How do i sort the order of an Album in Lbrary?

I purchased a comedy album from the iTunes Store. This album obviously needs to be played in correct sequence but it appears in the Library in reverse order. I know I can easily fix that within a playlist but how do I arrange the tracks in correct order withing the Library?

Did you click on the album header to reverse the sort order?

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  • With the new version of iTunes music is synched in order of plays. How do I change the order back to albums by artist?

    With the new version of iTunes music is synched in order of plays. How do I change the order back to albums by artist?

    umm my music is synced depending on how i want it.. so right now I have it set up by artist, and alphabetically.
    sort your library the way you want it, then sync.

  • How can I sort the Pictures in an Album by Name?

    I am updated my Photo App on OSX 10.10.2. All my Albums are imported fine, but how I can sort the Pictures in one Album by name? I just found the option for the Albums.

    Currently you can sort regular albums manually or by date; Smart Albums only by date; see How can you sort Album or Smart Album photos?

  • How do I sort the order of bookmark folders themselves?

    I see plenty of instructions on how to sort marks ''within'' a folder, but I'm unable to find how to sort the order of the bookmark folders themselves. Ideally, I'd like to alphabetize them, but on occasion I might prefer sorting by the date the folder was created.
    Thanks for your suggestions

    Don't use the Views menu to sort as that is only for viewing bookmarks in the bookmarks manager (hence the name of the menu item).<br />
    To sort items you need to use Sort By Name in the right-click context menu in the right pane.

  • HT201317 How can I sort the order of photos in photo stream?

    My photos end up in a chronological order when posted to photo stream. How can I sort them in the order I want them to be viewed?

    Send a feature request to Apple via

  • How can I sort the order of images in photos / pictures?

    I've tried renaming them and it makes no difference.  What determines the order in which they are displayed????  I'm a pro photographer and this would be a great tool to show my work in casual situations - but I would love to have some control over what's presented, and how it's ordered.
    Post relates to: Pre p100eww (Sprint)

    Hello and thank you for using the Palm Help Forums!
    Connect your phone and your computer using the USB cable.
    On your phone, tap USB Drive. If prompted, tap OK. On your computer, your phone appears as a drive named Palm Pre.Note On a Windows computer, if the Found New Hardware wizard opens, click Cancel to close the wizard.
    Open My Computer (Windows XP), Computer (Windows Vista), or the Finder (Mac), and double-click the Palm Pre drive.
    To create an album, use your computer’s controls for creating a new folder. To ensure that the Photos application can find the album, create it at the root level of the Palm Pre drive, not as a subfolder of another folder.Note The Photos application displays an album you create only if the album contains at least one picture.
    Assign pictures to albums using your computer’s controls to copy or move items. It is easiest to find the pictures you want by displaying them as thumbnails.
    On a Windows computer, to end the connection safely, right-click the Palm Pre drive icon and click Eject. On a Mac computer, drag the Palm Pre drive icon to the Trash.
    Disconnect the USB cable from the computer when it is safe to do so.
    I hope this helps,

  • How do I sort the album order in my music window in itunes 11.

    I am wondering how I can sort the album order in my main music section.  I have had to collect up tracks spread across several 'albums' into the 1 album they were.  The name is the same.  Now this album, 'The War of the Worlds', has 2 CDs.  One is now where it should be, the other is near the end of my albums.  How can i sort the order?

    See Grouping tracks into albums. A big split in the postition can be caused by different Album Artist or Sort Album Artist, or one disc might be marked as a compilation while the other isn't.

  • How can I change the order of albums on iphone music app?

    Recently went through two iTunes updates that I feel are not in tune with how my music was sorted before. Prior to the first update (forgot how long ago it was and which version it was), under the music app on my iPhone 5S when you tapped on an artist the next page would display all albums under that artist separately. Meaning I was able to play one album at a time. After the update, now when you tap on an artist you get all the albums (with each song under each album) showing on one page all lumped together. I preferred playing each album separately, rather than having the following album play after the previous one. Well, I was able to get over that. That is until the most recent iOS update. Now the album orders reversed completely based on date of release. Whereas before the albums were listed in order based on release date, now the first album that shows up under each artist is sorted by the most current release. This is so ANNOYING; why do they keep changing things around? Is there any way to sort the order so that the albums are listed in order of when they were released?

    When syncing folders the photos are ordered by capture date - the only way to alter the order (apart from using iPhoto or Aperture on a Mac) is to amend the photo's capture dates :

  • How can I sort the words in a document into an alphabetical list?

    How can I sort the words in a document into an alphabetical list? Thanks!

    writer888 wrote:
    How can I sort the words in a document into an alphabetical list? Thanks!
    Copy the words to the Mac's clipboard (Edit menu> Copy)
    Paste into TextEdit 
    Next open the Edit > Find > Find window in Text Edit.
    Highlight a space between two words and Edit menu > copy, paste into the Find field
    Next create a return in the middle of your text and copy that and paste into the Replace field
    Click Replace All.
    Now Edit > Select All and Edit > Copy
    Open a Spreadsheet program with Sort ability and paste into the second column cell from the top
    place a "a" into the top column cell, select the entire colum
    Sort desending order
    Now if you need it out of spreadsheet format, then your going to need to copy just the data cells (not the entire column to avoid problems) and Paste "Special" as unformatted text into a word processing program
    If you need to get rid of the Returns, do the opposite you did in Text Edit, replace the Returns with Spaces
    A chore, but it's rare one needs to sort words into alaphabetical order.
    FYI, I used TextEdit and the free LibreOffice (Spreadsheet and Word Processing) for the above effects.

  • HT1660 How do I change the order of the songs in a playlist?

    How do I change the order of the songs on a playlist.  The songs seem to have rearranged themselves.

    When viewing a playlist the left most column of numbers is the Play Order. If you click the heading of this column then it should restore the previously defined order. You will also be able to drag tracks up and down the list. If you decide to sort on another column heading, say Album by Artist, you can right-click the playlist name and then click Copy to Play Order to ensure the new order is copied to any device that syncs with the library.

  • How do I rearrange the order of items in a reminder list?

    How do I rearrange the order of items in a reminders list?

    ICal Reminders won't sort on the actual device it was intended for - the Iphone
    I just talked to Apple Express service over this problem.  I went to the trouble of transferring my to-do list onto icloud Reminders - where each item asked for a priority ranking and where you are then given options for how to sort  all the Reminders you entered - so that it can actually be useable as any Calendar/time management system would be.   I chose "by priority" of course, but you can also choose alphabetically, etc.  It must be said, at least to Apple, apparently, that the point of doing all this is so that the Reminders are available on your actual device - my iphone.  The Reminders all synced immediately to the Iphone.  However, the Reminders list is an unsorted jumble on my iphone.  Even when I tap out a Reminder on my iphone itself and choose a priority, the item remains at the bottom of the list as the last thing I typed in.  Apple Express Support "explains" that the priority ranking and the sorting choices are "not supported" on the device you want to use them on - the iphone.   They offered me "an article" that explains this in detail.   In other words, engaging with the Reminder function and choosing priorities and choosing sort orders is all just a cruel joke wasting your time.  I would have been better off just printing off my Reminders list on paper and circling the high priority items in red ink.  Oh - but you can't print it out either.
    Unbelieveable.  Apple's ICal Reminder function actually and actively leads you to engage with completing details and choices that don't even function, or in other words - aren't "supported" on the Apple device they are stated to be designed for.  Is there a device on which this function is actually supported?  "Not at this time"
    The only way to have your to-do list sorted on the iphone is to assign a calendar date for each one of them and then they only appear on that specific date.  You would not be able to view your whole list in anything other than the order you happened to enter the items.  No calendar/time management system I know of makes you put a date on every item in a  task list - some tasks have a due date, but most don't.  And every calendar/time management system allows you to sort your list, or view your list in a sorted order.   And print it out also.
    Apple advertises this Icloud Ical/Reminders system as a time managment tool and fails to tell us that vital functions don't even work on your iphone.

  • How can I reverse the order of podcasts so I can listen in cronological order

    How can I reverse the order of podcasts so I can listen in cronological order!

    What I did was create a playlist for the podcasts and keep it sorted in reverse date order, which puts the oldest first. To prevent it from automatically playing the next podcast, I actually mark all podcasts as "skip when shuffling", and then play in shuffle mode. I also make sure all my podcasts have a genre of "podcast"; I discovered that if you use media type, the playlist doesn't update correctly on the iPod classic
    So, what I've got is a playlist of the form: (play count = 0) and (genre = podcast), sorted in reverse date order.

  • How can I save the order of photos in albums? Even though I have set as album order they revert back

    How can I save the order of photos in albums in Elements 11? Even though I have set as album order they revert back to original order.

    Could you confirm that when you re-open the sorted album, the display order on the top bar just over the browsing space is still in 'album' order ? That order may have been changed to a date order. For me, I get the order of the last album I opened, not necessarily the 'album' order of the present album.

  • How do I change the order, in an IOS device, of iPhote Events?

    How do I change the order, in an IOS device, of iPhote Events.
    It seems sometimes they are in order by "Event Title" and sometimes they are in order by "Event Date". 
    I can change the order, as I please, in iPhoto on my Mac.
    But what controls the order in IOS devices is a mystery to me.

    That's not quite true. 
    There is a connection between the last sort order of the event in iPhoto.
    IPhoto allows events to be sorted in a number of ways.  The sort order in the IOS device is driven by this but I'm not sure how it works exactly.
    Yesterday, the events in the IOS device were in Date order as you suggested but today they are in Title order.
    Does anyone know the exact rules?

  • How can i sort the RowSet?

    I have the 2 (master and detail) entity objects, and corresponding 2 (master and detail) view objects.
    Then i've generated the entity object class for the master EO, this class has methods of getting/setting EO attributes, and method for getting a row iterator for the detail object:
    /**Gets the associated entity oracle.jbo.RowIterator */
    public RowIterator getDetailEO() {
    return (RowIterator)getAttributeInternal(DETAILEO);
    Also in that entity object class i've created a method which gets the rows of the detail table, that correspond to the master record, and perform different action on these detail rows:
    RowSet detailRowSet = (RowSet)getDetailEO();
    The question is - How can i sort the rows in that detail RowSet, i.e. order them by their Id? I know that sort operations can be performed on the ViewObjects, but i can't get detail VO from this RowSet.
    Is there a method of sorting/ordering rows in the RowSet?

    You can actually have methods in the VO that access details from the master and vice versa - you define the generation of these methods in you ViewLink properties.

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