How do i fix the "web form must capture customer name and email address" error?

Hi all,
I have a webform that is submitting securely to the bc servers. I get the response:
{"SystemMessage": { "success": False, "message": "ERROR: An error occurred. Your web form must capture customer name and email address. Please fix this issue and re-insert your web form on your web page." }}
I have verified that the "FirstName","LastName","EmailAddress" are actually gettting sent with their corresponding values. I can't seem to figure out why i keep getting this error. Can someone please lend a helping hand?!? Thanks guys... here's my code:
var rAction = '{module_oid}&OTYPE={module_otype}&EID={module_eid}&CID={module_cid}&CC={module_urlcountryc ode}&Referrer={module_siteurl,true,true}&JSON=1';
var rData = 'FirstName='+escape(fName.val())+'&LastName='+escape(lName.val())+'&EmailAddress='+escape (email.val())+'&Username='+escape(username.val())+'&Password='+escape(passwd.val())+'&Pass wordConfirm='+escape(passwd2.val())+'&BillingAddress='+escape(baddress.val())+'&BillingCit y='+escape(bcity.val())+'&BillingState='+escape(bstate.val())+'&BillingZip='+escape(bzip.v al())+'&PaymentMethodType='+escape(paymentMethodType)+'&CardName='+escape(cName.val())+'&C ardNumber='+escape(cNum.val())+'&CardExpiryMonth='+escape(expMonth)+'&CardExpiryYear='+esc ape(expYear)+'&CardType='+escape(cType)+'&CardCCV='+escape(ccv.val())
type: 'POST',
url: rAction,
data: rData,
success: function(msg){
error: function(msg){

Ok -- after testing this out a little on my own I think it must have to do with not properly serialzing the data you are passing in the ajax function.  In the example I linked to earlier they are just serialzing the form data and it works because it converts the data in the form's input fields to URL encoded notation.
If you aren't using an actual form on your site to mimick the example I linked to then when building your "rData" string instead of using the "escape" function for each of the parameter values, you should be using the "encodeURIComponent" function instead which instead of escaping characters will convert it to URL encoded notation.  That's probably your issue. Here's more about encodeURIComponent():
Try this with the rData variable instead:
var rData = 'FirstName='+encodeURIComponent(fName.val())+'&LastName='+encodeURIComponent(lName.val()) +'&EmailAddress='+encodeURIComponent(email.val())+'&Username='+encodeURIComponent(username .val())+'&Password='+encodeURIComponent(passwd.val())+'&PasswordConfirm='+encodeURICompone nt(passwd2.val())+'&BillingAddress='+encodeURIComponent(baddress.val())+'&BillingCity='+en codeURIComponent(bcity.val())+'&BillingState='+encodeURIComponent(bstate.val())+'&BillingZ ip='+encodeURIComponent(bzip.val())+'&PaymentMethodType='+encodeURIComponent(paymentMethod Type)+'&CardName='+encodeURIComponent(cName.val())+'&CardNumber='+encodeURIComponent(cNum. val())+'&CardExpiryMonth='+encodeURIComponent(expMonth)+'&CardExpiryYear='+encodeURICompon ent(expYear)+'&CardType='+encodeURIComponent(cType)+'&CardCCV='+encodeURIComponent(ccv.val ())

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  • ERROR: Your web form must capture customer name and email address.

    I keep receiving this error message when trying to checkout and submit a payment.
    ERROR: An error occurred. Your web form must capture customer name and email address. Please fix this issue and re-insert your web form on your web page.
    The strange thing is it's only happening in chrome. It works perfectly in IE and firefox, the form submits and takes me to the order confirmation page. I've tested it on multiple PCs so it's definitely a chrome issue. Does anyone have any advice as to what could be causing this issue with chrome?

    Check your eCommerce web form in the admin has the ID - 211729
    This is what the form ID is, if you have deleted it and made a new one it will not Marry up
    The things you normally look for with this error is The first name and last name along with email fields have the right ID and name parameters on the input. The javascript is picking those up so it looks like that is working.
    So next is the form in the admin marrying up with the form on the page or in this case the Registration Buy layout.

  • I receive email from a business but the From box contains my friends name and email address. The business has no clue why this is happening. How do I fix this?

    This only happens with this business. No other email has this problem.

    ''Zenos [[#answer-671940|said]]''
    I suspect that is the actual provisioner of the email service used by and there is a misconfigured server or MX record somewhere that is failing to substitute the appropriate ''from:'' address.
    The ''reply-to:'' looks like a ham-fisted attempt to get replies to go back to the preferred account, but they don't help you as all the ''from:'' addresses are incorrect.
    Now, appears to be a church-related organization:
    Registrar WHOIS Server:
    Registrar URL:
    Admin Organization: Cornerstone Christian Fellowshiip
    (from their whois record)
    and provides "software for the unique needs of your church"
    So it would appear that cornerstone buy some services from activenetworks, (including email) and this appears in the originating address. Ideally it would be aliased to an email address on the domain.
    I suspect that someone at cornerstone has misconfigured settings at, from whence they appear to purchased the domain.
    Thanks Zenos, I'll notify them about the information you gave me.

  • How do I change the fact that my iMessage now lists my email address to reply to instead of phone number or name?

    How do I change the fact that my iMessage now lists my email address to reply to instead of phone number or name?

    Wrong number in iMessage
    simple fix
    go to settings- messages - send and receive- select the numbers and emails you want to use - deselect the ones you don't need
    Peace, Clyde
    if you cant check or uncheck these do this turn imessage off then
    reset all settings
    settings-general-reset-reset all settings
    now reconnect to wifi
    settings- wifi- click network name- enter password - join
    if issue persists back up and restore as new via iTunes
    Peace, Clyde

  • How can I send an email to a group in my address book, but hide the individual names and email addresses?

    how can I send an email to a group in my address book, but hide the individual names and email addresses?

    You used to be able to do this through leaving unchecked the box in preferences "when sending to a group show all member addresses". However, that feature failed some time ago (two or three years?) and the only way to hide the addresses now is to put the group in the BCC field.

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    I thought I used to have this setting and now I cannot find it (if there is one)
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    Thanks, Ernie
    I wasted about 20 minutes looking for it and couldn't find it

  • How to email a list of names and email addresses?

    I have a group of about 60 people with various amounts of data in each of their Address records.
    I want to send an email to the group with a list of the names and email addresses of everyone on the list. I don't know how to do this neatly. Got any ideas?
    If I put the group name in "to" in Mail, each person gets a messy non-alphabetical list with commas. If I send a group vCard, I send more data than I want to send. If I make a printed list, I have to convert to a pdf file and send that which is not nearly a simple as a text list.
    Is there any way to export fields of my choice from Address into either text or spreadsheet format?
    I want to send a list like this, but with tabbed columns.
    Steve Jobs [email protected]
    Barack Obama [email protected]
    yourname1 yourname2 [email protected]

    Thanks, Thomas for the prompt response, but the pdf method has two problems.
    First, it's got to be in landscape mode, or the email address word-wrap. That makes for a five-page list. I want to send a 60-line text list.
    Secondly, there's no way to eliminate the label (work, home, other...) from the email address field.
    I will use the pdf method if no one comes up with a better idea.

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    This may help.
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  • How to show users display name and email address in open social widget?

    Hello experts,
    Is it possible to retrieve users display name and email address with opensocial javascript e.g. Login widget seems to load user data (and userData.firstname) during the site init. Is this something that could be consumed or is there some opensocial data request that could/should be used. Any working sample widget spec would be appreciated.
    Best regards,

    Hi Ville,
    in the logon widget, we also use the data retrevied from However, this widget is part of the out of the box openSocial widgets, it is being released with the product code, not as a separate OS widget deployed on HANA Cloud Platform.
    If you'll do window.parent.siteInit you'll probably will get the data you are looking for, but this isn't the official public API, so you can use it but we cannot commit on keeping this structure.
    Why do you need this information in the widget level? Does your widget require authentication or is it for personalization needs?
    The best way is to retrieve this info on the java side using HAHA Cloud Platform APIs and send them back to the client.
    Look at this - SAP HANA Cloud Platform SDK >
    This interface provides read access to user data and is an extension of Principal.
    The interface represents abstraction over a user general attribute, such as an e-mail address.
    This interface represents the service interface which provides read access to a user implementation.

  • How to find out the user name and email address from SAP user id?

    Hi experts,
    In sto3n I find out the the user id with most navigations. I like to know his name or email address to contact him. Which table stores the user details? how to do it?
    Thanks in advance.

    The below tables will give only the name .
    i think you need email address .
    you can use this Tcode : su01d
    and give the user name and excute it
    i hope it will help you.
    Edited by: Ram velanati on Jun 30, 2008 6:57 PM

  • How do I create a second account with my husband's name and email address?

    My account works fine. I read about Profile Manager, but couldn't find it. I can find Account 1 with my name. I see Account 2 listed, but no name or email address even though I typed that information into some form along the way.

    Assuming that you are happy to share Thunderbird, and be able to see each others' messages, then there's no need for the profile manager.
    If you want to keep things separate, then it's better to set up separate user accounts in the operating system. Each of you would then have your own private space for data and settings, including each having your own Thunderbird profile.
    So, your husband already has his own distinct email address and account, set up with an email provider?
    In Thunderbird, you'd use '''File|New|Existing Mail Account…''' (in the traditional menu) or '''[≡]|New Message|Existing Mail Account…''' (with the Application Menu button) to add his account to Thunderbird. I think you may have already done this given that you say you have entered the email address (and its password?) already.
    I think at this point a screenshot of Thunderbird may help us understand what you do and do not see.
    Use Paint or similar to blot out any data you'd prefer not to share.

  • How do I fix the web and wiki server - error reading settings?

          I upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion and installed the OS X Server.  The Wiki pane has the error message "Error Reading Settings".  The Websites pane looks fine, but when I click on "View Server Website", I get the webpage that simply says "Server Error".  (I am wondering if these are interrelated, which is why I put them in the same discussion.)  I will note that the admin tools must have changed since trying to follow the discussions for previous versions of the Server leads to paths that are not present.  Any suggestions on what to try would be most appreciated.  Many thanks!

    Hello.  Unfortunately, serveradmin is indeed one of those paths/tools that are no longer present in the new version of OS X Server.  Either that, or it is renamed to something new that I am not aware of.  However, doing a ps -A | grep -i postgres, I get the below.  I am not sure if this really means postgres is running or not.  Looking in system.log file, I am noticing a weird error (attached).  Any thoughts on this would be most appreciated.  Many thanks!
    --------- ps -A | grep -i postgres -------
    3709 ??         0:01.67 /Applications/ -D /Library/Server/PostgreSQL/Data -c listen_addresses= -c log_connections=on -c log_directory=/Library/Logs/PostgreSQL -c log_filename=PostgreSQL.log -c log_lock_waits=on -c log_statement=ddl -c log_line_prefix=%t  -c logging_collector=on -c unix_socket_directory=/var/pgsql_socket -c unix_socket_group=_postgres -c unix_socket_permissions=0770
    3724 ??         0:00.79 postgres: logger process                          
    3726 ??         0:02.08 postgres: writer process                          
    3727 ??         0:01.45 postgres: wal writer process                          
    3728 ??         0:02.25 postgres: autovacuum launcher process                          
    3729 ??         0:05.38 postgres: stats collector process                          
    6591 ??         0:00.01 postgres: caldav caldav [local] idle                       
    20614 ttys000    0:00.00 grep -i postgres
    ---------- system.log postgres error? --------------
    Jul 25 21:33:32 toshiro-k-ohsumis-macbook-pro.local wikiadmin[20810]: [main.m:81 73290180 +0ms] PID 2655 in /tmp/ is stale, removing
    Jul 25 21:33:32 toshiro-k-ohsumis-macbook-pro.local wikiadmin[20810]: [main.m:86 73290180 +0ms] Failed to remove /tmp/ Permission deniedJul 25 21:33:32 toshiro-k-ohsumis-macbook-pro.local wikiadmin[20810]: [main.m:99 73290180 +0ms] wikiadmin is already running (pid=2655), check /tmp/wikiadmin-is-running.pidJul 25 21:33:32 toshiro-k-ohsumis-macbook-pro.local collabd[8654]: [CSConnectionPool:141 9be8000 +162ms] Schema is STILL out of date (0 < 69) after launching wikiadmin, update failed! collabd will refuse to run until this is fixed.Jul 25 21:33:32 toshiro-k-ohsumis-macbook-pro.local collabd[8654]: [CSConnectionPool:152 9be8000 +0ms] Could not open a connection to Postgres. Please make sure it is running and has the correct access.Jul 25 21:33:32 toshiro-k-ohsumis-macbook-pro.local collabd[8654]: [PGCConnection:148 9be8000 +4ms] Error in TXN: Error executing query [INSERT INTO entity_attrs (entity_uid_fk, attrs_bin) VALUES ($1, $2)]: ERROR:  bind message supplies 0 parameters, but prepared statement "" requires 2        (                0   CoreFoundation                      0x00007fff8d8ca716 __exceptionPreprocess + 198                1   libobjc.A.dylib                     0x00007fff8e824470 objc_exception_throw + 43
                    2   PostgreSQLClient                    0x00000001099929ae -[PGC
    Connection checkResultOK:forSQL:] + 360
                    3   PostgreSQLClient                    0x00000001099935bd -[PGC
    Connection executeUpdate:withParams:] + 879
                    4   CSService                           0x00000001098e9298 -[CSContentService insertEntityAttributesRow:inTable:withGUID:] + 275
                    5   CSService                           0x00000001098ea1fc __57-[CSContentService _internalCreateEntity:asUser:withACL:]_block_invoke_0 + 586
                    6   PostgreSQLClient                    0x00000001099925a2 -[PGCConnection transactionInBlock:onError:] + 62
                    7   CSService                           0x00000001098e9f3f -[CSContentService _internalCreateEntity:asUser:withACL:] + 771
                    8   CSService                           0x000000010990b3e5 __88-[CSContentService createEntitiesFromTemplate:withData:andVariables:andACL:andLanguage:]_block_inv oke_0 + 898
                    9   PostgreSQLClient                    0x00000001099925a2 -[PGCConnection transactionInBlock:onError:] + 62
                    10  CSService                           0x000000010990b004 -[CSContentService createEntitiesFromTemplate:withData:andVariables:andACL:andLanguage:] + 237
                    11  CSService                           0x000000010990b5f1 -[CSContentService createEntitiesFromTemplate:withData:andVariables:andACL:] + 126
                    12  CSService                           0x000000010990ba6b -[CSContentService createEntitiesFromTemplate:] + 124
                    13  CSService                           0x000000010990cd84 __24-[CSContentService init]_block_invoke_02420 + 225
                    14  PostgreSQLClient                    0x00000001099925f7 -[PGCConnection transactionInBlock:onError:] + 147
                    15  CSService                           0x000000010990c4f4 -[CSContentService init] + 789
                    16  CSService                           0x00000001098bb11b -[CSLocalServiceLocator allocateService:] + 191
                    17  CSService                           0x00000001098bb1c7 -[CSLocalServiceLocator locateService:] + 108
                    18  CSService                           0x00000001098c1cf7 -[CSServiceBase locateService:] + 70
                    19  CSService                           0x00000001098d3f55 __42-[CSSessionService unauthenticatedSession]_block_invoke_0 + 35
                    20  CSService                           0x00000001098c26d7 -[CSServiceBase disableRefObjsInBlock:] + 279
                    21  CSService                           0x00000001098d3e13 -[CSSessionService unauthenticatedSession] + 200
                    22  CSService                           0x00000001098d452f -[CSSessionService currentOrNewSession] + 59
                    23  CSService                           0x00000001098d58a5 -[CSSessionService enterMagicalAuthRealm] + 51
                    24  CoreFoundation                      0x00007fff8d8bdcac __invoking___ + 140
                    25  CoreFoundation                      0x00007fff8d8bdb47 -[NSInvocation invoke] + 263
                    26  CSService                           0x00000001098bc50f -[CSServiceDispatcher executeRequest:asPartOfBatch:usingServiceImpl:] + 1507
                    27  CSService                           0x00000001098bc9be -[CSServiceDispatcher executeRequest:] + 114
                    28  collabd                             0x0000000109851393 +[CSServiceDispatchHTTPRouter routeServiceRequest:response:] + 705
                    29  collabd                             0x000000010984fe37 __53-[CSRoutingHTTPConnection httpResponseForMethod:URI:]_block_invoke_0 + 73
                    30  collabd                             0x000000010985286c __56-[CSHTTPBackgroundResponse initWithConnection:andBlock:]_block_invoke_0 + 185
                    31  libdispatch.dylib                   0x00007fff82b49f3d _dispatch_call_block_and_release + 15
                    32  libdispatch.dylib                   0x00007fff82b460fa _dispatch_client_callout + 8
                    33  libdispatch.dylib                   0x00007fff82b4723e _dispatch_worker_thread2 + 304
                    34  libsystem_c.dylib                   0x00007fff8cc0cceb _pthread_wqthread + 404
                    35  libsystem_c.dylib                   0x00007fff8cbf71b1 start_wqthread + 13

  • How to find out the web/app server used by OBIEE and OBIEE HomePath (Urgent

    Hi All ,
    I have two questions
    1) I wanted to know the OBIEE home path if it is installed on the some other machine (Client's Machine).
    I wanted to update the .css files present on the machine, but before updating the file i should know the home path, to reach the desired .css file and update accordingly. I dont know where they have installed OBIEE.By default OBIEE home is (c:\) but if the user has selected some other drive then, how we can find the OBIEE Home path?
    I have the access to the machine.
    2) The path of the CSS files depends on the web server used by OBIEE.
    When IIS web server is used, the CSS files in OracleBI_HOME\web\app\res directory
    when OC4J is used, the CSS files in OracleBI_HOME\oc4j_bi\j2ee\home\applications\analytics\analytics\res
    so inorder to update i must know which server is being used.
    Is there any way to find out which web application server is installed on the clients machine?
    Thanks in advance.!!!!!

    Please see responses to your first posting here: OBI EE Home Path

  • How can I make the web server work on port 80 and not 443. I can only access my website using https.

    On a Mac Mini server with OS X Lion 10.7.2, I am unalbe to get the web server working on port 80. It switches automatically to port 443 (https).
    This situation complicates the access to FileMaker Web publishing, as I don't want my clients having to use https.
    How can I change that? Does anyone know?
    Thanks for any reply

    in the server: I checked the SSL certificate. Tried several configuration.
    Well, that's a problem for a start.
    Your port 80 connection should NOT use SSL. Port 80 is the standard HTTP port, not HTTPS and most applications that connect to port 80 will not expect to use SSL
    If you want to run a site under both HTTP and HTTPS then you create two sites, one on port 80 without SSL and one on port 443 with SSL

  • How can I fix the calendar list view - it repeats days and misses entries

    My iPhone has started to repeat days when I look at it. Some of those days have complete data for the day, other miss out lots of appointments.
    I get this problem only in list view.
    This month, as I scroll down the dates, i get 4th sept, 5th, then back to 4th, 5th, 6th, then back to 5th, then 6th, then 5th...
    The data on each day varies (some entries missed, some repeated every time the day appears)
    All the data is correct on my mac and on other views on the phone.
    My data is synced over cloud and I share some of the calendars with a couple of other icloud users.
    It is very annoying as I find the list view such a good way to look at my calendar. Any suggestions for a fix welcomed as turning it off and on and turning icloud syncing on and off has not helped.

    I am replying to my own post here as I seem to have fixed the problem.
    I do have some calendars that are shared. Some of those are shared with users who have time zone support turned on. So i activated time zone support on my iphone, then deleted my icloud subscription. I then signed in to icloud again and voila... problem solved.
    It is a weird one as the other calendar views were always fine and when you opened an event that appeared in the wrong day (on list view), the correct date of the event was shown in the information...
    one more bug in a complicated system I guess

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