I thought I was deleting a couple of things from iTunes Match, but somehow deleted a bunch of others. I know, I know, silly me. Anyway, I still have most of the items I deleted on another Mac, but they're shown with a cloud symbol with an X in it. I'd like to get those things stupidly deleted back on iTunes Match, instead of only on one Mac...that is, also on my iPhone and iPad. I appreciate any advice.

    Up till your message, I was under impression that once you uploaded music to itunes match, the only way to reset it, is to contact apple to cancel service. You can probably download those back if they disappeared from one device, or even all of them.

  • Can I download songs from iTunes used for my 80GB to a shuffle?

    I want to know if I buy a shuffle can I download songs from my iTunes for my 80GB iPod? Will it mess anything up trying to download to the two separate devices? Also, can I upload my playlist from my 80GB iPod to another computer and then download from that computer to a shuffle?

    In the simplest terms, one PC/Mac, many iPods.
    Many PCs/Macs, then you must use manual mode.
    The exception being the Shuffles. They only work with one machine at a time.

  • How do I stop my iPad from downloading songs from iTunes match?

    I wanted to download some songs onto my iPad from my iTunes Match library as I was going to be out for a few days. Three songs in, my router crashed through no fault of my own(someone was messing with the cable company connections without knowing what they were doing, apparently), and now I have 513 songs (most of which I did not choose to download but instead they got mistakenly added to a much smaller playlist...) downloading. I cannot feasibly go through my iTunes Match library and stop download of all 513 songs individually, and for some reason they are not downloading and not stalling out, probably because there are so many of them and my router is back online and so it is trying to download all at once and so slowing down to a standstill???
    How do I stop download of all those songs without hard-restarting my iPad?

    The iPad will use whatever the best service that is available - if you are in an area where 3G coverage is patchy (which may be due to reception or the network bandwidth being used up) then it will step down to Edge, and then possibly down to GPRS.

  • Can't download songs from itunes match

    I have activated itunes match and since then all my problems started.
    I have purchased the 2nd law from itunes and am trying to download the album to my iphone. Somehow only 3 songs have downloaded and have ben trying over and over to download the remaining ones. When i try the normal way clicking the download icon next to the album, the download signs appear next to the songs but they remain empty as if nothing is happening and it slows down the whole iphone. Coincidently the remaining songs to download are uploaded not matched in the library in itunes.I have tried playing the songs but it doesn't seem to help. Anybody has any hints on how to sort this out?
    I might not be the biggest expert but i have to say that am a bit nostalgic of mobile me.

    did you find a solution to this? because i'm having the same problem.

  • How do I delete songs from iTunes Match while keeping them in my computer's iTunes library?

    So I know I'm not the only one with this problem, but I can't seem to find an answer specifically relevant to my issue. I have a playlist on my computer entitled "Christmas Music" in which I store all of my holiday songs (about 64 songs out of over 6,000). Now that the Christmas season is over, I no longer want to listen to these songs, so I have unchecked them all in my iTunes library. However, because I am subscribed to iTunes Match, the songs all still play when I have my music shuffled on my phone—iTunes Match apparently doesn't care whether they are checked in your library or not; it will still sync them across all your devices and play them during shuffle mode regardless.
    The solution would be for me to somehow remove these particular songs from iCloud so they no longer play in iTunes Match. However, I would still like to have the songs in my iTunes library so that I could listen to them again in the future during the appropriate time of year. I can only seem to find instructions on how to delete the songs permanently from both my iTunes Library and iCloud, when all I really want to do is delete them from iCloud.
    Is there a way for me to do this that doesn't involve permanently losing any of my songs? Please help.

    Instead of removing the music from the cloud or the iTunes library why not shuffle your music using a Smart Playlist which excludes the holiday music, or tracks that are not checked. For example, use this very simple Smart Playlist:

  • Can't download songs from iTunes Match - have no rights

    iTunes Match works fine on all of my devices and on my iMac.
    On my MacBook Air however, I cannot download a song at all. It jumps from song to song without getting played. When I click on the download from iCloud button it shows me an exlamation mark infront of the title and when clicking on it it says:
    What have I done wrong? I'd like to listen to my music on my MacBook Air, too.
    Please advice
    Thank you very much

    did you find a solution to this? because i'm having the same problem.

  • Do not download songs from iTunes Match

    Hello everyone!
    I use Ukrainian iTunes Store and signed on iTunes Match. Some of the songs from my library does not match with the music from the iTunes Store and therefore are loaded into the iCloud.
    My problem is that the uploaded songs in the iCloud not downloaded to my device, there is the following error:
    All devices are updated to the latest versions of iOS, everywhere including the Internet. I've already done all that is written here does not help. I wrote in support since January of this year, but nothing has changed.
    I can download the song on:
    OS X 10.8.4, OS X 10.9 DP3;
    Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1;
    I can not download songs on:
    iPod touch 4 with iOS 5.0.1, iOS 6.1.3;
    iPhone 4 with iOS 6.1.3, iOS 7 b3;
    iPad 4th with iOS 6.1.3, iOS 7 b3.

    The problem arises with songs that have not lost tags buying from another store.
    The songs were purchased in US iTunes Store, after being loaded into iTunes Math lost tags "Kind", "Copyright", "Profile".
    Tag "Kind" was "Purchased audio AAC", after being loaded into iTunes Math became the "Audio file AAC".
    Tag "Copyright" was, after being loaded into iTunes Math gone.
    Tag "Purchased" was my first and last name, after being loaded into iTunes Math missing.
    Songs that after being loaded into iTunes Math, do not lose these tags cause errors.
    Errors occur in 3G and Wi-Fi networks.
    of the modem
    iPod touch 4
    iPhone 4
    4th generation iPad
    Wi-Fi and 3G
    3G – provider 3mob.
    Wi-Fi – TP-LINK TL-WR740N v.2, firmware version 3.12.4 Build 100910 Rel.57694n, provider Kyivstar.

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